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    Hey Team Shelby! Hoping that everyone is staying safe and well in the midst of this international health crisis. The car community has seen many amazing events canceled or postponed in protection against the spread of the virus, and many people's lives have been affected by it. Nonetheless, that shouldn't stop TEAM SHELBY from banding together virtually!!! Let's see some pics of those beautiful Shelby's, Mustangs, and any other thing on wheels!!! Call this a VIRTUAL CAR SHOW!!!! Just because a good portion of us are stuck in our houses or following social distancing shouldn't stop us from showing off the things we love. Post some pics...share your favorite car/Shelby story...share a video...anything!!! I'll start by posting a few of my most recent pics of my Shelby. Later maybe I'll share a story...
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    He usually wears these Shoes...……………………….
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    2013 GT350, CSM 133500034 Dwain Liberty Hill, Texas
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    I'll play...something you don't see all that often...........
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    Drive one. Seriously, drive one. The guys at the track even said they have 2 x C8s on order, but they are having a hard time getting another GT500 rounded up. The response to the 500 in incredible. The track guys also felt that the C8 is going to come up short.
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    Honestly, you will get a much better set of answers to these questions on the Cobra forum. There are many people with this experience and at least half a dozen competent and honest engine builders over there.
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    I removed these two Stripes and the matching lower Side Stripes.
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    I think it's per thread. Each time I put a compressed image in, it would show a lesser maximum size allowed. And now back to my story, as I'm sure you are all concerned about my tow vehicle. Mechanic says it's the muffler bearings.
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    As easy as doing this...……. on your FIRST try...…….
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    Thank You for what you are doing, I am sure they appreciate it a lot. Be Careful and be Safe.
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    This is not true at all. We, or I am working on moving this forum to a new team shelby page on the new website. This isnt something i can just snap my fingers and have it done.
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    Morning Lobby. Whats new??? Been reading, guess I can summarize. 1) BB buying car tag for car he will not drive 2) Doc has a dog playing with other dogs 3) Canada is for dummies, let anyone in the country 4) The crazy Canuck Keith cancelled his flight to Ottawa. 5) Tek is running around with a mask on Did I miss anything???
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    The virus knows no colour size or age just a recipient....I blame China because China could have cut this off before it got to where it's at now then they got the nerve to blame it on the US military for taking it to China...That's what really pisses me off at China...both our countries wouldn't be going through this had they have been open with it back in mid Nov when they knew it was spreading and fast...JMO!!!
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    I like that Sean. Very subtle. Reminds me of the Bullitt that way. 👍 Thank you sir. And you too Dave.... I never ever take one day for granted. Especially now with this worldwide tragedy.
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    Ah....that is a beautiful thing Chris. There a saying, no matter what you have there is no way to take what you have with you when your number is called. Enjoy the moment.
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    This would have to be my favorite Shelby story. Carroll signed my Monroney on my 2007 GT500. I sent along a disposable camera, and they took two pics for me! Sadly, the car is in someone else’s ownership nowadays. Oh, and he got the sticker along with the car, of course.
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    Ok fellas....bailey says she approves of the red lady. Had her out yesterday and people wanting to take pictures or coming up next to you on the expressway...thumbs up. It appears to make people happy and excited . Well a little happiness goes a long ways today. It sure brings a smile to my face. BIG TIME. This car does not disappoint in any category trust me.. The car just seems so planted and no surprises on the road. The cabin is so convertible and the steering is just quick and precise. Everything is laid out so well in the cockpit it just feels so natural . Not tight but snug and in command of everything all at once. All those mirrors really help in knowing where all the other cars are at any moment. Once I hit 500 miles then I can feel and hear what it’s all about. But to be honest its a unbelievable daily driver right now. It has so much seat of the pants torque it rockets off stop lights with just a touch of the throttle. Instant thrust throws you back and you are at the speed limit. It’s just a ball to drive around town. You don’t have to be full bore on her to enjoy the ride. Ok later slo lane.
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    Perhaps I should consider something a little more substantial for towing?
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    Look what followed me home today..................................
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    Well......I'm pretty sure the Pig did eat something that was Green.........
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    Promising drug to fight Ebola .Favipirvir has been in trial test on the Covid 19 virus This drug is approved for flu and certain virus infections. But not by the FDA . Been around since 2014 . Japan is currently in clinical trials using the drug on the Covid19 infection. It’s claimed to be safe for the flu and approved back in 2017 in certain countries . https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/18/japanese-flu-drug-clearly-effective-in-treating-coronavirus-says-china
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    I also agree with SVTkeith about the whole facebook thing. Everyone esle can have it. I prefer an actual site, or even better actual face to face. FB is something I've no interest in at all.
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    I get it, I wish everyone else would as well. I did just fire off a letter to C&D about their test last month with the GT500 and the Challenger and Camaro. It was poorly worded and I'm sure it'll get ripped if it even gets recognized, but they were swayed way too much towards the Camaro. Seriously bad. The GT500 vs C8 stuff will all start to filter in soon I'm sure, but I'm just glad we are now living in the best muscle era ever. Stupid virus not withstanding.
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    I'm sure the wind would have at 100mph plus...…….
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    It says they are concerned about the spread of the virus. Period. If you can’t be positive don’t bother to post .Somehow your post slipped by because it’s not something I care to read. Ignore list is the best solution to your post.
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    I'm sick and tired of this justification for hijacking this site. Over and over again. It doesn't fly. Maybe others will let shelby know too.
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    None of that Funny Money, only US Dollars...………...
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    Is it just me, or is it a shame that the only action on a Shelby website is a Corvette thread?
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    If anyone is looking for a new Grabber Lime 2020 Super Snake Mustang. There is one in Thomasville Georgie. https://www.thomasvilleford.com/new-Thomasville-2020-Ford-Mustang-GT+Premium-1FA6P8CF1L5109052
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    Couple more pictures ...sorry for the blurry pictures but it’s the downsizing on this forum.
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    Got home around 7:30 last night with the bomb. Z51 and 2LT trim package and yes black wheels and trim . Give me a day or so to give my driving experience. If the 25 minute drive home is any indication holy crap it’s amazing. More room inside then the 17 Grand Sport. Leg and head room is more. Here you go Keith first picture just for you. Got $42,500 on the 18 Shelby 350 with 12000 miles ...which saved me $2975 on taxes. So if I sold it to a private party that’s $45,475. ( right about average price ) Plus I got a rebate of $1426 so I’m pleased with the final deal.
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    Good thing you didn't have diarrhea...……..
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    With all the Panicking People, the Crowd might drop on it's own to under 200 but then they might cancel it for low attendance...……….. Either way, make plans for the ride to the Dealership.
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    Good luck buddy.
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    Found this table topper drink menu going through one of my file drawers. This is from The Quail when they honored Shelby on 8-13-2010. It was at one of the drink stations located throughout the event. Shelby at The Quail 8 13 2010.pdf
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    Likely story about ice fishing. ...probably looking for big foot. .
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    You must be seeing something I don't.
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    Breaker breaker one nine ...you got your ears on ? What’s you 10/20 Atlanta baby ...you got ya a bear up ahead .
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    No video today but how about a cool ass car photo . Boy isn’t she sweet ....
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