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  2. Sounds like you had a full day Goose... …….Well...did you sell the Coo Gah?????.....
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  4. Hey bud, I won’t tell if you don’t!! “Ace” is a super nosey cat who’s always trying to sneak in my car room and explore!! Later bud! “GOOSE"
  5. Hey bud, do your research on that engine, (VOODOO) and then judge for your self if that will convince you on what their all trying to tell you! Good luck with what-ever way you decide to go!!
  6. Hey guys, went down to the local A & W Wednesday car show to meet the new Team Shelby Director of the Packerland region, (Dennis Johnson)! He was there so we could meet up and shoot some (Bull) and he could also recruit some new members for his district and Team Shelby! Dennis is very knowledgable about cars and race tracks and has a varied background in both! He is a very easy and pleasant guy to talk cars with, and it was nice meeting him! Now, as far as the car show goes, I know you guys won’t like this, but I didn’t have a phone to take pics with! Also, I was there with my wife’s 87, 20th Anniversary Cougar and I put it up for sale there, so I was actually kind of busy for a while! But, if it’s any benefit to you guys, I will tell you what you missed!!! How about a mint 66 Shelby GT350, White/ W/ Gold Stripes,”HERTZ” model !! I know this guy a little and he’s had this Shelby for about 39 to 40 years and he’s a very good buddy of one of my old friends, who just so happens to have a “Mint” 69 “Boss” 302, and they were parked side by side! There also was a Shelby Daytona Cobra Factory Five car and some other very nice machines, like a 1 of 1 off Bright Lime Green Dodge Challenger with the cool “Shaker” Hood! Also, there were the very cool oldies but goodies 50s and 60s custom Street Rods! There also was a very nice 69 Blue Convertible Firebird, 4spd. console and gauges with the very cool dual factory hood scoops, and to top it off, it also had the cool “Hood Tach”, very nice!!! Okay guys, it’s getting late again so I have to go and catch some “Shut-Eye”!! Later guys! “MONGOOSE”
  7. Eric, I see this is your 1st post. Welcome to Team Shelby - Pacific Coast Region! You just missed joining us for the 10th Annual Snakes at the Lake Tahoe cruise, car show and BBQ. I will have Dave Goldberg, our Regional Director who lives in your neck of the woods, reach out to you concerning upcoming events, one of which is coming up in early August! To see the links below, please request access to the TSPCR Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/groups/276848479007257/?multi_permalinks=3297857153573026%2C3302247493133992%2C3296260013732740%2C3296253743733367%2C3296247327067342&notif_id=1561173486014688&notif_t=group_activity https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2827285757286774&set=gm.3286024248089650&type=3&theater&ifg=1 Any question, please let me know. Best, Jim
  8. Boy, Slo Lane, you must of wanted those tickets really bad to bid them up that high! No worry thou, that’s just pocket change for you buddy!!
  9. Looks like they left out the 40th as well. Maybe they can get it added.
  10. Good point... Hers is some information about the origins of the event: Anton
  11. Not functioning properly. I added the $200 supersize one to my cart and it is wanting to charge me $100
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  13. Isn't that exactly what Ford did with the 2012 Boss 302 and the much more powerful GT500?
  14. Well, if desperate, you can always use a can openner and get some top air! But as Steve mentioned, convertiblesby design require extra chassis and body stiffening. A high horsepower convertible without a four point roll bar would be an accident waiting to happen. 😎
  15. Wonder why it says I am a new member when I've been around for years... must be post count.
  16. Looking forward to the event. My son and I are stoked! Now...which car to bring.....
  17. 2007-08 Shelby GT owners, you are now able to place an order.
  18. Oh no....dont trash talk the voodoo, even if it's TRUE. It's the best thing about the car. I dont know the stats on engine failures so I wont challenge you there. I just hope your wrong. But really valid points on keeping it NA from all you guys. But you guys have all seen procharged 350s on YouTube right? Are those just engines being stressed beyond what they should and waiting to blow? I'm just asking. Not an engineer.
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