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    Testing photo attachments.... Now I get to show off my Cobra here for the first time.
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    Glad to hear you passed the eval Sarge and hope you get relive with the stimulator.................Oh and Keep dicking your Doc..........
  4. 2 points
    Just talked to Ruf. He's doing good. He's been busy getting everything together for his new house purchase. Plus he got a new computer and hasn't been able to get on here yet.
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    Damn BB sorry to hear about G's toe...and thanks for the update that yur alive....who didn't come back on after the re Folk up?....same ole dudes here since the upFolk!!................Good luck in the sale of the Sandy Eggo place didn't know you guys were selling that thought you said that was your retirement home?...personally I'd rather be in Zona anyway I absolutely love the climate down there but for me I need SNOW and OCEAN at least in winter it's just part of my DNA!!!......Like 06 said glad to have you back and don't come out with this phone BS er I'll rub yur ears together!! With Love Canucklehead..............
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    Well thing is you NEVER use the word "DONG" around here it may be taken out of context by some perv!!!............
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    I had a blast when Team Shelby did this in 2011!
  8. 2 points
    I will try & get a Canadian group to join in this great weekend.
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    Damn, I oughtta be a moderator.
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    Wear the crotchless ones.............
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    This is a Ford , Mustang, Shelby site..... Pontiacs are NOT allowed. GM owners are locked out of adding sig pics.
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    Looks like the real thing!!!
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    HOLAH THIS!!!!...........
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    I've used the rattle can for several of my aftermarket parts. I get it from automotivetouchup.com. Just enter car info and chose the color u want http://www.automotivetouchup.com/
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    After 5 months and about 1,300 miles (it's got to share fun driving duty with two other newer cars and 3 oldies), here are my impressions of my 2017 670hp auto Ruby Red/White Super Snake coupe: After having had both a 550 hp and 662 hp GT500, this car is head and shoulders above them. First and foremost, the handling is superb! Almost as good as a Z06, IMHO (I've had one.) Power is relentless and smooth, thought I wouldn't like the auto but I do, although there are times I'd like to row through a manual box. The looks of the car are amazing, I get a lot of comments, see people taking pictures, etc. Interior is great, love the seats (did not get the optional seats). The sound is what it should be for a car like this, really has almost that dragster sound under full throttle as the RPMs increase. It's a bit on the raw and brash side in a very good way. Got the performance wheel studs and those attract quite a bit of attention. Oh, yes, and polished wheels. I think us old guys like polished better than black, at least this old guy does, and they complete the package. Other things and some nits: At first, there was a fair amount of surging under steady throttle at lower speeds (around town), but that has smoothed out with time as the car has broken in. The brakes are floating rotors, and there was quite a bit of clicking from them when slowing to a stop. That sound has disappeared as more miles built up on the car. Line Lock does not work. Could this be because of the change in brakes? Sometimes the dash-top gauges do not work, and I have to unplug the module that connects to the OBDI port and plug it back in, then they work OK. This is only intermittent, not every time I start the car. Also, cannot program them for backlight color from an Android phone, only an Apple device. Android recognizes, but they don't listen. The rear edge of the hood shakes a fair amount at highway speeds, to the point where you wonder if the hood is latched tight. Could use a bit of reinforcing in that area. Bluetooth audio from my phone does not work with either Pandora or Sirius app. When first connecting, the sound is ok, but after several minutes on either service, the sound starts breaking up and getting choppy. I'm wondering if there is interference from the gauges and the module since they communicate by bluetooth also. Need to try connecting an iPod via bluetooth and see what happens. After two trial runs, I figured out how to get the best launch and turned a 12.6 @ 113.85 at Bandimere in Denver, about 5,800 ft. altitude, about 85 degree day. Almost full tank of gas and didn't fiddle with tire pressures, this was first time at track with this car and wanted to get a feel for it. A GT350 was also there, didn't run directly agains it, ran 14.2 Confirmed my decision to get SS instead of GT350. However, an S600 AMG Mercedes ran 11.9! I have an SL63 AMG that ran 12.29, with 100 less horsepower. Not complaining about the 1/4 time, just need some polishing and practice. SS should beat SL. Overall, I love this car, and anything mentioned above is more quirks and idiosyncrasies that I can live with because the whole package is great. I've had a C7 Z06, and MUCH prefer this car. Better looks, better sound, equal if not more power, handles almost as well, less expensive and you don't see yourself coming and going. And ricer fanboys seem to know what it is and generally leave it alone.
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    Well, I found out you have to pass a physc eval to get the spinal cord stimulator. Against all odds I passed it. Matter of fact it was questionable because the Doc and I got to BS'n and I started telling her controller stories and she started reacting like she'd been hit with a cattle prod. She says she may never fly again. I told her, Nah I just shittin ya! I want to see if you are nuts. She laughed looked relieved, I made note to myself to stop dicking around. Sarge
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    email me your address. I'll handle the rest! bryanmfa@gmail.com
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    Isn't there already a discussion on this?
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    Love my 2016 Shelby GT H
  22. 1 point
    Keith, do you do the Clean and Jerk?
  23. 1 point
    Baked baby back ribs with a baked Idaho! Whatcha got?
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    Scared to drive it? Then why buy it? I bought one of the 17 2007 GT-H executive sticks back in 2009. It only had a few hundred miles on it when I bought it out of Oklahoma City and it was flawless. I flew to Oklahoma City from Calgary, Alberta and picked up the car. I then proceeded to drive a sh!t ton of miles to Las Vegas in a 16 hour canon ball run. I racked up 1,113 miles in that 16 hour shot. When I got it to Vegas I stored the car for two years until I was able to bring it up to Alberta, Canada and then in another 22 hour canon ball run I racked up another 1,365 miles. Two road trips, 38 hours of drive time, 2,478 total miles and this is how it looked when I arrived home in Canmore, Alberta. Those two trips were epic and I still own the car to this day. These cars are so damn much fun to drive. Why would you be scared to drive it? QSS
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    Thanks, brother! 3 weeks! Very excited. A real good fit for me and my little guys.
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    You could purchase a plastic display box. https://www.casesforcollectibles.com/
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    I'm with you. Buy what you like. Looks like we both love the black and gold. Cool collection.
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    I' m enjoying the conversation on the 2016 GTH. I am hearing that those that have them love them and those that don't have them think they are overpriced .I wanted a GTH 350 in 1966 when I got out of the Army, couldn't afford one ( still can't afford a 1966 ) but now 50 years later I GOT A 2016 GTH And Love It ! Didn't buy it as an investment, but got a low mileage licensee car. The ones that are left will be at a lower price, but they are the higher mileage or damaged cars. For anybody who would rather have a GT - go for it; but if you do want to talk investment or value - in 5-10 years or more they will be a used GT and I will have a 2016 Shelby GTH - 50th Anniversary car - It's all good.
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    Done. Thank you so much dude!
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    If it weren’t for the event, I’d do just about anything not to stay at this, or any other, property which engages in the practice of assessing meaningless “Resort Fees” which account for absolutely nothing and guests cannot stay without paying rather than advertising the actual room rate and perhaps not always appearing first atop the list of supposedy least expensive alternatives which meet the search criteria. Othwrwise, I’m very much looking forward to attending.
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    Here's the American Muscle version installed on my 2017. I moved the lettering up to the front as traditional in the original GT350's.
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    August 14th through the 19th Team Shelby Will be invading Dearborn this August. We will start with 2 days of track time at Gingerman Raceway, Move to Dearborn to run the Romeo Proving Grounds on Thursday. Friday will bring a family picnic at the Henry Ford Village followed by a private event at the Henry Ford Museum where you will be able to view exhibits all by your lonesome. On Saturday its the worlds biggest cruise at Woodward. We will either be in the snake pit or, we may have our own street! There will be more details to follow but save those dates!!
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    I am SO in. I planned to do Woodward anyway. Will throw in an extra lawn chair. Any members who can't bring their rides can hang out with those of us who do.
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    I like the rear spoiler it reminds me of the 70 boss type spoiler.
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    Hey he will it's in his DNA to pull a sleigh.
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    All the tissues are from people laughing so hard that they cry, for him trying to push it off as "Real"!
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    Please bring it! Yes, it will be admired by many, especially if tracking it. I know I will!
  40. 1 point
    It does my heart good to see so many of the old screen names in this thread. It really does. 🙂
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    Yes posting pictures has improved a great deal but still have to downsize. Now I can show both mustangs. just practicing
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    No question on this...all those cool special edition Cobras Shelby markets are in conjunction with Superformance and Hillbanks. Lance Stander and his crew are one of the biggest Team Shelby supporters. He were instrumental in the resurgence of the brand
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    With all that add on`s that might be just enough H.P to twist that two piece drive shaft.
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    9 inches wide,1 inch spacing, non tapered but obviously contoured to fit curves of the car and still appear straight from front to back.
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    101,548 miles Looks like got all y'all beat.
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    Update: Hit 76K on the SS last weekend.
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    Bumping this OLD thread! My wife and I just got back from a 10 day New England/Canadian cruise.... Our last port was the beautiful city of Halifax, both my wife and I would love to revisit the city again, just not enough time when you're only in port for a few hours. Any chance this could get off the ground? We'd love to see Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto!
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    Yes, it's unfortunate but I fully agree with this. This is why so many guys remove mods later, restore the car to original and sell the mods separately for a steep discount.