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  2. https://www.motor1.com/news/383247/dodge-challenger-50th-anniversary-edition/
  3. I had no idear Doc. Never liked em myself. But I’ve never been a head banger.
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  5. You probably don’t know this but there are articles about the 2020 Shelby GT 500 posted over at the C8 thread. It’s just not a C8 thread. But there is a lot of fluff also. Some people don’t care for that. But hey what can I say. As you well know I’ve owned almost every Shelby made except the new one. Keeping my eye on the new one also.
  6. Tom, Looking forward to seeing you and Nancy in Saratoga on the 7th. Best, Jim
  7. Mo, Great that you can join us this year with the "Bullitt". I think if Steve McQueen was alive today, he'd join us for our visit at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford. https://www.mcqueenonline.com/humanitarian.htm See you at Sun Valley Mall on 12/7/2019. Best, Jim
  8. +1 Or they could have called it the "Transformer", because it will be, while poking some fun at GM's movie star Camaro...
  9. Go back and re-read the posts with open eyes Sean...I said...Mach said...Mongoose said the GT500 was an awesome performing car without doubt because we don't care who makes the car if it performs it performs plain and simple....Ford did a great job but just because there is a bolt on the car someone don't like you automatically call them trolls...you're above that bud or at least I thought so.
  10. I need help my 1987 Dodge d250 overdrive does not kick in what can I do to fix it.
  11. Yes please, no more Vette "facts" or info anywhere else on this forum other than your C8 chatroom. As far as the Vette "facts," I'll wait until an independent source to test an actual production vehicle. The Motor Spend payola dyno test of the preproduction prototype car claimed significantly higher HP than Chevy claims. Don't you remember the 1960's when they all used to do that? You guys fell for it!
  12. No hate, just wondering about some performance stats that Chevy came up with and an eyebrow raising decision by Motor Trend. According to the stats that Chevy came up with, either they need a new stopwatch or the Vette makes more power than they said it does, which would be a good thing for Vette owners. And as far as the GT500 goes, it seems like just me and MHR are the only ones here that are excited for it, which is a shame. Like I said, looks to have more traffic here for the C8 than it, which is pretty sad.
  13. Sean some facts have come out since release 1. There is a mid engine corvette 2. The 1LT. $59995 Not $100K you can order the 1LT in December no ADM 3. 0 to 60. 2.8 seconds. If you want more facts come over to the C8 thread. I’m not listing anymore info on here. This isn’t the place as I said earlier.
  14. Again what facts?...like the ZL1 not being stock?...who did the math you or did your side kick mhr61 do the figures on that one?...Motorspend?...bet if they put the GT500 on the cover you'd be in love with the magazine then...Seriously Sean you've got so much hate for other brands it's actually funny Talking about the GT500 all we so called TROLLS gave it thumbs up on it's performance #'s everyone of us because we give credit where it's due no the brand unlike you that just spews BS at anything but a Ford...grow up man.
  15. Does the Northern Plains Chapter ever hold any Team Shelby events within the region? If so, how do Team Shelby member in the Northern Plains Chapter find out about them?
  16. That's ok, Mike, David doesn't seem to mind and then we can feel free to hurt your guys feelings with information, facts, and some Shelby enthusiast's opinions.
  17. Keith don’t get sucked into another tread on the C8. Those guys don’t come on here anymore. It’s not worth it. Especially when it comes to the C8. Don’t know why the COTY was posted over there in the first place. It was already on here.
  18. There is and was info on the Motortrend COTY on the other thread . No need for two on a Shelby Forum IMO. I’ve said it before I’m a big fan of Shelby but the corvette has a small following on another thread. We are lucky to have a new Shelby GT500 .This is mainly a Shelby forum and should stay that way. Posting the COTY on hear is just stirring the pot on TS. It has apparently worked for no good reason. We are all better then that. We are Shelby fans first ....all of us There is another thread to post C8 stuff that won’t stir the pot. Sorry this stuff got over here. No problem over the past 6 months between you guys either. Bad woody woodpecker flying around I guess.
  19. They're a bunch of no-talent hacks that got popular because of image and drugs, and they have no honor. I'm waiting for someone to sue them over breaking the contract.
  20. I don't get the hype from this Motor Trend award. Are people really that gullible that a magazine award is gonna affect their buying choices? And why wasn't the GT500 including for voting this year? Cuz there's no way you can tell me that it's not at least in the top 10, or the top 5 or 3. So the C8 got an award. Yawn. Doesn't change my opinion that the C7 is still better looking. Or that the GT500 is the better car. And there are stats that back that up.
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