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    Always a nice way to start the workday at SAI..............................
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    I'm more concerned about the 712 owners who just learned that their 2009 KR doesn't exist
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    Well the good news for you is that I believe the production run has sold out. So now you wont have to think about not buying one as you can no longer buy one.
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    An update on the Fays2 Watts Link install... The install has been completed and I had a special guest come over "voluntarily" to make final adjustments. Thank You Mr.Fay for all of your help and a thank you to all that helped here on this post.
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    Physics, shmysics. What about that jet-pack guy who crossed the English Channel? Or a really souped up ultra-light? Those are things I can get interested in.
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    That is sacrilegious.....
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    Why would you want to?
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    Whatcha talkin bout Willis...couple of zip cuts and down she comes...…….
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    Yes, put a little tension by adjusting the height of the vertical pins to prevent the pin from sliding/moving in the pin plate cradle. It will require several opening and closings of the hood. My recommendation is to remove the hood latch bar, so it doesn't catch, then you can open and close the hood without having to pop the latch every time from inside the car.
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    Damn Canucks, stay on your side!!!!
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    Carroll Shelby Licensing partner Revology Cars LLC just delivered one of their GT500's custom fitted to the buyers NBA player height. Some photos & links below of this special build. YouTube Video Revology Website
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    I was pretty much in the same doubt little time ago, but also considering the 2012 302 Boss. This one had a nice price and sold quickly. Then I bought a 2008 Shelby GT. Very, VERY happy with the car. It is fun, without being a (altought fun, but maybe dangerous) beast. In my opinion, the car drawn attention at the shows. Last weekend we had the 15th edition of the annual meeting of the Mustang Club of Sao Paulo and the public reaction to the Shelby GT was amazing.
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    I’m fortunate enough to own a ‘08 GT500KR and a 08’ SGT convertible. As far as driving I prefer the SGT. Even in the convertible trim it feels more balance than the KR. The steering, clutch and brakes are all lighter. The car is truly a pleasure to drive. My KR puts out over 600hp, so it’s just a beast...fun to unleash at times but also keep you on your toes. If I had to let one go, it would probably be the KR. As far as owning a Shelby GT over a GT/CS, I personally don’t think there is a comparison. The Shelby is more special mostly due to the suspension. One other consideration would be a 2012 Boss 302. It might take a bit more work to find one under $20k, but they are fantastic cars for the money.
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    I have a 2008 SGT/SC that I bought new in October 2007. It has been a great car. Mine is not a daily driver by any means and I have about 23,000 miles onit at this point in time. A bunch of those miles are from taking it to the Terlingua Texas gathering each year. I kind of like the fact that there are few bells and whistles on my 2008 compared to the current crop of Mustangs. I have found the 4.6 motor to be quite capable when supercharged. Lots of fun on the track if you are into that. Enjoy your search and good luck. Jim
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    i giggle about so much conversation on Vette's in a Shelby forum. How y'all doing?
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    I'll bet if you add the mileage of all those cars in the last shot now, it'll be lower than the IQ of a gummi bear.
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    Mongoose about walking to his old school ...... His bus even had a stick shift unfortunately he missed it a lot he missed a lot of shifts back in the day also ....jam jam bam 💥 .
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    808hp???....I think it's sexy as hell but for $2.2 mil and 808hp you'll be able to get a C8 Z06 that is reportedly going to be in the 750 -800hp range that'll give it a run for it's money....AND if the ZR1 does come out with a reportedly 1000hp it'll eat it's lunch for FAR less $$$$….one thing I'm starting to see from the exotics they are starting to get away from the black wheels OR at least adding brighter wheel options.
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    Same as the 17-18-19's......that could be a good thing or bad I guess...still have a tuff time with that huge front grill but other than that the car performs and looks great from the sides and rear...and boy do they perform...I drove a manual and that sucker was better shifting than any other car I've driven...AND to power impressed me...thanks for sharing that BB...…..
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    Thinking about it very seriously Goose...I do like the C7's very much but this C8 made them look old overnight but still very nice and the last of the front engine and manual trans Vettes...…
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    Thanks Mach....all of the above has been done bud....well all except ordering the C8 but it's sure on the "2 Doo List"...….
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    No worries bud glad you enjoyed....well can't wait till you see it live then report back what you think....personally don't think you'll be disappointed one bit.....I'm sort of thinking the C8 may be the way to go also as she's a beauty.
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    Whoops....I thought this was a Corvette thread. Sorry.
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    Apparently THE movie got an early preview at a recent film festival... https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/amp/review/ford-v-ferrari-review-1235888?__twitter_impression=true The preview video is he same as we've already seen.
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    I haven’t driven a four door Unlimited, David. It’s not something we need. We need a truck of some sort. The Gladiator has a 13” longer wheelbase than the four door Unlimited, so you’d think the truck “rides” better.
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    Snow Cone Machines......DUH..........What Flavor Wall do you want…...
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    Hey fellas. Well, G doesn’t wanna drive the Taco with the manual tranny. So, CD bought it from us today. I’m shipping it down to Louisiana on Saturday. Looks like we’ll be getting a new Gladiator. 🙃 Goose, is that a hood prop with a heim joint on the ole Chebbie????
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    mhr61 is this you ?....and what did you do with Mach?...……..
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    By the way Goose the curb weight IS 3525lbs...still pretty darn light by todays standards though......
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    Bingo!!!......Yes very interesting to see how both do out in the wild bud.....
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    Yep if more people didn’t we wouldn’t have them. The cars would sit in the showrooms and then the parking lots. Interesting to see how the C8 and GT500 shake out over the next 6 months and beyond.
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    Yup heard the same here the price will go up next year....I called 6 GM dealers from here to Toronto and every single one have their allotments sold out....AND some said it wouldn't sell well!!…. …...heck some fools said it didn't even exist that it was a ghost...…...
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    It must be the CBD oil or something. I need some grass. .... My wife says nobody calls it that anymore. No wonder I can’t buy any. ... even in California. ........
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    I bought my 2008 SGT a little over a year ago. It had 16,500 miles on it and it currently has 19,000 miles. About 1000 of these miles are from several trips to Shelby in Las Vegas. I love the way it drives. Mine is a 5 speed. As you know, the stripes can be an issue. You’ll know as soon as you see the car. I am fortunate in that my Shelby has been garaged from day one, and my stripes remain in great shape. Good luck in your search. Kevin
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    I think it was pretty much a topic generated as a troll topic. Even after plausible explanation, what we got was "oh well, if Ford doesn't make exactly what I want, then Ford doesn't want to sell me a car." He might have as well have asked why Ford didn't shove a Le Mans Winning Ecoboost V6 in a Ford Fiesta.........oh wait, they don't want to sell him a car........
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    Finally got my garage done. Only thing I need to finish is the library ladder that’s gonna run across that lower edge of the cabinets. I added that structure under there to mount it to. Hard to see in the video? The track parts for the ladder are on national backorder.
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    You may want to reach out to the TS Director for Texas, Austin Maness. Perhaps he would know of a member close by. maness01@hotmail.com
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    I'm quite happy with my GT350 convertible.
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    Yes Goose... anyone that would own a Monte Carlo like yours would love that Supra for sure!!!!………..
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    Hope there was no one in the back seat...……...
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    Mongoose you got 240 volts charging that GT40 battery..... Showed Bailey the picture of Dexter the cat.....and she just laid on her back. Not very lady like if you ask me. Dog language I guess......
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    I did explain it to Mongoose and you don’t need to rub it in. You are still on my ignore list because you just can’t help yourself ..... Being right is one thing but always proving it is getting old.
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    Don’t get cold feet. The Watts is far superior. Night and day, even in everyday driving. Jer
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