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  2. Thanks! Hey you guys, I found the cancelled check from Shelby American Inc., 1042 Princeton Drive, Venice,California and it was made out to the order of Kovakar company on March 22, 1963! This is a very good example of how Mr. Shelby signed his signature back in the day!! I think this check is a pretty cool piece of “History” that was signed and touched by the “LEGEND” , Mr. Carroll Shelby!!! I’m posting two pics of the check, and one will focus on how he signed his signature back in the day!!! It’s been “Fun” guys! Later! “GOOSE”
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  4. The Shelby Heart Fund was started in 1991 so I'm guessing that fund raising print came a year or two later. Steven
  5. Hey Tim, happy to here it’s all solved and everyone is happy with the outcome!! I also have a very old check signed by Carroll when he was just starting out, and it’s in mint shape, another present from my wife! I’ll dig it up to see his signature from back in the day, and probably post it on here for you all! P.S. Just curious, what do you think those prints are worth today?? Later Tim! “GOOSE”
  6. No hard feelings Sean!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!!
  7. Hey Goose I have solved what was bothering me about the signature took me awhile to find the stuffed toy snake that my daughter had signed when we were at a SAAC convention in the 80`s, but with help from the wife we found it. The tag on it was signed by Carroll on front & back & it is just his signature with no lines or tick marks on either. So I assume what Steve`s point was anything signed with the line & hatch marks were when he started the Carroll Shelby Heart Foundation. So my Bill Neale water painting would have been early 90`s . OH that print you posted I have that one also #21/500 .
  8. Hey Tim, I had my wife try to find out when she bought it for me, but she didn’t remember, nor do I ! I’ve been lucky enough to be married to a real car lady who understands what a guy like me really likes! Over the years she has bought many very cool car stuff and memorilbila, so that helps in making it very hard to remember the what and when factor on all the cool gifts of the past!! But, there is one exception to this!!! I’ll never forget the “Super Cool” present that she got me for my “55TH” Birthday, a very cool looking 2003, 100TH Anniversary, Harley Fat Boy, Black, solid billet Aluminum wheels, Vance & Hines Custom Big Shot Exhaust!! She couldn’t find one locally so she had it delivered out of Texas!! Now in (My Book) that’s one “special lady” and present, so you can understand why I remember that one!!! Hey Tim, just a F.Y.I. for ya if this helps! The print number is 199 out of 500 made! And I’m not totally sure, but you probably know that I think his “Heart Fund” started around 1993!!! Also I’m posting a better and closer pic of Carroll’s signature for ya to see! Hope this helps, and good luck with your findings!! Later Tim! “GOOSE” '
  9. Looking at pics on line I see both blue and red air filters on the 08-09 KR’s. Is this a customer change, a random selection during the builds or a date code change moving from one or the other? My ‘08 has red.
  10. He also said something about the employment status of anyone who would do so
  11. You forgot, down and ON the road🤣
  12. See how easy that is Sean...if you don't like who's posting here and this thread in general just don't click on here it's really pretty simple. I really can't see the point in coming on and just picking for an argument...I really don't get it the guys on here are great guys and have one thing in common they love cars and some may like things others don't on those cars so...That comment about us living in a fantasy world makes zero sense and really don't know why you'd say that because you're a better person than that Sean...anyway JMO bud. Happy Easter Weekend to you Laurie and family......
  13. The 2008-09 KR's had a 20 page owners manual supplement placed in the glove box next to the shrink wrapped GT500 owners manual portfolio placed in the glove box by Ford. I'm not sure if SPP still has these KR supplements but a phone call to them will get you an answer. I've also seen these KR supplements on eBay before. Steven
  14. No one tried more than I did. I'll leave you guys to your past fantasy worlds.
  15. Just in case anyone is interested, her is a pic of a couple of firemen trying to save a rare old Shelby in those California fires last year!! Later! “MONGOOSE”
  16. Hey Guys, I don’t know if this very large Shelby “Heart Fund” print that I got as a present from my wife quite a while back will help in your dilemma with the Signatures, but I’ll post it any way!!! Later Guys! “GOOSE”
  17. Apologies for hijacking this thread, but what came in the owners manual that was unique to the KR? Mine (I’m 3rd owner) had what appeared to be all the Mustang books, plus 2 supplements. Is for the GT500 and another one for the KR. Back to the cooling kit, they pop up on eBay from time to time. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233186823394
  18. looking forward to May 18 - praying for good weather
  19. Hey guy, I think your buddy, Gerry’s Tribute 66 would put a “Big Smile” on Ole Shel’s face!!!!
  20. Last week
  21. My buddy Gerry waiting for direction to move into a "5" in his 66 Tribute. He works at Ford and joked that he took a day of work to go to work.
  22. Exactly Goose thanks!!....it was bitter sweet for my cousins wife as it's not that she didn't like the car but don't want to have it around because her husband is gone....the buyer was really happy.....
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