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  2. Hi Mongoose, thanks for your input into this, its much appreciated. It looks like I'm dreaming. I also saw the Carroll Shelby signed one on e-bay a few months ago and got all excited and thought mine might have been in the same class. I didn't realize it hadn't sold. I haven't sold anything on e-bay as they seem to make it too hard for elderly computer-illiterate foreigners to use their site. They are quite happy for us to look though. It looks like it may be time to get a glass display case made and get my kicks out of looking at what I believe is the most beautiful car ever assembled. Convincing She who must be obeyed of that may be another story though. I'm sure my son won't mind as being a Ford nut like his old man I think he is hoping that he will end up with it. I'm lucky that he lives in Florida and has owned a couple of Shelby's that I have been lucky enough to have driven. I guess I could have a try selling it on e-bay using his account but the 10% commission makes it even more unrealistic. I may try this forum later on for a sale but maybe its time to tighten the belt and get some enjoyment out of what I have. Thank you so much for your advice and if I have achieved nothing else my searching has found me a forum that I will get great pleasure out of following. Cheers, Dave
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  4. Lol....yes I agree. But hey...if you have the coin buy it! Why let someone else spend what you rightfully earned and then they (son, daughter, nephew etc...) inherited it. So you should buy it and then drive it like you stole it. I’ve seen very close people to me that tried to save it for a rainy day i.e.: take it with them....that just doesn't happen.
  5. Same here. I was at the last SAAC in PIT, back on ‘08 or ‘09 before I had my ‘70 Boss 302, which I finished restoring in time to take part at the Vintage Grand Prix back in 2013 as part of the concourse. Now going back to meet up with old friends. I’m not sure if I’ll bring any cars, I find that I enjoy time at these events not having to look after them.
  6. Hey Dave, your 1/10th scale Exoto GT-40 is a very cool model but it’s pretty pricey for me! I checked on E-bay the asking prices and sold items for the !/10th Exoto GT-40. This would be the place to list your Exoto! You also could list it on this Shelby forum under classified diecast collectibles, but you must list a price and contact information! It’s up to you, but e-bay in March listed one that sold new in the box for $876. without a signature! The prices for these cars are all over the place and they made 1,966 of them for around $ 998. each new, if I remember right! A friend of mine bought a mint one a while back for about $650.! There was one on e-bay a while back with a Carroll Shelby signature for around $5,500. and it didn’t sell! There is usually other Exotos on here selling any where from around $2,000. to $2,500. with out a signature! If I was looking hard for one, I would probably be looking in the $900. to 1,500. range with out a signiture. Your car with the signature of Chris is definitely worth a fair amount more, but just how much is very hard to gauge, and really takes just the right buyer who wants something really special! You could list it on E-bay with a reserve for around 9 days and see what happens or you could put it on here! The advantage of E-bay is a much bigger market to see it!! Also as far as the GMP 1/12th scale No.#2 GT-40 model, it’s also very cool and detailed and it’s my pride and joy of my diecast and it was priced right! I really wish you the best, and hope you get what you want for your cool Exoto! I’m also retired now, and I feel for ya not getting what you deserve for a Pension! Hey Dave, I hope my post helps you get what you want out of your Exoto GT-40! Wish you the best! Later! “MONGOOSE”
  7. Enjoy the magic of a true Shelby American GTSC.
  8. Hey Slo Lane, I know you have a hard time waiting for the C8, but good things come for those who wait!! If you can’t hold them up while your waiting, use suspenders!!!! LOL The (Big Boys), from the “Big Two’, still have everybody waiting and watching, and some even “Drooling”!!!!! LOL Sorry, I was on a roll and just couldn’t help myself!! LOL A little “Humor” can go a long ways! Just saying! P.S. No pics, means it didn’t happen, had change of plans! Will have some pics in the very near future, I hope!! Hang on buddy, your New C8 is coming!!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  9. Hey Slo Lane, I love the 69 & 70 Shelbys, especially in Red, but in this pic that 70 Boss 302 looks super Sharpe! Looks wise, that’s the Cat’s “MEOW”!! LOL It’s kind of hard to tell, but it looks like you have a old style Mustang golf cart or Peddle car in the garage! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  10. Looking forward to the events. Thanks Jim for everthing you do to get us together and have fun. Tim
  11. Hey Keefer, I’ve always really like those 70 Torino Cobra Jets that had a Shaker / Slats / and Magnums! Yellow and Competition Orange were two of my favorite colors on them! I always thought they were a little under-valued collector car! A friend of mine, when he was just a junior in high school, got a new 70 428 Cobra-Jet / 4spd. , competition Orange Torino for his Birthday from his Dad, who he worked for in the family business! That car could do one hell of a burn-out! Well young guys and very fast cars don’t always mix, so after a little while he blew the engine! Well, guess what Daddy did, he went and had the Ford Dealer install a brand new (Super Cobra Jet) in it for his (Favorite Son)!!!! LOL J.M.O. I think his Dad was a little clue-less what was good for his kid!! Later Keefer! “GOOSE” P.S. Keefer, hope you have a great time visiting with your son! “Family is everything”!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hey Slo Lane, the second pic is my favorite looks wise, 14 Z51!! Remember you guys say no pictures or it didn’t happen, well it didn’t happen!! Something came up, so there was a change of plans and we didn’t go!! But I’m going to a big 3 day event, and Friday is the car corral and Swap Meet that I plan on attending and it has 3,100 Swap spaces! I plan on taking some pics for you guys! It’s suppose to be very sunny and around 59 to 60 out, and I’m going tomorrow because it’s a 3 day event and the weather doesn’t look good for the other two days of it! I feel bad for all the swap guys sitting in their spot for a couple of bad weather days, but better them than me! This is a 42 year-old show and it happens twice a year, (Spring & Fall)! We usually try to go both times depending on the weather conditions, super big swap area! Later Bud! “GOOSE” P.S. A “RED VETTE” with nice polished, or chrome rims is always a winner in the looks department in my “BOOK”!!
  13. coupe only lower miles colors are open clean car fax no mods must have drivers side power seat option please email me directly Stephen G. Becker stephen@beckerautogroup.com 770.614.3300 office 770.900.5532 mobile_________________beckerautogroup.comtwitter.com/beckerautogroupfacebook.com/beckerautogrouplinkedin.com/in/beckerautogroup
  14. I would be interested in the car as well Stephen G. Becker stephen@beckerautogroup.com 770.614.3300 office 770.900.5532 mobile_________________beckerautogroup.comtwitter.com/beckerautogroupfacebook.com/beckerautogrouplinkedin.com/in/beckerautogroup
  15. Yeah, I get that the OP was talking about the Boot cover, The original boot cover isn’t that attractive. I run my 2008 vert with just the top drawn back. It goes down deep enough in the convertible well to provide a clean look without having to screw around with a boot cover OP, Tasca used to make a nice Tonneau Cover for the Mustang of your year. There are also some hard covers out there but some of them require a rear seat delete
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  17. Probably the best bet is to have a custom cover made in the material of your choice.
  18. Nah he said Boot cover, as in the ugly black cover over the convertible top when it's down. OP, I dont know of an aftermarket solution unfortunately
  19. Greetings Lobby. Haven't been able to post or see pictures for the last week or so thanks to some changes on the network here at the office, but today it's working just fine for some reason. I've been around, just haven't been able to say hi. Had a nice cruise on Mustang Day, even tho my Mustang got hit by the evil 3. Fuel leak started on Mon at the sending unit. Just a really slow drip, but a couple drops stinks up the garage pretty good. Got to the meet-up for the cruise and the gas pedal fell off. Did it last year and I guess I need to put some loctite on the screw this time. Lastly, when unlocking the door, the rod that opens the door from the outside popped off it's thingy. And that whole door issue was resolved the week before, but I guess just not enough. So, nothing major, just some mild annoyances that I'll tackle this weekend. And the gas leak stopped when I got home. So when I fill it up next time I'll know if the gasket needs to be thickened up or if it was just a fluke, cuz the thing is as tight as it can get. Hasty bananas y'all.
  20. Hello, all!NGAUGE W/ windshield mount - $350JLT cold air intake w/ filter and heat shield - $400 OBOBMR lower control arms adjustable 05-14 all mustangs - $190 OBOBMR adjustable upper control arm w/ control arm mount - $290 OBOI have some parts for sale off of my 2013 Shelby GT500. All of the parts have 3,000 street driven miles on them. If you are interested or have any questions, please let me know. Please text or call me at 513-338-9761 for any questions, additional pictures, etc. Thanks so much for looking!(Wouldn’t let me upload pics)Location - Cincinnati, OH
  21. That sounds right, Jim. Our volunteer fire association trains year round, but not every weekend.
  22. Have a safe trip and hopefully we will be here when you get back...... The BG Corvette plant had one of the mules in a separate room today. Some guys got to stand 10’ away from the C8. The one most common comment was there is at least 100 lbs of camo padding on the mule. When all that extra padding comes off the car it will look “ low, sleek and mean machine.” Can’t wait till 7/18. Mongoose any pictures from yesterday ?
  23. My favorite old camera picture from the past. Like 1985. Look what’s hiding in the garage................. This is before the internet , iPhones and social media. Can do without the last craze. I do agree sometimes we do get into our pets on here. But 90% old and new cars mostly and definitely car stuff . Memories fellas from the cars we owned in the past and present. Share them all. It’s all good. later ....slo walk down memory lane .
  24. Well I'm off to the big city of Halifax to visit my boy.... ……..Ya'll get along hear?????...….
  25. Top pic I like that yellow 1970 Torino/Cobra...…..
  26. Hey Mongoose post up those pictures of your car show buddy ...... Here’s Some car shows from the past to keep things flowing . 17 GS 14 Z51 16 GT 350
  27. This is a pretty good perspective of the hardtop convertible C8. This shot looks more balanced.
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