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    Took one pic of the new ride when we got it home. Awaiting a few mods in the mail. I’ll get some more when they’re all done. This car is amazing. It’s a lot like my Boss. ‘Course, that’s what they built it for....to compete with it. A few notes of interest.......it’s really heavy, the steering wheel seems too large, the steering itself however, is the tightest and lightest of any car I’ve ever driven. Even tighter than the K-man. 285’s on all four corners, so the fronts track any rut in the road. I’m a mirror driver, so the gunsight windows and the tiny 1/4 glasses are no big deal. Brembos on all four corners, and the same size rotors front and rear. The “Red Hot” paint looks wet in person! It’s a normally aspirated 6.2 with 432 hp (with the optioned dual mode exhaust adding 6) from 426. I have a Holley Intech CAI coming which adds a dyno tested 19 horses. It NEEDS it!! I replaced the Alcantara shift knob with a Hurst style white cue ball already. HUGE difference. The clutch is light and the shift throw (stolen from the ZL1) is short and precise. This car has all the ZL1 goodies on it, sans the S/C. Oh yeah, and current mileage is at 586... 🙄
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    Um, but if the DCT is faster, then it beats the stick. Faster wins every time.
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    Yeah grandkids say the funniest things . Sometimes the repeat what they hear so you have to carefull when watching sports with them. Can you imagine if you taught them to say the F word. Not good. But so far so good . I did say don't step in bailey’s crap. Then at the table Will said bailey took a crap today. My son just shook his head. Who taught you that word.? .....PAPA . The next day will was showing me some football plays his dad had taught him. He said let’s run the number 2 play I said the poop play ....again Jeff just shook his head ....
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    Oh yeah, checked to see if my tag choice was available today. It is.
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    Bought another ride today. Leaving for NJ tomorrow, so I won’t pick it up till next weekend. Plus I need another lift anyway. These are basically GM’s answer to the BOSS 302. It’s a ZL1 without the S/C. This thing is showroom new. The guy has too many cars and one has to go. https://www.cars-on-line.com/gen3-cars/col1/posting/97838
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    I’ve been watching videos of Kobe tributes. Man, what a sad story this turned out to be. What’s really sad, is that in most of the videos, they fail to mention the other 7 folks that perished that day. Might as well poor salt in the wound of those families pain.
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    Thought you guys might like some photos from my November trip to MCACN... If you've never been and have a love for muscle cars, then I highly suggest making your way to Chicago the weekend before Thanksgiving for the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals. It is beyond amazing and I'm fortunate to have gone in a Ford heavy year. There were more Boss 9s than Boss 302s and Shelbys combined! This is the link to my Flickr account album frm the show. https://www.flickr.com/photos/186442870@N04/albums/72157712831723778 Boss 302 styling prototype owned by Larry Shinoda Boss 9s for days Barn find 18k mile Boss 9 1 of 2 ZL1 Corvette
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    https://www.aureliospizza.com/ We had one in Scottsdale Az. when I was a lad. They closed around the early 90’s I wanna say? It was hands down the best pie I ever had. Click on the website and then click on “our history” and scroll down to the 1970’s. It talks about our location. 😊
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    I did Keith, thanks! Mom don’t look 80. She has people tell her so all the time. 79 maybe....but not 80. 😂 Mine’s tomorrow. Now, I might look 80!!! 😫
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    It’s that time again. Yep another Super Blondie video. Mongoose will like the rear end . This car is a Lotus with 2000HP .best looking Lutos I’ve ever seen
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    Here is another view fellas of the C8 plant. I got this today from the old regular “Corvette forum “ not the mid engine forum . The production is moving along . The yellow marker was done by the original guy who posted this google picture. Hey I see my RED car in row 10 and 6th from the end next to the open spot . So Mongoose who needs their eyes checked now ..... Edit : after looking at this picture I got from the Corvette forum it’s not current . Those trees would not be green and the front end of those cars are to long . Those are C7’s in the lot . The people on the corvette forum have been fooled on this picture
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    The 70 mach1 or Boss 302 are my favorite mustangs . I do like the looks of the 15/20 GT350 a lot. Or maybe a black 2020 GT500. The 07/09 GT 500 I like except for the rear view it’s the large rear window that I don’t like.
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    After I punched the driver in the mouth.....I then would have the dealer replace the car and all the mods....that's just wrong in so many ways after all you intrust them with your gem and they do this!!……. ….When I take the ZR1 for an oil change they don't even want to drive it in to put it on the ramps they let me do that.
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    Oh yeah that is an edge isn’t it. My bad. At Least I didn’t call it a Aztec .....
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    I added Moser Street Axles when I pulled my 8.8 and derusted/restored it, I figured that was the best time to make the swap.......... The Mosers are the same thickness/diameter from the axle flange to the splines. The oem axles "neck down" toward the spline end and that is where they are known to break (if they break), but both are C-Clip design. R
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    Having owned a C7 with an auto trans... it wasn’t fun to drive. Kind of slow shifting and a bit boring. Would never own another one The Jaguar F type ZF auto is almost as fast shifting as a DTC trans. I can honestly say the F type. R model with the V/8 supercharged engine was a hell of a lot of fun to drive. The shifting was quick and responsive and let you choose a gear in rapid order. Downshifting bam bam bam. Just like the C7 R in car camera videos. So the C8 will shift even faster and have some cool features like pull both paddles to go into neutral and rev the engine like a stick. It does take some time getting used to but once it’s mastered you feel connected like a manual. At least I did with the Jaguar. Well that’s my story and I’m sticking with it. ..... Oh an another thing 0 to 60 in 2.8 is faster then any car I’ve even owned. Amazingly fast for a 495 hp NA engine. The jag was AWD and 550 hp and could not put down those #’s. The C8 is a real street brawler for sure. Won’t miss the manual GT 350 when it comes to street performance. You have to live in the upper revs to truly enjoy that car. Ticket territory on the street. Just like the video shows in my recent post.
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    First C8 customer car rolled off the assembly line today. It’s about time yeah.
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    Yes sir. This one is not plastic however. 😜
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    G had a great time ringing the bell at the NYSE. I’ll conjure up a still shot and post it if I can.
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    Private Planes? See, NOW you're going to be pissing off that little Thunberg Girl and, we don't want THAT...………..
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    Likewise Keith. That article paints a nasty picture. If it wasn’t Forbes, I might think less of the hype.
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    You'd got to have a few screws loose to pay that much for a Chevy. And it's not even a Z06 or ZR1. Think first.
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    Trust me one trip to NFLD especially in the secluded outports your Rep would be torn to bits...OR you'd have a whole new Rep....one drink of that Newfie screech and you'd never see FLA the same way again!!…….. ……..
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    Totally agree. We did the same with our son and he is doing the same with their kids. We get to help also. Total fun time for sure.
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    Bailey runs up to the TV when certain commercials come on and Bonnie changes the channel that’s how the stock market channel got on. She will bark and watch the commercial until it’s over. She will run in from another room if certain commercials come on. She also barks if a biker goes by. She doesn’t like motorcycles ....loud cars are ok . She can identify the difference for sure. Funny little doggie .
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    0 to 60 in 2.8 and the 1/4 mile 11.1. Geez that’s enough for me because I’m not tracking her anymore. Amazing #’s in my book. Those numbers will be my driving experience on the country roads and on ramps around my home. Production starts later this week for customer orders. Second shift has already started this week. It takes 31 hours from start to finish on the line. Cars will be coming off the line on 2/3 one every 5 minutes. It won’t be long now and these cool cars will be on the road. Don’t expect to see many on the road until later this year. Heck I can go for days and not see a C7 in my area. My build date is week of 2/24 so hopefully it might arrive mid March. I’m only 5 hours from the plant. Fingers crossed for sure.
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    Look at the bright side. Every EV built means one less car or truck's demand for gasoline.
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    New chassis ,engine and all and finishes on the lead lap. No to shabby. Let’s compare the results of the Ford GT back in 2016 Yep, finishing with a brand new, never-raced car on the lead lap after 24 hours was an impressive performance. Not many manufacturers can claim that in road-racing, and the Ford GT's first race (also at Daytona in 2016) had their best car (out of 4) finishing 30+ laps off the pace. Plus that same engine in the Ford GT ran for 2 years in the Daytona prototype class. So the engine had tons of testing in race conditions.
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    This is a very cool tribute to a very cool car guy. I hope you all enjoy it like I did. Steve McQueen seemed like such a regular dude. I had no idea he was a pilot too.
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    Great time at the track last night . The GTLM class is tight . With lest than 4 hours to go the BMW , Porsche and Corvette are nose to tail on the same lap #658. Bonnie took the picture from the corvette display last night. The second picture I took with her back to the camera. Yep that’s me sitting in the car. They had 7 C8’s to look at. Really cool display set up in the fan zone . Can’t load pictures for some reason. Already downsized them oh well So far the C8 is running strong and hopefully is saving a little for the last 30 minutes. Noon today the race is back on NBC for the final checkered flag . Hope you are able to tune in got to get back to the track later ..
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    That's just wrong. And I heard it wasn't a big company, just a mom and pop popcorn shop. Apparently they got the trademark in before anybody else, so they get money if someone wants to use it. They musta learned from Gene Simmons.
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    Can you believe someone would actually order that color combination.....YIKES. That’s worst then a hot rod Lincoln .....
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    No rain tires needed for the Daytona today or tomorrow......sunny sky’s the rest of the weekend. Those are some good size meats right there ..... So if you want to watch on your devices here you go .  * eastern standard time Saturday January 25* 1:30 PM - 11:55 PM IMSA.tv* 1:40 PM - 11:55 PM Trackpass* 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM NBC* 2:30 PM - 6 PM NBC SN* 6 PM - 11 PM NBC Sports Live* 11 PM - 11:55 PM NBC SN Sunday, January 26* 12 AM - 1:40 PM IMSA.tv* 12 AM - 1:40 PM Trackpass* 12 AM - 3 AM NBC SN* 3 AM - 6 AM NBC Sports Live* 6 AM - 12:30 PM NBC SN* 12 PM - 2 PM NBC
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    How they lineup for the race Saturday The sound of the FPC engine is a lot different then tho old CPC engine .I can’t load my videos on here ...sorry
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    I think the driver is trying to make up for some other shortcomings.
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    Here you go Keith and fellas ......... With the 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 now out of the bag, we’re anxiously looking to the horizon for the new mid-engine sports car’s various go-faster variants, including the C8 Corvette Z06. As luck would have it, a prototype C8 Z06 was recently spotted in Southern California, and we now have a brief video that shows it carving up some twisting two-lane mountain roads. The video in question was recently posted to Facebook by Jim Lill in San Diego, and shows the C8 Corvette Z06 attack a long right-hand sweeper as it progresses up a hill. The driver is clearly digging into the throttle, giving us an earful of the Z06’s engine – a naturally aspirated DOHC 5.5L flat-plane crank V8, which was recently previewed in the new Corvette C8.R race car. Output on the street-legal Z06 will be set at roughly 650 horsepower.
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    Fortunately the most snow my Mustang ever saw was 8" up in the hills of NorCal for a Boy Scout event.
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    Yup it is what it is you just deal with it...we used to get snow like that here in NS back in the 60's and early 70's but not anymore.
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    90 mph winds holy cow. Snow drifts all over the place. Be safe even though you weren’t hit that hard.
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    For the hack of it. I Built this on Ford web site, clicked find it for me and it was already on it's way to a dealer just 19 miles from my house.
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