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  2. Not much new on the C8 today so nothing to write . Boy at $67K for a base GT500 it had my radar up and buzzing. We have come a long way when that figure actually sounds like a deal. But the Shelby GT500 has really come that far. Well as Mongoose says we shall have to wait and see. Those old 69 trans am Pontiacs are a very rare bird indeed. That would have been a fun car to own. Keith I’ve never been a fan of the Fox body mustangs either but that one you sold looked pretty sweet. Later slo lane.
  3. The jaguar doesn’t offer a stick in the R model. They did offer a manual in the V6 until only 6% of people ordered them . So 2019 they dropped the manual altogether. The buying public doesn’t want a manual in a mid priced sports car which the F type base jaguar fits into. Not sure what the boxer offers . If you carefully read the last sentence I said “ but a quick shifting MF at that “ the new GT500 with the DC trans is going to go like hell and no way said it would be boring. Why bring up the 8 speed F type R when it doesn’t have a DC trans. It’s got the old ZF auto that a lot of Europeans manufacturers have used over the past 10 years. It doesn’t shift like a DC auto. Close but no cigar. The first F1 type auto trans in Ferrari was a horrible experience. It took awhile for the auto trans to reach its current state of driving experience . Since no ford has never ever offered a DC auto until the current Ford GT ...I used what Ford did have. A 06 SGT-H that was boring IMO . Have you owned one ? Please list all the mustang cars you have owned with an auto trans. Better yet list all cars you have owned other then mustangs. I’m talking performance cars. Sorry but I don’t appreciate the term BS .....so here we go again with the ignore situation probably for the last and final time. I’ve given up giving you the benefit of the doubt. Thick skin Is getting old and not worth it anymore. Why bother it drove BB away .
  4. Not sure yet Goose.....apparently I gotta wait another year for pricing!!!!………..
  5. I'm not a Fox Bodied fan never was but it is in very good condition for a 1990....actually Kenny had it painted back about 15 years ago the car was originally black and this is kind of a really dark blue and shows better in the sunlight...it's actually a Toyota colour...it's always been garage kept since new with only 98k KMH which is about 55k miles..the guy that bought it is very happy with it.
  6. Cool vid thanks for sharing NZ and it does clear that 67k thing....just wonder if it'll be higher than the 67k for a base model ?
  7. I remember driving the first one that came into a Ford dealer here as he wanted me to try it back then. Fun, solid and comfortable, but I felt underpowered with the Mustang 302 V8. I think because of the exhaust restriction it used the standard Mustang GT 302, not the Mustang Cobra one. But being light, it handled well as a Ford produced car but not as powerful as many Cobra kit cars for the same price.
  8. Reminders like this are good for those whose minds are on screen saver. Thanks.😎
  9. Hey Guy, very cool pics! Thanks for posting them for everyone to see! Looks like everyone is having a great time! “HAPPY 55TH BIRTHDAY” Ford Mustang!!! Later Guy! “MONGOOSE”
  10. Captain Obvious called...........he wants his cape back........
  11. Well guys, now we know for sure that the price of 67K , MSRP that was leaked, was actually “False”!!!! So I guess the (big waiting game) continues on!! OH,BOY,OH,BOY!!!!!! LOL
  12. The 69 Trans-Am is a super rare “Bird” in any configuration, and you’ll fell lucky if you ever run across one!! No bun intended, But that’s a “Super Rare Bird” in my book!! J.M.O. “GOOSE”
  13. Happy Birthday Mustang. Ford Canada Headquarters.
  14. Hey Tim, I see you changed your “Avatar”!!! Very cool, now it matches your car emblem, which must mean you finally got your New Shelby!! “Congrats Tim”!! As far as prices go on the new GT500 it will be another case of the wait and see game by the “Boys in Blue”, so you all stay “Tuned In”!!!! LOL Later Tim! “GOOSE”
  15. Hey Keefer, if you have a tight bond and you are a loyal trusted frequent buyer with your Dealer I wouldn’t worry to much!!! That type of loyalty can go a long ways some- times!!! J.M.O. “GOOSE”
  16. Looking at my signed pieces, the under score with the two verticle lines (possibly a styled middle initial H) appears to start around the time of the donations-for-signatures [program in the 1990s with Shelby Heart Fund, currently known as the Carroll Shelby Foundation. Steve may have more on the transition of CS signatures.😎
  17. Hey Keefer, nice looking ride, and it looks stock other then those good looking after-market rims!! I hope you got her some (Good Jack) for it because it looks pretty darn good from what I can see of it!!! Later bud! “GOOSE”
  18. Hey Slo Lane, don’t let it get away!! Later bud! “GOOSE”
  19. It is correct that guy Speed Phenom asked the "Ford Rep" ???? about the cost and she said 67k. It is BS as Stangmode's latest video from a few hours ago shows he is interviewing Ford Chief Engineer Carl Widmann at the NY Auto Show and he refutes the 67k. Is at 4min 28 mark.
  20. Hey Keefer, which one of those are you getting????? Later Bud! “GOOSE”
  21. Hey Keefer, I’ll add some more cars to your list if you don’t mind??? LOL The 1970 Mach1, w/ a Shaker, & 70 Boss 302, w/ a Shaker, and also a 70 HEMI Cuda w/ a Shaker are all very cool too!!! J.M.O. SHAKE-RATTLE-and ROLL!!!! Later Bud! “GOOSE” P.S. Let the “GOOD_TIMES” ROLLLL!!!!
  22. Hey Slo Lane, loved every minute of it!!! Thanks alot for posting it for all to see!! P.S. I just remembered that my old buddy’s 77 Trans-Am also was equipped with the (Factory Sun-roofs), it was a very cool car!! Later Bud! “GOOSE”
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