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    After my 4 hours of fun at the GT500 Track tour I was planning to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, about the technical aspects of the GT500. After reading a few of the magazine reviews about the car I realized there are others with far more automotive experience that can accomplish that task better. The essential question we are all asking ourselves is will you sell you current Ford to obtain one? Having owned a GT350, GT350R, and Whippled Terminator I want to present to you my thoughts on the matter. These are my angles, and many things are left to consider. Please share your thoughts when you finish reading this, as it may help others. The GT500 is many things. One thing I can confidently say that it wont be, is a disappointment. There is a concert of systems working in harmony to make that car exquisite to drive. Anyone that currently owns a GT350 will have that same special feeling and shit eating grin when you get inside of it. On track the CFTP manages weight, body roll, turn in, grip, throttle application, shifts and everything else without you thinking about it. On the drag strip it makes launching a simple process without you thinking about it. Set a lap record without breaking a sweat then go enjoy a nice charcuterie board in between sessions.... Remember that thought until later... When you think about combat effectiveness, or picking the right tool for the job, the A7 from Tremec makes complete and total sense. With contenders like the Hellcat and ZL1 LE there would be too much margin for error with a manual if your ultimate goal is to demolish everything else currently on the street. Not only to demolish, but to give customers of all skill levels the ability to harness the power on tap no matter what performance situation they enter into. I spoke with a Tremec engineer at the event and quickly mentioned the epitome of manually shifting automatic transmissions, the Porsche PDK. It was made clear that much effort was put into benchmarking against that transmission, and making this one even better. They did it, although experience with the transmission on the street in traffic is an unknown. If anyone here has been in a high horsepower manual car you know with great power, comes great responsibility. Power management out of an apex or off the line is a constant battle, and often costs you time. I did not think the automatic transmission would be rewarding, but it definitely was. The Whippled Terminator I had was an absolute beast, but really took a skilled driver to extract the most from. The car was either roasting the tires or roasting the tires anytime I put that foot to the floor. I do not foresee that being the case here, and that is a benefit for everyone driving it. The A7 is not only a win for the car, but a win for all of us that want to see the GT500 on the top of the food chain. HOWEVER, there are many factors about performance car ownership that many never discuss. The ability to fit your kids and wife inside for a trip to cars and coffee. The point of diminishing returns with modifications. Dreading a trip because being caught in traffic will give your left knee atrophy. Tossing the keys to your wife so she can take the car to work and not be in fear of stalling out on the driveway into the office. New enthusiasts that would be too timid to push the car because a stick shift is intimidating. Enthusiasts with a little more mileage on their bodies and cant manage a stick shift anymore. This level of accessibility and versatility makes the GT500 a big win, but will also bring many more buyers into the pool. As I took the 600 mile drive back home from Vegas I didn’t feel as though I was missing anything in my GT350R. Several other vehicles pulled out cameras and the driver of a Dodge truck chased me down to get a closer look. Downshifts with a quick rev match to pass big rigs was satisfying at my core. The looks, rarity, and balance of the GT350R made me happy with the woman I married. Knowing that when GT500 production gets fully underway there will be plenty of them in production and at dealerships. Aside from the CFTP, exclusivity and ADM wont be the name of the game for long. My brief time in the GT500 was amazing. What stuck in my mind the most was my feeling of detachment while on track. That previous thought about exquisite management of all the systems, it also was what made me feel a little disconnected from the whole experience. Kind of like when your wife tells you to lay back and let her do all the work. Undoubtedly fun, but I still want to put in a little work.....sometimes. It’s my only criticism, but its not the GT500’s fault. My brain and testosterone filled need to feel like I am the one controlling the car is what holds me back. That will be the basic question you need to ask yourself before you make the move. Are you ready to fundamentally change your mind about what performance driving is like without a manual. Those that are ready will not be disappointed. Those that are not ready, still wont be disappointed, but you may want to keep 6 gears nearby for that occasional fix. This closing statement is not made to knock any other variant of Mustang on the road, or to seem elitist about the GT350R. It just happens to be the top dog Mustang at the moment. Anyone who has switched from the GT350 to the R knows the cars are different, and even modifications to a GT350 wont necessarily get you there without some financial investment. The limited production, factory aero, and magazine reviews make the R a car of obsession and desire. It’s performance is renowned and envied by other car enthusiasts across the board. If you have a GT350R because you enjoy analog driving input from a manual I do not think selling your current car for the GT500 is the best move. The 500 is amazing, but not such a different feeling than what you have. The control and linear power application built into the GT500 because of the A7 still makes it feel similar to what the GT350R does with the manual. Words do not quite describe the satisfaction of when you heel-toe downshift into the apex, but also wont be enough to wash away the feeling of getting passed by a GT500 right after you hit the straightaway. Getting a slightly used base GT500 to mod how you want would be my advice for R owners. Buying both would be ideal if you got it like that, or if you are mentally ready to let the third pedal go. If you have a GT350 or other built Mustang though......This GT500 is hella hella fast like VTEC duuu, and you probably wont beat it. Try to build your own and it will likely cost you more with little to be gained in resale. The GT500 is hungry, and equipped with a proper driver and sticky tire it will eat most cars at any event. I can almost guarantee if you best the GT500 in any arena with equal tire compound you probably beat the driver, and not the car. If you did beat the car, chances are you had to give up so much utility in every other arena that the GT500 still wins at being more versatile. Built or bought. Driver skill or the car. Perhaps none of it matters if you are winning. If you own any other variant of performance Mustang short of the R and have the financial ability to afford a GT500, I would be selling my baseball card collection, cancelling the built motor, selling all my spare parts, and calling MSRP dealerships until my fingers bled. First startup and WOT pull will leave you with no regrets.
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    During the annual Shelby American SEMA party last week the Director of Team Shelby, Tracey Smith, announced the 2020 Team Shelby Vegas Bash dates will be March 19-22 2020 Vegas Bash Host hotel is not ready for announcement just yet but I can say that it will not be the hotel used for the past several bashes. See you all in March. Steven
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    Drive report - the 65mm twin blade and the KR tune work really together, really well. Most mild mods I can’t feel a seat of the pants, but not so in this case, I definitely feel a difference in some 3rd gear pulls.
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    All speculation. Look at the Vette reviews on YouTube- not so great. You'll be hard-pressed to find one without options that add tens of thousands over MSRP and equally hard-pressed to actually order a base model. I expect the easily swayed and gotta-have-it-now crowd will be bored and disappointed with their Vettes not long after buying them. My son worked at a Chevy dealer. I've seen and heard about their lack of build quality first hand. You got hooked into the hype, especially saying the Vette is "better in every way" The GT500 hasn't even been released yet and it's a brand-new model. Not all dealers have ADM's on Bullitts. However, I've seen very high ADM's on Hellcats when they were new and I'm sure Redeyes will have them as well. Come back to your senses and actually wait for the cars to be available to take a test drive and inspect first before you make a decision and a purchase.
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    I didn't originally post the following Cobra photo but since it was referenced to in the recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage.................. here's another movie car photo.
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    Ewwww is right.....using both "Mustang and Mach" is stupid IMO....The word Mustang to me is a sports/muscle car...add "Mach" to it and it's the fire breathing street brawler from back in the day but putting those two names on an electric cross over is just sacrilegious.
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    good to see some chatter from people are receiving their new 2020 Ford Shelby GT500's soon. Be sure to post pics and also your impressions and reviews of the vehicles..
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    The 2020 GT500 is proving to be yet another Ford success with Shelby Lineage attached to it. The overall performance numbers trickling out about it are impressive. The reviews are predominantly positive. The order banks are filling up rapidly. People are starting to receive their cars and people are posting in multiple different forums that they will be receiving cars soon with estimated delivery dates before Thanksgiving of 2019. While I am not in the market for a 760 hp beast myself, I like what they did with the platform. I am glad to know Ford as well as Shelby continue to push the performance envelope for the Mustang and I am happy for people who are going to be getting one.
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    Who are you?....And what did you do with BB??……..
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    0444 scheduled 10/23 and thru body shop and awaiting shipment I guess......we will see. Wayne
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    I saw this story on Google News yesterday. I too wonder why they crush cars after movies. Maybe the ones that are modified for just movies aren’t necessarily “road worthy” anymore? Just a thought. That car was so bad a$$ when it was first intro’d. I remember the German tv commercial too...... my first 500’s color!! 🕺 And to think that 500 horses is nothing today.....
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    On this Veterans Day 2019, we salute Carroll Shelby for his service to the United States of America. Before he was a race car driver or legendary auto developer – heck, even before he was a great chicken farmer, Carroll was a flight instructor in the US Army Air Corps, training new pilots in Texas just weeks before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the start of WWll. Here’s a link that chronicles his life and includes a segment about his service. http://airportjournals.com/carroll-shelby-from-curtiss-to-cobra/ PS: As I recall, Carroll had a model of a P-38 fighter suspended in flight in his Las Vegas office before the move downtown.
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    Turn up your volume!!! This car is freaking cool. Doc, you oughtta enjoy this one.
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    That's not what I'm seeing. Ebay says low volume non car sales lots sellers can list their car for free and if it sells on ebay then you pay ebay a fee between $60-125 depending on the final selling price. As I mentioned in my earlier post, make the deal off of ebay there is no final fee to be paid, you just cancel the auction and meet the buyer in person to make the transaction. Steven
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    Another video from Vegas.SEMA show. ...it’s short Mongoose so you have time to build your snowman......... .
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    OP, First of all, Welcome to Team Shelby. There is whole section on TS for the Shelby focus. It is located in the link below. It may have some info that will be of help to you. You can also perhaps contact Shelby American directly and they may be bale to provide you some info. Best of luck in your quest. Post some pics of it if/when you build it. https://www.teamshelby.com/forum/295-shelby-focus-general-discussion/?ct=1573172169 ps: they didn't build very many of them but hopefully someone on TS who may have bought one or has info on the Shelby Focus will reach out to you via PM or post info for you.
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    Based on the article and it’s name (after the 1963 original) it will be a straight line beast. Looks like the suspension and power delivery set-up will be redone to do one thing very well: make an A to B pass. So long Demon. Good read on the original: http://thecarsource.com/shelby/cobra/dragonsnake/dragonsnake.shtml
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    Added some photos to the press release photo. Hopefully will be able to add more later. Steven
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    You two jokers are just toooooo funny. Actually I was out helping a guy with a Stink-in Lincoln ...it died in front of out house. The guy kept mumbling something about a goose or a goose is cooked. .......Not sure what his problem was . It did have Wisconsin plates however. Kept mumbling about cats or something feline. Oh mongoose. U know anything about this ....
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    Comparable cost to the C8, well, there goes one of the arguments people had. And faster times on the drag strip too. So much for the C8 being the greatest thing ever.
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    Nice post!!! I just can’t get over a $80-100K car having that interior, they could’ve at least added stitching on the dash and doors. Also they need to get over black wheels. I thought about selling my Shelby GT/SC to get one, but in the end I’m getting some mods done instead, new stripes, interior, watts link, brakes, etc. As much as I love this car I cant confidently say at this price it would be my car of choice. I’ll enjoy what I have a few more years and see what happens.
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    A few photos of the vehicles used in the soon to be released Ford vs Ferrari movie. Photos courtesy of Superformance. For more information contact Superformance at 888-445-5526
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    Today my car blended and was produced, now the wait for an actual shipping date. It does look like I will have it before thanksgiving and will be one of the first on the road. Super excited
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    Retired 5 years now. Do what I want to do when I want to do it. Signed up for a 50-day cruise around South America in 2022.
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    Yeah that’s true. Just messing with you nothing serious. Bunch of jokers on here also.
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    Here is another one with Evan Smith driving ...Mr Hot shoe. ..this thing hauls ass big time...
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    1/4 mile times released from Evan Smith for the 500 this morning, 10.61. Seen C8 times from 11.3 11.4 in several sources.
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    You might PM forum member bikeboy. He has a tremendous amount of diecast and matchbox cars and all things Ford.
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    By factory satellite I'm guessing you are referring to the Hertz installed Sirius radio control? If so thats about how they worked when new, meaning pretty bad. The Sirius radio controls used in the GTH were low-end Audio-vox units re-branded with the Hertz logo so they were not great performers out of the box. The next biggest reason for the low performance was having the satellite antenna mounted inside the car which accounts for the signal loss. In my opinion any decent quality name brand stereo is better than what came stock in the 2006 GTH and will have all kinds of bells & whistles for smart phones and aux inputs. Steven
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    Couldn’t agree more. The new 911-S just got Best Drivers Car (GT350 came in 2nd and got awesome reviews) and the Corvette beat out the 911 in a recent review. They said it wasn’t better then the 911, but when you bring price into consideration it just wins, that’s how close it is to the 911. The 911 is the most Admired sports Car ever, that is a Huge compliment. Too bad the GT500 and C8 weren’t available for the testing, Best Drivers Car in my opinion is a much better test then the typical track testing, 99.9% of buyers don’t track their cars. Real world driving is what matters.
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    This car has been on the Cardinale website for little over a year. When it was first posted, the car had stripes. Sometime in late spring 2019, new photos appeared in their ad WITHOUT stripes. I called to inquire what happened and was told by the salesman "I don't know". When I asked if there was someone there who might be able to shed some light on why the stripes were removed...he said "probably not". Add in that they don't even know what car their selling (calling it a GT350) makes one wonder what else they don't know about the car?
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    Every dealer on the Corvette Forum is selling orders for MSRP. Corvette Forums has many dealers that are sponsors that help out Members with anything and everything Corvette related.
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    And so much more................... If you are in Las Vegas during SEMA week be sure to drop by SAI for even more newly added vehicles on display.
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    👍 https://news.yahoo.com/shelby-american-celebrates-ford-v-221221203.html
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    Ok BUT, how much HP and Torque does it have in ……………………………………………..Reverse?
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    Yep. You wanna know when it's time to buy a car like these? They will be few in dealer inventory and the one they have will be sitting in the show room. The time to buy one is when they start parking them outside.
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    Just an update My car went into production today blend date 10/31 est delivery date 11/21. From what I can tell looks like there has been 43 cars have been produced and 53 sent to plant for production not counting the Ford orders for VIPs and executives. No retail orders delivered yet first one should be week of 29 October. We will see my chassis number I’m hoping for under 200 and should be one of first 100 produced for retail delivery.
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    Yep and 99.9% of my driving is under 80mph. Lots of 0 to 60 to be honest. Seat of the pants makes for a fun street car . Country roads curves and downshifting again under 65 mph. To be honest I sold my 16 GT350 because it felt slow on the street. Low end grunt was not there. Nobody home ...Torque didn’t come on until 4000 rpms. Could not use the 8200 rpm on the street. Never tracked it and wasn’t going to.
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    I am kind of partial to this car that is in the showroom for a couple weeks.
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    And of course everyone's favorite.....................
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    Yeah he should. 👍
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    Why is this a problem in California? Most of the mountain west has power lines above ground (Although within modern subdivisions most are underground). Only California hasn't figured out how to mitigate the fire danger. When we lived in Massachusetts a high tower power line was about a mile away from where we lived . Everything was cleared for the width of the right of way and nothing growing reached more than about half way up the towers. (See note 1) In Colorado most lines in rural and the carrying lines are above ground. We never had issues because the brush under and around was cleared regularly. Additionally the undergrowth was regularly cleared by controlled burns and in areas where nothing was at risk fires were allowed to burn out. California either (1) utilities don't know how to maintain their spaces or can't afford it or won't spend the money or (2) tree huggers get in the way of preventive maintenance. And yeah, building in a fire prone area and not clearing an area around the property (no trees near by) are the property owners problem. Building houses on steep slopes is equally stupid and every year some fall off the edge. People take those risks assuming insurance will bail them out, and the result is that insurance for everyone costs more. You can build a house in the flood zone too (ask me how I know this) if you're willing to pay the flood insurance. Selling the house can be a problem. The news the other night had people whining about the cost of their fire insurance skyrocketing. CA must have a pretty good insurance commission because when the big fires hit a few areas in Colorado the companies simply withdrew from the market. Policies were expired and not renewed and the company no longer sold fire insurance in the sate. Note 1: As a result of the initial clearing that happened when the lines and towers were run the particular area we wear nearby grew back with wild blueberry bushes. They were the best kept secret that only the locals (and those we told ) knew about. There were blueberry farms nearby that sold them (pick your own) but they were pretty flavorless. The ones under the power lines were wild and much smaller but immensely more flavorful and sweeter. I used to pick a gallon ice cream pail and freeze them they would last us a year.
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    People on here know trust me. Very small bunch of car crazy people.
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    Thanks so much. Hope you enjoy it!
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    Yep all the way Mongoose. SW coupe none finer.
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