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  2. Hi , from john in London, i too have one of these posters, Carrol Shelby attended the 1994 Le Mans and signed these during a meet a greet session. on the reverse its written in french. i believe he was promoting the Shelby Heart Fund (as on the posters) it says " Best wishes Brian, Carroll shelby le mans "94"
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  4. Cool vid Mach...…… …...doesn't sound very loud on that vid and it seems he wasn't pushing it near it's limits either.
  5. Hey Tek, J.M.O., but a Red 63 Split Window Corvette StingRay is one of the “Coolest Vettes” ever designed bar non! I’ve loved the “Mid-Years”, 63 thru 67 coupes since I was a young kid. That design has stood the test of time, and it was way ahead of it’s time. These StingRays, especially the 63 Split-window Coupe will always be hot in the collector market and highly desirable to own. These cars look fast just standing still, and the style lines of the body are hard to beat. The 63 also had help from some great designers like Larry Shinoda for one who is also famous for helping design the famous 69 Boss 302 Mustang, another great design!
  6. Hey Slo Lane is teaching his cute little granddaughter to play with cars and that’s cool in my book. Keep up the good work bud!
  7. Hey Slo Lane, I’m with you on that black trimmed scoop, it helps accent the body side and scoop. Again, your right on, coupe to me is definitally better looking than the vert and you also don’t get that cool look at the engine with the vert. J.M.O. Also “congrats” goes out to the Ford camp for the win!
  8. Hey Keefer, the question you asked Mach is kind of a up in the air question and he might not know for sure how to answer it at this time without seeing the car more for visualization effects and it possibly growing on him. This is just my opinion on it, even though you didn’t ask. P. S. Question has been answered! Black accented scoop wins with the latest results just in!
  9. Hey Slo Lane, my wife says that sometimes the anticipation can be the best part of the experience like kids looking forward to Christmas morning. With that said, I really hope it all works out good for you, and the end result puts a smile on your face. Good luck bud!
  10. You may want to check out this video. He's running a similar set-up, except he has LT headers...
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  12. I would start with Gaudin Ford.
  13. Where in Henderson/Las Vegas would be best to go for front end alignment? Does Ford have different alignment specs for track and normal road driving ?
  14. I’m partial to this as well. If your car lives in a garage on the not so nice days the stripes hold up well. Mine on both my ‘08 SGT and KR look factory new. Neither car has seen water, which helps. I keep them clean with a duster and spray detailer with UV protectant. I detail under the car and wheel wells 1 a year with a light simple green solution. I have 13k + miles in the KR, so it’s no like you cant drive them with the vinyl. Either way your SGT is going to be sweet! Post pics. 👍🏻
  15. She's a cutie bud enjoy!!!...…..I don't get the channel on my dish those races are on...…..
  16. Seeking advice on where to nuy a 2017 50th anaversery SS spoiler? Any afvice would be grateful.
  17. Am seeking information on where to buy a 50th anaversery rear spoiler? If anyone could help that would be greatly appreciated.
  18. Hope you have a ton of fun, and enjoy the race and your grandkids. Nice pic of your granddaughter. The weather here sucks and its only around the low 40s. Later bud!
  19. Good morning Slo Lane! Okay bud, gotcha about the C8 White Corvette. Hooray for the Pink Pather strikes again! Yes, your 2019 GT sounds like one hell of a car for the bang for the “buck”. Sorry bud, but I have to say those wheels need some accent to stand out a little, then it won’t look like your going for the “Dark Vader” look.
  20. Vogan,,,, Just put my 40th to bed for the Winter and I was wondering if you still have your's??


    DougD 07XL0218

    Red Deer

  21. From corvette racing. The C8 R about to take is demonstration lap around RoadAtlanta. https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/Stingray?src=hashtag_click
  22. Here is another article on the C8 R https://arstechnica.com/cars/2019/10/behold-corvettes-new-racing-car-now-with-its-engine-in-the-middle/?fbclid=IwAR14dDvc9HlPZ8oxGYaVoPSftg1t6U9DRrvtO_PjZ2u3Ei7HhbgnpD2abls
  23. I would stay with the vinyl stripes that is how the cars were originally done. You can still get the stripes from Shelby.
  24. Some more pictures from Road Atlanta today. I didn’t take these because we are babysitting this weekend. Plus it’s a zoo at Road Atlanta today. I’ll watch the race later today. It’s on at 12 noon check your listings if interested. Great weather in the 70’s and nothing but SUN 🌞 At 11:55 the C8 R will take a demonstration lap around Road Atlanta today. I will get the video of it and post it later. got to run......later Slo Lane . PS got to get back to babysitting today and getting her hooked on cars
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