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  2. Isn't that exactly what Ford did with the 2012 Boss 302 and the much more powerful GT500?
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  4. Well, if desperate, you can always use a can openner and get some top air! But as Steve mentioned, convertiblesby design require extra chassis and body stiffening. A high horsepower convertible without a four point roll bar would be an accident waiting to happen. 😎
  5. Wonder why it says I am a new member when I've been around for years... must be post count.
  6. Looking forward to the event. My son and I are stoked! Now...which car to bring.....
  7. 2007-08 Shelby GT owners, you are now able to place an order.
  8. Oh no....dont trash talk the voodoo, even if it's TRUE. It's the best thing about the car. I dont know the stats on engine failures so I wont challenge you there. I just hope your wrong. But really valid points on keeping it NA from all you guys. But you guys have all seen procharged 350s on YouTube right? Are those just engines being stressed beyond what they should and waiting to blow? I'm just asking. Not an engineer.
  9. Thanks Dick. Look like that they cost around $110,- the only problem is getting them to the Netherlands +/-$300,- shipping cost 😐
  10. I've never seen a 15-19 GT350 Conv.
  11. Any new lists of events in the works?
  12. Remanufacture stock Shelby GT parts why, would rather see performance upgrade parts I own a few Shelby's but my 08 GT/SC is still my favorite Many of us been looking for those Sliver Shelby side Window Cover Plates
  13. Hi Shelby Team!! New guy here & pinned, wish more folks would have used the detailed pin as I did to include my email address. Would be great help to find folks who want to get a weekend cruise in near me. I look forward to being part of the Shelby family!! BTW, I'm in Carlsbad, CA north of San Diego ... if anyone wants to get together for a cruise, please hit me up!!
  14. 2007-08 Shelby GT owners, it appears your version of the CSM plaque signs didn't make it to the website but don't worry you haven't been forgotten about. As soon as a part number is assigned to the 07-08 SGT's it will be added to the SPP website. Steven
  15. Designed to look identical to the CSM dash plaque in your car, this sign is engineered with 14-gauge steel and professionally printed with your unique CSM number. Your official dash plaque sign will make a great addition and conversational piece to your home, garage or office. https://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/z100-dp1.htm
  16. I have a 2009 Shelby with 32,000 Miles on it. I bought it last year so do not have a lot of time with her. What I do know is that it has had the 5.8 L super charger put on it, as well as 127 MM air intake. I am not the most knowledgeable guy out there with cars, and can not seem to find any good answers. Is oil consumption "normal" with those upgrades? I am using about 1 Qt every 1k miles. Seems excessive to me. I can say that it does not blow smoke out the back, and certainly not leaking it. I do catch a whiff of smoke some times. I don't beat her up, but I do have fun with her. Any ideas?
  17. The Voodoo will go down as a Ford failure. The engine IS expensive to replace. And if you look at the number of people on this and other forums that have had engines replace, and project into the entire population. the failure rate is above what a Six-Sigma part would predict or want. There is a reason the engine hasn't been used anywhere else and it's not because it was a raving success.
  18. As far as I can recall no convertible Shelby 1000's have been built and I don't believe SAI would build one, well at least not for the average customer. Remember the Shelby 1000 coupe has all kinds of chassis stiffeners added along with many of the builds having a four point roll cage and no back seat. These modifications may not be compatible with a convertible chassis and even if they were the Shelby 1000 is not built to be a top down boulevard cruiser, it's meant to perform. Fun fact: the Shelby 1000 in all reality was the next and ended up being the last car Shel was personally involved with. SAI had just developed a soon to be released 850hp Super Snake package and after presenting Mr. Shelby with this spectacular 850hp package ol Shel turned right around and said, can you do 1,000hp?
  19. You've been warned by three people, including Shelby American, about the wisdom of modifying the Voodoo engine. Ford never came out with a Ford Racing Parts sanctioned supercharger for the Voodoo. Shelby American never took one of the units that your "professional" used and sanctioned it with their name. In short, "professionals" can do some stupid things sometimes. This is a gate with signs that say "There is a dog that will bite you" with "But feel free to enter at your own risk" below. Good luck though.
  20. Yuppers to that and you also have to ask yourself, why didn't Shelby American supercharge the 2015-2020 GT350 ? Yes there was a reason, a very big reason. Steven
  21. Hot wheels makes some cool muscle cars that we all love. Nice pick Mongoose. It’s small enough so you can find a place .. does the wife know about this one ? Small enough you can hide it from Ace the sleepy πŸ’€ cat.
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