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  2. Finally got my garage done. Only thing I need to finish is the library ladder that’s gonna run across that lower edge of the cabinets. I added that structure under there to mount it to. Hard to see in the video? The track parts for the ladder are on national backorder.
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  4. Yeah saw a few around here Mach back in the day and they were all stock don't think it was aftermarket parts.....
  5. That's a great idea Goose....only one thing wrong with that...I live in Sasquatch land remember??…. and he don't like Vettes!!!...…….
  6. Same as the one I'm looking at except for the wheels....buy it BB and I'll buy this one and we'll trade wheels?????...…. ….You love black wheels BB I kinow you do!!……….
  7. Oh I know BB... you guys got it made as far as car pricing in the US...we're getting hosed here bud...…...
  8. Which is like asking Ford to produce a 2019 Ford GT with the 2006 Ford GT engine. Some options are not available.
  9. Yep I think you might have something there. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one however.
  10. Hey Keefer, wish you luck bud! I’m sure your dealer will work something out for you, or you could try trading them!
  11. Here it is: https://www.gatewaychevrolet.com/VehicleDetails/new-2019-Chevrolet-Corvette-Coupe_Z06_1LZ-Avondale-AZ/3393442683
  12. Thank you Keith. G and I went to look at a red 2019 1LZ Zed06 while you were gone. Base Z06 basically. Silver wheels, coupe, automatic. Beautiful car. Discounted all the way down to $73K US. Shame you’re not down here. Edit- It had two bags in the back hatch. One was a set of plastic brake ducts and the other was two silver sheet metal rotor backing plates, to (I suppose) catch the ducted air....should ya be tracking the car.
  13. You were very lucky. I've been trying about that long to just get a rough eta.
  14. Maybe it's the black wheels????….well as you know!!...to me personally black wheels makes all cars look dull.... ...My dealer called about an hour ago and asked me what we could do about the black wheels on the Z06 he found....my answer to him was simple...replace them with the silver nickel or chrome wheels or KEEP the car....ain't no way I'll own a car with black wheels EVER!!!
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