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  2. Contact your local Ford Stealer and give them your ViN and ask for an “oasis report”. That will divulge any and all warranty work performed in its history. Plus what Tony said above. Good luck.
  3. Did you check Carfax? It's a Ford offering, so there is no "Shelby authenticity" that Shelby American can add. The 2013-2014 model year cars are about as good as the GT500 got (until the 2020 )
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  5. Good evening, I'm looking at purchasing a 2013 GT500 convert and was wondering if any one could help on checking the vin? VIN is 1ZVBP8KZ4D5235571. Thanks
  6. Hey, it sounds like some fun times are coming from the Chevy boys. Everyone should keep looking in their rear-view mirror for something coming up very fast behind them, or then again it could of been the blur that just passed them!! Just funning guys!
  7. Hey BB, Aaron has a big contract that he signed not to long ago, so he’s still under contract for a few more years so I don’t see him going anywhere soon. Aaron kind of has a different mystic that kind of surrounds him so it’s kind of easy to mistake his attitude and what he really is saying. It’s very easy to get down on a guy when at one time he definitely was one of the very best and now he’s going threw some tough times and he needs more help from his team because he can’t do it by himself. One of the best things that Aaron does have going for himself is his excellent football focused mind and knowledge, bar non! He’s a very smart guy, and he’s been said to have one of the best minds in the business, so I’m not going to put the man down because I know he’s already doing it to himself and doesn’t need any help on that part! I know that Aaron can sometimes come across as a little arrogant, but I’m actually pretty sure he’s misunderstood and is a very nice and charitable guy in real life situations. He does more than his fair share of giving back to the community, charities, hospitals, and many other things. Some times people just love to put down other people when they were on top for a while, and winning and now there not, very sad but true! The Packers and Cheeseheads have fans all over the world and Green Bay is “Title-Town”, (Football town), a place that all football lovers should experience once in their lifetime. Win or lose, the Green Bay Packers still “Rule” here in their town where they have one hell of a winning history with many of the “Legends” of football that have played here and called it home! J.M.O.
  8. Even on a rear wheel drive car the front tire will kick up snow on the front fender in the snow especially slushy snow like what's on our roads.....not saying it's not an all wheel drive just saying on the snow on the fender part.
  9. Just a regular NHRA local Test-N-Tune day. No event per say. I'll check with my local track tech. Thanks,
  10. Look at those rear tires on the back of the Z06 ...AWD ?? look at the front tires throwing up snow on the front fenders . If Z06 really is a flat plane-crank 600+HP NA engine with an 8600 rpm redline the track rats aren't going to be able to sleep any for the next 2 years they'll be so hyped up...
  11. It can vary depending on who's running the event. They'll have all the info on requirements and stuff and are the best source. And since each event can have different ones, best to check each time.
  12. that's very interesting. I have many friends that are Bears fans and they don't like him either. And the Packers aren't liked in San Fran. I was there for a Bears game in 2000 (happened to be Jerry Rice's last home game, and the game that Terrell Owens had 20 catches), and in the parking lot before the game, some idiot in a Packers jersey wandered thru. So all us Bears fans started booing (it's genetic), and then all the Niners fans started booing. We could hear booing all the way across the parking lot. It was hilarious. I actually went to college in Chico, CA, where he's from. The high school was right next to the college, but it was a few years before he was in high school.
  13. He's been done, they're just in denial in cheesehead land.
  14. I am sure it has been mentioned elsewhere - buried in a thread somewhere. But is there a definite set of dates for Shelbyfest this May? We are on the Kansas side of the KC metro, and Jeff city is a short couple of hours away. Man, we want to go!
  15. Here you go Keith and fellas ......... With the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 now out of the bag, we’re anxiously looking to the horizon for the new mid-engine sports car’s various go-faster variants, including the C8 Corvette Z06. As luck would have it, a prototype C8 Z06 was recently spotted in Southern California, and we now have a brief video that shows it carving up some twisting two-lane mountain roads. The video in question was recently posted to Facebook by Jim Lill in San Diego, and shows the C8 Corvette Z06 attack a long right-hand sweeper as it progresses up a hill. The driver is clearly digging into the throttle, giving us an earful of the Z06’s engine – a naturally aspirated DOHC 5.5L flat-plane crank V8, which was recently previewed in the new Corvette C8.R race car. Output on the street-legal Z06 will be set at roughly 650 horsepower.
  16. Daytona 24 hour race . So if you want to watch on your devices here you go . * eastern standard time Saturday January 25* 1:30 PM - 11:55 PM IMSA.tv* 1:40 PM - 11:55 PM Trackpass* 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM NBC* 2:30 PM - 6 PM NBC SN* 6 PM - 11 PM NBC Sports Live* 11 PM - 11:55 PM NBC SNSunday, January 26* 12 AM - 1:40 PM IMSA.tv* 12 AM - 1:40 PM Trackpass* 12 AM - 3 AM NBC SN* 3 AM - 6 AM NBC Sports Live* 6 AM - 12:30 PM NBC SN* 12 PM - 2 PM NBC
  17. I'm posting this for my brother who isn't a computer guy. I'm having a hard time on the net finding good info. I'm thinking he only needs a helmet and jacket? The NHRA rules mainly apply to older cars. I assume his seat belts are SFI? If so they will need to have periodic inspection and dated. Anyone know what is required?
  18. Sorry Goose. Didn’t mean his career is done. His days just might be done in GB. Edit- I have many friends that are Cheeseheads. Most don’t like him. And wanna see him gone. 🤷‍♂️
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