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  2. That looks pretty damn cool I hope it's build and ready to hit the road......
  3. Patient it is buddy Goose!!…….Yepper want something that pulls me right off that saddle and my eyeballs are pushed back in my scull...…….
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  5. Thanks alot for the cool pics! Love the “Awesome Design”, very Sharpe!!
  6. Hey Keefer, keep your chin up, and your “Horses Saddled”! Be “Patient” Buddy, the right time and car are coming down the “Pike”!! P.S. Then when the right time comes hold on to your saddle for dear life! LOL It’s going to be one “Wild Ride”!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  7. Hey Slo Lane, nothing (Floats my Boat), because I don’t have one!! LOL As far as BB goes I know he didn’t like alot of the (Negative Crap) coming from some of the other guys that were on here, and I think he had enough for a while! I did P.M. him a little while ago and I told him we all miss him, but I didn’t here anything back yet! But I do know he is a very busy guy right now with his new “DIGS”!! The Wednesday night car show is tomorrow and there should be a huge turn-out because it’s suppose to be 67 and very sunny!! I might just take the Shelby GT and also my 87 20th Anniversary Cougar down their for display, and I’m considering putting up the Cougar for sale because I need the space and we really don’t need it any more!! That car was bought new for my Wife in 87, so the car holds alot of special memories for her and me, and there were only 5,200 made world wide including Canada who got the 200! Hey Slo Lane, I think Keefer should try to drive all 3 cars he is interested in before he makes his final decision in what to buy!! J.M.O. P.S. The car that creates the (Biggest Smile) on his face wins in my BOOK! LOL Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  8. Has Chevy released a Date on when they PLAN to uncover the new Vette?
  9. Windshield Banners are a Top Subject ! We are working with Rafaela to get these done, as your Pacific Northwest Director, I need to find out how many want one or two, etc. Prices around $40+. Colors will be White and Silver at this time. Today is 4/23/2019 Bob Zinzell and Hans Moore-Heinen of Team Shelby Racing have that in Banner form, contact them directly. Facebook or EBay.
  10. Yeah I heard from BB for Easter he emailed me a Happy Easter but that was it short and sweet.... ….I'm thinking he don't want to come back here because he was getting tired of the negative crap from a few......I just told him ignore that but guess he can't...I'm thinking that's what it is bud.....I hope that's all it is and nothing wrong with him or the Fam Jam...
  11. Waiting for price and HP #'s for the GT500....I got pricing on the HC and ZL1 and could order one tomorrow...Kinda got excited with that 67k thing but that was bogus or at least I think it was...…...
  12. Yes it is! Legendary event! Eric he can look forward to "The Next One" as Shelby would say! Great to have you guys! I have attached a file with details please take a look! Thanks looking forward to seeing you guys. Very Best, Brian
  13. Hello Team Shelby World, we are doing the Back Country Bash again for 2019 and have a couple very special guest! Tracey L Smith and Scott Black are joining us! I have added more details in the Calendar here on the forum, if you have questions please contact me. I have attach a file for the details! This event t is taking place in La Center, Washington. May 18th. Track time available friday at Portland International Raceway by SCCA - Track Night in America. Quickly: Breakfast, Drive and BBQ/Social in the great Pacific Northwest! we are looking forward to seeing new friends and old friends! Very Best Regards, Brian Bogdon PNWR director. 2019Team Shelby Back Country Bash Time.docx
  14. On 7/18 we will see the buck naked machine. Meanwhile I’ll just keep throwing clips up here as they become meaningful. Hopefully a strip teaser from GM might help . I’m signed up for emails but nothing yet. So post whatever floats your boat. WTH is BB ? I keep bugging him but no response. Ok later. Slo lane . So Keith have you decided on your next ride yet ? Mongoose did you take the SGT out on Sunday ? I know the bunny ate a lot of greens. Hope they weren’t green backs.
  15. Hey buddy, now your talking! Thumbs up on this cool “Red” C8 !!!
  16. Hey Slo Lane, the spoiler looks better from what I can see, buy it still has those ugly pipes out back!! J.M.O. Thanks buddy for the pics! Later! “GOOSE”
  17. I've been using Groit's lately and I'm fairly happy with the results, maybe I'll have to give Adams a try....
  18. need some help. have a 2008 with factory HID. Anyone know how to adjust the beam height / direction? Or anyone know how to upgrade the entire assembly to projector style head lights? I recently tried going to a higher power (and whiter color) HID, but still now luck. ligting is so bad that I can barely drive at night. If possible, I would really like to upgrade the entire assembly, because I really do not like the look of the reflector style lights. Does anyone have any tips on how to adjust the HID beams, or recommend a projector or even LED style upgrade to get right of the reflectors? thanks
  19. I've used Adam products for a number of years and really like them. Tried Groit's a few years ago and switched back to Adams.
  20. Host hotel is the Torrance Holiday Inn. Group rate code is CSI
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