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  • 4TR 5679
    4TR 5679
    I switched to the Michelin Pilots and they made a huge difference.  Someday I will have another set of rims with racing tires but the thought of having to bring it on a trailer is not attracti...
  • 4TR 5679
    4TR 5679
    What tires are those? The stock ones?
  • 4TR 4969
    4TR 4969
    Looks like you corrected that front end geometry which did not look like much negative camber when the car was wearing its yellow numbers.Very nice pic!
  • 4TR 4881
    4TR 4881
    That is a very nice action picture.Love the stance of the Shelby and the background!
  • 2013 Shelby Ford GT500 Super Snake,
    2013 Shelby Ford GT500 Super Snake,
    That looks bada$$!!!I'm a tad partial to the color. :cool:

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