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  2. Your general auto policy will not cover you while racing the car. You should always ask for what the parameters of what they consider "racing". For sanctioned events you can buy track insurance. Google it or someone may have a link handy. There is one that lists what events they cover and can add others if there are enough participants that request them to do so. Racing is often called a rich man's sport. One of the reasons Corvettes are so popular among the gentleman racing crowd is that a very good high quality Z06 can be had for very good prices, and if wrecked, are often totaled and the driver buys another and just moves on... Learn on disposable-mobiles you can afford to replace because even the pros have wrecks. Good luck!
  3. The FOUNDER is in the house !!!!!!
  4. I will be competing my first competition race next month. I have rented an SRF car. What I didn't expect was that for whatever reason there is no collision insurance for competition races. Is there a special reason why there is no collision insurance? Because it sounds like there's more to it than saying "to keep people from being reckless in competition racing." I myself is aspiring to be a racer for more than just a hobby. I know it's not easy or cheap, but I have the time and dedication and all I need are the right opportunities. I know being able to acquire things like sponsors etc is going to be a challenge on its own. I plan on getting to as many races as I can, but aside from that thank you for taking the time to read this.
  5. Yes Mongoose does know how to take care of himself I’ve heard . He can still dress himself and stuff
  6. Is that the going rate up there in Canada ...seems a little high. Might need to negotiate a better deal. I’ll have Mongoose get in touch with your guys.
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  8. Or there wasn’t even a consideration . Thinking she would not except. Oh well that above my pay grade. I hear she is down to earth though . For now I’ll just blame it on Mongoose ...
  9. Maybe she finds it below her to drive a Vette after driving 2 to $3 million cars...……..
  10. Hey I’m really upset. GM didn’t invite Supercar Blondie for Pete sakes. She has like 2,7 million and 1 subscribers. The 1 being me. Dang...... Can you imagine the exposure she would have brought world wide . I joke a lot but she is no bimbo ....no way She has reviewed everything worth reviewing on this planet.like the 2000hp Lotus price tag 2,000,000 ...omg
  11. Thanks Mach....just ONE of the things I've been doing since I was a teen and since I retired at 50 got lots of time...yup home in my own gym no one to bother me..... ……..I don't charge much for neighbors..... just a week with yur C8 will do!!!!………
  12. Both you guys are way to funny! In my younger years, I looked fairly close to your (Hulk Look) and I didn’t take any shit from any-body and now you want to pick on a guy with gray hair, your elder. I suppose you want to shove me down and kick me a few times too! Boy oh boy what’s this world coming too..... Didn’t you learn to show respect to your elders, gee whiz! P.S. I’m older, but I still know how to take good care of myself, so don’t get any ideas!
  13. Launch control at Spring Mountain Park. Boy those C8’s should good winding out on the track . As usual the RED one is the fastest. Especially at the 3:40 Mark . Some seem to be launching a bit low on RPMs slight bog is noticed
  14. Actually Two...……. both at Daytona. The Sunday February 9th was the Busch Clash and then the Duals on that Thursday February 13.
  15. Here is a video that shows a 2013 Mustang airbag replacement. It may answer your questions. Good Luck.
  16. Track day with E girl . Good video for the young crowd . But she can drive pretty decent She has lots on high energy ...cool you go girl
  17. Think it was more like CHIPS... ….he was just a young guy that was planning on visiting in Canada so he was looking for pointers where would be the best place to go...I told him it's one vast country and it depends where.
  18. I think Top Gear meant you should ignore comparing a C8 to a Shelby. It’s a totally different car all together. That’s not taking anything away from the Shelby . They are both great cars at the top of their game. Just different in so many other ways. Comparing the two just isn’t appropriate. Would you compare a Shelby with a Ferrari 458 ? Not going to happen. Remember the 64 GTO compared to the GTO Ferrari back in 1964. It was a hype job by Road & Track. That was much more of a stretch though back then. Compare a C8 to a Ferrari 458 oh hell yah ....and not just in looks either.
  19. Quick question on the 13-14 airbag replacement for the driver's side. In the video, he states that it's only 2 bolts and he shows the the back of the steering wheel cover that has been removed. He then mentions that for the 13-14 models, the whole airbag is replaced, but he doesn't show that, nor does he mention what additional steps are involved for the 13-14 (such as what else might need to be removed), if there are any. Can anyone clarify what exactly is needed for the driver's side on the 13-14? Is it still just 2 bolts or are there other steps needed to replace the whole air bag? My '13 is a garage queen at the moment (for the winter weather) so I'm looking into this on the off season. Thanks!
  20. See what you have done Mongoose. The hulk is pissed now I warned you Mongoose to save your energy and buy that insurance policy ASAP . Now that’s what I call being in shape Keith and then some. Heck I looked like that I’m my recent divers license ........from the head up. .. What do you charge to intimidate my neighbor. ? No just kidding I’ll just show him the picture.. that should do it. ... You must have a great gym in your home. That takes a lot of dedication and hard work ...congrats on your achievements and strong determination . Not many people I know are in that shape. See Mongoose now get off your old computer ...... Houston we got a problem .
  21. Was the Broderick Crawford from highway patrol in his 55 Buick that pulled you over ? He talks so fast you get the warning before he gets out of his patrol car. ...... This show was before your time Keith....don’t get mad at Mongoose he used to watch it and still does .
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