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  2. Just in case anyone is interested, her is a pic of a couple of firemen trying to save a rare old Shelby in those California fires last year!! Later! “MONGOOSE”
  3. Hey Guys, I don’t know if this very large Shelby “Heart Fund” print that I got as a present from my wife quite a while back will help in your dilemma with the Signatures, but I’ll post it any way!!! Later Guys! “GOOSE”
  4. Apologies for hijacking this thread, but what came in the owners manual that was unique to the KR? Mine (I’m 3rd owner) had what appeared to be all the Mustang books, plus 2 supplements. Is for the GT500 and another one for the KR. Back to the cooling kit, they pop up on eBay from time to time. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233186823394
  5. looking forward to May 18 - praying for good weather
  6. Hey guy, I think your buddy, Gerry’s Tribute 66 would put a “Big Smile” on Ole Shel’s face!!!!
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  8. My buddy Gerry waiting for direction to move into a "5" in his 66 Tribute. He works at Ford and joked that he took a day of work to go to work.
  9. Exactly Goose thanks!!....it was bitter sweet for my cousins wife as it's not that she didn't like the car but don't want to have it around because her husband is gone....the buyer was really happy.....
  10. Yes the Trans Am verts were that rare I didn't even know they existed …… ……….Thanks Mike yes it was in excellent cond and he's a real Fox Body Mustang fan.
  11. Harold, I can assure you that this KR left Shelby American with the brake duct kit in the trunk, what happened to the kit after the car reached the dealership is anyone's guess but keep in mind that brake duct kits, floor mats, owners manual kits were frequently stolen out of the cars by dealership personnel and put up for sale on ebay. About all you can do is try an internet search for FRPP part # M-2004-A to see if there are any sitting on a shelf somewhere. Finding a complete set in a mint box may just well be impossible but on the other hand I'm sure there must be some kits still in the original owners hands although they sold/traded the car years ago and forgot to give the new owner this kit. Steven
  12. Well said, Slo Lane!!! Sean we both tried real hard!!
  13. Hey Keefer, both buyer and seller are happy, that’s all that is needed!!
  14. I am trying to source a Brake Duct Cooking Kit like what should have shipped in the trunk of my "new to me" GT500KR CSM #0562. The previous owner purchased it from a dealer in Florida in 2010, but swears he never seen it. My car is missing the OEM Tire Inflator Kit also, I that is going to be much easier to replace than the brake duct cooling kit. Ha Ha I believe I am looking for Ford Racing Part No. M-2004-A, right? I see a Brake Duct Cooking Kit listed on ebay, but the box is beat all to heck and weathered. Any ideas on where best to source this kit before it becomes impossible to find? Thanks for any help. Harold
  15. Mike, this is a public forum. You make comments, however subjective, and I choose to make comments based on facts and my experience. You are quick to bring up old automatics as boring, and I agree, the old cars you mentioned are, but why not the new Jag, DCT or not? Is the Jag boring to drive? I don't need to list my cars. I own the appropriate cars to discuss on this forum and actually use them for their intended purpose, not just to try them on like shoes, be an on-ramp warrior, get rid of them quickly and talk like an expert. So it doesn't matter how many performance cars you've owned. At least the Goose tracks his SGT he's had for awhile. You guys discuss and judge cars from your perception of the past, not reality in the present. It makes no sense to judge a completely new car before it has been released based on perceived conjecture. Carry on. Well, maybe not. This is a C8 topic in a Shelby forum.
  16. Same here except mine is 2018 w 1774 miles. Owned for 7 months to fill a bucket list item by original owner. Only had for a week now but my wife and I love the Recaro seats. Had to drive 3 hrs home after purchase and more comfortable to us than her bmw m seats. I’m moving up from my 2000 Honda S2000 so having a high rpm motor is normal to me.
  17. The kid posted most likely false information just to get more views on his YouTube channel.
  18. This is why mhr1961 is on most people’s ignore list on here. I never see these comments. Thanks Tim.
  19. This went viral as all of his videos do. THE kid is a Team Shelby member and as such, deserves basic respect not shown by your comments. My comments are not defending or condemning him or his videos, only the standard we hold our members to. Please be more respectful in the future
  20. Welcome I have Shelby GT/BJ 2290 purchased new. Congratulations………… GG
  21. Ya thats what I`am thinking but I will find out as I have a watercolour print by Bill Neale signed by Carroll with me in the photo when he signed it , just got to look it up . I also have my daughters stuffed snake toy that he signed while he was walking around a SAAC convention & I know for sure that was in the 80`s .
  22. MSRP $67K ........ Boy at $67K for a base GT500 it had my radar up and buzzing. Almost started to make phone calls We have come a long way when that figure actually sounds like a deal. But the Shelby GT500 has really come that far. It’s really set a new standard for Shelby’s IMO. Well as Mongoose says we shall have to wait and see about the prices Those old 69 trans am Pontiacs are a very rare bird indeed. That would have been a fun car to own. Yeah like $125K lol Keith I’ve never been a fan of the Fox body mustangs either but that one you sold looked pretty sweet. ... Later slo lane.
  23. The jaguar doesn’t offer a stick in the R model. They did offer a manual in the V6 until only 6% of people ordered them . So 2019 they dropped the manual altogether. The buying public doesn’t want a manual in a mid priced sports car which the F type base jaguar fits into. Not sure what the boxer offers . If you carefully read the last sentence I said “ but a quick shifting MF at that “ the new GT500 with the DC trans is going to go like hell and no way said it would be boring. Why bring up the 8 speed F type R when it doesn’t have a DC trans. It’s got the old ZF auto that a lot of Europeans manufacturers have used over the past 10 years. It doesn’t shift like a DC auto. Close but no cigar Since Ford ( my dad worked for Ford and sent 4 kids to college I bleed blue ) has never ever offered a DC auto ( in a Shelby ) until the current Ford GT ...I used what Ford did have. A 06 SGT-H that was boring IMO . Have you owned one ? Please list all the mustang cars you have owned with an auto trans. Better yet list all cars you have owned other then mustangs. I’m talking performance cars that you have personally owned and experienced.. Why because I’m calling you out as not being able to discuss all makes of performance cars. Which this tread is all about . Remember no BS just first hand experience. So have at it ..... Sorry but I don’t appreciate the term BS .....so here we go again with the ignore situation probably for the last and final time. I’ve given up giving you the benefit of the doubt. Thick skin why when the ignore feature is available . Sean I really tried but it just didn’t work. This tread is too much fun to ruin IMO
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