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#1297696 Carroll Shelby Passes

Posted by amyb on 11 May 2012 - 11:39 AM

Today is a sad day. Carroll Shelby, the legend, the man has passed away. I had known Carroll for about 10 years.  I met him when I was at Hot Wheels, he was a a very larger then life legend. There was nothing he wouldn't do or try and as a risk taker myself I was in awe of him. When Carroll asked me to run his Shelby Plant in Las Vegas, it was a dream come true. What a great brand, what a great team of guys, what great Shelby Customersand most importantly what a man.

For the record Carroll and I had some great times and not so great times, I liken it all great relationships. You love, admire, fight, make up. He was a mentor, He was a father but most of all he was someone I admired to the end. I wish him peace and rest, and I am sure he is up in Heaven causing trouble already! 


#1442139 Ladies and Gentleman...Mr. Jer Gervasi =)

Posted by sincitykid on 23 May 2013 - 06:59 AM

Just wanted to share a quick note with you guys, our Shelby family... :)

A simple search of this forum will turn up many instances of accolades for Jer Gervasi. I read constantly your praises and appreciation for him as customers. I wanted to take a moment, however, to give YOU something to read from the EMPLOYEE perspective.

First, a little history of our relationship. I became friends with Jer when he was simply a super cool, loyal customer, referred to me one day by Roger Sorel. He needed to order a set of Extreme brakes and pick them up. The day came, and myself and one of our shipping clerks met him out front and loaded the boxes into his car for him. He was very appreciative, and I went back to work. Well not long after all this, I received an email from him inviting me to his long-overdue house-warming party, as he had lived here a while and never had one. I was amazed! I didn't really think our interaction was THAT memorable. He bought brakes, and I put them in his car. So I went to his party, not knowing anyone, and he was introducing me all over the place like a superstar. "Have you met Tim? He works at Shelby! I bought some brakes, and he came out and loaded them into my car!" Needless to say, he made me feel quite at home and comfortable with all his friends and coworkers. A little over a year, and another party-or-two at his house later, I decided to get a second job. Being a musician, I thought it may be fun to work at Guitar Center, where Jer was the manager. So one day I texted him to see if he had any spots to fill. To abridge this some, he gave me a night/weekend job in June of 2012. Seeing how the GC guys looked up to and revered him was something special. I was there about six or seven weeks before he left to take the position here.

I have to tell you guys that since August 2012, I have gained even MORE respect for him as a person, a coworker, a friend, and a boss. His leadership, understanding, passion for a great customer experience, and guidance have taught and inspired me a ton since that time. He will always take the time to listen to you, as a lot of you can probably attest to. Not only does he listen, his responses convey tools and ideas that better suit me for the future. He can always recall a story from his past in which he learned something valuable that relates to his answer to your question. Being here for more than 3.5 years has been an incredibly rewarding and educational experience, which I will always be grateful for. I am proud to say that I am happy to have him here as a part of this company, and in my eyes, there was no better candidate to fill the void of of his position.

Thanks for letting me share my appreciation for a friend with you. To all who read it, thanks. I have a feeling that where SPP is now will pale in comparison to its future with him at the helm.

To Jer, THANKS, buddy. For everything. :salute:

#1379837 1st Inaugural Team Shelby Grand Nationals

Posted by GT50040th on 08 November 2012 - 07:09 PM

1st Inaugural Team Shelby Grand Nationals
Hosted by Team Shelby Northeast – June 5th-9th 2013


Team Shelby Northeast is proud to announce the first ever Team Shelby Grand Nationals.

This marque event will be held June 5th – 9th 2013 at Summit Point W.V. and Carlisle Pa.

We have enjoyed the excitement of the Shelby Bash in Las Vegas, and now Team Shelby will host another annual national event - The Team Shelby Grand Nationals.

Our Grand National event will be exactly that. For this event, Team Shelby plans on moving this event to different region each year.


The 2012 Team Shelby Grand Nationals boasts two exciting days of track along with a cruise, grand party, car show and many other activities.

You will not want to miss this historic event. Stay tuned more details along with an updated website to come in the next few weeks. Registration will open in the beginning of January.

Buckle Up :peelout: Team Shelby Northeast, your in for a hell of a ride…

#1540417 Shelby American Issues Statement On Changes At Shelby Performance Parts

Posted by Ms50thGTS on 18 May 2014 - 05:46 PM

Folks....because I'm best at adding my two cents and not caring what @ss kissers think of my opinion, here goes.  If no one wants to put the facts out about why members are defending Jer and not welcoming AJ with open arms, think out this...
Jer is the one who no matter how big or small the problem, took the heat for it and solved it.
Jer is the one who worked day and night from the moment they said go, to move headquarters, prepare for a Grand Opening and Shelby Bash.
Jer is the one who turned customer service into the best it has ever been in years.
Jer is the one who satisfied the customers because he was the best for the job, he mastered customer service.
Jer is the one who 24/7 responded and interacted on these forums with members.
Jer is the one who after everything he did in the short time that he was part of the organization to make it better, was kicked to the curb without notice.
Please don't tell me about business plans, decisions to keep the Shelby brand alive or giving someone a chance....
Jer stepped up, answered, delivered and succeeded in his position!
Does Shelby have to answer to the members, customers and long time enthusiasts?  Maybe not!
Are we entitled to speculate or voice our opinions? Absolutely!
So, I speak loudly.....AJ maybe knowledgeable and beneficial for research and development.  Whatever the reason being, as a former employee, he was re-hired. I seriously doubt that a decision was made one day to terminate Jer, and they had a brainstorm to call AJ and see if he was unemployed and wanted to come back.  In the grand scheme (pun fully intended), the decision to bring AJ back was planned well in advance, as was the decision to let Jer go.  As I said from day one, it's not what they did, but how they did it. Customer Service and Research & Development are two distinct specialties. Was this not thought out? For all practical purposes, Jer was lured from a stable job, and brought on board.Then knowing his work ethics and enthusiasm, he was used to pull off the move, grand opening and bash then immediately shown the door.  That my friends in the words of a marriage gone bad, is cruel and inhuman treatment.
It would also be impossible that AJ's salary and/or compensation package is equal to or less than Jer's, so we all full well know that's it was not a decision made on finances, as much as that is what most would like us to believe happened.
Couple that scenario with the departure of Amy, Bud, Roger, Robert, Sharon and John, all in the past few years, it leaves a very bitter taste.
Maybe in time it will pass, but bottom line, that is the reason this topic is not being put to rest so fast.
People invest money and enjoy the brand because of the legacy of one man, Carroll Shelby, and next to Carroll, you would be hard pressed to find anyone more enthusiastic or passionate about preserving that name than Jer Gervasi.  
If my choice is to spend my hard earned money elsewhere, because of this bad decision, that too is my right.  

#1539573 Shelby American Issues Statement On Changes At Shelby Performance Parts

Posted by Jer on 15 May 2014 - 08:34 PM

I hope I'm still around to watch this " Train wreck " when it happens ,,





calling for a " BOYCOTT " from buying any Shelby items until Shelby tells us all here why Jer

was really let go and for their reason to think he should be let go from Shelby .


My heart  go's out to you Jer ,,,keep your head up .

I myself is not buying anything from Shelby until I get the truth . 


Jer was not the problem Shelby had ,if any .,,,,,,,,,,,,, from long time member ,,, " YES I SAID IT  "  ...





I'm not gonna lie, I really appreciate your enthusiasm. <grin>

However, Shelby doesn't owe their customers an explanation for all their decisions. I was very often frustrated when customers felt they were entitled to "full disclosure" at all times. Mind you, I always did try to enlighten whenever possible, but it's not always everyone's business to know every detail. It's their company, they get to run it as they see fit. 


I would be a hypocrite if I let this fire burn simply because it served MY need for personal defense.


When I was informed that they were "going in a new direction", I was shocked and heartbroken, to say the least. My sole request (which was honored) was that they issue an immediate press release, so the customers would not be left scratching their heads. That kind of drama always disappointed me, and I very often drafted the releases and "Open Letters" myself when there was a change customers needed to hear about (if you know my writing style, you probably guessed which ones I ghost-wrote). The last thing anyone needed was to hear "Jer is on vacation". Groan… 


Thank you all. This is a difficult time for my family and me, and I can't express how much I value all of your support. My Facebook page is available to anyone who sends me a "Friend" Request.





#1539478 Shelby American Issues Statement On Changes At Shelby Performance Parts

Posted by mywickedshelby on 15 May 2014 - 12:26 PM

the out pouring of love and respect and friendship for Jer speak volumes about the kind of person he is and what value he brought BACK TO SHELBY.

Not since Bud did anyone "reachable" seem to care about the day to day experience of the Shelby enthusiast.

Something we will all miss. 

Lets see some bean counter put a value on that.

#1539229 Shelby American Issues Statement On Changes At Shelby Performance Parts

Posted by JeffJ on 14 May 2014 - 06:40 PM

Wow! This is a whole lot of drama over a whole lot of nothing. People come and go all the time. Jer seemed to be a passionate, energetic guy, but no one is irreplaceable. If Jer left I'm sure he had good reason. If he was let go I'm sure there was also a good reason. Such is life. If he is everything everyone says he is he will land at a great spot. The cream always rises to the top, and there will always be duds. Six months from now everyone will have forgotten and moved on, spending there money with SAI freely. Jer who?

Many, many of us here have been friends with Jer long before he got his dream job at Shelby.  He took a position with Guitar Center in Vegas just to be closer to Shelby.  Many of us here feel that Jer has been part of our family and know what he has done to turn many things at Shelby around.  The move to the new facility and that success would not have happened like it did without Jer.  I agree that he will rebound quickly to something good.  However I disagree that people will say Jer who?  I also disagree that six months from now people will have forgotten and will be spending their money freely at SA.  Many people began spending money there due to the things Jer has done and his customer service skills. 

#1488853 An Open Letter From Shelby American to ALL Team Shelby Users

Posted by RichS on 15 November 2013 - 11:12 AM

The intent and spirit of Team Shelby is, and has always been, to inspire and promote enthusiasm for Carroll Shelby’s legacy and automotive creations. We are fortunate to have a loyal user base that regularly post and visit, and we all enjoy a site that contains such useful contributions as tech articles and reviews, parts installation threads, event announcements, and many other items of value to the Shelby user community.


Where we always strive to differ from the average Internet forum is in our behavior and overall approachability. We believe that, unlike many other enthusiast Internet forums, Team Shelby has historically been a “safe haven” for the new user, an avenue to find information and share the passion, without being treated as a “newbie”, an environment where personal attacks and negativity are not tolerated. Our rules and enforcement have been deliberately forgiving, as we believe in our user base to self-monitor the tone of the discussions here. We are proud to be able to have an extremely relaxed environment with VERY LITTLE corporate involvement or interference on SA’s part. However, we feel the need to restate to everyone that we DO require adherence to the official Terms Of Service every user agrees to when first registering for this site:



We also would like to remind everyone that this site is the property of Shelby American, and members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that respects our contribution. Shelby American, as the sole owner and operator of this site, reserves the right to remove all posts that disparage or defame SAI, CSL, CSI, and/or any officer, director, management, or staff. While we understand that users may have a need to communicate negative information to SA, we feel that warrants a direct communication with our company, as opposed to public posting.

It is important to follow these guidelines so we can maintain and build our community, and keep Carroll’s original intentions for Team Shelby intact: an encouraging, thoughtful, fun group for people who want to celebrate great history, fast cars, and build relationships with their fellow enthusiasts.  



Thank you all for your continued support. 

#1542576 What Happened To Jer?

Posted by Jer on 28 May 2014 - 03:43 AM

How do we know Jer was lied to? Because Jer says? I am sure he did something to warren this termination. I doubt he was told the position was being eliminated he just stated that to save face . Shelby will survive without Jer He isn't gong to come on here and tell truth about what really happened. If he wants to he can issue a Jer press release. When you start writing your own PR you start believing it


You have made your distaste for me very clear from the moment I began working at Shelby. Your posts here and on Facebook have confused me, as I have no recollection of any negative interaction between us, in fact, no interaction at all. We have many mutual friends, and I respect you as a very knowledgeable "car guy".

Clearly, you have negative information or there has been an issue where I have offended you, and I invite you to reach out to me personally, I'd appreciate the opportunity to make it right.




#1387314 Roger has left Vegas

Posted by DubbsFaris on 03 December 2012 - 01:06 PM

Why does it even matter Phill? Is there something you need from Shelby that is not being addressed? Is there something you need done to your car, or a question you need answered?

If so, here is what you need to do-
If you have a customer service question, call Gary Patterson, who has ALWAYS been VP of Sales and Marketing, Jer, who is VP of SPP, any registrar for questions or concerns of the registry, or for events, any one of your TS regional directors. (Who will all be more than happy to address)

If Roger is still an employee (which by what I have read, he is) but not in Vegas currently, what reason would anyone but the parties concerned have to share that? If he is not, what business is it of anyone who is not working for SA or a shareholder of the company, in which case, they know who to contact for clarification or business needs.

Short of a scandal in the likes of Penn State, I see no reason to be demanding information that is not public. I think Jer answered the question to the extent that it needed to be answered.

Why the drama? Seems pretty simple and clean cut to me.

#1381435 Shelby American Bash 2013 Save The Date!!!

Posted by sharon on 14 November 2012 - 11:46 AM

Shelby American Bash 2013 Save The Date!!!

March 21st-24th

4 Days Full of Fun, Track, People and More!!!

More info to Come!!!

#1539738 Industry Veteran Akos Feher Rejoins Shelby American As Vice President Of Shel...

Posted by Ms50thGTS on 16 May 2014 - 08:28 AM

Knowing the industry or not, humanity and the way you treat people sets standards in business. This was not the way to treat a person who did his job and went above and beyond. If you had a plan, it should have been put into place with honesty and integrity, not blind siding someone who gave up a long standing career job to join your team and then after business is in full bloom you kick him to the curb. Sorry folks, I've seen too many good, honest and caring people come and go over the past 10 years. I will still enjoy my Shelby but my participation and purchasing will be elsewhere. Comment if you choose, that's the perks of Freedom of Speech!

#1539446 Shelby American Issues Statement On Changes At Shelby Performance Parts

Posted by Jer on 15 May 2014 - 11:16 AM



The original post is all the info there is. You know what I know. 


Thanks to everyone for their kind words and support.




#1513159 Jer Has Left The Building.

Posted by Jer on 12 February 2014 - 09:14 PM



If you’ve read my signature, you know the story. On February 13, 2007, I was vacationing here in Las Vegas with my bride-to-be Jackie, and – unbeknown to us- my Shelby GT (#446) was on Lift #15 at SA being completed. We got married here on the 14th, Valentine’s Day, and went back home to NY to pick up our new cars (hers a 6-speed Mitsubishi Eclipse GT, mine… well, duh?) She has since upgraded to a Kona Blue 2012 MCA Edition Mustang (still a 6-speed), and we now LIVE here in Las Vegas, just because I wanted to be near SA and the LVMS drag strip. She’s pretty modest, but the fact is, she beat my lap time at last year’s Bash (my tires and the track were cold, OK?).


So, I will be taking the next 4 days off to celebrate with her, this being our “Seven Year Itch” Wedding Anniversary, after nearly a year with no vacation time, and I will be back on Monday. If you come to The Shelby Vegas Bash in April, be sure to give her a high-five. She is a true “car person”, and the love of my life. Every time I answer a cell phone call or an email or reply to a Team Shelby forum or Facebook post after hours, at night or on the weekends, I’m taking away from her time with me, and she is supportive and understanding. She’s a REAL “Shelby Girl”, and I consider myself very, very fortunate.



Thanks for reading,






p.s. I included 2 cool photos below. The first one is MCA Past President Steve McCarley with Jack after taking her for a very fast lap around Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch's track in “Whitey”, the original Shelby GT prototype. The second is him signing HER car, since he was the MCA President when the deal was inked with Ford to do an MCA Edition Mustang. He called his wife immediately afterwards on his cellphone and said “I just autographed the airbag cover on someone’s MCA Mustang…. What?...... NO, I DIDN’T GET IN TROUBLE !”. True story. Steve is the best, a great driver and a wonderful person.





#1370125 First Ticket

Posted by dave 316 on 14 October 2012 - 06:12 AM

This is by no means a lucture, just one opinion from the other side of the ticket. I am a police officer (15yrs). I am now a detective and no longer in the radio car, but that being said when I was on the road,I tried to lead by example. What I mean by that, is I am a realist. I drove 80 in a 65 on the freeway, may not always come to a full stop at a stop sign, have tint on the windows of my show car that I cruise on weekends, and at times had to take a cell phone call. The one thing I never did was do any of this behavior when it was obvious that I could be putting somebody else at risk. So when I would patrol, I would be able to give people a break on the minor infractions that have to do with everyday life. I would never look the other way mind you, just give the benefit of the doubt whenever I could. Keep the spirited driving out of the residential areas, school zones, and construction zones. Ask yourself next time you drop the hammer for a quick smile, would I write myself for this? Just because you have a track inspired car, doesn't mean you can't enjoy it on the street! Have fun, and be safe! If the man gets ya, be honest. I'm sorry officer I'm a moron, LOL.

#1297728 Carroll Shelby Passes

Posted by Son of GT on 11 May 2012 - 11:57 AM

God speed to you Carroll. You are a legend, and your legend will continue to live on well past your earthly being. Please do us all the honor of kicking Enzo's ass all over heaven.

#1225650 Shelby American 50th Celebration East

Posted by GT50040th on 23 November 2011 - 05:42 PM

Team Shelby Northeast and Shelby American

In collaboration with

Carlisle Events and Summit Point Motorsports Park

Are pleased to announce the Grand Celebration

“Shelby American 50th Anniversary Celebration East”

May 30th thru June 3rd 2012

For more information and to register go to our event web site


Be a part of one of the largest gatherings in Shelby history as Team Shelby Northeast & Shelby American celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Shelby American in Carlisle, PA.

This is the year for Shelby owners to attend the Carlisle Ford Nationals for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Celebrate a historic milestone as we honor the company and the man that started it all, Carroll Shelby.

Carlisle Events is providing Team Shelby with a premium location to park 400 cars just steps from the Midway and grandstands. This prime real estate at the Ford Nationals is a highly sought after location not shared by many. Team Shelby Northeast will put you in the center of all the excitement that is Carlisle. Imagine having Times Square, NYC for you to entertain you and your friends for a private event that lasts 3 days; that will be the feeling for Shelby owners at the 50th Anniversary Celebration in Carlisle, PA.

Your Shelby will join hundreds of other Shelby vehicles from the last 50 years. This year we will make it official and let the world know that Carlisle, PA is the undisputed largest gathering of Shelbys in the world. Guinness World Record officials will be on hand to verify and document the 2012 Carlisle Ford Nationals / 50th Anniversary Celebration as the official largest assembly of Shelby automobiles on the planet! This event is sure to go down as a notable milestone in Shelby history.

From a world class track event to a VIP entrance unlike anything you have ever witnessed before. An event so big it took 50 years to plan! Your event begins at Summit Point, West Virginia and its famous road course. Drive your Shelby the way Carroll Shelby designed it to be driven: Hard and fast! This course is perfect for track novices and experts alike, with its long straights and winding s-curves. This event will give you the chance to learn how to achieve maximum performance from your vehicle while allowing bragging rights as you put your Shelby through the paces. The track event is open to all vehicles provided they meet the minimum safety requirements. We welcome all Shelby inspired and Ford cars, Bosses, Ford GTs, Vipers, Shelby Dodge etc. You will spend two days at the course and enjoy lunch on us both days. Receive pointers and advice from experienced Team Shelby owners as you dial in your beast to enjoy the finest American made performance cars ever built. (Professional driver instruction will be available for an additional charge for those who would like to learn how to squeeze even more performance out of their cars.) First class accommodations will be available for participants in downtown colonial Winchester, VA.

Shelby American’s display trailer will join VP of Sales and Operations, Gary Patterson along with other Shelby VIP’s to demo some of their new cars and answer any of your technical questions. Be a part of the “track the truck live” through the 50th tour as the display rig travels from Summit Point to Carlisle, all live via Shelby American’s official 50th tour website.

Once you have satisfied your track addiction, prepare for a winding drive from Summit Point through the mountains of Virginia and West Virginia. We’ll depart Friday morning on a poker run to the Carlisle Ford Nationals. Put your windows down, blast some great music and drive “Team Shelby Northeast style” in a caravan to the greatest Ford event in the world! But before we get to the Ford Nationals, we’ll be making a stop just minutes from Carlisle at Quarter Aces Drag-O-Way for a little straight line action. We’ll have the track all to ourselves for a two hour non-stop assault on this beautiful 1/8 mile drag strip. Bragging rights are up for grabs. Or perhaps you would like to challenge your buddy? Either way, a little track time for those who like to drag race. And only $20 per car, no matter how many fans and enthusiasts you have crammed in your Shelby!

When you arrive at Carlisle you will be entering the grounds and driving to the middle of the showfield via a grand entrance. Relax on Friday at the show because Friday night the Shelby American midway location will be open exclusively to the limited ticket holders for the VIP event. Prepare yourself for a grand entrance of special guests unlike anything you have ever experienced. You will then enjoy the finest food and beverage while meeting fellow Shelby owners and taking photos with our special guests. The best live band we can present will be playing while you take in this private event and meet legends of the automotive world. This event is exclusive and LIMITED providing you with a very intimate feel. A truly unbelievable list of special guests is scheduled to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of one of the most famous performance car manufacturers in the world. This is an event worthy of the Shelby 50th Anniversary Tour Celebration.

Team Shelby Northeast has also worked with Shelby American and Shelby owners across North America to assemble an awe inspiring collection of the rarest of rare Shelby Automobiles. We have created a collection of 26 vehicles to represent the best of Shelby over the last 50 years. Original Cobras? We have them! Early production 1965 GT350? We have it! One of the very few original owner GT350s with a Paxton supercharger. No problem! Vintage GT500s. GT500KRs and GT350 Hertzs? Check, check and check! Let's not forget about the rare Series one or the ultra rare F-150 Supersnake because we have them too. Terlinguas, a GT500KR pace car, the Supersnake prototype? No problem, we have those covered. A Don Prudhomme Supersnake, one of only 7 built? Come on, this is the 50th Anniversary Celebration and we are bringing you a collection of the rarest cars in one place at one time worthy of a 50 year collection!

Saturday morning starts with the official recording of the largest gathering of Shelbys ever assembled. Join the 50th Celebration and be a part of world history as we certify with Guinness World Records and Shelby once again takes another record. You and your Shelby will make the record as a documented part of Shelby history. Enjoy a fantastic BBQ lunch prepared exclusively for Team Shelby owners. Relax in the club's tent as a DJ spins great tunes from the past 50 years.

Team Shelby Northeast will once again host its own award ceremony featuring the Top 20 Best of Show awards. Even the most discriminating collector will want to be part of the silent action featuring banners, die casts and other memorabilia to benefit the Carroll Shelby foundation. Be in the front row to watch this year’s burnout contest and the Ms. Carlisle Ford Nationals/Shelby Girl Beauty Contest.

Saturday night means the Ford Parade & Street Party in downtown Carlisle. Not just any parade though; you can be a part of a 400 vehicle parade with a police escort as Shelby American and five decades of Shelbys lead you through historic downtown Carlisle, PA. Thousands of spectators will cheer you on as the streets are closed off for all but parade participants. You will park downtown and enjoy an old fashioned street party complete with hors d’ oeuvres. Local establishments will be open for you to enjoy the best that Carlisle merchants have to offer.

Sunday wraps up the event with Carlisle’s awards presentation. Will your Shelby take home a big prize?

Carlisle Ford Nationals, Shelby American and Team Shelby Northeast bring you an event 50 years in the making.

Buckle up! Team Shelby’s 50th Celebration East, it's going to be a wild of a ride!

For more information and to register go to our event web site


John Keller
Team Shelby NE Director

Andy Roth
Event Coordinator

Tony Scalies
Event Coorinator

#1153297 TS Green Light +, Red Light -

Posted by jerseygator on 06 May 2011 - 11:40 AM

What are they?
I just hit the plus on yours... Does that mean I like?

#1543063 What Happened To Jer?

Posted by Ms50thGTS on 29 May 2014 - 04:29 PM

I would be inclined to believe more of what Jer says than what an "admin" posts based on past history. "admins" are the voice of a higher authority.  It was the same voice that said Roger was on vacation, Amy was on vacation etc.... The voice chooses to have selective information posted when so many others have issued their own direct statements, In my eyes, the "admins" statements carry very little weight other than to notify of a change.  Jer made it clear and was to the point, in his words "No drama"!  
He has no reason to state otherwise, he spoke directly because he is a genuine caring and forgiving person. He maintains his professionalism  and doesn't let pettiness stand in the way of his work ethics, passion for cars or willingness to help others. It's time to respect him for all he has done for each and everyone of us as customers, members and friends.  Let's vow to put an end to all the hoopla about the speculation of he said/she said and give him time to regain focus and move past this hardship.  
For those who keep posting but make statements to move on, stop posting and do it!  There are many other topics for members to contribute that would be more beneficial than continually stirring the pot.   Everyone has an opinion and they may differ but the content is clearly written in each and every post.  We all miss the interaction with Jer as a Shelby VP, but he's not gone, he's here still helping and giving advice for anyone that truly reaches out to him.  
We are never going to have another Amy, Chris, Bud, Roger, Sharon, Robert, John or Jer, all of whom I consider greats in the history of past employees.
Regarding AJ's position as Jer's replacement, Shelby made it very clear and so did AJ, that his focus will be on parts and research/marketing.  AJ has his agenda and in time, we will learn his plans. For now, until AJ speaks for himself, I'm inclined to say, we won't hear from him much as he stated in his re-introduction. If you care to find out more, friend him on here or facebook and ask him, he will choose to answer or not.
As for me, I have said all I planned to in this and my previous posts.  I will proceed how I deem proper, as ultimately, I am the only one who controls how and what I do.  I will state that this is my last post on this topic and I hope the same goes for others as well.

#1542679 100,000 Mile Grill Badge

Posted by andrewnagle1964 on 28 May 2014 - 10:17 AM

100,000 mile grill badge prototypes


I was working on this project, at my own expense and I was planning on presenting these to Jer (he was not involved).  I was hoping SPP would be interested in offering these to Team Shelby members.


Oh well.....................