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          Member Benefits:   First, there's the Team Shelby swag. No other club packs your membership kit with more than Team Shelby! Whether you are a renewing member or new to the “family” of Shelby enthusiast worldwide, our goal is to help you enjoy a high-octane lifestyle!   From a Unique Membership Card, Shelby Annual Magazine, Team Shelby Hat, Collector Coin, Team Shelby T-Shirt, Windshield Cling, Team Shelby License Plate Frame, Lapel Pin and Magnet, the contents of your Team Shelby Membership Kit more than pay for your membership alone!   In addition, your membership includes:   Exclusive Access to Team Shelby Member Forums.   10% discounts at Carroll Shelby's Stores in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.   Driving Experiences.   Invitations to Exclusive Team Shelby Member Events.   Insider information from Shelby American.   Affiliate Partner Discounts.   Updated February 16, 2017. Team Shelby Club 2018 Team Shelby Membership Kit Please note that membership contents are subject to change.   Team Shelby was designed and engineered by real enthusiasts inside and out of Shelby.   Team Shelby was originally formed in 2008 by Carroll Shelby. He wanted to create a club for people to truly enjoy their cars. He knew the world had changed, and he wanted his companies to meet the needs of the new generation of Shelby owners. His vision was to knit together those people with the owners of early Shelby's and give everyone fun new ways to experience their high performance vehicles.   Mr. Shelby imagined a place where owners could talk about their latest conquests at the track, swap stories, share photos and learn new ways to hot rod their cars! He wanted to link all of the enthusiasts into one "dream garage"... thus, Team Shelby was born!   Team Shelby has many free, open access forums, news sections and member only areas dedicated to the community.   In addition, Team Shelby has a full series of events for 2018, which include VIP Experiences, track days, National & Regional gatherings, cruises, car shows and more! Ownership of a Shelby is not required to be a member. The club is dedicated to serving all Shelby enthusiasts past and present including those that own cars built in the 1960's and Shelby Dodges too! Carroll Shelby (Team Shelby Member #001) said: "We built Team Shelby for anyone who is passionate about Shelby cars! We’ll have a blast and we'll do it the Shelby way!   Yearly Membership Rates   U.S. $49.99 | Canada & Mexico $59.99 | E.U., others $65.99   Join the Team Shelby Club   click here to choose a Team Shelby Club subscription package.   Membership Kit Arrival   Your Team Shelby Club membership kit and I.D.card will generally arrive within 6-8 weeks.   Need Help?   Email Brianna:  e-mail her here.
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      If you are having a problem logging in to Team Shelby since the software change made last December/January please send an email to bfawn@shelby.com  Please include your real name and Team Shelby user id in this email so that we may look into what the problem might be. Thank you.

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  2. The Lobby

    Thanks Goose!!….it sure is one wild ride...it's a 3cyl 900cc turbo with factory 174 hp but had my computer stage1 re-flash and installed a perf intake and now puts out 205 hp....I've had it up to 95mph on a frozen lake last winter and it don't take long getting there either...what a blast I have going down old fire roads with this thing!!.....
  3. Shelby Headquaters Dissapointment

    Hey all you guys, It sounds like the Shelby Headquarters and Museum is the place to visit and I guess I'll have to put it on my bucket list too! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  4. Die-Cast collections

    Hey guys: where the hell is every body! You guys must be off to the races like the "Banker" . LOL I'm posting some cool pics of my 1/12th scale, Solido brand, 1958 Chevy Corvette Hard Top, Turquoise w/ white coves. It's a beautiful model that's very well detailed and it has soft textured seats, cool distributor wires and radiator hoses. P.S. This used to be a pretty good place to see some cool stuff! Come on " All You Guys" let's start kicking some "Butt". It's so quiet around here I swear I can here the "Crickets Chirping" ! LOL Later! "MONGOOSE"
  5. SPP Sales

    Hey guys, I checked out that e-bay site to see what they had for sale and if I was interested in anything. It was basically all different kinds of performance brake kits that were available for different applications on the Mustangs! I really didn't realize that brakes could be so pricey. Later! "MONGOOSE"
  6. The Lobby

    Hey guys, Keefer, that vehicle looks like one hell of a fun ride. "Big Boy Toys" are No.1 in having fun!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  7. Yesterday
  8. Shelby Headquaters Dissapointment

    Thanks for the update.I knew it was part of the MIller Collection. The point was, I am not going to drive several hundred miles from Vegas to see it. If I am ever near the Denver/Boulder area I will make a point to check out its new home.
  9. The Lobby

    Here Tes this one is exactly like the one I got except colour mine is yellow where this one is grey.
  10. David's NEWS ROOM

    Yup that would be him Goose..... ..well he was warning people about white sugar like I say since the 50's.
  11. The Lobby

    Trying to post a pic of mine but won't download it's to big...……….
  12. The Lobby

    Them are some "Awesome Pics", very, very "Cool"!!!! These are some of the coolest pics I've seem! Great job, thanks for posting these for all of us to see. Love your first comment: absolutely"Hilarious"!!!! P.S. "Let the Good Times Roll"!!! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  13. David's NEWS ROOM

    Hey Keefer, I do remember the Jack Leland exercise Guru. If I remember it right, he used to have a exercise show that was broadcast on the boob tube, and sometimes he would have his wife on with him! He was a very cool, fit, and muscular older gentlemen with a really down to earth personality. Later! "MONGOOSE"
  14. The Lobby

    OK, whose the wise guy that put Helium in my Tires....................
  15. The Lobby

    What is an SxS?
  16. Shelby Headquaters Dissapointment

    CSX2000 was bought by Greg Miller but it is now a resident of the Shelby American Collection in Boulder, Colorado. So that "several hundred" (which probably referred to Salt Lake, that museum closed a number of years ago) is more like 800.
  17. 2008 & 2009 KR Production figures

    09KR0249. Blue ,shaker. In GA.
  18. Shelby Headquaters Dissapointment

    They have a lot of historical cars at The Shelby Heritage Center but as time goes by it does seem more and more are getting sold off. I like the Shelby Heritage Center and have visited there several times and have never been disappointed with the overall experience. Shelby Historian Jim King, who passed away recently, always did an excellent job with the tour and was always gracious about spending extra time with people who had questions after the tour was over. The only disappointment for me on my last visit is that the original Cobra CSX2000 was sold off. That car was what started it all. It was always the car I enjoyed looking at the most. It was un-restored but still in working order and one could just stand in front of the display observing it and you could almost feel the history emanating from it. I am not being critical that they sold it, just saying that it was unfortunate that they sold it because it is missed by many….and yeah I know it can be seen at the Miller Collection several hundred miles away but I think the Shelby Museum should work something out to where it can be displayed at the Heritage Center from time to time. If you are a fan of the Man and his cars then the Heritage Center is a great place to visit. Also don’t forget to take your proof of being a Team Shelby Member because unless they have changed policy it is good for a 10% discount in the gift shop. PS: Besides the Shelby Heritage Center, don’t forget to also visit the “Hollywood Cars Museum”. It has some interesting historical/famous cars from the movies and TV.
  19. SPP Sales

    Only buy from them if absolutely necessary
  20. 2017 F150 Super Snake 750 hp

    yes, look in the following section of TS. https://www.teamshelby.com/forum/326-2017-shelby-supersnake-f150/
  21. 2017 F150 Super Snake 750 hp

    Any F150 Shelby Super Snake owners out there?
  22. David's NEWS ROOM

    I agree Goose the all mighty buck is the key.....exactly there's no promoting the bad side of sugar but people have known this for many years don't know if you've ever heard of a guy by the name of Jack Lelane?...he passed away some time ago in his 90's but he was sort of a health guru and used to do feats of strength...he was saying sugar was a poison way back in the 50's and how his life had changed when he stopped eating the stuff...the research is out there but they don't seem to like you say make the mass population aware of this.
  23. KR Photo Thread

    Had this one back in 2010 ( original post February 1 2010 ) sold it ...... now getting this one in 2018 # 0249. with 1998 miles on the clock. Boy does time fly .
  24. David's NEWS ROOM

    Hey Keefer, You are exactly right and you hit the nail on the head with "Sugar" being the big "Culprit"!!!! My oldest daughter is a professional , registered, Dietician in the Sacramento area and she's been saying for a long time that "Sugar" is a huge benefactor in promoting alot of problems that people have with their health!!! But in reality, "Sugar" is in the makeup of so many different products that are very popular and make alot of money for a number of "Big Companies"!! So, with that said, the obvious point here is , there's not alot of promoting of the negative and bad effects of "Sugar" on our bodies that promote bad health by these "Big Companies"!!!!! (IMO) It's as simple as this: It's always comes down to the making of the "Almighty Dollar", this is job, No.1!! (The Dollar Rules) $$$$$$. P.S. Same thing applies to all those Cigarette Companies, "Cancer Sticks". Later! "MONGOOSE"
  25. The Lobby

    Hey guys, this sounds like the place to let "The Good Times Roll", so with that said, carry on "Grasshopper"!!!! LOL Later! "MONGOOSE"
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