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    New photo from last weekend gathering. 10 years of happy ownership coming up in December. Longest I have ever owned a car and it still looks new and puts a smile on my face.
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    Besides the GT car cover the car also came with a Ford GT branded Ctek battery maintainer and an autographed die cast scale model. Not sure whose autographs those are but I'm guessing they are either the cars build team or the design team. Anyone know for sure whose autographs those are?
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    Looking at the Hertz provided Autocheck report for this car, you'll see it was involved in an accident. That no doubt explains the stripe-less front end in some of the photos. In what appears to be the "after repair" photos, they show stripes were applied..........but sadly the wrong grill and grill badge were not replaced. A couple other issues..........the GT-H embroidered floor mats are missing. Looks like generic mats in the trunk. Also, in a couple photos, both carbon fiber shark fins are missing from in front of the rear wheel wells. Yet, in other photos, it appears the left side shark fin is in place....still missing the right side. This car is in need of some serious TLC. lol
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    You got it!!! Send me your picture and I'll send you a picture of a five dollar bill!
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    We don't give out candy anymore in Canada we give out cannabis...…..
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    Our Countries new name....Canabus…….
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    Superman, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman are DC characters, and Stan Lee did not create them. And Capt America is Marvel, but was created before Stan started working there. But you did get one right, he did create (along with Joe Kirby) Black Panther.
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    M M M, Not a bad price to pay for peace of mind but to be fair your extended warranty is not a bumper to bumper warranty like it was when your car was new. For example when your car was brand new Ford would replace the stripes if they had an issue, Ford will not do that under an extended warranty. Same for interior trim, say the stitching was coming loose on the drivers seat, Ford would have repaired that under the brand new bumper to bumper warranty but will not under an extended warranty. Ford would also replace "wear items" like brake pads & clutch discs under the bumper to bumper warranty when the car was new, they would classify the replacement as premature wear, Ford will not replace any "wear items" under an extended warranty. Don't get me wrong I think you've done good and I would certainly do the same if I were in your shoes, Just don't want you to think that your extended warranty is the same as Fords new car bumper to bumper warranty and that every single thing will be repaired like it would be when the car was brand new. Steve PS- Another great feature of the Premium care is the tow truck & rental car coverage.
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    Yes Mongoose .....I do appreciate that item A Lot with Rotunda on it..When I was Like 6 years old my dad would take me to the Ford Rotunda for the annual Christmas party. All us kids would go up on stage and get a cool ford toy car or some modern toy car. Those days really felt like a close Ford family back then. My dad loved taking me there and it was only me and him. Nice bonding for sure. When I was 16 I Worked at Fords Greenfield Village in the summer and would ride to work with my dad. He worked right around the corner at the Ford engineering building. He would have to listen to my Motown sounds in the car. It bugged him at times ...he was kind of old fashion. Lol 😂 My mom gave me this Ford Rutonda plate after my dad passed. She was 98 when she gave me this. She lived to be 100.... she wanted me to have this.
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    Boy that’s one hell of a story there Mongoose. It’s such a tragedy out there. Can’t imagine going to bed and waking up to such a complete infernal and the having to out run the flames. My heart goes out to those brave souls. It seems like it’s always something going terribly wrong these days no matter where you live. Knock on wood. Later slo Lane.
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    I think you should go back and read the posts on the page before the last one before you feel bad for him or his none dog.
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    That’s a pretty cool cobra transporter thanks for sharing.
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    So my mach1 has snow tires. Well look out side bud. Yep I’ve been waiting 8 months to post this picture of my favorite funny guy. Well Christmas is right around the corner so this is a practice run. Heck I got to winterize the motorhome next week . Oh that.... Mhr1961 is just another woody woodpecker...pay no attention.
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    Hey Mongoose that’s a sweet GS. Exoto doesn’t disappoint on these GS models. I’ve got the blue coupe and think that’s a cool piece also. I’ll work on getting the big butt back.
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    I love it when a car heals itself!
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    I think it will come out like this . I hope ?
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    Follow-up.... So, instead of removing the hood, I decided to take her for a ride on a nice, relatively warm/sunny day. When I returned, I left her in the driveway to get some sun in hopes of the water evaporating some (at least I wanted to see if that would work if the hood was warmed up). Of course, the engine was hot too. Later on when I opened the hood, the sloshing sound I heard previously from the water running to the back of the hood was non-existent. So, it seems warming up the hood helped to evaporate the small amount of water that was trapped in it. Works for me! Appreciate all of the other suggestions!!
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    I've got the set as well (yeah, surprised, right?), set number 500 of 500. I've also got a few Camillo prints I've posted up here as well. I've met him, and was there when he delivered an original painting he did for a friend of mine( yeah, not cheap). That said, your daughters work is truly impressive and I hope it carries her far and well. She deserves it.
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    This car #J 10 never raced with number 1 on it. It also never raced at LeMans like the other red car # 1 that won that race. The episode tells more about the history but never explains why no number appears on the car. This car raced in cam am as a roadster and not in its current coupe form. Maybe that has something to do with its number. I’ll try to get more info on your question. I did find out the car was in the pebble beach auction in 2018 after the episode but didn’t sell . Picture below. Later slo lane.
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    Never said I was.... we have a sign hanging on the wall at home that states "Around here Normal is just a setting on the dryer"
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    Yeah and as Cheap as you are, you just have the Kids take a toke off the Joint you're already smoken.............
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    Heres what I`am going to do for ya, I`am going to send you a picture of me in my halloween costume & a self addressed envelope just pop the fiver in it & mail it out .
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    Ok here is one of my favorites I dug out and put on display. Exoto 1:18 Ford GT MK IV. Really pops in yellow and great detail. These sold new from exoto back in 2007 on sale for $116.... I bought a few. Now they easily go for $350 all the way up to $1150 asking prices. They have issued a cheaper model with the rear bonnet opening from the rear. It’s not as detailed and confuses people on ebay why the difference in price. This one even has the corvair taillights . Yep it sure does look at the last picture.
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    The ‘Y’ is missing on the deck lid. No deal....
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    No McLaren dealers in Vegas either. I suggested they open one. But haven't. Go figure.
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    I'd like to see Cooper but the boss won't go to concerts. He was here in August.
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    Alice Cooper put on a cool show. And I was home by 11. I wish I could see more shows right here in town. Makes the next morning a little more tolerable.
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    My 2013 GT350 convertible was 624HP from Shelby.
  34. 1 point
    If your vehicle is an authentic Shelby GT500 the 6th thru 8th digits of your VIN number will be 8 8 S for a GT500 coupe or 8 9 S for a GT500 convertible. Does your cars VIN number start out as 1ZVHT88S....... or 1ZVHT89S........ ? Let us know and we can go from there. Steve
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    add my name to the list of well wishers. Cancer sucks!
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    Ok gotcha Tek thanks.....wow he didn't have any weight to lose poor guy...hope he gets through this and gets on with his life.
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    Yeah who wants to spread crap in the wind...……..
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    Yep, you just stated why this forum doesn't get much SAI marketing info any more... No money or buyers to be found here.
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    Congrats on your great looking Shelby GT350. My favourite colour is the Ruby Red also. Enjoy the new ride. Sam
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    The car appears nice just too much money for a base vehicle. The Bullitt is much more of a car than the base 2019 SGT and is $20k less expensive for he lowest optioned SGT. I would like to know who has bought one or which dealer has one for sale. Just too much money for a base car. IMO I believe they are concentrating on higher end clientele and the blue collar buyer is not on their radar any longer.
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    That is awesome. You have to outfit a tree and just sit and watch that movie for this coming Christmas. My ornament collection spans not only Mustangs and Fords, but also Star Trek Batman, and the space program. Maybe one day I'll put up a tree to go with them.
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    Ok here is a hallmark I didn’t have to go in the attic to find. 2012 issue of the Bandit my favorite funny move and past actor. It was a real kick in the pants watching him run that Trans Am . Especially All those stunts that I understand he actually did. Sally Fields played a good role of being totally confused about all the truckers slang . She said those truckers can see right in here. His comment was that’s what I like about driving a semi “ I just love being able to spot those beavers darlin” .
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    A little off topic but it’s Hallmark. Here is the whole set of Christmas vacation ornaments starting in 2009 to 2018. I’ve got two of eddies RVs one without the box. Thanks to my wife for collecting these over the years. She’s always giving me one for Christmas. The 2018 came early since I wanted to show these. Thanks Bonnie.
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    Love those hallmark Shelby’s on the tree. It won’t be long now until I’ve got to get them there Shelby’s out of the attic. My wife has bought a lot of the hallmark car ornaments in the past. She buys 8 and gives me one and sells the rest. Pretty good profit on most of them. Years ago she bought a few motorhome models. Cousin eddies RV for $35 each and sold them years later for over $200 each with box . Today they go for around $400 each with box. Just crazy ? out there on ebay. I’ve got the whole collection like 10 different pieces from over the years. My favorite Xmas movie of all time....Christmas Vacation. The whole family watches it including the grandkids now. They laugh at all the crazy things and it’s the no swearing version.
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    Bosscars.com ...check out this one and their web site. Very knowledgeable crew.
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    I'd call it a custom. Can't clone something that was never made.
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    Look forward to seeing your goodies once they've made the trek. And one more for the tree...
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    Most of the 2016 Shelby GT H left from Hertz have high miles plus some have been in accidents. I have a 2006 Shelby GT H {which I really like} but there is no comparison to my 2016 Shelby GT H. The 2016 is awesome!!! But I also like all Shelby's...You can never go wrong with a Shelby.
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    Thanks Rob. I was around in the Stangs Unleashed days too following all the pre Shelby news and waiting patiently