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    Thought you guys might like some photos from my November trip to MCACN... If you've never been and have a love for muscle cars, then I highly suggest making your way to Chicago the weekend before Thanksgiving for the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. It is beyond amazing and I'm fortunate to have gone in a Ford heavy year. There were more Boss 9s than Boss 302s and Shelbys combined! This is the link to my Flickr account album frm the show. https://www.flickr.com/photos/186442870@N04/albums/72157712831723778 Boss 302 styling prototype owned by Larry Shinoda Boss 9s for days Barn find 18k mile Boss 9 1 of 2 ZL1 Corvette
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    I used to own a LOT of Mustangs. Back in the early 80's when they could be bought cheap, I owned a 70 Fastback with 302, a 70 Mach 1 with 351 C 2V a 70 Mach 1 428 CJ R code and 2 Red 69 Mach 1 428 R Codes at the same time. Those were the Days.
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    Feel the love. 🤓
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    You need to come to Florida during Hurricane Season..........Electric Car Boy...........
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    All, picked mine up tonight after landing from vacation it was wet so just took her home and parked her.
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    Ok today’s qualifying results are all within a blink of an eye. The C8 R broke into the 1:42.793. Top spot goes to Ferrari at 1:42.685. Friday they couldn’t get into the 1:44 lap time. They were in last place in lap times. Nice job team Corvette... See below for all cars.
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    With the new electronics it’s not necessary to bring the car into the service bay. Over the air adjustments can be made similar to XM radio service enhancements. But I will change the oil to get rid of small contamination in the oil at 500/750 miles. DCT trans got to study this further as far as an oil change goes.
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    Got NEWS for you Dumbass, I AM a 501(c)3, I have put on MANY Excursions, I am STILL working on the Golf Course Project, and I am still working on doing the Track Days Event so do me a favor....KISS MY ASS. Let me know when your SORRY ASS puts together an Event all by yourself, until then Stay out of my Business and SHOVE IT.
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    Look at the bright side. Every EV built means one less car or truck's demand for gasoline.
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    No rain tires needed for the Daytona today or tomorrow......sunny sky’s the rest of the weekend. Those are some good size meats right there ..... So if you want to watch on your devices here you go .  * eastern standard time Saturday January 25* 1:30 PM - 11:55 PM IMSA.tv* 1:40 PM - 11:55 PM Trackpass* 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM NBC* 2:30 PM - 6 PM NBC SN* 6 PM - 11 PM NBC Sports Live* 11 PM - 11:55 PM NBC SN Sunday, January 26* 12 AM - 1:40 PM IMSA.tv* 12 AM - 1:40 PM Trackpass* 12 AM - 3 AM NBC SN* 3 AM - 6 AM NBC Sports Live* 6 AM - 12:30 PM NBC SN* 12 PM - 2 PM NBC
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    At the track today. Cars are waiting for IMSA inspection. The C8R looks amazing in person . Bunch of the Ferrari race team guys were looking at it real close. This is as close as they will ever get. ....
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    Here you go Keith and fellas ......... With the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 now out of the bag, we’re anxiously looking to the horizon for the new mid-engine sports car’s various go-faster variants, including the C8 Corvette Z06. As luck would have it, a prototype C8 Z06 was recently spotted in Southern California, and we now have a brief video that shows it carving up some twisting two-lane mountain roads. The video in question was recently posted to Facebook by Jim Lill in San Diego, and shows the C8 Corvette Z06 attack a long right-hand sweeper as it progresses up a hill. The driver is clearly digging into the throttle, giving us an earful of the Z06’s engine – a naturally aspirated DOHC 5.5L flat-plane crank V8, which was recently previewed in the new Corvette C8.R race car. Output on the street-legal Z06 will be set at roughly 650 horsepower.
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    Rodgers is done. It’ll be a few days...after the dust settles.
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    Whatever you say.. yur the Doc!!……….
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    Fortunately the most snow my Mustang ever saw was 8" up in the hills of NorCal for a Boy Scout event.
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    Yup it is what it is you just deal with it...we used to get snow like that here in NS back in the 60's and early 70's but not anymore.
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    90 mph winds holy cow. Snow drifts all over the place. Be safe even though you weren’t hit that hard.
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    Would love to see those pictures of Danica. Hope your team does well today. We will be watching. Going out to dinner early with friends so as not to miss the game. Please no jokes about old people early bird dinners in fla. .....
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    Sunday video if interested.... https://youtu.be/dIobw90RvYA
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    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkZWEq262Mo No surprise here. All factory bone stock top level performance models, all automatics and all run against each other at the same time.
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    -12 here now and wind chill of -30...poker run tomorrow!!!......
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    Did someone say “foxy body”??!! https://www.google.com/search?q=farrah fawcett and ford mustang&tbm=isch
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    Agreed....I bought a new 1977 Cobra II black with gold stripes and I found it to be a nice little car and had a blast with it while I had it...the Fox bodied Mustangs I could never take to at all to me they were square boxes...they performed well though got to give them that.
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    Wayyyy more than the Fox Body....
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    The day I own an electric car is the day you see seagulls and crows flying backwards...…..
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    Since they LOCKED the Challenger Hellcat Thread, I will just plop this down here...…. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/fca-mechanic-quietly-transforming-muscle-162745384.html Does anyone know this Guy, Dave Dudek in Clinton Township, Michigan? Cool article about him.
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    It sure was. And we are living through another decade of modern muscle cars. 2 years from now it’s car crazy heaven. Buyers market also. Prices will make these cars be attainable by all.
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    Back in the day the big 3 engineers used to take out their toys and race on Woodward Ave. Stop light to stop light and I’m sure there were a few tickets back then and what registrations were given ? I know my sister dated a ford engineer who would bring over a Boss 302 with a tricked out intake on it. Don’t know if that was his car. Just saying this stuff was happening back in the 60’s and early 70’s. The 64 GTO was born in the garages of these engineers. I remember a GM guy was selling his executive car a 65 GTO. He lived down the street and it was for sale. I did get to drive it. Don’t know who actually owned it. I saw a lot of fast eddies on Woodward ave in the 60’s. Stuff that wasn’t in the showrooms yet. Especially on Friday nights. The big 3 just looked the other way as long as nobody got hurt. We also used to race on Freeways that weren’t open yet. The guys had spotters set up to watch for the police. Not sure who was actually in charge of these events. Partipated in a few but it was very hush hush and it just would happen with not much advance notice. Crazy times living in the Detroit area for sure. Back in 1967 worked next to the GM building during the riots. The building was smack dab in the middle and it was scary times for sure. We had a few days off but you could see the buildings and smoke from the 15 floor all around the area. I was working for a engineering firm for my summer job during college. I carried a 36 marlin rifle in the back seat of my car. Wasn’t taking any changes.
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    Jeeps are good in snow especially the long wheel base 4 door ones...the 2 door can be quick to go end to end on you but generally good in snow enjoy the show Doc...….
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    Same here Doc...Snow storm yesterday and today 22F and Saturday it's going to be 52F and rain...……….
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    Nice little recap of this past decade of the Mustang.
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    +100 Or in this case, Shelby American Shop “stock”.
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    Put 100 miles on it yesterday not much and it was in low 40s so to cold to stretch her legs much. The transmission shifts are unbelievable, ride is so great, the HUD shift lights are very nice, it sounds absolutely awesome. It’s going to be a little while till I can give opinion on power but in only 100 miles I can already tell I will not regret giving up my 2013 for the 2020.
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    The C8R had a good outing at Daytona and is looking good. I always wondered how the team felt Racing a 6 year old car and knew a mid engine car was coming. Well Tommy Milner sums it up below . Actually us race fan were getting a little bored with the car also. It won most races but mostly in the pits and crew strategy and not on speed. It was time for a big change. “Some boredom gets built in because you end up at a setup that you don’t really stray from too much. With the new car, there’s a whole world of options that we can try to make it better. “It’s fun for the engineers and it’s fun for us to work with them, going through that process of trying new things and seeing what works and doesn’t work.” Milner also praised the behind-the-wheel experience of the Corvette. “Driveability wise, it’s been a lot of fun so far,” he added. “[There was] not a huge transition from front-engine rear-drive to mid-engine rear-drive, but certainly it’s a whole new experience. “It’s been fun learning about that and finding ways to make this one better than the previous generation.”
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    Great Story! Your wife is awesome! Sounds like we have the same taste in bikes:
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    This morning results. Well Jordon Taylor broke into the 1:44.950 lap time. Still needs more work but they are tight. Best lap 1:44.142 Hey Mongoose I was wrong Taylor Racing is still Racing the caddy in Dpi. But his sons are racing with Team Penske and Team Corvette.
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    Yeah but boy those twin rear antennas are cats meow and far out man.
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    I saw him at the TSO show in Detroit Sat night. We were in row 3 of the evening show, and he was handing out picks before the show, and I recognized him and called out to him. Mentioned your name. Talked for a minute or so. Was looking for him after the show, but didn't see him. I got his head in a few pictures cuz he was taking pictures right in front of us in the photo pit.
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    Here are two more versions of their Falcon...…..
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    I would love one of the 2 Doors...…..
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    The only donuts I like in the Morning is in the parking lots with someone else’s car at WOT and no spectators getting in the freakin way. ...
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    For the hack of it. I Built this on Ford web site, clicked find it for me and it was already on it's way to a dealer just 19 miles from my house.
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    Got my 2020 #214 last week . Very nice driving car.
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