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    Congratulations. You win the ignore button.... "Yee of Thin Skin".
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    Shelby American Inc is pleased to announce our brand new digital format Shelby magazine. It's filled with the latest news and stories including articles by top journalists like Evan Smith and Steve Statham. This publication is a must read for every enthusiast. Below is a link to our very first issue, be sure to download it https://issuu.com/shelbyamericanmagazine/docs/shelby_magazine_issue_1_march_2019_?e=37593132/68691542 The Shelby Magazine is a digital publication of Shelby American in collaboration with Shelby Licensing, Carroll Shelby’s Store, The Carroll Shelby Foundation, Shelby Performance Parts and Team Shelby.
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    He also said something about the employment status of anyone who would do so
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    This was my hobby for the past 30+ years and was lucky to make some dough at the same time. I did this because l loved driving these awesome cars the money was the secondary reason . Can’t do that anymore with the high prices these machines are at today. The 10 year old SGT’s aren’t appreciating like the 10 year old boss did back in 1980. Those were some really fun times collecting cars from the past. GTO’s , SS 396 , Corvettes and Shelby’s . But today’s cars are more fun and awesome to drive . So I’ve moved on from the classics. Still buy and sell a bit. Today it’s just not happening like back in the 80’s. The last car I made out on was the 05 Ford GT I sold after 10+ years. I tried that on a 10 year old SGT with a ton of provenance but barely made $1K. The others aren’t collectible like the past. Maybe in 20 years or maybe not. Below is a collection I put together for our grandkids. Half the cars are missing because I could not fit them all in I put this on T shirt for them to wear . Will’s favorite cars and papa’s too !
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    Some more old emails from 2013 pair of Corvettes. 14 C7 Z51 manual. and a 67 concours top flight 327/350hp coupe. The last picture shows the mach 1 in the garage and no C2 yet . The C7 has dealer tags and was oct 2013 the first one to hit the steets in Atlanta area .
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    Found these old pictures from 2013 . That’s why my name is mach 1 . That’s a triple black 351C 4 speed all original and sold original in Roswell GA. We lived there back in the 90’s. That’s one I should have never sold.
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    Ok, I was able to get a image compressed enough to post. Thanks for the congrats! I put on my first mod today...Shelby’s KR billet brake fluid cap. I can only think the reason this was not on originally is due to the extreme corrosive nature of Dot3 and the risk of “aftermarket” cap was too in mass transit and on showroom floors, but that is pure speculation on my end. Next is tires. The originals are still on an petrified they are indeed. I’ll keep for date code reasons, but that’s it.
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    My wife had it framed in a shadow box for me. They wanted to drill holes in it to mount it and she wisely refused - God I love that woman! It hangs in our study right above my computer so I see it everyday.
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    Don't bad mouth the Vette.... you're likely to get people riled up on the C8 Forum!
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    Turned 87K while in New Zealand. Picture is at a Cars and Coffee Event in Auckland NZ
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    Yup, sure is purty! We picked this up on Monday 2018 Ecoboost in Royal Crimson, the color is what sold us on it.
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    Here is my 17, what an absolutely awesome car Shelby built for me. Double ceramic coated with Xpel paint protection film.
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    Yep. saw the Red Stitching too. I also noticed that, the Car isn't even in production yet and it is already being held together with Duct Tape...………………….
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    I thought it was a jet ski with tank treads. blub blub
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    60 degrees today. Time to take the goat out of the barn.
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    I don't think anyone hates the new GT500. Just making suggestions based upon what they would like to see on the car. One thing I would like to see moving forward is for everyone to stop using the phrase "real car guy". That is getting very old very quickly...…
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    Yeah I heard from BB for Easter he emailed me a Happy Easter but that was it short and sweet.... ….I'm thinking he don't want to come back here because he was getting tired of the negative crap from a few......I just told him ignore that but guess he can't...I'm thinking that's what it is bud.....I hope that's all it is and nothing wrong with him or the Fam Jam...
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    This went viral as all of his videos do. THE kid is a Team Shelby member and as such, deserves basic respect not shown by your comments. My comments are not defending or condemning him or his videos, only the standard we hold our members to. Please be more respectful in the future
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    Happy Birthday Mustang. Ford Canada Headquarters.
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    It is correct that guy Speed Phenom asked the "Ford Rep" ???? about the cost and she said 67k. It is BS as Stangmode's latest video from a few hours ago shows he is interviewing Ford Chief Engineer Carl Widmann at the NY Auto Show and he refutes the 67k. Is at 4min 28 mark.
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    Yeah kind of like a 64 GTO dash. Cool 😎 Trans Am bottom picture ....cool 👍🏻
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    That's because it was done right on the Trans Am and just looked like an after thought on the King Cobra....My Cobra II was a better looking car than the King Cobra IMO but still didn't come close to the Trans Am....My Cobra was a nice car I liked it or I wouldn't have bought it but when I saw that Trans Am that all changed...not to mention my Cobra was a 135hp glorified Pinto and the Trans Am was at that time at 220hp with gorgeous looks was just a better car in every way...Power...Ride..handling and looks...interior...there was no comparing really.
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    Wasn't a Farrah fan per say....I was more a Jacqueline Smith fan...…..Or Sally Fields...…..
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    The old guys with their 55 T birds are facing this dilemma. Once they pass away there’s nobody to buy or want their pride and joy. That’s the same thing that happened to model T’s . It’s kind of sad but time passes on. Enjoy what you have and as Carroll used to say drive the darn thing.
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    Tim.....love your mach 1......I had almost the identical mach 1 back in 2009. It had dark blue interior. 4 speed ,shaker hood plus the hood tach. Completely restored and Marti report. Love grabber blue on the 70 mustangs. Even had a 70 boss 302 grabber blue down sizing these pictures is a pain in the butt. . the pictures come so fuzzy
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    Looks like maybe an unknown Dukes of Hazzard remake? Looks like at least he cleared the fence!
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    Sorry Mongoose but was busy on the internet and found these old emails yesterday while camping out with the girls. ....... Boy do I miss that mach ...hard to find a triple black original car now a days . Fellas dig up some old pictures of your rides and post them ...
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    Good old Mary. Takes her Bonus and lays off American workers. I admit I am not a GM or Corvette guy but, whoever they have for stylists lately need to be fired. They have ruined an American Icon.
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    The car has had some changes made. The Koni (orange) are not original to the 68 GT500. Should be white or blue Gabriels, depending on trans. Without more detailed info on the car, a decent estimate of value is impossible to obtain. It needs to be inspected by someone wiht exertise in these a=cars that can give it an appraisal. Knowin "what it's worth" is meaning less without an inspection and comparison to the the market for 68 GT500 in cpmparable condition. It should be evaluated for a good market price for he seller.
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    I picked up a set of KR Axel Backs for my SGT and wouldn’t you know it, they were still attached to the car. 08KR0697 officially has a new home. First, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. For me there is something something special about these pre-title cars. Sure the 13/14 has more tech and power (the KR is plenty for now)...but it’s still a KR. I’m sure to have questions along the way, and I’m looking forward to spooling up this section of the forum. I know, I know pics, but the new iPhone image quality is so high by the time I dumb down the resolution it’s too grainy, so I have some desktop work to do. The SGT is a vista blue vert and the KR is silver.
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    Mach to you still have this GT500 ?......Last of the great looking Mustangs IMO....still kick my ass for not buying a 14 new when I had the chance but no I had to wait!!………...
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    I like the pipes on C7 GS and the 14 GT500 ...how you like the 500 Keith ? She would fly once I put some Michelin’s on her
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    If it were me: 1. Buy from an owner. 2. Complete documentation. 3. Look for something with less miles on it.
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    My experience with those 13/14 GT500 is if you plan on driving her don’t pay extra for a 1000 mile car. Buy a 5000 mile car for like $10K less. Even if you put another 15K miles on her you are still at 20K miles and 4 years later the same value as a 5000 mile car almost. Just my 2 cents.
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    But it started in the automotive section, and rightly so, but it morphed into something more resembling the Lobby. Had it been just C8 stuff, and stayed that way, it would be about 10 pages long instead of 245.
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    And on the new Mustang front... https://www.automobilemag.com/news/next-ford-mustang-details-on-sale-info/
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    Come on, call the horse a horse. Less than 10% of this topic is on topic - discussing the C8. if you went through and removed all of the "hi forum" stuff this wouldn't be so objectionable. The forum has a "ignore member" but doesn't have an "ignore topic" If I could this one and the other one would be hidden. Together they generate 90% of the traffic here, for stuff that is no more relevant that 100% of facebook.
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    Yup, "....everyone acted like adults..." until Goose got his feelings hurt by us non "car guys" Tried to tell ya to relax, you're on a Shelby forum talking about Vettes and you're bound to have some comments here and there. Just laugh it off! If it was any other forum, you'd be banned for a few days or the other users would come down even harder on you for sure. But you kept poking the bear. Tim, I tried changing the subject to Challengers but it didn't work, no one took the bait
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    Here is a suggestion for all of you. Concentrate on all the cars instead of the C8. We have the Ford GT for one more year, we have the GT500 with its manual transmission (no, its not an automatic) with paddle shifters. We still have the GT350 and GT350R. There is the C8 but, there are also many others out there to compare with, I know, the Ford GT in not easily obtained (although more so this year) and its expensive. Well, to me, I cant afford anything past my R. There are host of fantastic cars that you guys haven't talked about. That's not to mention the fantastic product built by Shelby. Shelby has the best products right now since I have been involved. They have fantastic leadership as well. You say your all car guys and, Ill take you at your word for that. Then talk about cars, not just one car. Example, I was an instructor in a new Ford GT for the bash. That car is unreal. the Grip, the speed, simply amazing. It had two drivers, one of which owned a Lamborghini. His words, the Ford GT is so much better car. I was surprised to say the least. It certainly outclasses the current Vette. And, I doubt there would be a mid engine C8 Without it. To specifically follow a crosstown rival on a Ford affiliate site does seem a but odd. Mix it up
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    Wow Goose, you need to lighten up or join a Corvette forum!!
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    I sold all my track bikes, sport bikes, sport touring bikes, and hyper moto back in 2015. I get the itch every now and then to buy something, but then go drive the Cobra and that cures me of the moto itch. I might do something like an adventure bike one day, but my girls are 9 & 11 and want to spend time with them before the teen age rage sets in. Glad you are still here as well.
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    BUT, the Vette has larger Numbers since it is usually the "Older" Folks driving them............................
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    I moderated a local sport bike forum locally for many years and we actually saw each other frequently. Never again. Like dealing with people in kindergarten.... or maybe junior high school. Forums have a way of going down hill quickly. Sometimes I wonder why I even look at this stuff anymore and Team Shelby is the only forum that I participate in/semi pay attention to. You have been around forever and long before me so you remember how great Team Shelby use to be. These days..... not so much.
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    Had my 11 '350 out almost every weekend during the winter.😉
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    Sean again you take things WAY to personal when it comes to the GT500....Who the heck is bad mouthing the new GT500???...all Goose Mach and myself are saying is that we'd wish it had a MANUAL and that's what we prefer over an auto...some don't even mind the auto they just don't like the knob instead of a shifter and you take that as bad mouthing the GT500??….if someone so much as say one little negative thing about the car you go off the deep end...come on man you're a smarter guy than that... Goose or Mach never said they didn't like the car as a whole they said the fact that it had no manual they didn't like that part of it as I feel the same way but rather like the car to be totally honest....come on Sean let it go you love the GT500 the way it is and that's fine...some don't...big whoop!!!!!
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    Anyone who has ever ridden a motorcycle knows how to be completely engaged in operating a motor vehicle and be 100% aware of your surroundings. I agree with the manual transmission requiring more of the driver's attention and therefore making the driver a safer driver compared to someone who is preoccupied with tech gadgets and/or relying on the automobile to correct their mistakes with technology based driver aids. But on the flip side, the technology based driver aids could also save a life as well. It is kind of a double edge sword with the main problem being the human being behind the wheel... as Ron White says, "You can't fix stupid".
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    Oh you’re a riot Sean..... bang zoom to the moon
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    Agree about the download option. But the best news is having the return of a Shelby Magazine, something that was missed from membership renewals and news stands or awhile. NIce to have updated news as well as old school stories.
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    Fallacious reasoning trying to compare a Smart Car to a 2020 GT500.Two entirely different platforms and two entirely different markets…….. It's not even comparing apples to oranges………you are going straight to potato.
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