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  2. Here are a couple of thoughts to ponder. Carroll always said these cars are built to be driven. Ask the owners of the 2007 Shelby GT500 how it worked out for them by not driving the car and then selling the car for thousands less than they paid for it But more importantly it is your car. Drive it, don't drive it, that's a decision only you can make. Steven PS - Hopefully you will be attending the Mustang Round-up taking place today through Sunday. If so stop by the Shelby American trailer and say hi to the Shelby American Team.
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  4. That thread is about 10% about the C8, and 90% about anything and everything else. On Topic is something that doesn't happen very often.
  5. Nobody cares. "Look at me!" You're in the wrong topic. It's not your chat & showoff room.
  6. Happy Hump Day Lobby. The beginning of the great Heat Wave of 2019 starts today, with it peaking Fri/Sat. I wonder how hot it will be when I'm mowing Sat morning. And in case anybody has forgotten, 50 years ago, Apollo 11 was on it's way to the Moon. I've been bingeing on all the specials and documentaries going on this week, probably just like I was 50 years ago, when I'm pretty sure I was completely into everything that had to do with the space race. Couldn't get enough of it. I was memorizing the craters on the Moon, and the landing sites, and well, anything and everything. Such a great time it was.
  7. Bummer, wish I had known about the Joliet thing, I woulda tried to go.
  8. The off topic ...C8 Thread was started by me a 75% Ford and 25% GM enthusiasts. I have owned more old and new Shelby’s then I can count. The Off topic and C8 thread as far as corvette news will come to an end after next week. Reveal this Thursday . The thread is a group of people who own lots of different makes. But I will say everyone on that site had or currently has a Shelby product. I’ve owned 8 Shelby products SGT,SGT-H and KR’s in the past 12 years..... 3 KR’s for Pete sakes. All colors except silver. . Own a KR now. My first Shelby was a real deal 66 GT 350 in 1982 and a few 69/70 GT500’s and GT350’s that’s not counting the 8 current Shelby products I purchased. So yeah I’m a Shelby fan old and new. The thread will continue but will get back to Shelby products after next week. Yes it will be active but not much C8 anymore. Look forward to what Shelby builds next .... So if you don’t want to pay ADMs buy a Mustang GT at $8K off sticker and have Shelby build you a Shelby. Smart move IMO.
  9. C8 reveal watch it with your ....iPad ,iPhone, computer or any other device. ....starts at 7:18 Thursday PDT time Lots on YouTube on Friday link below media .chevrolet.com ********* Next week after all this is over .... I have a surprise car purchase to show you fellas and it’s a Shelby product.
  10. I feel the same way and tomorrow very late in our time zone we will know for sure. Stay turned bud.
  11. It sure is ! .! It’s make it or break it IMO. Yeah you fellas you can watch live streaming of the event. However it’s out in California and it starts at 7:18 pm. That’s 10:18 pm on the east coast and live streaming. I’m not staying up past 11:30 got to get my beauty sleep.... I will get the info on where and how to watch if interested and post later. Friday morning will have a bunch of videos and pictures. Fingers crossed for sure.
  12. Well Mongoose I guess it’s just clean living and not making off with car magazines from the local muffler shop. ....... Isn’t there a town ordinance about these things up there in Wi......Barney is on the case. ........
  13. Chris....you know I’m not a fan of the new Supra. I had one back in the 80’s but this one is a NO GO ! Just fugly IMO
  14. Gotcha Goose thanks!!……… ……...Way to expensive taking a car across the border bud...…….
  15. Well Keefer, HARDY-Har-Har!! Aren’t we “opinionated” today!! And that’s a period with a capital “P”!!!
  16. Hey Chris, I thought it was another cool video and I came away wanting “MORE”!!!
  17. Hey buddy, remember a few posts back when I was posting that there was a fair amount of cool stuff in the July issue of Hot Rod, well, some info was on this very talented owner and builder of “H’ Craft Custom Cars! You must of remembered seeing that very “Cool” Purple car that resembled a GT 40, well that’s his car he built and designed his way, but he also used alot of original GT-40 stuff too!! Maybe he could build a “Awesome” car for you buddy!! His shop is in Georgia, mach 1s area!! Later bud!! “GOOSE”
  18. Hey bud, your more than welcome, and I’m glad you got one! You are such a lucky guy when it comes to car stuff like our rare Shelby diecast 1/18th GT350s! You just make it in to get your order at the end and you still get a lower No# then me and Falcon!! Go “Figure” that one!! You “Lucky Dog”!!
  19. Thanks Falcon! I too, think the car “H” built is really cool and he is quite the builder and designer! I think this guy is going to go a long ways in the Custom car field!!!
  20. It's a really interesting custom GT. The body buck was off of one of the Robertsons LeMans car, and the rest is all custom build.
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