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  2. Wow, these guys keep raising the bar. https://www.carscoops.com/2020/07/807-hp-2021-dodge-challenger-srt-super-stock-promises-to-annihilate-all-other-muscle-cars/
  3. Enjoy your ride, and hopefully you will never need a tow.
  4. OMGoodness Renato..... I am so sorry for your hardship!!! This made me yelp outloud. I cannot even imagine the odds of something like this happening. I’m in Az. I hope someone here can help you find a place close to you that can help. You shouldn’t need to send her anywhere really far away. Good luck to you sir, and welcome aboard Team Shelby. After you get her fixed, stick around and enjoy the online Shelby community! BIKEBOY
  5. Dear Team Shelby, With tears in my eyes, I am writing to you all with the purpose of finding out if there is such a thing as a specialized Ford Mustang Shelby body shop in the US that could help out with a need. I have attached pictures of my girl who is now hurt. I bought her in Sarasota, FL less than a year ago and drove her up to Northeast, TN. There are about 8,500 on the clock and she was flawless inside and out before the tragedy happened. It turns out an idiot neighbor was trying to jump-start a Toyota 4Runner by rolling it down the hill by himself to a point where he could not get in the car in time to stop the vehicle from rolling down the hill and into the side of my garage where both my walls and my Shelby completely stopped the car from moving. My car was sitting right next to the wall with the cover on which actually helped save other paint areas from being damaged, for those who question why does the car have to have a car cover inside a garage :). I have attached pictures of the before and after. I reach out to all of you experts to find out if there is a body shop, anywhere in the nation, that specializes in bringing these types of cars back to their original condition or as much as possible (OEM parts, correct paint density, etc.). I am willing to pay as much as necessary to ship the car wherever and have it fixed. Your help is much appreciated and happy 4th of July! Renato
  6. Yes they were polished, my car came with them.
  7. Thanks for getting the topic back on topic. OP, When you call a tow service some of the responsibility is on yourself. If you call a tow company and just say “I need a flat bed” or a “rollback”, then you may be screwed. You need to provide the tow company the year make and model of your vehicle and ask them if their flatbeds are equipped with a set of race ramps(or a set of 2x10/2x12 boards) to assist with low ground clearance vehicles and they also need to have wheel baskets. The frame/body/chassis should not be cinched. If the tow company you call are not so equipped, then then call somebody else. Also it doesn’t matter whether your tow truck driver is a rookie or not. All they need to do be careful and follow the instructions that are provided in the 2019 Ford Shelby GT350 Owner’s Manual Supplement. Towing is all clearly explained as well as clearly illustrated as to how to properly tow the vehicle. It’s not rocket surgery. If you don’t have a copy of the 2019 GT350 Owner’s Manual Supplement you can download or print it from the following handy-dandy link below: http://www.fordservicecontent.com/Ford_Content/Catalog/owner_information/2019-Ford-Mustang-Shelby-GT350-Supplement-version-1_sg_EN-US_12_2018.pdf Explicit and detailed towing Instructions, proper hook up points, and how to secure the vehicle are on pages 21 through 25. If you just want to print pages 21 thru 25 you can do so and keep a copy in your trunk or dash. Ps: In addition, All 2019 Ford Shelby GT350s are shipped from the factory to the dealer with a set of front and rear suspension spacers. Make sure you keep them in the trunk. If you don’t have them you can order a set. If you plan to tow or transport your 2019 GT350 they can be reinstalled for additional underbody clearance. It never hurts to read the manual..............
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  9. Jeff, thanks......so the wheels were not chrome but considered the polished version?
  10. rent a legend, 3 ft by 2 ft 200$ shipped
  11. The enclosed transporter trucks (ie, for cross country moves) all have a flat drive on lift surface and then raise that entire platform to the first or second level. No local "wrecker" is going to have that though.
  12. How about getting this back on topic. That kind of stuff does little to answer the original question. You need a flatbed to move any of these cars. If you have AAA you can request a transport vehicle that can take a low clearance sports car. I had my GT brought to the dealer for the air bag installs (Ford paid for transport) and the transport had some 2x12s that he put under the ramps to lengthen the approach (which is the same thing I did with the Mustangs and Cobra when I loaded them onto the U-Haul when I moved them around). If you get an experienced hauler he will know what to do. Come to think of it he also brought it onto the truck rear end first since he couldn't get the winch on the front and the ramps on the 2x12s kept the chin splitter enough clearance going up. He had moved enough similar vehicles to know what he was doing. It did take a couple of hours for him to come though but AAA knew what I meant when I said "low clearance". Mongoose is also right about securing the vehicle to the transporter. You can't use the chassis tie downs as they will also be hit by the low front splitter and/or rear diffusers. The transporter I used had the wheel based baskets. He even had the right ones for the wider rear tires.
  13. I would prefer the China Rollback...……………….
  14. This coming from the guy that “takes care of himself with supplements” !! Hahahahahahhaaha!!! Just teasing ya Doc. Enjoy bud. And all the best to Laika.
  15. Taking advantage of the day off tomorrow to head across the border and see mom and sister, and get some Aurelio's. And some ribs on Sat. Plus I'll get my elephant ear fix taken care of since the carney wagons are setting up shop in various places so people can get their fill of faire food, since there are no faires or carnivals happening this summer.
  16. Don't even need immune suppressant meds, just anti-inflammatories. Dexamethosone is being shown to minimize a lot of the issues in the lungs. As for treating oneself, prevention is always the best. I haven't had a cold in a few years, never had the flu, and I work in an office where everybody gets sick in the cold and flu season. I've got really good supplements that keep my own immune system functioning perfectly.
  17. Thanks. The first husky the ex had tore one, had surgery (although she can't remember which one, and it was 20 years ago), and while she was recovering from surgery, tore the other one. Vet said chances go up to about 50% in the other one after one is torn, mostly because of the added stress from favoring the bad leg. I'm probably be preventative and get the prolo done in both knees, to minimize that a bit.
  18. They are wheels (Black or brushed silver) that could be ordered with any Mustang. Have you checked with your local Ford dealer? There may be some available still from Ford. f not keep an eye on Ebay etc., such as: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-2006-2007-2008-2009-18-Factory-OEM-Wheel-Rim-7R3Z1007B/333507785781? or https://www.ebay.com/itm/18-FORD-MUSTANG-WHEEL-RIM-FACTORY-OEM-3648-2006-2009-POLISHED/184160825427?
  19. That's the only surgery of the 3 options that is remotely doable. Good to hear that Cozmo did good with it. The other 2 are beyond wrong. I'll know something next week. Keeping him from running around is the biggest challenge, and I'm not even trying to keep him off the couch or the bed, cuz I'm not gonna crate him all the time.
  20. Someone needs to create a levitator so it can just be lifted up and put on the flatbed, rather than be dragged. But don't the 350Rs have a tow hook in the front, so wouldn't that save hooking up underneath?
  21. Chances are that it's running rich more than the sensors are bad. https://www.fixdapp.com/blog/p2198-code Did you check the MAF??? I'd stop shotgunning and take it to a dealer with the proper equipment do diagnose.
  22. Does anyone sell the factory chrome wheels that came on these cars?
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