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    Recently we did have a promotion for the 2006-08 GT/GTH owners where a optional interior upgrade was included as part of the GT/SC package at no charge. Although this promotion has expired if you email me your contact info I'll walk it over to our sales department and have them take good care of you. If you call our sales department directly you will be told the promotion has expired so send me an email at stevent@shelby.com FYI, this customer good will gesture I'm offering is limited so please don't email me in January saying that you want to take me up on this. Steve
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    new corvette CE "Canadian Edition"........
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    2019 Shelby Bash dates are March 14th to 17th 2019 Ticket sales & host hotel will be announced at a later date.
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    Hope you like subtitles.
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    Just wanted to say that I visited Shelby American on 12/3 and picked up on 12/7 as they shipped to me. Great experience and very satisfied and excited so far.
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    What the hey! Batmans back, Supermans back, Aquamans back,Wonder Woman back, Green Hornet back, Jack is back, Chris is back , mach1 is back, Keefer is back, Goose is back, Hell even "RAT Fink" is back driving a "Custom Batmobile""!!!! LOL Later! "GOOSE"
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    Ford dropped this teaser on their Ford Performance Facebook page a couple of days ago. Released ahead of the upcoming Auto Show. For those crying fake news........................its from Ford Performance's Facebook page........that's my source, I make no claims as to its accuracy.
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    Like other mods, how one dresses up the engine bay is a matter of taste. This thread from ( www.fordgt500.com ) may give you some ideas: .https://www.fordgt500.com/forums/7-pics-vids/113705-engine-bay-pictures.html?highlight=lets+see+your+engine .
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    +1. I also add Seafoam to the gas.
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    I visit the mother ship every time I am in Vegas. As an FYI, CSX 2000 is at Shelby. It was there for SEMA 2018 which is why I was in Vegas. She will be on site through the Shelby Bash 2019 so I read. (If I am wrong, please someone correct me.) They had a 2006 GT-H with a Shelby installed SC there in the Heritage Center. It was a company car that staff drove around. Most likely Carroll drove it at least once I would assume but who knows. It was cool to see it on display and bitter sweet to hear it finally sold. So yes, they are selling items/cars. That just means some enthusiast can now be the care taker. That said, I cannot be disappointed. It was nice to connect with Shelby's own Steve Thornton who took us behind the scenes for a short tour. To that end, go visit and enjoy. If they mention your production car, great if not, great you still own a Shelby. I hear many times at the center, I wish I could own one. Now plan your visit!
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    Hey Mongoose my brokers office is closed today so I can’t buy that gold Ford GT......... Been busy setting up the snow village for the grandkids . See How many mustangs you can count..... Got to keep this site diecast you know . There’s also a Ford car dealership in the village . That’s why so many mustangs.. The last couple pictures are from last year when we had SNOW ❄️ and the kids over. The last picture is a toy from the 1950’s. They don’t make em like that anymore. It’s the same gauge steel they used to make cars with back then. See that little hand in the last picture...our granddaughter trying to reach for the toy. Will says no way it’s mine !
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    Feel free to email me your cars VIN number as I'll be glad to run it thorough Ford's system to confirm the dates have been extended. Steve
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    I would also get a second opinion as what is the service techs definition of a "little loose". Keep in mind these "inspections" are a sales tool to increase shop work and I've seen some service techs get chastised for not finding enough "needed repairs" . Remember dealerships no longer make money selling cars, they make money in their service/parts department. So if they can take an airbag recall visit that pays hardly anything and turn it into a repair ticket that puts money in their pocket, they will. I don't like being so cynical but it is what it is when it comes to dealerships, they are there to make money. Steve
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    Great offer Steve!!! Very thoughtful of you.
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    Thought I’d share this find of Hertz signs with cast iron base I picked up sitting in a storage room at my dealership. Would be cool if I had car #2 or #4...lol
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    Len!!! Let me be the first person to officially welcome you to Team Shelby! I can’t wait to see the transformation. Please keep us all informed. And remember what they say on the inter web.... or it didn’t happen. Chris
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    I'm pretty sure it is still available with the Whipple. I don't know if the Kenne Bell option is still available (that's what I had on mine, and what was available first in the 2008/2009 time frame because of the re-CARB requirement that caused Paxton to back out of the market). I think some of the later packages also included brake upgrades but not sure what the bundling is these days. But to know for sure call Shelby American. The S/C sure "wakes up" the car!
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    First 2020 GT500 to be auctioned at B-J scottsdale this coming January 18,2019. Below is a link..... https://www.motor1.com/news/297666/first-2020-ford-mustang-auction/
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    We are looking forward to the 2019 Shelby Bash.
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    Damn, I gave mine away to another TS member a couple years ago.
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    mORNING lOBBY, Hope everyone is doing fine...
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    Please put me down as a late add! Will be just me in the V Wagon as the Mustang is wearing her track shoes right now and that’s gonna be a no go in the rain.
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    https://www.toybarncars.com/used/Ford/2012-Ford-Mustang-30137a070a0e0ae773a94efab8e2447e.htm That is a really nice looking car. I would keep it naturally aspirated and build up the HP with cams, intake, and exhaust upgrades. I bet you could easily get that car making 550 - 600 HP and it would be a blast. And that price is really good!
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    Buy it. It’s good price. 1of 3
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    Be sure and air the tires up to at least 42psi....helps greatly with stopping flat spotting. Edit- Along with what Jeff said, move the car each time you start it up about 6” to a new “resting spot”. That and the 42psi helps a lot!
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    Additionally: the rear geometry of our cars are also off from the "lowering". You might look into getting the lower control arms relocated (weld kind) to flatten the tilted geometry. Launches will be more planted, and wheel hop greatly diminished. This will require a rear alignment as well, so something to consider while getting the front done. To finish correcting the geometry; the rear axle tends to shift to one side or another when lowered. My back end was 3/4 inch out. Just do a quick measure of your rear tire to wheel well lip on both sides to get an idea how far your rear end is out. This is corrected with an adjustable panhard bar, or if you really want the best; a Watts link. Do a search here for "Watts link" and "rear control arm relocation" for more info.
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    Harald, Thank you for your generous donation to the LPCHS! Next year we'll need to coordinate schedules so you and Glenda can join us. In the meantime, I'll post you as an "Honorary" cruiser with the rest of our TS-PCR crew. Best, Jim PS: Chief - Thank you for all you did in your career protecting lives and continue to do training future fire fighters! The Paradise tragedy reminds us again how much we'll need brave young men and women on the front lines well into the future.
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    This is NOT uncommon. And not even at 23K miles. The BJ’s (as was posted above) were “underdesigned” for our cars. There are much better replacements on the market.....shop around before you buy just anything. Good luck.
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    Happy Thanks Giving Jimmer...you and family enjoy!!!......Thanks Giving here was Nov 12th.
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    Howdy y'all Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving to our American Shelby owners..and to the Canucks, happy whatever holiday you celebrate!!!!
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    The original 18mm ball joints are 1mm too small and wear fast. New ball joints/control arms from Ford are updated to the correct 19mm size, but only sold as a set. What you need is bumpsteer kit (tie rod ends) to correct the "lowered" geometry; to level the the compression angle to the proper position. And extended ball joints. https://www.americanmuscle.com/mustang-bumpsteer-kits-0510.html I also suggest doing a search here with "bumpsteer" for loads of info. This "upgrade" makes a huge difference in the handling. As for shops; I'd suggest someone who is more familiar with correcting the front geometry of your lowered car.
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    You can't take pictures of snow. It won't show up here. We have a white background.
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    MMM, I would be cautious cutting it that close. What if the dealer forgets to forward your payment to Ford, not inconceivable with it being a holiday work week? While you would hope that Ford has some sort of grace period, perhaps they don't. All I know is that there is no dealership that I would place that much trust in. Steve
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    Yup if a particular build program is closed there should be some sort of build breakdown on Team Shelby. Once we get the new company wide Shelby websites up & running smoothly there will be an easier way to locate these build charts. Steve
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    It's there, it's just invisible!!! That's actually the second WW Invisible Plane that HW has done. This was a mail-on done in conjunction with the movie, while the first one was a Conic Con exclusive, first conceived as a joke. It actually brings stupid money on Ebay. I've considered the Rat Fink Batmobile, but it is quite pricey.
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    I had an 07 GT/SC with the Shelby /Wilwoods up front and Apex 18/10 square with Nitto NT01’s, 275/35’s. Braked well and stuck like glue!
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    2014 GT350 Production numbers 2014 GT350 Production Breakdown.pdf
  42. 1 point
    I have the production number breakdown sheets for 11-13 but I don't remember ever seeing one for the '14 model year. But I'm sure you're correct, Steve will have the sheet and at least then hhpsnake can compare the car to what was made. Wouldn't be hard to figure out which one it was.
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    All very cool pics, and very appreciated.
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    Hey guys, The next 4 pics are mainly meant for Falconman and the "Land-cruiser Dude" , Slo Lane! The first pic is pretty cool in my book and I know "Falconman" will love it! The other 3 pics are for that (Georgia Guy and Ford Lover) , Ole Slo Lane...... Hey Guy, I thought you might enjoy the "Georgia Shaker"! It's a GMP 67 Fairlane, (Hubert Platts),Georgia Shaker,1/18th diecast! Hope you all enjoy the pics! Later Guys! "MONGOOSE"
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    Much more detail as SAAC forum on undercoating and other 19966 GT350H restorations. Also, you should have the SAAC 1965-1967 World Registry book. http://www.saac.com/registries.html Information was invaluable for the restoration of my 1966 GT350. There is so much detail to learn.
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    Went back through my records from SAI Bud on an email dated 9/09/2009 and Bud states it is D3 Colorado Red - Brand Code is 5738. His comment is this is what we used to paint the BJ/SGT Mustangs. I restriped my Shelby and repainted hood scoop and attached it back with rivet nuts. I own 2008 SGT/BJ CSM 2290, purchased new in Arizona and shipped to Arkansas. Good luck with your project. I purchased a 2nd set of stripes for a rainy day. Hope this helps, GG
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    Finally going myself....July 30th. I can’t wait. I feel like it’s the “Mother Ship” for me. Being a lifelong Ford guy and above all, Mustang / Shelby guy, there are fewer things that I’m jazzed about doing in this lifetime. Cant wait!
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    Yes Chris is. In fact he completed the 4 year apprenticeship program last month and is now a Journeyman and enjoys making $37.93 and hour + healthcare and retirement. He is thriving in the trade.
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    I fully retired Feb. 1st 2018 after working part time for 2 years. I just needed to ease into this new stage of life and now I am fully enjoying and learning how to relax. My wife is a incredible lady and helping me adjust to many things.