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  2. Hey bud, were all guys who love cars, especially our own, and there’s nothing wrong with that, keep the faith!
  3. Hey BB I read ya, a Mach 1 has to have the “Shaker’, because that’s what really makes it cool and stands out, and I loved watching those “Shakers” shake. Both my past Machs, the 69 and 70 had Shakers and I absolutely loved to watch them. One of the coolest things Ford ever installed on the Mustangs. J.M.O. Thanks BB!
  4. All good Mike! I know you are partial to VB too. 😍
  5. Hey BB, sorry I forgot that you didn’t care for the KR’s, that’s on me. Your Gurney is looking great and of course you already knew I really like the Vista Blue..
  6. Negative. I don’t care for the KR’s. 😎 I already have the Vista Blue car of my dreams. 🤩
  7. Here’s a better article. 👊 Looks like maybe the 350 could ride again, and indeed the Bullitt is replaced in lieu of the Mach1 https://www.thedrive.com/news/32875/2021-ford-mustang-mach-1-makes-comeback-but-shelby-gt350s-axed-report
  8. Yes David, no all new body till 2023.
  9. I called it a “rebadged 350” mostly because of the rims and what looks like in that pic, NO Shaker. Mach1 needs a Shaker. You all took me literally. 🙄
  10. It was reported 2 months ago that the Gen 7 mustang is going to be year 2023. There will be light modifications to the 2021/22 Gen 6 cars.
  11. Isn't 2021 supposed to be a new Body Style?
  12. Hey guys, I collect a number of different kinds of diecast cars and also other things in diecast. Lately I’ve been dabbling in vintage Tonka 50s stuff like a really cool original 56 Aerial Ladder Fire truck and I also have a very nice original 56 Suburban Pumper fire Truck. Well lately I’ve been trying to find a really nice 56 step side pickup to go along with my two 56 trucks and a few days back I was lucky enough to find a real cool one almost totally redone with a few cool custom features added by the restorer that I really liked. So I’m posting some pics of my new addition and hope you guys enjoy them, because I enjoyed taking them. Later guys! Mongoose
  13. Okay BB, their’s your new pet project, getter done in Vista Blue and it would be stunning, just saying....
  14. It carries the same engine code in the VIN as the Bullitt, so 480 horse 5.0 is the order of the day underhood. There is a an actual styling shot that has been seen by Ford higher ups, but not release to the public. So, much like the last Mach it will pull more from the Bullitt than anything else, and practically nothing from the GT350,
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  16. I suspect Ford would just as soon forget the FPC Voodoo...
  17. More likely a re-badged Bullitt type vehicle . 5.0 CPC and about 10 to 20 more hp than the last Bullitt edition made.
  18. Rebadged 350?? 😴 https://carbuzz.com/news/yes-ford-mustang-mach-1-will-officially-return
  19. Betcha there’s at least one ‘08-‘09 GT500 Vert “KR tribute” driving around out there. You can’t be the only one that feels thataway. It’d be easy enough to do one.
  20. Very overpriced. If you're looking for Cobras check www.cobracountry.com
  21. Hey carnut12, just a heads up for you if your looking for a new toy to explore. Yes, that Backdraft Cobra is definitely pretty cool and it sounds like it was built with top notch stuff, but yes it is a little pricey. Another alternative site you just might want to check out that builds a few pretty cool cars and hot rods just in case you didn’t know is Factory Five Racing. com., just letting you know. Good luck with finding your new toy, it sounds like fun.
  22. Now I know were to get any all my safety supplies... Thanks for clueing us in bud!
  23. Yes, but then it wouldn't be a 1 of 1.........
  24. Looks like a wanna be to me by someone who has been looking at too many Mustang after market parts catalogs. With all the cost of all the extras, he could have had the real deal.😎
  25. I am a little surprised that some shop did not do a reconstruction of a KR into a convertible. Yes, it is a rare car but it would be unique and draw attention, maybe even by Ford and SA. A damaged KR could have been rebuilt into a styling exercise. Can you imagine if it showed up at SEMA and a few other large auto shows!
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