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    No way man! You’re justified feeling this way. I'll attempt to relate.... I grew up in an auto family. My dad did custom leather upholstery for high end cars from classic Rolls-Royce down through now classic Mercedes cars and everything in between. I was always surrounded with the coolest cars and had no idea how fortunate I was. Then he passed away when I was a teenager. My mom kept kids fed and housed, but we had squat. I worked as a mechanic for years. Fast forward 30 years. i married my HS sweetheart, we worked our asses off to buy a home and raise a son. Now 56, a data security engineer and finally some disposable income! I fell in love with the s550 GT350 and cherish it on the same level as those classic cars that I now appreciate like never before. Keep it clean and it gives back everything you put into it. I dote over my car like I did for my wife when I was 18 because, well, it’s special. I worked hard to get here and don’t much care what anyone else thinks of that. It’s a milestone in my life’s story and my teenage son is having those same experiences I had at his age in the world of cool sports cars. enjoy it, you deserve it.
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    The 10th Annual Team Shelby Bash is in full swing! Check out this video from Friday March 9th... Link: http://www.fox5vegas.com/clip/14187761/shelbys-parade-down-las-vegas-strip
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    A little demo of the Shelby 1000 Diesel Concept Truck outside of SAI headquarters during the 2018 Shelby Vegas Bash. Truck burnout courtesy of Gary Paterson, President of SAI. Trailer burnout courtesy of Vince LaViolette, Vice President of SAI.
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    I bought one of them new back in 1977...mine was black with gold stripes..it was no powerhouse but it was cool looking in it's day.
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    I picked up this Pit Shirt @ Shelby store in Vegas before NASCAR weekend... http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/ts-cso603t7.htm Can't believe all the Shelby/Mustang owners at the track who admired it! Heard lotsa stories from all over USA
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    Since it was so easy I found another one.
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    To revisit the original question, i do believe people have gotten into the habit of changing out cars after having it for maybe a year or two. I considered myself very fortunate to have been able to purchase a 17 gt350 new a little over a year ago at the age of 23, and it was all hard work to get there for me so I cherish it like nothing else I own. It got me wondering, beings I used to frequent the car show circuit in a built 71 Maverick, how much I heard a lot of older folks saying that that they had something rare like a shelby or something comparable, and had regretfully sold it. I couldn't part with mine, and I felt I was offered the opportunity to have something that was the modern equivalent of the legendary cars of back in the good old days. A pure performance machine, and I honestly haven't a single complaint about it. Am one of the few that views these cars this way?
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    I guess I might be in the minority, but I love the Recaros in my 17. Drove it 6 hours home after taking delivery and they never gave me any reason to bitch. I’m 56, 180#, 5’11”. I'm used to the restrained seating from the SCCA days of my 20’s and 30’s and when I sat my overweight ass in the Recaros for the first time it was like visiting an old friend. As far as the torque curve goes, it took me 100 miles to figure out where the VooDoo likes to live and the song it sings can be intimidating to those (my wife) not used to living in the middle of the tach. For me, it was like being returned to the days of my youth and I’m completely smitten with the driving experience I get every time I climb (that’s what it is) into the cockpit. I love normally aspirated, big-hp, short-stroke engines that can fool me into believing I’m not a geezer, even though I really am. I just ain’t done having fun yet. I won’t be selling my GT350 anytime soon.
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    For those who aren't familiar with the Exoto Daytonas, herre a few shots of mine. Yeah, that the bumper sticker I mentioned earlier...
  12. 1 point
    Stunning pieces all. The Daytona could so easily be the real thing, and DBR1 painting speaks for itself. Truly amazing.
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    My opinion these cars are awesome. They will be sought after in the future. Most of the ones left have high mileage and some kind of accident/damage. With only being 171 and the 50th anniversary if you want one you better buy. My opinion
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    Checked our bank and nothing suspicious on ours.
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    Yes I’d like to see your corvette collection. Heck I go back and forth owning both Mustangs and Corvettes . Those 1:8 scale models I posted Just for fun and info on diecast. They are cool to look at but wouldn’t spend my money on one. I have no real bond with those cars anyways. More into All things Shelby today. I am waiting for GMP to reissue the 67 Ford GT MK IV red # 1 around July this year. $599 is my limit. If it's comparable to your 1:12 Ford GT 40 in detail and paint . Later. Now back to the race on my other iPad. .... MustangGT4. # 60' KOHR Motorsports ......wins wins wins !!!....
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    You can stream on your iPad or iMac . You need to visit the IMSA site . The broadcast is delayed till March anyway. The 12 hour Sebring race is on tomorrow and I’ll follow the Ford GT and Corvette . Sportscar racing is at an all time high Enjoy while you can. With Fords new CEO who knows the direction and commitment to GT racing in the future.
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    I agree with Mongoose, but I have found that most mustang fans appreciate seeing one in person. They know it’s a Shelby and appreciate seeing the window sticker and all information about them. It’s a hoot seeing them look at the engine bay Shelby number like the 65 has.I find it fun to educate people that show an interest. Really what can you buy out there that’s reliable, fun to drive , has a cool history with Shelby and is all original. For less then $30K. Look at the over price 60’s muscle car prices. Nothing for under $30k with a decent restoration. Plus many are rust buckets once you do a paint examination. In time these SGT cars will be welcomed as a fun reliable collectible weekend car. Go to a show and arrive home with no breakdowns. Look at all the recent companies selling collectible cars on consignment. Streetside, gateway just to name a few. Most of their cars are horrible restoration jobs. Slapped together by amateurs looking to make a buck. I’ve never found one yet in the past 5 years to be worth the price they are asking. The market is crowded with these cars just rusting away.
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    Yeah I really like the Dan Gurney heritage edition. Slot car 69 boss. Welly makes a 1:18 that looks pretty good for the money .
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    Do you mean this car # 1 on the front bumper ? Wow plans were for 250 . I know Amy is over there now let’s see if she can turn things around with the new sportscar and back to mustangs only now. I wish her luck . I’ve owned a few Saleens in the past and never had any concerns . Ok ...going to post some more die cast soon. Need more from you guys . Weather has been cold in Atlanta. Stuck inside the house. Got the grandkids coming over for a sleep over. Bring out the cars 🚗 play time.
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    Mike, that Follmer car you posted is indeed serial #001....Chris’s car. The rear window scoops are the giveaway. Those were preproduction models. They ended up using a totally different scoop on the other 3 cars. His car was used to travel the country for media shots. When they were done, Steve sold it to Chris. Who knows...maybe he’ll wander in some time to tell more?
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    Haha. I will not be getting rid of #049....it’s memories are behind even that of Mr. Gurney himself. I won’t go into why here, as we are straying way off topic. On another note...I dug up my 60’s 1/18 (or more like 1/20) Batmobile today and took a pic. It won’t upload here. It has a Batman figurine standing next to it too. I think I got it at Wally World a while back.
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    LOL....yes sir, it’s Chris. Mine is #049. Not sure the numbers were in direct correlation with the fact they did not build the entire 300? I’ve not been able to find a die cast. Believe me, it’s not been for the lack of trying! I’ve accumulated loads of “other” Gurney Saleen collectible stuff. That would be the icing if I could find one. As has been said here before, it’s about the money to these die cast makers. Not enough remuneration for tooling up to make one. Shame.... On a side note Mike.....the Boss302forum is totally off the webisphere now. Another shame...
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    Mike, they built either 3 or 4 Follmers..... I’ve seen it in print, but it’s been argued about. Chris ( cmcmotorworks) owns #001. Bought it from Steve. I have the pics of he and Steve standing together with it.
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    Mongoose .....No the picture of the PJ with the “ pretty young lady” I got off the internet. I thought it might be funny for us old guys. She makes the mustang look special don’t yah think ? Does anyone know how many of the 14 George Follmer Saleen mustangs were built ? They were supposed to build 250 @ $75 K . What do you think of this heritage edition ? Looks kind of cool but never seen one in person. I know Saleen ordered 33 red mustang GT’s for conversions back in 2014. But that’s all I know . I did find out info on the specs below. “Powering the heart of the beast is a 302 4-valve DOHC V-8 putting out 470 hp and 405 lb-ft of torque. Other modifications include a race tuned “High RPM” intake manifold, high-flow 90 mm throttle body, Saleen shaker hood intake system with low resistance air management, performance intake and exhaust camshafts, 6-speed MT-82 manual transmission and 3.73 gears Spark co. Does make the PJ edition of the 69 boss. I posted this before and it’s a cool model but not diecast. Later.
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    Hey any place is cool when.....Camilo signs it. Like his drawing also.
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    Mustang 1, 1:43 Dan Gurney signed edition
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    Swapping out my stock Premium Steering Wheel for this Grant wheel!! Love the look and feel! Unfortunately Grant is no longer offering this wheel. I found one at Mustangs Unlimited for $475!!
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    I would check with a body shop. There are companies out there that can make a damaged dash or door panel look brand new. I had a body shop here rebuild a door panel in my Bronco because no replacement part was available and it came out great. The same guy took care of a cigarette burn on the dash of my F350. Totally gone. I don't know the magic he used, but impressive for sure.
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    I have three cars that wear a set of each of the tires you are asking about. The Sport 4S have come stock on my new Mustang GT with PP1. So far so good, I have had no traction issues with them so far on the street. Without the specs in front of me, I am going to guess that the treadwear is far superior than the Sport Cup 2 tires. My GT 350R came stock with the Sport Cup 2 tires. They are extremely sticky but only have a treadwear of 180. They will pick up anything they come in contact with and throw it, need to be careful with your quarter panels. While they are awesome tires they really should not be used for daily driving. One of my GT500s still wears the original Goodyears. I am sure you have learned by now they are downright dangerous. My other GT500 has a set of Pilot Super Sports and while they are great daily driver tires that see limited track use, I can still break them free in fourth gear. I guess it comes down to how you use your car.
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    Ok back to models. This a Spark model 1:43 scale of the P J. 1969 boss 302 race car. For its size it’s really well done. Spark has been doing cars for a long time. These are not slot cars and they don’t have interiors. They have just started to do American autos. Must of their cars are race cars from Europe. Check them out on Ebay. There are a ton to look at. Hope you enjoy
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    I wished you were lived closer I have a unit 8 yrs old complete with monitor keyboard you could have. Sh$t I would even wrap it up .
  35. 1 point
    "IF" you were any kind of a friend you would get me a retirement gift!!!
  36. 1 point
    svttim...Yes I agree..except Head turning ....my black GT 350 with no stripes didn’t turn any heads. But I liked that color for police reasons.
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    Open Track participants - You should have received an important email regarding track participation that requires your response. If you did not receive and have signed up for open track at the event, please email pacificcoast@teamshelby.com Thank you Michael
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    Just to let everyone know: Daisy is alive and well. We have her up and running. We'll be showing her at Amelia Island Concours March 11. stop by and say hi! Theo
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    Which means I best not ever get near a Viper lest I do something I might regret (at the hands of my spouse). Thanks for that valuable, life-saving insight!
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    I have a 16 Tech pack car I ordered directly from Ford. Like everyone else here, I hated the Recaro seats. Definitely for small people. I wanted the electronics as well. My car now has the factory cooled transmission and an aftermarket Rear end cooler. I have about as much into the car as I would have if I would have bought a 17. I remember the first time I drove the car, I didn't like the lack of low end grunt. That was until I learned to drive the car. Wouldn't trade it for the world right now
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    It's been a few years since we've been to Dearborn. Open track and Woodward,sounds great to me.
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    All the adhesives mentioned above are good and he is also correct about the degraded foam. The problem with the door panels is not the adhesive failing but rather the foam that the adhesive attaches to fails. If you do a repair you need to remove the dry rotted and disintegrated foam as much as possible if using your existing panels or it will fail again rather quickly, especially if you are in a high heat area like Texas, Florida, Nevada, etc.
  46. 1 point
    You will definitely be able to get a GT500 in an automatic. I prefer my stick shift but I realize some just cant. Just turned my tech pack into a trech pack car
  47. 1 point
    Great picture. Sure do love that combo with the Grabber Orange SGT......
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    It seems we get this on every car. For some reason people feel as if there is something wrong and that people are abandoning cars in the ditches becasue they are going to blow up or something. But the answer is really simple: owners move on. People here think the car is some kind of object to be revered. But the reality is that to 99% of the world, it's just another car.
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    Buying a very limited car like a hertz executive car with 400 miles ( 4 only ) would force me never to drive it . Not my style but I do buy low mileage used Shelby’s and Don’t daily drive them. Maybe 300 miles a year. Detail Detail Detail. My garage is set up like a den with many collectibles. 90% original vintage items from the 30’s and 50’s. Always turning over items for a better condition one . The cars fit right in and turn them also. The 13 boss has 4500 miles and the 07SGT manual has 1800 miles . Not afraid to drive them a little. I would love to find a manual hertz car someday . Always looking for one
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    Thanks Steve. You are a great wealth of knowledge and very helpful to our community. Much appreciated. For the Terlingua builds from 2005 - 2009, I have a complete listing as the registrar working under Steve, who is always the most knowledgeable. I can and will gladly help anytime with info about these builds, authenticity, CSM etc. just ask by dropping me an email. David at vorpl8@yahoo.com