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  2. Don't make much sense to me either but only time will tell when they get bought up and put on dynos.
  3. I can get a 2020 GT500 at msrp at my local Ford dealer...…..Also can get a C8 Vette at msrp at my local GM dealer....I guess it all depends where you're located and how greedy the dealers are in that area I guess....as far as the GT500 my local dealer had 6 allocations and still had two available up to 3 weeks ago.
  4. So lets see if I can follow along with the rest of the internet. First it was a four door Mustang. Then it moved on to a Mustang Crossover. Now we are on to a Mustang truck based SUV. Do I dare think what Mustang themed concept is coming next week? Lets hope the marketing/research company Ford is using is smarter than I am because I'm not seeing their vision on a single model based car company.
  5. Just going by an article I saw today on Autoblog: "But The Drive picked up on a line in Electrify America's version of the press release that we didn't see: "Ford will be releasing its all-new, Mustang-inspired electric SUV, that has a targeted EPA-estimated range of 300 miles with an extended battery and rear-wheel drive, in late 2020." https://www.autoblog.com/2019/10/21/ford-mach-e-rwd-range-battery-options/
  6. More and more every day, but those I know call it the "junk" forum. Back to third party replica Cobras. PS. He must have read far enough back to get the instructions about the subject line.
  7. Mach you may be getting more than you bargained for....I guess this would explain the 2.8sec 0-60 and 11.1 1/4 mile...… If factual I guess...…
  8. I don't know, some refer to Team Shelby as a Corvette forum
  9. Wouldn't that be a crossover vehicle and not an SUV? Crossovers are what are selling nowadays besides trucks.
  10. Well yes and no. Chevy dealers sold quite a few 1978 Corvettes with ADM's to speculators who are just now able to get MSRP for the cars that are still in the wrapper. Might be a couple more decades before the get their ADM money back. But hey thats for the buyers grandchildren to deal with And staying with the GT500 how about $170,000 pre-order from a SoCal dealership? .
  11. Yep. You wanna know when it's time to buy a car like these? They will be few in dealer inventory and the one they have will be sitting in the show room. The time to buy one is when they start parking them outside.
  12. I concur. If there are Corvette dealers with ADMs it's because they are greedy, and think people are stupid, and don't have enough volume to get cars at will. GM will make as many of these as they can sell. They always have. Noone ever bought a Corvette thinking they could stash it in the garage and make a fortune, unlike some early GT500 buyers. Moving the engine to the back side is not going to double demand for the car and cause a short supply, and in fact, many old time died-in-the-wool Corvette fans will be turned off by it. This is a simple matter of managing Total Available Market. In a commodity market, TAM can neither be created nor destroyed, only shuffled. You don't see whole bunches of Ferrari owners jumping ship to move to the Corvette do you? But I suppose there are a few Corvette fans that will continue to live on in their own little fantasy world thinking somehow volume will double and there won't be enough to go around. Unlike GT500s. However, that supply/demand issue is created by Ford and the volume of the GT500 could be increased easily. It's just another set of switches that drive the assembly line. Ford creates this ADM by controlling volume (if you search, you will find their production expectations for this year, somewhere around 5K units) and their supply line is already set for that, so even if they decided tomorrow to increase volume, it's too late for this model year...
  13. I think he meant maybe a year from now when people start selling them due to quality and mechanical issues- "No more ADM all day long!" The current Vettes always could be had with Black Friday sale prices all year long. Ok, see reviews so far. New C8 almost 200 lbs more than C7, takes 10 more feet to stop from 70mph than C7, is quieter, so much so that it detracts from the experience of driving a sports car, and the interior is awkward. Not to mention the ugly wheels and rear end. But it's "better in every way" To stay on topic: There's a reason there will be ADM's on new GT500's. Demand. Because it will be quality built engineered to perform musclecar.
  14. It’s alright, but “Red” is what really trips my “Trigger”! J.M.O. Hey Slo Lane, does “B” what her own C8 convert in “Silver”??? Just teasing ya!
  15. Ford's new electric Mustang-inspired SUV will definitely be noticable.
  16. Why do you keep posting these here? This is primarily a Mustang forum.
  17. The 2020 vette isn't on dealer lots yet so how can you get one all day long at msrp? I just looked at eBay and there is only one 2020 vette listed as a PRE-ORDER for $125,000 Just curious on what you're basing your post on? Steven
  18. Shelby American has no SUV's in the line-up and has not announced a future Shelby SUV but who knows what tomorrow holds. If the demand for a Shelby SUV suddenly appears I'm sure SAI would take notice. Steven
  19. Yeah it’s kind of like a Ferrari. You put any red Ferrari next to any other color and the red Ferrari just stands out. No contest.
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