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  2. With an Appearance engine cover that is. Just the FRPP unit?
  3. Do these sets still exist for sale ?
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  5. Wondering if any of you H owners are running a strut tower brace with the CS6 style hood that is recessed. I bought an SR strut brace I think it is, and it does not fit, hood won’t close. would a Steeda fit? any info would be helpful thanks!
  6. 24 Hour War is good, but find a copy of Cobra Ferrari Wars, it's better.
  7. https://jalopnik.com/the-ford-mustang-mach-1-will-return-in-2021-rumor-1840285389
  8. I did a search to see if this had been posted, but “0” returns for Netflix. So apologies if this is a re-post. For those who have Netflix, just search for Shelby. For those who do not I would get a 30 day free trial just to see it, because it’s that good!!! 2 hour complete documentary that was just released. Also check out “the 24 hour war”, which is the 2016 documentary for Ford vs Ferrari. and check out “Senna”, a documentary about his life.
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  10. Hey Keefer, were all car buddies, we’ll be around some place. We had a good run for a while bud! If we leave, we leave on our own accord! You can always PM us bud! Later Keefer!
  11. No your 100% in touch. If you owned Shelby Inc. You’d say “why do a ton of volume when you can make the same amount of money that you can do with half the volume”. They have priced the Shelby blue collar buyer out of the picture, which was well over 70% of their sales The other issue is these dealers are making the SGT’s with 401a packages and all the track packs, which just puts these cars in a ridiculous price range.(by the way the track packages are only to be used with the staggered 19 inch wheels and tires which is totally obsoleted when you put the Shelby GT kit on it with 20” wheels and tires) If they would’ve just built them with 301a packages which gives you the big touchscreen the MSRP would’ve been around $68-69k with a dealer discount package and rebates would’ve brought you in around $66k instead of $85+k. Which means whoever buys those cars “will be buried with it” unless they keep it and pay it off or they’re going to take a $30k++ beating when they sell. Its just not worth it. of course my opinion and a dollar will buy you a cuppa coffee at McDonald’s.
  12. Bullying on a site yes but if it were in person trust me it wouldn't work in their favor...I'll be posting here and any other place I choose and don't really care what they think....they can ban me or do what they want at this point like Mach after 13 years on here it matters not anymore...Hope Mach reconsiders posting here I appreciated his posts and opinions and hope he keeps us in the loop when he does get his C8.
  13. Hey Keefer, what’s really sad is that T.S. lets that type of gang up bullying on other members continue to this day without putting a stop to it for good. Bullying in today’s society shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere, it’s been proven to have a very negative outcome wherever it’s rampant! This is sad because the word Team means, simply put all members together, not pitted against each other, and I tried extending a olive branch approach to them and they wouldn’t hear of it. So there you go, they just wanted their own way no matter what. As long as stuff like this goes on here, Team Shelby will continue to lose members and newbies wouldn’t want to be a part of this stuff, just saying! J.M.O.
  14. Someone post up pics of what's in the SWAG? Found link to purchase? Went through this last year and gave up states I already purchased this year again... GG
  15. Fair enough Gregg. Let me see how my family commitment schedule is when I'm up in Edmonton. Will be there right around new years so If I can arrange it, I'll give you a call and see if you have time. QSS
  16. Not at all. I just can't believe how expensive these have become. I'm probably out of touch and I don't full comprehend the extra costs associated with the technology. QSS
  17. Hello, I'm looking for anyone that might be able to transport my car from Surprise/Phoenix AZ area to the Shelby Bash and back. I'm not looking for a freebie, I can pay for transport, contribute to gas, etc. Thanks, Dean Johnson
  18. btw, they also very happily and conveniently take donations online: https://my.supportlpch.org/give/258363?amount=other#!/donation/checkout
  19. The 2020 is light years ahead. Would you prefer even less performance than an 08 at a lower cost?
  20. Hasd the pleasure of visiting fellow member Scott Moens' house when I went up to Chicago for the MCACN show. His collection is one for the ages.
  21. I agree, it feels like it's about the Benjamin's. In 07 & 08 a GT500 had a sticker of around $42,900. Now, a mere 11 years later were pushing $100k for a Shelby. Something just doesn't jive and it feels like it's outta wack. QSS
  22. I ordered a set last week. Waiting for them to come in. Ill post pictures asap.
  23. Exactly....like he says the track pack just may be just below the 4000lbs mark which is lighter than many thought it would be...there's no denying Ford did their homework on this car and it shows.....
  24. Well they caused enough crap that made a long time member leave...over the past 3 years about 3/4 of the original group are gone and now another so yeah you're right Goose it is a loss..loss of opinion wisdom and just car knowledge period...don't fool yourself Goose guys like the "Bubble Gum Twins" are elated about this.
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