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  2. I also couldn't find anywhere where it designated JDRF as a profit or non-profit organization.
  3. If you're going to track or just have fun then the brake fluid should be changed to hi-temp and the pads should be changed to something better. As far as the rears go...I track and I'm cheap, so I just bought a set of the OEM 2013 brakes (take-off's of course). I didn't want to use an aftermarket bracket for the rear calipers, so I took out the axles and did everything just like OEM. I also upgraded the diff fluid to a full synthetic (and friction modifier) as part of the job. I run Hawk HPS pads and I've never had fade on or off track. The other reason I went this way was to fill the "gaps" in the 20" Alcoa's. The earlier OEM rotors just looked way too small inside those wheels.
  4. Hey buddy, sounds like they did a awesome job on designing and building a very potent, and strong engine design to fit in the new C8. If I read between the lines right, it also makes me assume that the stated H.P. of 495 is actually a fair amount under-rated of what the real H.P. is! If I’m guessing right, it sounds like the true H.P. is more like around 520 H.P. or so. That’s quite a nice perk to find out about, not too shabby in my book! Hey bud, I think you’ll be very happy when you get to take a new C8 out on a vigorous drive. J.M.O. Later bud! Goose
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  6. Hey bud, yes, it’s pretty cool, but please relax and quit your drooling, your getting way to excited bud. You got one in the bag, so you can take that to the bank with no worries! Yes, you can’t go wrong checking the Z51 package on the order form! Hey, one question for you bud, where are the cool aluminum finned valve covers????? Your going to do what? Take me to tranny school! Boy oh boy, I can’t wait!
  7. Hey Slo Lane, thanks for the reply back! $175K for that 66 Shelby, (Holly Crap), your right, these prices are starting to get way out of hand! At the rate these old Shelbys are going only the very rich will be able to afford these cool cars, and I don’t think Carroll would of wanted it that way! So I guess that Shelby clone that I told you about just might be a very good buy at that price! Later bud!
  8. Hi I am a new member who just bought a 18 super snake in California. The dealer needs to send it to Shelby to have the Supercharger put in post title. Has anyone done this and could you tell me what to expect? THANKS!!
  9. I believe I read it in the Ford service manual? but don't recall exactly where I found it.
  10. twobjshelbys is correct. Be straight with yourself about just how much you will track your car. [Note: One caveat about Bash track day goes back to the first one in January 2008. The track was the inner track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. All of the GT500s were cooking their factory brakes because there were no straight-aways. It was turn, turn, turn. The SGTs did not have that issue given their lower front end weight. The Bash moved away from the inner track because of the brakes and because one SGT was totaled that weekend.] If you will be on tracks that have enough non-braking time, back to what twobjshelbys said, i.e., your factory brakes should be okay. Truth be told, my big brake kit was a priority because my wife knew our son was also driving the car on the track and wanted every bit of stopping power available. With brakes, you never know how much stopping power you will need until you need it. But that's just me. Drive wisely, listen to your instructors and be 100% familiar with your car and you will have a great time. Jim
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  12. As far as I know it is a one of one build colour only for the raffle. The 1st and last colurs are JDRF Unique.
  13. I'll give ya a glow in the dark emblem GermanFordToyotaChev boy!!!!………
  14. Search for "led mustang grill emblems"...….tons of that glowing horse stuff been available for a long time now for retrofitting many different years of mustangs...….its been popular in florida by the same guys that run LED lights on the undersides of their hoopties vehicles for years.
  15. Yes it does fit like a glove 👍 Its all installed. Very nice piece. When I change the oil i will take note of your cardboard idea. Much appreciated... What was the torque spec on that transmission cooler scoop? Thanks
  16. I sent him a email you had provided. No reply back.... Would you happen to know his ebay id to see what he has? I appreciate your efforts in assisting in my search. Thx
  17. He created this website. Used to work for Shelby American. He sells on eBay a lot. No store that I know of. Hes a great guy. Reach out to him and ask at least.
  18. I want the glow in the dark horse grille emblem for both my Mustangs. Will there be a retro-fit?
  19. I would approach it this way: Unless you plan on tracking the car the factory brakes are functionally just fine, and even then unless you're very experienced you'll do just fine with factory brakes for your first few track days. In other words, don't go dropping 6K on brakes just to attend the Bash track day.
  20. Plus I was looking to get me build sheet, not sure where to look for either of these items?
  21. When should I start looking for 2019 Production numbers?
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