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  2. 2006 Heritage Ford GT For Sale

    Working now. It's a beautiful car. I hope you find a buyer soon.
  3. Today
  4. Die-Cast collections

    Hey a little 63 SWC. Maybe.
  5. Die-Cast collections

    Hey mongoose ....this re-sizing is a pain in the buttocks for sure. I have to go from 3800 down to 950. I tend to loose details on small cars. Oh well 😔 Falcongtho3....hope you are felling better .
  6. Die-Cast collections

    Ok Mongoose...here is a Corvette GTP that raced at Daytona back in 2015. It’s not a diecast but hey it’s cool. Made by spark (only 4” long ) and just released and got it today. Lots of detail. I used to love seeing these race and the v/8 sound was amazing. Yes it’s mid-engine and cool . Front end might look a little similar to the up and coming C8 ...maybe The bottom picture is the real car from 2016 when they changed to side exhaust and the side window treatment. Action Express was folded into Whelen Racing also. Two teams under one organization.
  7. The Lobby

    What a weekend. Ozzy rules!! Cubbies take 2 of 3 from the junior league team in town. Nice car show on Sat, and then Jen came down for some BBQ Sat night. Bears WIN. Cheeseheads lose. Vikings lose. BEARS ARE IN FIRST PLACE!!! Bears are one play from being 3-0 (and the cheeseheads a couple plays from being 0-3).
  8. The Lobby

    Enjoyed muchly. At some point I'll get my pictures of the camera, I should have some decent ones. He had a hose that sprayed something foamy, and I was quick enough to duck when he started aiming my direction. Back of my head got soaked, but 2 women in the row in front of me got covered with it. Considering it was only in the 60s that night, getting wet wasn't something most people were looking forward to.
  9. The Lobby

    Yep, saw Sabbath in Chicago. Good show.
  10. 2006 Heritage Ford GT For Sale

    Hmmm, not sure what happened. Edited and repasted the links and now they seem to work.
  11. 2006 Heritage Ford GT For Sale

    Tony, Your links are taking me back to the top of this thread. Have you thought about taking it to auction? They seem to do well there.
  12. The Lobby

  13. David's NEWS ROOM

    For those of you who own Web Sites, go to your Site and Right Click on it, scroll down to the "View Source" Link and click on it. Scroll the Page and see if you have been hacked. I have about 8 Web Sites and each site has many Pages and it seems every Site & page has been hacked. Some one placed their own links for Sports Products like Nike, Adidas, Jordan Retro 11, and more on each Page. The strange thing is, the Links are not live on the Pages but the Show up in the "View Source". When I get home I will be checking my FTP Program to see if they show up there so I can remove them. The last time I noticed this, the Links were live but not seen and they did not show up in my FTP and I had to create all new Pages.
  14. The OEM pony on the steering wheel is a thin "metal" disk with sharp edges, so I feel safer with the soft vinyl dome in case the airbag deploys.
  15. David's NEWS ROOM

    Can't beat that...Fun..Friends and Cars!!………..
  16. Die-Cast collections

    Hey Falcon, glad your feeling better! I've been kind of busy lately on the C8 forum resizing pics of cars and stuff from shows and "Road America" pics. My pics resizing has been giving me a little trouble lately and not working the way I want and taking to much time! I will try and post some pics in the very near future after I figure it all out!Also, BB let me know that all his diecast is basically all boxed up for moving until his house is finished and then he can put together his (Man Cave)! Hey Falcon, you got some cool little cars there, the mustang, and of course the "Batmobile"! That blue 3D, 350R, as you said, is very different, but unique! Later! "MONGOOSE"
  17. David's NEWS ROOM

    Back in the Day (mid 80's) there was a small group of us that hung out working on each others Cars and hanging out Friday & Saturday Nights Cruising and Street Racing, 5 of us had 1970 Mach 1, and one had a 1969 Mach 1. We always helped each other out. The first Photo of the Blue 1970 "R" Code on the Blocks, that is the 4 Speed Trans on the ground under it. One of the member in our Group blew his Clutch racing Friday Night and had a high dollar race on Saturday so, I loaned him My Clutch because My Mach 1 had the only Big Spline Trans. I had to drive Ol'e Glory that Night. That is at the Shop I had before I move to the other Shop in the other Photo's and yes, all those Mustangs in the background were mine. I miss those days.
  18. David's NEWS ROOM

    Believe it or not, I painted it right there where it is parked, That Photo was taken right after I untaped it. It was one of the shiniest Paint Jobs I ever done. I sold it to a guy who was going to by my Black with White Interior 1970 Fastback until he saw this Mach 1. At that Time I had the 1970 "R" Code Mach 1, Ol'e Glory Mach 1, another Blue Mach 1 and the Black Fast Back.
  19. 2006 Heritage Ford GT For Sale

    This place is typically not a good place to sell something like this but who knows... There isn't a for sale topic for GTs so this will do The car is on consignment at Celebrity Cars in Las Vegas. Price there is very mushy. I'm going to take it back to bone stock before the plates come up and there will be a price reduction. Contact me directly. http://www.celebritycars.com/detail-2006-ford-gt-heritage_edition_-used-17035592.html They did a face book video
  20. Yesterday
  21. David's NEWS ROOM

    Thanks for posting these pics Tes…..the picture on the bottom left the paint job makes it look like an AMX...…
  22. Battery

    no need to apologize, the input is appreciated, somewhere many years from now, this kind of information may be important to a collector who is trying to do a restoration or track down an original battery or battery info , so much was lost in the very early days of mustang production , so it is good to have people who pay attention to details. Was just kidding about the beating dead cows thing......sometimes wry humor doesn't translate well over the internet.............
  23. Loud Squeak

    Make sure you use some heat and a good Allen wrench to remove the screws from the end links. Mine were a bitch to remove to replace the bushing. I used green grease and it's been over a year and they are still quiet. Mark
  24. The Lobby

    There were no 1983 "production corvettes". There were 1983 prototypes and apparently this 1983 model is the only survivor..... https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-culture/classic-cars/a22059071/the-importance-of-the-worlds-only-1983-corvette/
  25. Wanted - Shelby GT Headrests

    I'm pretty sure Champion Mustang just drop ships from Shelby. I bought my gauge cluster from them and it shipped from Shelby in Vegas. Mark
  26. David's NEWS ROOM

    The two 1969 "R" Code Mach 1 Projects and my 1970 Mach 1 that used to be Blue and I painted it Red White & Blue and called it "Ol'e Glory".
  27. David's NEWS ROOM

    Just a few of the Cars I owned and Customized. This is my 1970 "R" Code Mach 1
  28. Battery

    I hear ya. very sorry guy's. I apologize. john
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