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  2. 07 Shelby GT Brakes

    I have a 2007 Shelby GT-CSM-4708. The car is totally stock. I would like to replace the brakes with something more responsive. The brakes on my 2017 Ford Escape are better. The problem I foresee is that the space between the calipers and the wheel is so small that replacing the brakes with Wilwood or Brembo could pose a problem. The stock brakes are not worn. The car only has 13,000 miles on the clock.
  3. Die-Cast collections

    Mike: that Exoto 1/8th scale of the Cobra Daytona is one hell of a model and the pic is pretty cool too! Knowing that the Exoto models are usually pretty pricey and this is a special one of a kind piece, I'll guess $17,500. Mike, are you actually considering purchasing this awesome one of a kind model? It would truly be the "Crown Jewel" in your very cool collection! Also, on another topic, I did catch some of the racing. Very cool, and I guess the second team that finished ,the gentlemen was so excited by getting second place after alot of car problems with the cooling that he accidentally dropped the (F-Bomb) while they were interviewing him (Live)! Talk at Ya, Later! "MONGOOSE"
  4. Today
  5. 2019 GT350

    Now that it has been confimed there will be a 2019 GT350 and R, What do you guys think. Oh, and the admins need to change the pinned thread
  6. 2018 Team Shelby Dearborn Invasion

    we are hoping to have tickets available as of early this week. Again, there will be a limit on attendees so vote early vote often, Shelby American, Tracey and Scott will be on hand. We might have some really nice give aways as well
  7. Die-Cast collections

    Don't even get me started on the Ford RS's, much less the Sierras (Merkur here), I wanted an RS500 Cosworth soooo badly, or a Cosworth Scorpio or one of the really exotic Escort RS's. It's a shame how much stuff we never ever got here. Even the late model Aussie Falcons were beasts that we never even got a sniff of.
  8. Die-Cast collections

    Very very cool, dude! I love the fact that you have an appetite for the Euro Fords.... I owned three German made Capris back in the day. Not very powerful, but great little cars. I miss my two ‘76 Black Cat special editions. 2.8 V6 gear drive (noisy) motors. Nice little package, those older Capris were. I just bought a white ‘71 RS Capri 1/18 diecast. Its an AutoArt....high quality little piece. Looks like my ‘71 2.0 that I had. Only the RS had the flared fenders. Near and dear to my heart. I’ll post a pic when I get back to Az. It’s there. I need one of the Gurney For Prez bumper stickers. I won’t mount it on the Gurney car....but it’d be cool to have it as another piece on memorabilia.
  9. Die-Cast collections

    For those who aren't familiar with the Exoto Daytonas, herre a few shots of mine. Yeah, that the bumper sticker I mentioned earlier...
  10. Die-Cast collections

    Thanks, I've got some later models from Carlectibles as well as some smaller GTHO 3s. The HO in the name comes from Handling Option, not High Output as some might think. The engines were 351 4V Clevlands. Two were sent to the US and refitted with 428 Cobra Jets. The Cobra XCs came with both 302 Clevelands (yes, there was such a thing. Not a Boss) as well. as 351 4V Clevelands.
  11. Die-Cast collections

    Hot Damn! Those Falcon cars are SWEEEEET!!!!
  12. Cleaning Out the Garage Selling Diecasts

    PM sent.....
  13. I counted 30 of the 2016 GT-H's for sale.

    I bought mine in Nov 2016. Using the list on this site, for Nov-Feb sales, 27 units have been sold, yielding an average of 6.75 units sold per month. If I had included the 14 sold in October (prior to my purchase) that would bump it up to over 8. So I think the 2-3 per month stated earlier is not representative of the current run rate, which may have included the time when prices were much higher and units did not move. About 80 units appear to have been sold, leaving 91 remaining. Using 7 per month, that gives us 13 months of inventory - not taking into account that some were totaled, some were wrecked and repaired and pricing has been coming down. I think within a year, they will be gone. For those of us that have made the BIG financial decision to purchase these cars, and LOVE them, I will say for the 2016 GT-H group that I take offense from other Shelby member's posts that imply stupidity for us purchasing a car that in YOUR opinion only has a value in the $35K range +/- . I think you need to show a bit more respect than bashing the topic over and over. Enjoy what you have and have fun. Brent
  14. Die-Cast collections

    Now for something completely different. The red cars are Falcon GT HO Phase 3 (hence my screen name) sedans from Australia. The first is from a company called Dinkum. the second is a 1:18 Biante piece. The white car is a Falcon XC Cobra from Auto Art.
  15. Die-Cast collections

    Stunning pieces all. The Daytona could so easily be the real thing, and DBR1 painting speaks for itself. Truly amazing.
  16. 2019 GT500 Debuts at Chicago Auto Show next month

    Now you've got me wondering if/when they'll do a new S/S based on the upcoming GT500!?! I'm sure we'd be talking about $125k, but what beautiful beast it would be.
  17. Cleaning Out the Garage Selling Diecasts

    I have been unloading some of mine too, good luck!
  18. Shelby GT Hood Scoop

    Shelbygolfpro Do you have a contact/phone number at Shelby.Did they say you have to return the old scoop.Mine is lifting and starting to warp.Do not want to remove it until l have a new scoop in hand. Thanks Dave
  19. I think your spot on Cnut.
  20. That's just it Jim I was talking about CDN dollars not US....Like I said I hope you are all right on the low price but I have my doubts the new 19-20 GT500 will be below 80K CDN...JMO of course.
  21. Looking to sale a few faux gas caps for the 2005-2009 Mustang. Message me if interested.
  22. Die-Cast collections

    falcongtho3 .....you need this to round out your collection......Daytona coupe #5 Check this out. And no I don’t own it ...there’s only one made from scratch and 5000 pieces. 1:8 scale is Hugh The collector studio says email for price. Most of these size models they sell are $5K to $15K. They do say very expensive in their discription. I bet it’s over $15K again one of a kind . I sent them an email to get a price. Make your best guess 🤣 ....UPDATE the price is .....I got a email back but I’m waiting for some guesses. 22.5” long , metal and resin parts Now that’s one model that needs Peter Brock’s signature don’t yah 🤔 Bob Bonderant drove the car to victory along with Dan Gurney back in 1964 Ist place LeMans GT Class. If I owned it I would drive over to Bonderant Racing school and get it signed by Bob Bonderant . He is very willing to sign items especially this one. The last picture is of Carroll Shelby driving a Aston Martin in 1959 at LeMans and winning. Maybe that’s why he liked the number 5 . Oh and the original painting 36”X 48” with his signature they are asking $27995. Canadian money however .....so that helps a little ok later 1/8 1964-5 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. This is an incredible large scale scratch-built model made from over 5000 metal and resin parts. Each masterpiece measurthe 22.5" long and is a one of a kind, custom built to your specifications. The one we are selling is CSX# 2299, the car that won its class at the Description 1/8 1964-5 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. This is an incredible large scale scratch-built model made from over 5000 metal and resin parts. Each masterpiece measures 22.5" long and is a one of a kind, custom built to your specifications. The one we are selling is CSX# 2299, the car that won its class at the 1964 Le Mans. Enquire about purchasing this one or having one custom built. Very Expensive. (00573C) 1964 Le Mans. Enquire about purchasing this one or having one custom built. Very Expensive. (00573C) 1/8 1964-5 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe. This is an incredible large scale scratch-built model made from over 5000 metalesin parts. Each masterpiece measures 22.5" long and is a one of a kind, custom built to your specifications. The one we are selling is CSX# 2299, the car that won its class at the 1964 Le Mans. Enquire about purchasing this one or having one custom built. Very Expensive. (00573C)
  23. I'm cleaning out the garage and want to lighten my load since I will be moving soon. So I am selling off some of my diecasts and matchbox collection. Have CS6, GT500, Terlingua, GT350, etc... I have other but too many to list... Message me for a price, I'm pretty reasonable. See attached.
  24. That $57K doesn’t include the donor car, you have to add about $35-40K to that, with options $100K or so is the price for the SS. That’s why they are sitting on dealership lots collecting dust, when the GT500 comes out they will need steep discounts to sell.
  25. The base price of a 2017 50th Anniv. SS is $57 K U.S . I can`t see a 2019 G.T500 going for close to 80 k U.S from Ford as I`am sure you will be able get & 2019 SS cheaper & with 750 HP. They are now using the Mustang G.T 5.0 as the base car for the SS.
  26. Die-Cast collections

    falcongtho3.......The poster and the Daytona cobra together with both signed by Carroll Shelby and Peter Brock is priceless. Nice collection for sure. I always liked the exoto Daytona cobra models. Having the book and signed is fantastic.Years ago the exoto co. had a sale on for 5 Daytona coupes . I bought them and sold 4 on ebay and got my money back plus held on to one for myself. Exoto now has those same 5 Daytona cobras for $4900 wow. That one of a kind poster is something to hang onto. Cool stuff for sure. Later
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