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  2. Some advice from a fellow GT500 owner: Do not take advice regarding horsepower from an SGT owner. See what happens?
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  4. If you have a picture of 5 or 6 fat women standing at a donut shop display counter staring at donuts, a logical conclusion would be that fat women seem to really like donuts, it would not mean that Americans have a weight problem, therefor if observing a picture of 5 or 6 fat dudes staring at a Corvette…. a more logical conclusion would be that fat dudes really seem to like Corvettes, and it would not mean that Americans have a weight problem………..
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  6. The only 1 piece spark plugs that i found years ago when i changed mine at 10,000 miles was champion . I am pretty sure there are more companies making one piece plugs by now since it has been a problem for years....I thought someone said years ago Brisk made some...
  7. Goose how exactly was he DRIVING his car that caused that?????...…………..
  8. Hey guys! Like you said Keefer, the car has got to turn (My Crank) for me to like it! Hey guys, I got a funny one for ya! My brother-in-law is a very big fan of the 55 thru 67 Chevys. He once bought a super nice 57 Chev, Competition Orange , 348 w/ 3x2 carbs, 4spd,. The day he picked it up and was cruising with it, he told me laughing that he got a “Woody” while he was driving it because he was so excited it was his! Now you have to admit, that’s funny as hell in my book! Hope you all had a good laugh!
  9. Good afternoon Slo Lane, thanks for the nice comment on the article. As far as your comment on this nation being overweight, I totally agree with you, but at this time, I’m also one of those guys. I’ve recently lost 20#lbs, but I would like and plan on losing more yet. We all know carrying excess weight as you get older is not good or healthy. We all can’t be lucky enough to be 6’5 tall and not really show any weight gain! Hey bud, don’t worry about the weight comment, no offense was taken, you were right! Later bud! Goose
  10. Gotha down . If you wouldn`t mind would like all your info name ,address ,e-mail , car info . I `am a director & have list for the Ontario region, I also have window banners & T- shirts You can e-mail me at shel-b001@hotmail .com if you like.
  11. To be basic, the only weakest points of the '08 GT500 that can't support 1000HP are the stock supercharger, connecting rods, exhaust manifolds and driveshaft. You'll need a good set of forged rods installed, stronger one-piece driveshaft and a high-end supercharger or turbo kit. Whipple, Kenne Bell, Roush and Procharger make good superchargers to name a few. Here is a link to get you started, a 1000HP supercharger kit: https://www.evoperform.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=11_227_228_232&products_id=814&zenid=njb50t0lvrighl2kdr6ceeqi05
  12. Copy all, I will definitely post some pics and I can’t wait for Carlisle next year hope we get a bunch of the new 500s there along with all the supersnakes that have been coming.
  13. So.... dont they mfg. 1 piece plugs for the sgt?
  14. Well, you can bolt on a big ol’ super charger or twin turbos and maybe get there, but if that is all you do then don’t expect your engine to last long at all…. and make sure you keep a broom, mop and dustpan handy because you are going to have a mess to clean up. When you start getting up in to the range you are dreaming of then you better be looking at things like new forged pistons and rods, new heads, cams, pulleys, injectors, additional cooling etc, etc. Getting a 5.4 up to 1000 hp with any degree of reliability requires a “built” engine and a game plan for the engine, drive train and suspension because if you go that high in horsepower it is totally useless if you cant put it to the ground. There are dozens of websites and forums that show detailed builds of 1000 hp+ 5.4 engine builds. Just google “1000 hp 5.4 Ford Engine builds”. Read several of those sites to educate yourself on what a “safe” build reuires. Also, until you provide a budget or a general idea of your plan you are basically asking us “how long is a piece of string?” Can you provide a budget number? Can you tell us supercharger or turbos?
  15. Hello, My brother in-law just ordered a 2020 super snake wide body 850hp. We are curious to know if there is a way we can see progress on the car, pictures or live feeds. Thanks
  16. So, what the BMW and Porsche twerps were saying is that Shelbys aren't collectible TO THEM, but they will always be collectible. Even the Dodge Shelbys are collectible, just not to us, but to some. I could care less about BMW's or Porsche's, so to me they aren't collectible at all.
  17. Yes, just want to do it with bolt on if possible.
  18. Welcome to TS. Not sure who was supplying the collectiblity info but this run of Shelby's is no more collectible than a person is willing to make them. These are great cars and had a short run of production, so they are somewhat limited in number. They are also pretty specific in what they were designed for. So for all of that they are very unique and stand out when on display. It's not uncommon to find on-offs when you consider the options, donor car and paint schemes. I've attached the production sheet so you can see exactly what was built and what you have. Enjoy your Shelby! 2013 GT350 Production Breakdown Chart TS Version.pdf
  19. Exactly Mach....it's what YOU like not what others like...never once did I buy a car because it was the in thing I buy a car because it turns MY crank and that's all that matters...the C8 is far from a heavy...at just over 3500lbs that's a light weight by todays standards.
  20. starting at $61k. Too rich for my blood. No telling what the dealership mark up will be. They had my 07 SGT marked up at $44k on the sticker, but I got it for $38k. Don't know how because I didn't haggle that much.
  21. Good morning Mongoose .. That’s one hell of a good read buddy......thanks for staying up late. It really doesn’t matter what other people think or don’t think. I made my decision to get one and it’s just that simple. Every new Corvette has had people with doubts and not wanting change. It’s the same old song with a boring melody ....... One thing I did notice with all those people looking at the C8. Boy is this nation ever overweight. The corvette engineers do all things possible to reduce weight in the C8. Then along comes ******* and adds 320lbs of weight to the car. Geez.........
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