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  2. THX, this is not a beater, I respect the car for what it is, and can do, also respect that it is possible to destroy LOTS of parts, I enjoy it , but seldom drop the hammer on it, from a stop, seems alot of folks say I NEED a one piece drive shaft.
  3. Meanwhile in NFLD they are finally digging out...this picture was taken at the same spot turning into the Costco store.
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  5. Out of all the places in the world I have on my bucket list to travel China is sure not one of them.
  6. Not good..... https://www.forbes.com/sites/mikeboyd/2020/01/27/sudden-free-fall-chinaus-air-traffic/
  7. Agree! Paint is the only way to go, especially if you plan on keeping it.
  8. Totally agree. We did the same with our son and he is doing the same with their kids. We get to help also. Total fun time for sure.
  9. Thanks Mach...actually it's totally my pleasure to take care of those innocent souls...you're so right show your kids or grandkids how to treat an animal and they will treat people the same it's a life lesson...it's the way I was taught and the way I taught my kids.
  10. I know ONE person that is...…...Capitan Fantastic himself...…
  11. Is that now called the "illegals tax"?
  12. She probably has more in her 401K-9 then you have in your 401K...……...
  13. I would paint them on. You can clear Coat the Body Panels that the Stripes are on or, if you prefer, use Single Stage Paint and don't Clear Coat and they will feel like the Vinyl Stripes but not Fade or Crack with age.
  14. Hey bud, Bailey would really hate my very loud Vance & Hines Big Shot exhaust pipes on my Harley Fat Boy even thou I did try to soften the tone with a little more baffling. I love the sound of them, but we used to have a big Collie Tri-coat that totally went nuts when I started it up and kept barking till I left or shut it down. Dogs are all different just like people are.
  15. Well guess what, it’s still a zoo at my house with 4 inside cats, and one is the feral that we took in and tamed. She’s doing great now, but still is pretty cautious, especially around our two big Collie boys, but they both like cats. Then we have a big White Mullucan Cockatoo that we’ve had for over 30 years and he’s still going strong! So, yes I feel it’s a zoo sometimes, but my wife is a super big animal lover and I guess I must be too! Also, my wife and also my daughter have had pet drawf rabbits too. Welcome to my zoo!
  16. Bailey runs up to the TV when certain commercials come on and Bonnie changes the channel that’s how the stock market channel got on. She will bark and watch the commercial until it’s over. She will run in from another room if certain commercials come on. She also barks if a biker goes by. She doesn’t like motorcycles ....loud cars are ok . She can identify the difference for sure. Funny little doggie .
  17. Excellent post! Totally agree with everything you said about the animals and they all deserve to be treated good, and yes they definitally help kids to learn to respect and treat them with kindness after learning to care for them. Your pets are always happy to see you no matter what and that’s pretty cool in my book! Hey Slo Lane, maybe you should get Bailey his own internet site showing him checking out the stock market and making him famous! It really does look like he watching the TV, that’s for sure.
  18. 0 to 60 in 2.8 and the 1/4 mile 11.1. Geez that’s enough for me because I’m not tracking her anymore. Amazing #’s in my book. Those numbers will be my driving experience on the country roads and on ramps around my home. Production starts later this week for customer orders. Second shift has already started this week. It takes 31 hours from start to finish on the line. Cars will be coming off the line on 2/3 one every 5 minutes. It won’t be long now and these cool cars will be on the road. Don’t expect to see many on the road until later this year. Heck I can go for days and not see a C7 in my area. My build date is week of 2/24 so hopefully it might arrive mid March. I’m only 5 hours from the plant. Fingers crossed for sure.
  19. Here in CA, we pay extra fees on the registration to cover the lost tax revenue.
  20. Sup Jimbo? How’s that new 3 5 Oh?
  21. Is the gas tax REALLY going to that nowadays? Edit- Is any tax really going to it’s originally created purpose? Or is this too political?
  22. And more people driving on roads and not paying for the upkeep.
  23. As a kid I remember we had a cat, dog, rabbit, snake and parakeet. I brought home two little kittens once . We had a German shepherd and my mom said no way. I said I’ll teach the dog to get along with one of the kittens. It worked and those two were pals after awhile. Even brought home a wild baby little rabbit that I raised with a dropper . It finally got so big and fast it eventually ran away. My parents put up with so much with us kids. It was like a zoo.
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