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  2. I have to agree Mach the front ends of both the Camaro and GT500 are definitely their weak points look wise....the painted center bumper on the Camaro sure don't fix it but I think the Shelby GT500 will....However still a very busy front end either way.....I find the front of the 19 ZR1 though not a big gapping grill also still a bit wonky compared to the Z06 and GS's front grill....Would love to see a pic of the 2020 GT500 front center bumper painted body colour I bet it works or at least help.
  3. The rear springs are 6% softer according to Car and Driver. Basically you won’t notice but the more expensive tires will help on the track for sure. They also did a Mustang GT pp2 VS. Camaro SS 1le. 1st place the Camaro but not by much. Both cars are getting up in age and now approaching $51K as tested. They did say the 19 camaro front has been fixed for 2020. Boy that 19 front design didn’t last long. The 2020 GT500 front might get the same response the 19 SS received . Not everyone warmed up to it. Still need to see the 2020 GT500 in person before I comment Some people have said just paint the center bumper the same color as the car ....like the SS camaro did for 2020 Or just buy a black car ...lol
  4. Niki sure was one of the best and was very outspoken about the lack of safety on the Ring.. the track he had his accident and burnt badly RIP Mr Louda.
  5. Hey guys, just got my latest AUTOWEEK, June 17,2019. This issue contains some good article write-ups on the Indy 500 and the late “Great Racer” Niki Lauda”, 1949-2019! Niki is considered a real “Legend” in racing, and he has been a three time F1 champion and he also was a “Exec” for Mercedes! Niki was known to be quite a “Jokester” and would always have the guys laughing! There also were other articles written about a few other well known racers too! The main article that I wanted to mention and thought most of you guys would like was called “DIALED IN”! It concerns the Shelby GT350, and it says with some minor updates, it is still the top pony-for now, any way! Ford blocked off more of the grille opening, and made the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires standard. They also did a few changes in the programming of the engine traction control system, ABS and adaptive MagneRide suspension. Ford also retuned the antiroll bars and springs making the GT350 10% stiffer in front and 6% in the rear. The only visual giveaway between the 18 model and 19 model is the new adjustable “Gurney” flap on the spoiler! There’s still a “R” model but it’s based on the 2018 version and it still weighs about a 100# less and has the wider wheels, larger front splitter, carbon-fiber wheels, and it’s wearing a “Red” Cobra badge! It’s definitely a very cool and fun car to have in my “BOOK”!! Later guys! “MONGOOSE”
  6. I just ordered a set ,deadline is 6/23/19 so l would not wait too long.
  7. Decided to order a set of billet engine caps,may not get another chance.
  8. Hi folks! Happy Spring!!! I'm still interested in selling my 40th "Party of 15" GT500 if you know anyone. Asking $47,500... Photo Gallery available here:https://goo.gl/photos/NFBjbX8eQ6y8t9xy6 Bottom line is, I'd really prefer to sell the car to someone here on Team Shelby that will appreciate the provenance of the car and take good care of it. I am willing to consider lower offers to the right buyer... Thanks! Anton
  9. Al, Roster updated! We're looking forward to meeting you and Cyndi and having Team Shelby - Pacific Northwest Region represented at SATL-10. Safe travels, see you 2 this Saturday. Best, Jim
  10. Yes I do- the new car isn't available yet. My 2014 is 9 year-old technology. You guys want old-school- buy a Dodge.
  11. The shifters are on the steering wheel and the transmission was co-developed by Ford and Tremec specifically for the GT500 to beat the competition, not just to look cool getting groceries. I see the troll old schoolers here want Ford to keep their cars in the dark ages. Thankfully, that's not gonna happen. Technology improves and with it, performance. No need to criticize the new car because you're enjoying your clutch pedal. It's hard to believe there's cynics among Shelby owners here, even when Ford designs a brand-new home-run supercar Shelby GT500.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hello There i am seeking any and all info i can before i attempt....i have worked on orher vehicals but never have i worked on something so high performance .....i took my car to the ford dealership when i got it bqck my rear end was leaking .I AM NEEDING TO REPLACE THE GASKET ON REAREND FACTORY IT COMES WITH 8.8 BUT HAD THAT ONE REPLACED IN 2014 with a 9in
  14. Thanks guys had a blast!!…….. ….No new car yet Mach...…… …..In time bud.....
  15. Yes , Older gt 500 has more of Shelby in it, more soul and torque, not only the looks. Inferior, Yes, Slower, Yes but way more like a Shelby then a wannabe Porsche or corvette. It has it own personality with a tremec 6 speed to have fun with. And gee, a real clutch peddle, just old school. Mini van shifter not for me. SUDDEN.
  16. Do you still have your old inferior car .😊
  17. 2016 gt350, about 15,000 miles on it. Engine is done. Oil pump gear failure causing low oil pressure and scored #8 cyl crank bearing. Pulled more con rods and found more scoring. Engine replaced under warranty. They installed a remanufactured engine. Car now has about 25,000 miles and seems to be ok. Have had brake rotor cracking, spoiler replaced, badge replaced, brake pads twice, one front tire from miss alignment and more oil leaks from the drain plug. This is all previous repair history and I am still contemplating buying this used car? Am I nuts? If you could grab this car at a great price would you? They are asking $35000 US for the car.
  18. Never mind, I found it in the Shelby Performance Parts section. Its great and invaluable information.
  19. Thanks for sharing the pics! Vettes and Jags are always nice to see!! Almost bought a “Red” XKE Jag way back when!
  20. Is there a thread out there dedicated to this? I don't think they exist on SPP any longer. I seem to remember that Jer posted some links to Scott Drake & Shelby exclusive parts install guides a few years ago. If not, I wonder if we couldn't get one started? I have some PDF's of a few things, for example Battery hold down and brake duct kit. Thanks
  21. Hey buddy, cool shirt! I’m beginning to wonder how many “Legends” are on this forum!! Later bud! “GOOSE”
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