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    A thread for Ohio events and happenings
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    A thread for Michigan events and happenings
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    A thread for Indiana events and happenings
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    A thread for Illinois events and happenings
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    A thread for Wisconsin events and happenings
  9. Good to know. Many thanks for the reply!
  10. A number of people have made their scoops functional, me included. A number of years ago a Team Shelby member created hood scoops that were used to make the scoop functional. There were only a limited number of them made and I got the last one. The 2007 hood scoops had issues with warping. Those issues were resolved with the 2008 scoops (I have a 2008 SGT). There may be some on this forum who used their 2007/2008 factory hood scoops and made them functional. Perhaps one or more of them will chime in. Good luck. Jim
  11. Yes ONLY!!…..a RED one at that... ya know the purdy ones...…….
  12. Long time lurker and previous 350 owner here. Considering a 2007 GT with very low miles. My only issue..and I certainly don’t mean any disrespect; has anyone made the hood scoop functional? I really hate non functional anything. Thanks all.
  13. if we could get $2K for embroidering headrests we would stop making patches and go in the head rest embroidering business
  14. Welcome to our new members and Welcome back to some old ones. We are in the process of building a better club for all but, We will need all your help. Dustin is doing a fantastic Job and you wont regret being a part of it Tim Stieve Director, Team Shelby Great Lakes
  15. Or the tornado, depending on the area. EF0 tornadoes are only about 100mph, so not much stronger than the gusts.
  16. Thanks. Apparently there was a tornado not too far from the office, but it was too dark and rainy to hang outside and watch for it. Not sure how people after the fact were able to say it was really a tornado and not just the winds that were blowing thru here, up to 92mph, but the weather people say it was, so I guess it was. Never in any danger from it tho, since natural disasters are afraid of me, they stay away.
  17. Congrats... the 13-14's are beautiful cars enjoy.
  18. Took delivery of my 14 GT500 May 9, 2013. This car puts a smile on my face, as I’m sure it does to a lot of owner’s, every time driven. An absolute monster! Never a single problem in 27,000 miles. Oxford White/Blue Stripes, 821A, Nav, etc. Immediately had the largest F1’s installed on rear to gain 3/4” tread width. Made zero difference. Achieved 27.4 MPG cruise engaged from Flagstaff, AZ to Phoenix. (Home). Unbelievably awesome car, like better than any automatic 2020.
  19. Okay funny man, how about a 1970 “Hemi-Cuda” in “Plum Crazy Purple”, now that’s pretty cool in my book!!!
  20. I’m in the indy area. Just picked up my 2019 gt350 and love it.
  21. Last week
  22. Boy what’s on your mind today. ....that snapping turtle has you plum crazy. Now that’s a good color......NOT ....
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