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  3. So I went to get my 2010 Supersnake smog certified today and the tech told me that the Kenne Bell supercharger was listed only for Mustangs year 2005-2009. This is the first year he has said anything to me about my supercharger (I take it to the same guy every year). He passed me this time, but said I should check into it. I'm guessing I might have more trouble next time. ARB Executive order D-271-17 does in fact say Mustangs 2005-2009. Do I have the wrong sticker? Should it be ARB E.O. NO. D-271-28? Am I correct assuming my problem is just an incorrect sticker number? Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Doesnt he typically do that??? So we can all drool??
  5. F is going nowhere fast. Good for high volume institutional long term holders because of the dividend. Not good for those looking for increasing asset value.
  6. Hey I bought some Ford stock when it was Just over a $1 back in 2009. Then it took off but this time things are a little different. Don’t have ford stock anymore. Sounds like you do ok in the market. At $6.50 do you think it might go back to the 2009 level ? Here is another stock akam that took off also. Not sure it might be something to watch. PRMTX mutual fund also. At my age I’m not in the market that much anymore. Just my 2 cents from over 45 years of investing.
  7. Wow now that’s a collection to end all collections. Thanks for posting.
  8. My profile had the wrong email address, John was able get mine corrected.
  9. Hey that’s a cool video for sure. The 57/58 Tonka Gasoline truck would be an excellent candidate. Restored tonka’s bring pretty good money on ebay. Power coating would hurt the value however. Just matching the original paint is more excepted practice. This guy had all the right tools and cool techniques which I’ve never seen before. Lots of cost involved in the blasting material also. Large pressed steel toys are excellent for sand blaster. Again I really enjoyed watching that video. 4 thumbs up.
  10. I don't pay any fees. I was thinking about buying Ford stock also but will probably not due to the slowdown from the virus. I don't their next few quarterly earnings are going to look so good. But I've been wrong before.
  11. I replied to your message. I said: "Awesome, what are their Fee's, I plan to buy Ford Stock?"
  12. I don't have any PM's and my inbox is not full.
  13. 2018 gt350 j2857 actual meaning thnx
  14. That's awesome.  I need to start investing.  I want to buy about $3,500 worth of Ford Stock while it is down ($6.20).

  15. I've been using TD Ameritrade for years. I don't use all their bells and whistles stuff. I just use it to buy and sell stocks. It's pretty decent for my needs. And now with no commission trades, it is a whole lot better. They also have a mobile app which I also use a lot. It's ok, not as good as the desktop app, but that's to be expected. PM me if you have any more questions. I'm a long time trader. That's actually where my screen name came from, as the NASDAQ index is called the "tech heavy" index because of all the tech stocks. I just changed te spelling.
  16. Hearing Porsche pulling out of the GTLM class next year is very sad and there great race cars that help make racing so competitive and exciting to watch. And, I too would love Ford to get back into racing full time again. But, as things go and change we have politics in racing too!
  17. Does anyone here have a TD Ameritrade Account or had one? What are the Pro's & Con's & Costs?
  18. I clicked on HERE in the first post and it worked first try after it sent the link to my junk mail. I used my email address when I reset my password.
  19. If you or another Team Shelby member Lives Near Road Atlanta, we will be there in October racing with HSR. Please join us.
  20. Add me to the list, tried three times, nada... Not in my junk/spam folder either.
  21. Same here, tried 3 times, not getting the Email to reset my Password. I will stop trying, maybe it takes a while to send it.
  22. New owner of a 2007 SS (CSM07SS0034) converted in 2015. I purchased the SS from the owner who did the conversion with the works (4.0L whipple, rear wildwood, ace clutch, watts link, etc). With a later conversion, is there a way to tell if the items were the same as the earlier builds or whether it had later items. For example, do they use the same deck letters for all the Super Snakes regardless of conversion year (7R3Z-6342528-B)? I have the build sheet from SAI, but some of the information was either not added or maybe wasn't available. An example is I do not have the interior light Shelby wrap seen on other SS, but it list it on the sales sheet. Also, is there a catalog to look up different item numbers and how to order? For example, I am looking for new black block off plates as the previous owner took a buffer to them and they now have streaks. I have the item number from the sales sheet, but can't seem to locate them on the Shelby Store when searching by the by the parts number. My other option is to pull them off and repaint, but I tend to break things easily. Lastly, is there any value loss should I replace the matte vinyl stripes by painting. It is currently black/black vinyl with custom Shelby red cloth insert interior with embroidered SS. I was thinking about repainting and having them paint red SS stripes to match the red inside, but only if it doesn't hurt the collector value.
  23. A quick update for the Mustang Club of America (MCA) 2021 National Show - Overland Park. Planning for this national show is progressing well, inspire of all but one MCA National Show being cancelled in 2020. Let's hope 2021 fares better for Mustang events nationally, including the Shelby Bash! The theme for our show is "Follow the Yellow Brick Road; It's not where you go, but who you meet along the way!" We have two outstanding children charities; Children's Mercy Hospital https://www.childrensmercy.org/ and The Children's Place https://www.childrensplacekc.org. We are planning for a 400 car field, with 130 indoors spaces and 270 outdoor spaces available. We will also offer several speciality classes including: 1971 Mustang 50th Anniversary, Mustang Registry (red, white, yellow, millennial, etc.), Mustang SSP, Cobras, Ford Special Interest, and the Mustang II Reunion VI. We have an Autocross being planned at the Metropolitan Community College Performance Driving Course, which used by local law enforcement, welcome reception Friday evening, Poker Run Saturday evening, live entertainment, breakfast Sunday morning prior to the Awards Ceremony. I am hopeful we can also include Team Shelby and hope to work that out with the Director for the Northern Plains and Tracy. Registration will be opened in August and I will post another update prior to that so all Team Shelby members are aware it's about to open. If you have any questions or suggestions for activities you would like be considered, please email me at erm1208@swbell.net. Thank you for your interest! Ed Mardiat, Show Chairperson & Team Shelby Member
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