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          Member Benefits:   First, there's the Team Shelby swag. No other club packs your membership kit with more than Team Shelby! Whether you are a renewing member or new to the “family” of Shelby enthusiast worldwide, our goal is to help you enjoy a high-octane lifestyle!   From a Unique Membership Card, Shelby Annual Magazine, Team Shelby Hat, Collector Coin, Team Shelby Tee-Shirt, Windshield Cling, Team Shelby Flag, Lapel Pin and Special Bonus Magnet, the contents of your Team Shelby Membership Kit more than pay for your membership alone!   In addition, your membership includes:   Exclusive Access to Team Shelby Member Forums.   10% discounts at Carroll Shelby's Stores in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.   Driving Experiences.   Invitations to Exclusive Team Shelby Member Events.   Insider information from Shelby American.   Affiliate Partner Discounts.   Updated February 16, 2017. Team Shelby Club 2018 Team Shelby Membership Kit Please note that membership contents are subject to change.   Team Shelby was designed and engineered by real enthusiasts inside and out of Shelby.   Team Shelby was originally formed in 2008 by Carroll Shelby. He wanted to create a club for people to truly enjoy their cars. He knew the world had changed, and he wanted his companies to meet the needs of the new generation of Shelby owners. His vision was to knit together those people with the owners of early Shelby's and give everyone fun new ways to experience their high performance vehicles.   Mr. Shelby imagined a place where owners could talk about their latest conquests at the track, swap stories, share photos and learn new ways to hot rod their cars! He wanted to link all of the enthusiasts into one "dream garage"... thus, Team Shelby was born!   Team Shelby has many free, open access forums, news sections and member only areas dedicated to the community.   In addition, Team Shelby has a full series of events for 2018, which include VIP Experiences, track days, National & Regional gatherings, cruises, car shows and more! Ownership of a Shelby is not required to be a member. The club is dedicated to serving all Shelby enthusiasts past and present including those that own cars built in the 1960's and Shelby Dodges too! Carroll Shelby (Team Shelby Member #001) said: "We built Team Shelby for anyone who is passionate about Shelby cars! We’ll have a blast and we'll do it the Shelby way!   Yearly Membership Rates   U.S. $49.99 | Canada & Mexico $59.99 | E.U., others $65.99   Join the Team Shelby Club   click here to choose a Team Shelby Club subscription package.   Membership Kit Arrival   Your Team Shelby Club membership kit and I.D.card will generally arrive within 6-8 weeks.   Need Help?   Email Brianna:  e-mail her here.

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  2. New GT500 reveal video!

    What list? You mean like the same one that dealers started for the new Ford GT? And were taking 200K deposits and held them for months after the real process was known? Paper list? OK. Money involved? Stay away.
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  4. Shelby GT-H Billet caps

    Also make sure you get two keys. it takes two Admin keys to program a spare. You can have 4 Admin keys in total. My car came with one key missing, so I requested a second spare. I wanted to have 4 keys in total and figured out how to program the spare myself after several learning attempts. What I learned was my lost key was counting as 1 of the 4. So I could not program all of the four keys in my possession, only three. I contacted a local locksmith and they will reset all 4 keys for about $50. Dealer would be more. I was not sure I wanted a lost key out there on my car. As soon as I get this done, I will have 4 keys, all set to a new code. Brent
  5. New GT500 reveal video!

    Called my buddy and he put me on the dealer's list for the 2019 GT500 Will wait for complete details to see if buy one Wish I knew what Colors Ford will offer for the 2019 Mustang and Shelby? I would love to have a 2019 GT500 in Lime Green that is very close to the Legend Lime. For Colors Ford needs to bring back the popular Shelby Colors rather than the same generic ones the last 10 years. I love the current Lightning Blue but my first 2 choices for any color would be Legend Lime or Brittany Blue Will be interesting to see what SAI will offer for the Super Snake to compare
  6. Sounds like tuning. The tuning controls aggressiveness and can be adjusted at any given rpm to be more or less aggressive by adding or taking out timing etc. When driving around town your probably not going into boost. So yes, when not in boost the car drives like a normal car would, until you hammer it and boost kicks in. I bet if you drive at low speed and hammer it, it will get sideways rather quickly. question is do you like the docileness when driving around town in traffic, and enjoy the power when you want to romp on it? Sound normal but, If you think it’s not right or just want it changed talk to the person that tuned your car, your tuner can let you know if it’s possible to make adjustments and what adjustments can be make.
  7. Shelby Headquaters Dissapointment

    I visited the Shelby museum and headquarters in September 2017, just before you did. I was in seventh heaven from the second I got out of our cab. Right away before we walked inside I heard a rumble of an engine go by. When I turned it was a Shelby 1000 heading up the interstate ramp. Half way up the ramp, I got to hear that 1000 H.P Mustang open it up a little. I could have left right then and been happy. I will probably never see another Shelby 1000 again. When I went inside and seen all the cars on display, I was so excited to see a 2008 vista blue Shelby GT convertible, and a black 2007 wide body Shelby GT. I thought about how cool that was to see a car just like mine in a museum. The Blue Shelby GT is the concept car that is being sold at Barrett-Jackson Friday. Then when I got to go on the tour we ended up back to see the shop area. The tour guide talked for a bit, and then low and behold none other than Vince LaViolette finished the tour with some personal stories about him and Carroll during some of the builds and promotions. Vince had a huge part in the design of our Shelby GT. And he was there during the challenging build of our SGT's. And it was also great to see the brand new Shelby's on display before others have seen them. I want to take this time to thank the staff for making me feel like family. I hope the Museum and headquarters stays around for a long time. If I go back to Vegas, I will stop again.
  8. A few weeks ago my '09 KR power conversion was completed (VMP Gen2R; BAP; 2.5 pulley, 67mm TB, JLT 123 CAI, 1 7/8 LT, Catted X Pipe, DSS one piece Alum DS, Heat Exchanger, BMR upper and Lower CA; Panhard bar, JLT oil catcher and MGW Shifter). It's a stock 3:73 rear. I think I've done most everything right and Friday I'm putting Borla Touring mufflers on as I'm not thrilled with the noise it's making!!My question, and I think I read something on this in a thread; is it normal that I feel "less response" at around town driving?? Sounds crazy I know as it's now 658whp. Now I can definitely tell that when the rpms come up, it's BRUTAL!! It will break my 285's loose in 3rd gear easily. Scary in a way but I miss the lower RPM "torque" the car had when stock!! Has anyone else experienced this!?? Would going to a 2.4 pulley give me the torque and improved low RPM throttle response I'm missing?? I Run 93 octane and it was a VMP tune. Thanks.
  9. While everything is still being worked on, I wanted to put the date out there, and some of the details that I have: 9th Annual event Weekend of September 14-16 2018 Host Hotel - Homewood Suites, Center Valley PA Car Show location - Penn State Lehigh Valley Campus, Center Valley 65 Mile road tour through Winery areas Saturday night event Friday night Meet and greet at hotel Open to all Shelby, Cobra, and Ford vehicles Watch this thread for confirmation and more details
  10. New Member to Team Shelby Pacific Coast Region

    Welcome - be sure to come out to Cars and Coffee Folsom on Saturdays, quite the Shelby showing every week.
  11. But I would drive the FGT any day over the GT500....just saying.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Hello All

    Welcome to the group
  14. Barrett Jackson - Scottsdale 2018

    The same day a 2016 mustang GT with a few tricks goes for $38K. You can buy these all day long for $28K. Doesn’t make sense to me. You hardly get your money back on mods . Oh well
  15. GT500: more horsepower, rear seat for kids, trunk for luggage., no purchase restrictions. Ford GT: ultimate eye candy and prestige as well as insane collector value. Both win in their respective categories and would appear well in any two car garage. Fantasy dream.
  16. Barrett Jackson - Scottsdale 2018

    The docket price is inclusive of 10% buyers commission, so final hammer price was 18500.
  17. I believe Dave Goldberg is still finalizing a group rate for Palm Springs (he posted the other day in the Facebook group).
  18. Barrett Jackson - Scottsdale 2018

    are you talking about lot 347.1? Its a 2007 SGT Black with 14k miles and B-J shows on its website that it went for $20,350.
  19. Shelby GT-H Billet caps

    Should be 5 caps. Look or ask if they have the wheel center caps with GT H on them and if they have all of the paper work? Also check the grill rivets for rust. They have replacements.
  20. I am going to look at a 2016 GTH tomorrow and noticed they came with the GT-H billet caps.How many caps came with the 2016 GTH.Any other things to look for other than the obvious.Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  21. Barrett Jackson - Scottsdale 2018

    You can get a pretty good guess of what BJ thinks a car will sell for by when it is slotted. Early days == lower prices. Early in the day == lower price for that day.
  22. BTW, that Mercedes of ours in this picture is pretty mean.... 2016 AMG GLA45... 0-60 in 4.2s, 1.0g on the skidpad, and will run circles around the Shelby... BUT the 590whp Shelby will stomp it from a 30mph straight roll!
  23. @Fat BossI'm planning to arrive to PS late Wed night and link up for the convoy Thu morning.
  24. I've been real busy lately but have had a little time to move this project forward. I completed the front bumper today. I thought it was going to be easy given everything else I've done but it was as equally challenging as the rest of the car. My seam is perfect and undetectable and I really got that technique down but the front bumper took me almost 2 hours.... ugh... I'm slow but I'm doing good work. I've made a few decisions about what's left to do: - I decided to replace the side rocker stripes after all. I've been extremely impressed with the AM vinyl (and quantity supplied) so I'm going with the same matte black on the rockers. This is coming in the mail in a day or two and I hope to get one if not both sides done this weekend. I won't miss the "shelby gt" on the front rocker stripe as I was never wild about that in the first place. - I decided to put a 3.5" domed berg snake on the matte black billet faux gas cap. That is coming in the mail as well and will have no words, just the snake. - I decided to keep my rubber G1 hood scoop. I have a slight warping issue but since all colors are black it doesn't stand out all that much. Plus, I prior to installing I plan line the bottom of the scoop with a 1/8" thick neoprene strip. That is a compressible material (used as weatherstripping) and I plan to use it and variable torque on the bolts of the scoop to just float the whole scoop 1/16" or so above the hood evenly.. hopefully that will work. I have called 3 body shops and they are all very backlogged due to a hail storm last summer so I am going to try painting the scoop matte black myself. If it doesn't come out satisfactorily, I'll book and appt with a body shop for July and take care of it then. Here's a few more pics: This first pic shows how much extra vinyl I have left over... it's long enough to do the whole roof over if I had to. I did screw up an 8" section so I would have had even a little more than this, and my car has a tail too and I went bumper-to-bumper, so the kit has more than enough material for anyone, even if a couple mistakes are made: A close up of the front end together..... sad about that thick clear-coat where the original stripes were... the original owner must have shot the drivers side of the hood with clear coat, etc for some reason... I never knew it since it ran right up against the old stripe. The whole front and top of the car... just needs the scoop done! Figured I'd see just how ugly the silver scoop would look bolted on.. yuck.
  25. "Rufs Garage"

    Afternoon Garage
  26. Barrett Jackson - Scottsdale 2018

    2007 Shelby gt pretty weak sold $17500. 14000 miles. Two owner Wednesday not a great day edit .....my mistake it sold for $20,350 with all the fees included. that’s about right in today’s market. Don’t know the condition of the paint and stripes.
  27. "Rufs Garage"

    WhoooHooo!!!! Thanks bunches Ruf.
  28. The new ford GT can't be compared to a mustang. the gt has more than enough hp to compete in it's class. in fact it is always choked back. put them in a track and guess which will win.
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