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    Yes blue seems to be very popular on this site. Now we have a blue Shelby GT350 R on board. Congrats Tim and glad you finally got her We all look forward to seeing and reading all about her . Post some more pictures when you can. Watch out for Mongoose he doesn’t like competition from other blue cars. Chris found out the hard way and had to buy a silver K-Man , silver C7 and a red Boss 302. Keith might be considering a blue beast but won’t tell us because of Mongoose. Post carefully on here. Word is Keith is now going Red Later slo lane . a non blue car owner.
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    I am fired up to see this movie. I lived that era, spending weekends at the race track. I hope many Shelby owners drive their cars to opening night at the local theater. The ride home in our Shelby's after watching this movie will be magic.
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    Tim here you go more info These 2000 SVT cobras were expensive MSRP $55K and very limited to 300 with 385HP . Non supercharged engine very impressive back in 2000. But very rare and snatched up by collectors . The Cobra R was only offered in Performance Red Clearcoat (code ES). 300 were made only very rare In Cobra R specification, the 5.4-liter quad-cam V8 was rated at 385 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque .It features more aggressive cams, a unique intake manifold, an aluminum radiator, power steering cooler, high-capacity fuel pump, short-tube headers, and Borla exhaust.
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    My garage walls are rather boring compared to yours Mach.....
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    And add every brand to that price rise also it's right across the board Tim.
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    The same can be said for all of the Mustangs listed as well, times change and so do cars. My (3) 69s were similar but very different from my 73, and my 82 was light years beyond them in all regard with the exception of power. My 01 felt like little more than a freshening of my 82 (which it kinda was), whereas my '03 Mach 1 was leaps and bounds beyond the car only two years its senior, even being on the same platform. The 13 Boss is in a different league, while the '16 GT350R I drove was nirvana to me. The middle child GT to me was a perfect car for a perfect time, and the new one is a race car that's been made streetable. But its still a car. With two doors and an engine and a Ford logo, its still transportation, which can barely be said about the original Ford GT (40). The one thing I've always felt about the 05/06 GT is that ford got a wake up call in the pricing department. For what it was and what it cost (sticker) I always thought it was a bit of a bargain, and I'm sure Fords upper management had a jaw dropping moment when it realized how much profit the dealers were making on the car, which was later backed up by the secondary market pricing skyrocketing the way it did. Regardless of how the competition was or is priced, the market adjustments on the new cars have been a bit mind numbing.
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    I spent mine with my sons at their speed shop they just opened taking a spin on the brand spanking new Dynojet 224x.... s
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    Who’s better than Jason Bourne and Bruce Wayne? Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles!
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    Yes , Older gt 500 has more of Shelby in it, more soul and torque, not only the looks. Inferior, Yes, Slower, Yes but way more like a Shelby then a wannabe Porsche or corvette. It has it own personality with a tremec 6 speed to have fun with. And gee, a real clutch peddle, just old school. Mini van shifter not for me. SUDDEN.
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    That's the rare Kim Kardashian Edition. You should see it from the Rear...……….
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    That’s great news.
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    msmap......... That plate was on csm 16h0075 PM sent
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    Good to hear. You are not to first to show improvements with the Amsoil. I will change mine almost immediately after delivery. I am extremely happy with my first GT350 and hoping my R will be the same. No other car remotely like it
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    A couple of years could see you very broke. Prepare for the law suit.
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    None of the cars in the movie were actually Shelbys, Foose designed the Eleanaor and then Ray Claridg's Cinema Vehicle Services(CVS) fabricated all of the movie cars from 67 and 68 mustang fastbacks based off Fooses original design. Denise Halicki is already offering officially licensed “Eleanors” built off Mustang/Dynacorns through fusion Motor Company at a price point of about $230k. Lets hope there is a much bigger myth……… that there are actually people dumb enough to take a perfectly good Shelby GT500 and “converting ” it to an Eleanor.
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    Oh yeah I forgot about the K man. Such a shame since he has lost his way.. It’s a cult out there in AZ .....JC Whitney I think.............
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    I like the wheels on this SGT! You will love the Whipple. I am very surprised that SAI is offering that mid-draw (Terlingua) hood. I had given up years ago that there would be any more ever made available. Same goes for the deep draw and the GTH hood. Pretty cool that they will still make one for you as that is a great hood. I also haven't seen the whipple install include that inter cooler location up front. Mine is on the fender. Either way, enjoy the heck out of your car and don't be afraid to drive it. I have over 50K on my Whipple charged Shelby, and the first half of those miles were likely very beat on from rental duty. She still feels like a brand new engine, though. Lot's of power!
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    Don't you just LOVE IT when you get a lot of High Performance Car and High Performance Drivers together on a Track and there always seem to be a few in the bunch that drives like they are on a Sunday Drive? I was at one Event that the Track Workers on the Straights had Radar Guns and you got Black Flag and made to leave the Track if you were under a certain speed.
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    Well technically a portion of your drive-line warranty was voided when the 3.73 gears were installed so no reason to stop now. You will need to go with an aftermarket calibrator tool that is needed when tire and/or gear changes are made or better yet go get a custom tune for your Shelby that will come with a tuner tool. As you found out Ford dealerships can not make the change, all they can do is put the stock configuration onto the car. Steven
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    Good morning fellas . ......nothing today on the C8 I’m on the MidEngine Corvette forum a lot Hey Tim.......One of the guys posted his recent trip to Shelby headquarters. So you see the Corvette Forum also talks about Shelby’s on their forum. Looks like all the lifts are busy modifying Mustangs ...busy place for sure Pictures below and also Gary Patterson’s day at the office giving guests a ride. Sure love the blue SS .... later slo lane ..
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    Back in 1965 I was almost 17 and I was in Europe. I bought this American News Paper and in the sports section they had a picture of the Daytona Coupe with a small story under it about Shelby winning the GT Championship. It took until August 19, 1965 for a story to make the paper, I kept that page all these years. In the early 2000 Carrol Shelby was at the Atlantic City car show, while there I got him to Autograph it, we talked for a while as he was he was really suprised to see something that old, His parting words to me was "Maybe we should go back there again" I also bought back then there Sebring poster for there 1964 GT Class win.
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    All depends on the condition & odometer mileage. A 2007 Super Snake parked outside all its life with over 100k on the odometer probably would not be a good fit for a first time Shelby buyer. A low mile garage kept SS, as long as the price is realistic, would be a much better fit. I should mention that Shelby American can still build you a 2007-09 Super Snake as long as the base GT500 is in very good to excellent condition. One other item to keep in mind is when was the SS package added to the car and what horsepower was it equipped with. You can pick up an early built 605hp SS relatively cheap but that is because most buyers are passing over the 605hp cars so that they can go with a 725-750hp SS. And it should be mentioned that many buyers place additional value on Super Snakes built here at Shelby American as compared to an authorized mod-shop built Super Snake. Please note that I said many and not all buyers, it is up to the individual buyer to determine if it matters to them where the SS was built. Steven
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    I like this rear...change up those exhaust tips and it would make a huge difference IMO...……...
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    Because the red car conflicts with the red "tiny" stripe next to the white or black over the top stripes. The red pin stripes designates the 350 as a R model.
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    The 66 street GT40 and the 16+ street Ford GTs share in that they are homologation race cars. The street cars are essentially the same as the race version with the mandated safety equipment like air bags, back up cameras, etc. That said, neither is all that comfortable. The 05-06 was a "gentleman's race car". Yet, it is the first (and so far, only) 300+ MPH standing mile car. The fact that the original body aerodynamics can stand up to that is a testament to the over-engineering of the 05-06. Everything had to have so much margin so they could turn the program out quickly that the sum of the parts hugely exceeded the spec. In one panel discussion the design team said they were amazed that the car was used by so many people to "break the envelope", starting with the Matech race team, but especially the standing mile competitions. There are MANY Ford GTs that have only a Whipple supercharger that broke the 200mph barrier, but the 300 is for the pros.
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    I see both points of view. By name, the Ford GT is a Ford GT. IMHO, there is more simularities between the original and the current model. As stated the 04 series was more of a tribute to the original while the original and the current were race cars adapted to the streets. There is a loose correlation between the GT500 and the current Ford GT pricing. The new Ford GT is a huge step forward from the previous generations. But trully, it is unique. The GT500 is also a large step forward but, as noted, prices have been rising on all vehicles. You might as well add the F150 to the mix.
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    Well for that kind of "JACK"....I wouldn't buy one period!!...I wouldn't pay that kind of "JACK" for any car really.....
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    $500K plus tax. Yep that’s getting into super exotic price range for sure. But what’s $45K extra in this market .... again with a Jackie Gleason response...”mere bag of shells.”
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    Happy Fathers Day all...……… ……….Heading out to spend time with my two boys.... ….Later Ya'll….
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    Plaster of Paris...……..
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    ALSO..... https://www.npdlink.com/product/accent-set-styled-steel-wheel-repro-chrome-plastic/145096/202116 These are Reproductions. I never knew these even existed.
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    Cool story on Mr Shelby..... ……….Sorry got no pics of 2020 GT500 and I looked all over Quebec and Montreal....
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    The little guy turned 5 yesterday. Boy where does time go Mongoose. It seems like my son was just 5 and smashed a soccer ball into my 66 Shelby GT 350 driver condition car. Yeah that’s right a driver because they weren’t that collectible back in 1980. Those are the days I miss. You could go out and drive a cool car and not worry about a almost dent from a soccer ball. I guess the 65/66 Shelby GT 350 will always be my first and most enjoyable Shelby of all times. Sorry for the regress . I sure like that 65 Shelby GT350 diecast that the 3 of us just bought thanks to you. Well that’s what I told my wife......that you made me buy it........ later. Slo lane diecast nut.
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    Nice it’s only $14.99 and looks great in that color. ...... park it next to your SGT . Mongoose.....you have an outstanding collection of FORD GT 40 cars for sure now . Plus all the signatures from the people who matter. IMO. Later slo lane diecast fan.
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    Never a problem with these two. Never....... ....but they sure were insurance hungry brothers 😋 that’s back in 2009 ( economy bust ) and the 05 GT was fairly cheap for what it was. Just got lucky 🍀 Just trying to add some Ford stuff to keep things calm. Nothing on the C8 today
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    Decided to add a 70 Mach 1 to the collection since I really love the white stripe cars.
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    I picked up a set of KR Axel Backs for my SGT and wouldn’t you know it, they were still attached to the car. 08KR0697 officially has a new home. First, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. For me there is something something special about these pre-title cars. Sure the 13/14 has more tech and power (the KR is plenty for now)...but it’s still a KR. I’m sure to have questions along the way, and I’m looking forward to spooling up this section of the forum. I know, I know pics, but the new iPhone image quality is so high by the time I dumb down the resolution it’s too grainy, so I have some desktop work to do. The SGT is a vista blue vert and the KR is silver.
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