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    300 MPH street legal GT.... Ford wins. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/ford-gt-becomes-first-street-legal-car-to-hit-300-mph-in-standing-mile/ar-BBVczoe?li=BBnbfcL
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    We talked about the 428 CJ but one more special 428 needed to be covered. 428 Super Cobra JetEdit The 428 Super Cobra Jet (also known as the 428SCJ) used the same top end, pistons, cylinder heads, camshaft, valve train, induction system, exhaust manifolds, and engine block as the 428 Cobra Jet. However, the crankshaft and connecting rods were strengthened and associated balancing altered for drag racing. A nodular iron crankshaft casting #1UA was used as well as heavier 427 "Le Mans" connecting rods with capscrews instead of bolts for greater durability. The heavier connecting rods and the removal of the centre counterweight on the stock 428 Cobra Jet crankshaft (1UA), required an external weight on the snout of the crankshaft for balancing. A 428 Super Cobra Jet engine with oil cooler was standard equipment when the "Drag Pack" option (which came when selecting either a 3.91 or 4.30 rear end gear ratio) was ordered with cars manufactured from 13 November 1968. In addition, while the CJ and SCJ engines used the same autothermic piston casting, the piston-to-bore clearance specification between the CJ and SCJ 428 engines is slightly different, with the SCJ engines gaining a slightly looser fit to permit higher operating temperature.[49] Horsepower measurements at a street rpm level remained the same.[5 this is the one to own fellas. 1970 mach 1 428 SCJ ..... drag pack option. Or how about a 1970 Shelby GT 500 with the SCJ. Drag pack. The holy grail imo. I owned one back in the 80’s . The previous owner put white stripes on her It had white interior. 4 speed ....no Air ...hot hot hot in the Atlanta area
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    My 350 is now paid for and leaving for Miami next week. We closed on the home today, and moved in the first round of stuff stored in with the cars. Movers are bringing the furniture from the old Scottsdale house tomar morning, and the A/C units get installed in the garages tomar too. Then the garage floor guys come Monday to epoxy coat. Hopefully before I go back to NJ on April first I’ll get the cars into the new garages. Then all will be well.
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    Model T's weren't that powerful in Tek's era...……..
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    This one is for you Mongoose Here is one of my all time favorite Mustangs. I had one just like this except no shaker hood . 351 Cleveland 2BBL also. Loved that car and was my first Mustang back in Dec of 1970. Had my first real job out of college. Still living at home and paid the sucker off in no time. $800 per month payments. Those were house payments back then. Average home was like $35K back then. Holy cow ! That’s a 19 mustang GT today ......🍀 Found this on ebay but not buying her. Not really looking at this point in time .
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    Are you sure he's a "real" car guy? Because I'm pretty sure he's not interested in Chevrolet Corvettes.
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    Don't smoke but do eat spinach...…….
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    And the old Vette guy here says WE'RE not real car guys
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    Sir... I AM Popeye!!…………
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    Yep, you're a Mustang enthusiast and not into Vettes. It's ok, were on a Shelby forum!
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    How about I have the old school boring silver wheels powder coated black?!
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    For REAL car guys...… Road racing is where it's at.
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    You guys are cracking me up!!!! I’m not much of a car guy myself. I just use em to get from point A to Point Z.
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    The new Tacoma will go into the one car off to the right there (angled). The driveway is plenty wide for a swing to pull it in, and for backing out as well. All four garages will have A/C. Wall mounted LG’s. The ceilings are 11’ in all four stalls. The garage door openers in the front three bays have header mounted units, so the doors can roll way up hugging the ceilings for top car roof clearance. No unsightly motor’s hanging down either. Still deciding on an epoxy coat color for the garage floors. There’s still accent paint colors to be added.. the painters were out of the right color the day they painted the house. And of course the desert landscape is last to be done.
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    Spent most of my whole life in Az. We don’t mess with clocks. Ridiculous IMO
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    Although the C5 in my driveway is starting to sway me a bit.
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    I like the early C3's, they had power and style.
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    that's an oldie from almost a year ago. haven't posted too many vette jokes lately........ It tends to trigger name calling and and infantile rants from certain people......
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    Driving a quick shifting auto trans in manual mode does take getting used to in order to get the full fun factor. Remember for some of us it’s been 40 plus years of driving a stick. Habits are hard to break is all I can say. I had a 06 GT-H and that car wasn’t meant to be driven in manual mode because of its slow shifting nature . The Shelby GT500 will have a fast shifting trans and have a totally different driving experience. But I think if possible the 2020 Shelby GT500 should have the stick as a choice.
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    Oh boy...... you guys lost me. I’ll stay out of this one.
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    That alien looks about as old as the typical 60+ corvette demographic......
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    Wrong again fellas! Coming from a grocery-getter and cars and coffee crowd, you may be semi -correct, but you guys are having a tough time knowing what this car was built for and the competition it faces. The dial simply puts it in 'drive' or 'park,' 'auto' or 'automanual.' You don't have to keep using it, and when you do, the car is stopped (to engage park or drive). The center dashboard display or even a 'HUD' will tell you what you select on the dial and what gear you are in so you don't have to look down. On a track, hands are on the steering wheel at all times. You can let the car shift for you or use the paddle shifters for more control of your shift points. If you complain that you need something to do with your right hand, then obviously this isn't the car for you. Hey, there's always a GT350- it only comes with a manual.
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    The C8 is lucky to make it out of a McDonald’s parking lot under it’s own power………..
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    I don't have any problem with paddles shifters in performance cars. Technology is technology. So instead of a goofy looking rotary dial on the console, why not just use electronic options on the steering wheel to put the car in Park, reverse, or drive? That would make a lot more sense and you never have to take your hands off the steering wheel. It could even be a small rotary dial which would look cool. I'll be curious to see if the GT500 actually can go well on a road course for more than one lap. The '13 and '14 cars had massive power and technically beat the Camaro around Laguna Seca, but only barely. And after their hot lap, the brakes were cooked and the lap times fell sharply. The Camaro was consistently fast. Also the blower creates massive heat so I would expect the new 500 to also have these challenges to deal with. One lap does not win races.
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    You're not going to really benefit from an automatic DCT with paddleshifters in a passenger/SUV vehicle designed for getting you from point A to B in an everyday non-race environment, so it makes no sense to compare it to a performance car's DCT. The whole purpose of the new GT500's transmission is track and drag racing that requires very quick shifting. Moving a lever shifter takes time and driver attention away from piloting the car. You naysayers are completely missing the point. Oh well. Jim Owens said if you want to shift gears manually, the GT350 is still available for you. But you'll always lose to the GT500. And again, the car was designed to be very fast on a track. Which is really cool. If you want your shifter for cruising to cars and coffee car show, buy another car that better fits your style and stop whining on here.
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    In 65 Ford had the Fairlane with either the 427 Side Oiler or the 428 cui...some claim the 428 was faster than the 427 SO'r on the streets as the 427 was more of a high rev'g race engine.
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    Yes something like that. These engineers ( and no pay ) would work on their projects on the weekends behind closed doors. This way GM didn’t get any heads up about their intentions. Remember GM didn’t allow the 389 engine in the tempest in 1964. The GTO was an option not a model back in 1964. My older sister ( a school teacher at the time) had a 64 olds F85 with the 330 engine and 4bbl 4 speed . It wasn’t a 1964 442 but close and just as fast. Guess who talked her into buying that ? . She let me use it a couple of nights. I raced a 65 Chevelle with a 327/ 350 hp engine and yes he beat me. The 442 didn’t get the 400 engine until 1965 . The 65 goat was the car to have with the Tri power set up. Woodward ave 13 mile stretch wasn’t the only place we cruised ....telegraph ave was another great hangout. Big boys drive in and Daly’s were the main attractions back then. On the weekend it was just cars and girls. Nobody bothered with dates because your buddies wouldn’t allow it. Everyone put 75 cents in for gas and off you went. Below is an add before the 64 GTO came out . Royal Pontiac was the hot place to get a tune. Later they were famous for the Bobcat treatment for your goat . Pontiac was the hot car from Detroit in the early 60’s . Later slo lane down memory lane
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    Let’s see a 47 / 57 year old acting like a 17 / 19 year old behind the wheel of a car....... Go figure Right Mongoose. Those engineers were showing off their stuff and not necessarily racing. Stop light to stop light on Woodward ave wasn’t anything super fast. Actually when most guys did race it was on a new Interstate that wasn’t open yet. These guys had spotters set up for the cops and pretty organized. These were the Mopar and GM guys with serious hardware . We would have a caravan of cars going out to watch and race. Most of the guys I hung out with didn’t have anything super fast just cool cars to impress the girls. But there were some serious guys who had their reputations to keep up. That was Detroit back in the 60’s. Yes we also had Detroit dragway where their reputations would be put in the record books.
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    As I said earlier, probably the nicest black paint I have seen. Len is lucky to have acquired it. Your pride of ownership is very evident! Kevin
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    He's to busy moding his Tah Coma...……….
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    No gas guzzler tax on my 11 when I ordered it, same with the 14, that started back up with the 2015 MY offerings..
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    Hey BB... Sorry for the delayed response, but I wanted to let you know I was parked next to your “old” Shelby GT yesterday at the Bash Car car show. That car is absolutely beautiful! The paint was probably the best black paint I have ever seen on a car. It looked like it was a mile deep. (What was your secret to get the paint that nice ?) Rest assured the car is in good hands...I spent some time talking to the current owner, and he is a great guy that really loves the car. The package he purchased from Shelby was fabulous....from super charger to wheels to hood, it was spectacular. I just wanted to let you know that the car was beautiful. It looks better than a new one! Kevin 2008 Shelby GT
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    This is a car I had a hand in designing and building for SEMA in 2004, One of the most unique things we did was crack upon the headlight buckets and apply a layer of tinted film that became clear when an electric current was introduced. So, when the lights were turned on, the light covers became clear. I sat in the car for hour during the SEMA show amazing passers by simply by flipping the lights on and off and seeing their reaction. That part of the build was one thing I did not participate in so I don't know the technical side of it, and the discussion about offering it to the public ended with the uncertainty about its legality.
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    Here is my SGT, all finished at SAI. The new owner sent me these pics last night from the Bash. Looks amazing! The wheels are CS3’s. I have no idea what he spent, so don’t ask. It wasn’t cheap...I know that. But it has to be one of the lowest mike examples out there. He did BREMBO front brakes and the mid draw hood. I see they finally changed out the fender rocker decals. That was the last thing to do. He kept my taillamp bezels I am jealous, not gonna lie.
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    You guys have been busy My new truck is home, it’s awesome and better than I’d hoped for. I’ve been rubbing on it (as G calls it) ....going over things and detailing small items. The seats need to come out (because I’m anal) as the guy must have had a dog in it over the years. There’s no hair ANYWHERE visible, but between the seats and center console and underneath them, it’s pretty furry. The stealer I bought it from in Ohio, put brand new GoodYear Wranglers on it, as the stock tires were on it still and dry rotted. The truck only has 26K on it. They also noticed a small star in the windshield right in the drivers line of sight, so they put a brand new windshield in it the day before I picked it up. This place was amazing to deal with, and to buy it sight unseen and be happy, is fabulous. Today I put on a silver painted 2011 model TRD Pro grille in lieu of the factory chrome unit. The stainless exhaust tip and added the 2019 T A C O M A letters on the tailgate. Rearranged the chrome emblems back there to make it also mimick the 2019 truck. Looks much newer in the front, and the rear now. I have a silver TRD front skid plate on order for it and the TRD short shifter, and TRD (K&N) air filter element. That will probably be it for a while. Those ^^^^^ are bugs on the front bumper.
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    Mongoose ....that’s not a nascar mustang. That’s a 1999 trans am mustang driven by Brian Simo. Remember back in the late 90’s these were some of the best races in SCCA . Those were some of the best sounding V8’s on the planet. Below is an example of the engines . These trans am cars would run circles around the current mustang GT4 they run in IMSA today. 310 Ford V8 Arrington Engines 615 hp @8000 rpm Tommy Archers car # 3
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    And all those Driver Assist Sensors with several added on the Roof, you know, in case they flip it. OOOOHHH and a Hot Dog Cooker........ YEAH, gotta have a Hot Dog on those long trips.
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    Sweet.... Amazing detail.
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    That look on his face............. “And you all think this car is coming to a stealer near you anytime soon?!!!”
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    That's why I said "LOOKING"...………
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    Over Priced Players............ Over $300 Million for 10 Years?
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    https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/autos-sports/the-2019-chevrolet-corvette-zr1-goes-where-no-corvette-has-gone-before/ar-BBUnoRc#image=BBUnoR4|19 Tried to match the 2016 - 2017 Viper ACR...… Miss. The statements "never felt entirely comfortable" and "looking forward to the mid engine C8 more than ever" tell the story of a front engine Vette that has become antiquated.
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    What’s wrong with sex ....even us old guys think about it once a year. So please bring it up. That’s what she said.
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    Yes got my Metis card but that only makes me 1/4 native....Thing is with that Goose there's just over 700k registered Metis across Canada and if all of us didn't have to pay taxes out of 34 million population someone else would have to foot the bill which wouldn't be fair IMO....I just got my card only for family history nothing more nothing less...…
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    Thanks boyz. I’m jazzed. I wanted a stick REALLY BAD too. They’re rare as hell on these trucks. This truck has never been driven in weather...nonetheless off-road. Edit- My second choice woulda been a rotary knob automatic
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    Hey Goose, this is a topic about the new 2020 GT500! Back to topic!
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    The people that believe in the groundhog also believe in the Easter bunny...……..
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