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    This situation is not limited to Ford. Were there not ADM's on Chrysler's Demon & Hellcats? Were there not ADM's on Corvette ZR1's? Heck weren't there ADM's on the new Volkswagen Beetle that is now out of production due to low sales? But there is a solution. For anyone that doesn't want to pay an ADM for the new GT500 why not just purchase a Mustang GT at below sticker and let Shelby American build you something much rarer. The 2020 GT500 is a great Shelby but it isn't the only Shelby out there. Steven
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    Huge shout out to Jim for a great event - our 10th.
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    What's wrong?...snag you cashmere sweater getting out one of the Vettes?...……..
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    Yes blue seems to be very popular on this site. Now we have a blue Shelby GT350 R on board. Congrats Tim and glad you finally got her We all look forward to seeing and reading all about her . Post some more pictures when you can. Watch out for Mongoose he doesn’t like competition from other blue cars. Chris found out the hard way and had to buy a silver K-Man , silver C7 and a red Boss 302. Keith might be considering a blue beast but won’t tell us because of Mongoose. Post carefully on here. Word is Keith is now going Red Later slo lane . a non blue car owner.
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    Larry Wood SIXT on 66 Travel Blog Day 1 Well here I am, can’t believe that I’m driving down US route 66 in one of the coolest cars ever made. This Shelby GT is such a fabulous car to drive, ‘looks great, sounds great and WOW hit that loud pedal and you’re gone! Picked up the car last night in Chicago and the SIXT rent a car people were so nice, had the car all shined and ready to go, and actually drove on 66 for a short way into Joliet (home of the Blues Brothers) so an official start to the trip. Today started early to get the Shelby to the Hot Wheels Legends car show, signed a lot of autographs, and even with hundreds of show cars everyone asked about the Shelby. Had to judge with others on best in show, hard to do but we finally picked a 65 GTO gasser, hand built and in the family for years - great story to go with the car. Stopped at local watering hole for lunch and the family next to us saw the Shelby and went to look at it. When they came back they said they owned a Shelby and actually named their daughter Shelby, small world. Well tomorrow we start driving on 66, and heading west! Day 2 Started the day in Joliet, lots of Blues Brothers stuff, stopped by the Joliet prison to pick up Jake in our getaway SIXT Shelby GT, got cop engine, cop shocks and a full tank of gas, HIT IT! Headed south on 66 and took touristy pictures, hardest part is holding my foot up off the gas pedal. This pony wants to run, radar detector keeps going off but they must know where to hide because never saw one. Hopped on and off 66 hitting the highlights, been making good time in between stops. There are a lot of giant statues, and neat old towns along the way. Great museum in Pontiac Ill., and what do you know, it’s full of Pontiacs! Made it to St Louis in time to ride the arch, man gotta give the engineers credit, that’s a great iconic piece of America, made by tough men! More tomorrow as we finally start heading west. Day 3 Well woke up this morning to rain, don’t see much of that in L.A. think it’s the start of the storm coming north. Shelby the GT SIXT doesn’t care and is ready to go, hit 66 to see what is out there. First is the Meramac caverns, and as I turned in, saw a sign for a toy museum, darn it’s closed but can’t beat the photo app! Wow the caverns are big, and impressive, hard to believe what water and millions of years can do leaving wild sculptures. Ended the show with patriotic music and slide show on the stalagmites and stalagtites . After seeing that and the Shelby in the parking lot, you can’t help but be proud to be an American. Bet that’s the first time a Hot Wheels Mustang has been in a cave. Back on 66 and saw a couple teepees so pulled in to take a shot and a crabby lady kicked me out, first time I was ever kicked out of a teepee! Been enjoying the trip so much forgot I had XM radio, man this sound system is fantastic, got on the blues, and few Elvis songs , seem to fit this part of the country. I will switch to country in a few days. Route 66 stopped a few times so got back on 44 to make time, got to Joplin and hit a local 66 museum, picked up a cool 66 sign I never saw before for my shop. Got a late lunch and the owner was a Mustang owner , he and the waitress sat down and told stories about their Mustangs- the Shelby always gets people to talk (last night met a guy that worked on Indy cars back in the 60s, great stories and he met Carroll at Indy, very cool !) So back on 66 till I saw a tavern that was called Hogs and Hot Rods, had to stop in, cool place and everyone showed pictures of their cars, gave everyone Hot Wheels stickers to put on their rides. Great cloud show, don’t get rain and clouds like that in L.A. Ok! Time to sit down and plan tomorrow’s trip, should be a good one.
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    Judging by the enthusiasm about this car on the "Team Shelby" forum I would say the ADM's will not last long. The New Corvette subject has significantly more posts in one day then this new release has had since it was announced, and that is on this forum. Personally I am not surprised, it was to be expected, I also think they will learn fast that the demand for ADM's will wear out fast. Time will tell, but history shows that will be the case.
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    Nope Keith .....Mongoose is gone for awhile now .....she unplugged the old Mac again. It will take him hours to reboot and fine his pass word. ......
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    this is a good look at the GT500 in action, I think he starts out smoking tires to gain heat. Listen to some of the shifts they are like butter..... the body roll looks minimal and handling great. The one thing that I notice is 103MPH in 3 rd gear so that probably means 2 gears of the 7 are overdrive which will not be great for street speed or track maybe but awesome for normal driving RPMs low so sound low listening to music with that pretty blonde sitting next to you......lol
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    Sad news but what a long great life. https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/02/business/lee-iacocca-obituary/index.htmlhttps://www.autonews.com/article/20...rmind-and-tireless-chrysler-savior-dies-at-xxhttps://www.latimes.com/local/la-me-lee-iacocca-20190702-story.html Very few people in their careers have the honor of having their name (and reputation) associated with such an iconic piece of history such as the Mustang. Ford went one step further to cast Lee Iacocca's place in automotive history as seen here...Rest in Peace Mr. Iacocca. You may be gone, but will not be forgotten by enthusiasts...
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    A ruination of a beautiful Mustang IMO...…...Interesting story though never knew they existed...…...
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    The most satisfied buyers of the GT350 are the people who understand what the GT350 was intended for and who actually educated themselves about the car, and read their owners manuals and broke the engine in the proper way, and they are for the most part very pleased with the car and the engine. What many people don’t understand is that Ford took quite a bit of marketing data and engineering data and then outlined a very specific plan when they developed and launched the 2015+ GT350. It was just as much a purpose built car as the Ford GT. Yet somehow people ignored very specific things about the GT350. Ford was very vocal up front and pulled no punches when they specifically announced that the GT350 and its Voodoo engine would be a track (road course) focused car that is “streetable”. Ford also clearly pointed out that the engine was designed to be normally aspirated and not supercharged from the very start of its development. Yet some people still went out and bought one and took it to their local drag strip and then bitched about it all over the internet for it not doing well at a drag strip, or that it didn’t have low end grunt for stop light to stop light runs. Well, it wasn’t designed for that. It was designed to perform well and/or dominate on twisty tracks and winding roads “at speed” in an rpm range of 3500 to 8200 rpm. If you look at the hp and torque curves, the power band of the car clearly shows such, and that is where the car and its engine excel because that is what it was purpose built for. Now in regard to supercharging. The Voodoo has a 12 to 1 compression ratio. If you read even basic documents about supercharging, you will quickly see it isn’t a wise choice to super charge high compression production car engines………..they won’t last, and are more subject to detonation. So if you do decide to supercharge, then for the engine to last, you had best run high octane race grade gasoline. Some people may pop up and say…….oh that’s BS, many high compression engines are super charged to run in such and such type racing. Well yeah, but those engines are only designed to last 2, 4, 8, 12, or 24 hours and they run on very high octane race fuel. In addition, you are adding mass to the engine and you are now trying to turn an engine and a supercharger and may find your engine doesn’t spool up as fast as before and your throttle response may be a bit slower…… it was originally intended for normal aspiration and lower rotational mass to respond to driver input quickly. Also, the Voodoo engine by its very design wasn’t designed to be a low end of rpm range torque monster. If you look at the hp/torque curves the car doesn’t come on strong until above 3500+ rpm, and a supercharger won’t cure that. Go look at some dyno sheets and it shows such. In addition, the aero of the car was not designed to dissipate heat beyond what the car was designed for, so if you add that supercharger, where is all the heat going to go?..........sure you may get a better stop light to stop light run, or one or two quick laps but then your car is going to fade due to heat soak, or go in to limp mode if you don’t extract all that heat. The point is, if you want to supercharge a high compression Voodoo FPC engine then fine, but don’t expect Ford to come anywhere near to sticking a warranty on it, .And again, Ford was very clear that in order to keep the engine weight down, keep it quick winding and high rpm capable and responsive, they therefor specifically developed the Voodoo to maximize its performance with natural aspiration. Sure, anybody can toss a blower on it, but just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I for one was glad SAI had the understanding and foresight to not go anywhere near trying to add a supercharger to a 2015+ GT350 Voodoo engine. Why?...... because it demonstrates that there are people working at SAI who know what they are doing….. and sometimes not doing something shows that you do know what you are doing. In addition, supercharging is also not just about the engine dynamics that change when you supercharge. Don’t forget you are altering the vehicle dynamics as well when you throw an additional 75+ pounds on the nose of the car. The suspension and magneride are tuned for a specific weight up front and out back and that “magneride also has contollers with a feedback loop in it that monitor and responds to the pitch and yaw of the vehicle. You are not only altering the front vs rear weight distribution of the vehicle, you are affecting the center of gravity and the polar moment of inertia of the vehicle which is going to affect your feedback loop and the suspension’s response , so unless you address the suspension issues as well……. you may well find yourself with a car that is not as “planted” as it was before and gets squirrely going in to or coming out of turns. There are several anecdotal reports of people having trouble with the supercharged GT350 “plowing” in to turns once a supercharger is added. Don’t listen to people who tell you to not to listen to anyone on here and go with your heart……….unless you want to be one of those people that are just an ill informed horsepower junkie that thinks horsepower is the answer to everything, or you are somebody who lights their cigars with C notes, and don’t care how much it will cost you now or later. If you are concerned about the value of your car, or the “value” you think you may get out of attempting supercharging a 2015+ GT350 , then listen to people who demonstrate that they actually have some technical knowledge of the engine or vehicle dynamics……if I were you, I would save my money and keep my GT350 “as is”. Your car is a finely tuned “system”, in fact, that is the approach that Ford took when designing the GT350, and the car is damn near perfect “as is” for the purpose it was built for. If you want a really high HP car that will handle well then look at the new 2020 GT500 with the track package, or an SAI built 2019+ Shelby GT with a supercharger, or an SAI built Shelby Supersnake.
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    Same old thing, going to work, waiting to hit the lottery!!!
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    I guess it was that...……...
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    Here are some pics from my first track event with my 2018 GT350. NASA summer sizzler at Sebring
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    Wouldn't it be funny if that turns out to be a Ferrari and NOT a new C8 Corvette, that would be one of the biggest Pranks of ALL Automotive History ………
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    Tim here you go more info These 2000 SVT cobras were expensive MSRP $55K and very limited to 300 with 385HP . Non supercharged engine very impressive back in 2000. But very rare and snatched up by collectors . The Cobra R was only offered in Performance Red Clearcoat (code ES). 300 were made only very rare In Cobra R specification, the 5.4-liter quad-cam V8 was rated at 385 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque .It features more aggressive cams, a unique intake manifold, an aluminum radiator, power steering cooler, high-capacity fuel pump, short-tube headers, and Borla exhaust.
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    My garage walls are rather boring compared to yours Mach.....
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    And add every brand to that price rise also it's right across the board Tim.
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    The same can be said for all of the Mustangs listed as well, times change and so do cars. My (3) 69s were similar but very different from my 73, and my 82 was light years beyond them in all regard with the exception of power. My 01 felt like little more than a freshening of my 82 (which it kinda was), whereas my '03 Mach 1 was leaps and bounds beyond the car only two years its senior, even being on the same platform. The 13 Boss is in a different league, while the '16 GT350R I drove was nirvana to me. The middle child GT to me was a perfect car for a perfect time, and the new one is a race car that's been made streetable. But its still a car. With two doors and an engine and a Ford logo, its still transportation, which can barely be said about the original Ford GT (40). The one thing I've always felt about the 05/06 GT is that ford got a wake up call in the pricing department. For what it was and what it cost (sticker) I always thought it was a bit of a bargain, and I'm sure Fords upper management had a jaw dropping moment when it realized how much profit the dealers were making on the car, which was later backed up by the secondary market pricing skyrocketing the way it did. Regardless of how the competition was or is priced, the market adjustments on the new cars have been a bit mind numbing.
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    Who’s better than Jason Bourne and Bruce Wayne? Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles!
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    Yes , Older gt 500 has more of Shelby in it, more soul and torque, not only the looks. Inferior, Yes, Slower, Yes but way more like a Shelby then a wannabe Porsche or corvette. It has it own personality with a tremec 6 speed to have fun with. And gee, a real clutch peddle, just old school. Mini van shifter not for me. SUDDEN.
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    I agree 100%, well stated.
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    That's great Goose having a good dealer to go to for service is a plus....A $3k markup on a Bullitt??...he may sit on that a while longer as I don't think they are going that fast....there's one at my local Ford dealer with no markup and it's been there at least 3 months.
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    Ok gotcha Kenner.. sorry thought you said daughter but either way glad you guys are fine bud....
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    Glad you both are OK. I will bet the other Driver's Cell Phone may have played a part in the Crash.
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    Yeah not a good pic but I guess we'll see next week for sure....enjoy the mountains and expo bud...…..
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    Mongoose FYI. this is the Bible on Coca Cola collecting. 647 pages on all things coke from toys to signs going back to 1800’s. If it’s not in this book it’s probably fake from India. Buyer beware. You can see your sign in the second picture looks like it was made in 1952 . Value in excellent condition is $500 your picture would be condition wise fair. Maybe $250 if it cleaned up a little better. The book is dated 2008 there is 12th edition a little more current . Boring I know fellas
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    That’s cool and it’s dated in the bottom right hand corner but can’t seem to make it out. Appreciate you guys taking a few pictures. Don’t see a trade mark either. But it’s cool with the bottle and probably could be cleaned up a bit.
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    He must have taken a turn to fast with his Monte Carlo...……..
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    C 10 corvette. See no sharp edges .....Mongoose keep your eyes on the car not her keith there’s your red inside instead . Chris we need more women in your videos ....now enjoy 😊
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    The Corvette hasn’t won at the Glen in like 8 years. 2nd is almost as long. I did want the Ford GT to win since this is their last year as a factory team. Next year isn’t going to happen for Ford.
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    Unofficially, the Berg snake below is the "correct" cobra for the Shelby GT.
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    Thanks Goose!!… …….yeah it's getting up there for any car IMO.
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    I would agree the base version Target is probably being set just around $75k...and like the 350, the “track” version could push 25% increase over the base and put it past the $100k mark. As you said, only a matter of time.
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    This car was also disqualified (actually within a few hours of the GT-PRO Ford GT #4 car). Virtually same reasons - fuel slightly over capacity and fill time too short.
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