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  2. Try Summit Racing: https://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/hood-pin-replacement-components Jim Clark
  3. I don't remember anyone here ever saying they were looking for an 88 Selby........but I could be wrong!
  4. Hey Riley, you lucky “BUM”!! Quit rubbing it in, and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!! LOL Actually, that’s not really funny, because today I heard that nearly 2/3rds of sunscreen made isn’t even effective!! Go figure, very sad! Hope your still having a fun time, and have one for me! “GOOSE”
  5. Hey Keefer, I love the wide-body look on the Super Snake, but I’m not a big “Vert” fan or black wheels, J.M.O.! For that kind of “JACK” I would be seriously looking at something a little more exotic, but I won’t feel good spending that much on a new “TOY”!!! LOL Later bud! “GOOSE”
  6. About a month ago I posted this question in the Mountain Region section of this forum, but did not get an answer. A friend saw a "Save this Date" posting on Face Book about a "Team Shelby Mountain Region Nations" event in Boulder, Colorado, on August 31 and September 1, 2019. No other info was given. I do not do Face Book. The Shelby American Collection in Boulder is having their annual party and car show on August 31. Their event is always great fun and worth attending. Does anyone have any information on this other possible event that weekend?
  7. Hey Slo Lane,no need to say thanks for the heads up, that’s what buddies are for!! I’m very happy with my No.#20 model out of 96 made and I feel lucky to have it! I’m glad you were able to get one too! Let me know when you get yours, and what No.# you get! When I saw the bottom of the car, I thought pretty cool that there trying to duplicate the undercarriage looking like it just came out of the factory with White overspray on top of Red Oxide primer! At first glance when my wife saw the bottom of the car with the White overspray she thought they should of cleaned that up! I told her no, that’s the original factory look, and not the over-restored look of cars you see today! P.S. I was lucky when I saw the original post on these rare, unique, special Shelby 350GTs for sale with only 96 being offered, because they were already for sale for about 4 hours before I saw them and put in my order! I knew something like this wouldn’t last long, and I wasn’t even sure that I would get one in time!! So, yes you are very lucky to get one too, and no “Thanks” is needed!!! So,please send the $164 as soon as possible!!! LOL Later Riley! “GOOSE”
  8. I have a 1988 Selby car that you guys have been looking for for the last 4 years set in in my yard right now it was covered up for the last 29 years The car does run. Kathi Hastings 1 - 815-909-0527
  9. Has anyone replaced just the hood pin cables? I don’t have the hood corrosion issue, or need to but the entire kit, but the cables could use replacing. I’m assuming these are Scott Drake but have not called to see if they or Shelby sell separately.
  10. Morning all..... Wishful thinking on his part for sure ..... FYI It’s hot down here in the panhandle ......
  11. Here's a 2014 Super Snake wide body for sale with 3000 miles on it here in Alberta Canada...he's asking $157k...…. ….Guess he ain't serious about selling it.
  12. Mongoose I want to thank you for the heads up on this model....... I just got in under the wire when I ordered it that morning because they sold out that same morning. She looks real good and I especially like the white over spay on the undercarriage. That’s a nice touch and a kick in the pants IMO. Number 20 is cool and I’m curious what number I got. They still haven’t mailed it but I’m not home anyways. After looking at your pictures I’m glad I ordered one and look forward to putting her next to the two exoto GT 40’s. You da man Mongoose and again thanks for the help on this model. Please send $164 ASAP ..... Later slo lane .
  13. Hey Slo Lane, pics of the new Shelby GT 350 diecast are now up on the diecast site! Just curious, but I wish I could look into that back window area on the C8!!!!!
  14. Hey Slo Lane, as you can see I found the pic of the engine compartment and added it, and as you look at it you can see the light from my flashlight I used!!! LOL If you look hard in the trunk pic, on the left side, you should be able to just make out the serial No.# 0020 on that little plaque!! “ENJOY” the pics!! Later bud! “GOOSE”
  15. Here ya go Slo Lane, you asked for them, and now you can enjoy them!!! I don’t think my pics did the car justice, and I also did them at night!! J.M.O. P.S. I’m missing the engine shot I took at night and used a flash-light to try and light the engine bay up more, so enjoy these pics while I try to see what happened to that one!! Later Bud!! “GOOSE”
  16. Hello please spread the word I have #1109 for sale, best for someone who already has a Shelby Dakota and may need the parts.
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