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  2. I agree, it feels like it's about the Benjamin's. In 07 & 08 a GT500 had a sticker of around $42,900. Now, a mere 11 years later were pushing $100k for a Shelby. Something just doesn't jive and it feels like it's outta wack. QSS
  3. I ordered a set last week. Waiting for them to come in. Ill post pictures asap.
  4. Exactly....like he says the track pack just may be just below the 4000lbs mark which is lighter than many thought it would be...there's no denying Ford did their homework on this car and it shows.....
  5. Well they caused enough crap that made a long time member leave...over the past 3 years about 3/4 of the original group are gone and now another so yeah you're right Goose it is a loss..loss of opinion wisdom and just car knowledge period...don't fool yourself Goose guys like the "Bubble Gum Twins" are elated about this.
  6. Can u post pics of whats in this year's kit?
  7. ...and only 4080 lbs. Not too bad considering a lot of people were complaining about it weighing 4200+ lbs.
  8. Same question here. When did they send out the notice? Thanks. Jim
  9. Hey Keefer, in my opinion they didn’t win anything! If you really thing about it we (All Lost), they did, quote:(jerks), us car guys did, and Team Shelby did too, it just might take a little more time for some to realize it!! A few bad apples spoiled the whole basket, very sad indeed!
  10. Just received mine yesterday.Very nice this year.Good job to all involved.Question is it possible to buy items from years past like the Team Shelby pennant that was offered a few years ago in the membership kit.
  11. Hey bud, thanks for some good times and memories too with a few great car guys that we all respected!!! Everyone lost in this one, it’s just that some don’t realize it yet!!! See ya on the other side!!! Hey Tes, thanks for your support from both of us, it’s been fun at times!!
  12. Hi Jim, Sorry for the last minute back out but we will not be able to attend.
  13. My wall plaque Arrived yesterday. Looks great! I’m surprised at how heavy it is. Thanks again for adding the 40th group!
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  15. I really prefer to sell it out right because I want to move into something else but I would definitely show it to you if you're in Edmonton. It's such a special car and I'm always happy to show it off to someone who appreciates it!
  16. I don't know why GM wouldn't want to do this. Make Corvette it's own Brand like Dodge did with the RAM. https://www.yahoo.com/news/mary-barra-cools-speculation-corvette-181000136.html
  17. This guy is giving people more real world detail on the new GT500 than most I've seen before....He says it's easier on fuel than his GT350R...not bad at all for a 760hp car I think it's darn amazing.
  18. @KR_Mac the only thing that I am aware of for our rear brakes that doesn't involve going with something akin to Wilwood brakes is a GT500 Rear brake adapter kits. They allow you to upgrade to the 2013 GT500 rear discs which are 2" larger than the ones we currently have.
  19. If it's facts what went on he'll retire behind bars and damn well should IMO...….
  20. I think this was the Best Coach Dallas had ………………….
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