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    I bought my my 2014 GT350 with 273 miles on it in March. I have the Whipple 525 HP Chrome Whipple S/C and all the other options u have listed. My car is one of the recall cars (airbags). I paid $50,500 for it. They. wanted $63,500 for it when we started the four month negotiations last fall. I now have 1900 miles on it and I love it.
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    I hear you about the autumn....not just the Mid west this is right here in NS!!……..
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    In the car world I have found that the only thing more interesting than the cars we drive, are the people behind the wheel. Today, I wanted to introduce you to my buddy Mitch Fotes and his 2017 Grabber Blue GT350R, otherwise known as GRAB R. Mitch is a tried and true octane addict living in the Pacific North West (PNW). He has been racing 2 wheel motorcycles since 1987, and holds an expert license with the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association. He is also currently a control rider and instructor for the Track Time Motorcycle Track Days. What Mitch will tell you is that just because you can drag a knee on a motorcycle, doesn’t mean you can power slide a car through an apex. The driving dynamics are totally different, and he has been enjoying learning the R. GRAB R was purchased in December 2017 with 3500 miles, and now has about 7000 smiles on the ticker. It is 1 of 2 Grabber Blue GT350R’s with the stripe delete, black roof, and electronics package delete produced in 2017. The previous owner of the car was able to order it trough a VIP allocation, so Mitch was able to get a lot of cool history with the car through its build process. You can find Mitch running GRAB R at the Ridge or other courses in the PNW. But keep an eye on the driver as his wife races the R and motorcycles as well. Make sure to stop and say hello next time you see them passing you before the apex. Here are his modifications to date, and some photos to enjoy. 2017 GT350R Grabber Blue stripe delete Electronics delete 7000 miles Suspension Maximum Motorsports camber plates ARP Rear wheel studs Caliperfexion caliper studs Wheels & Tires Signature Wheel Track Series SV502 w/anti-slip bead knurling Gloss Black 19x11 et50 square – 305/30/19 Michelin Sport Cup 2 Safety Competition Motorsports Roll Cage (Grabber Blue) Profi II ASM FE harness *Rolling photography credit to Robert Gluckman Photography *Static phtogpraphy credit to watermarked entities
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    Hello, I'm thinking about pulling the trigger on this car. Just wondering what the concessions is here. 2600 miles, not a mark on the car. Right at 60k.
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    She's a beauty 06... ….Always loved that black and gold theme I had it on my 77 Cobra II and my 77 Trans Am.
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    Last drive of the year! Gonna miss driving this car!
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    Historic Sportscar Racing at Road Atlanta, last weekend Anyone else racing an early GT350? Steven Orlando, FL
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    Thanks 06....Bet the BC coast is beautiful in the fall also....I was there in May and it was beautiful then...…
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    Growing up is a often used statement that I’ve learned to ignore. Otherwise I’d be driving an old man’s car ( 4 door sedan caddy or something ) and walking with a cane. Life is short and calling people old is absurd. I hate the image that so called old people adhere to. No we are not old just older. Walk straight and learn new things everyday. Lol. Use it or lose it that includes your mind.
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    lubing the bushings is treating the symptom, not a cure, there are Ford TSb's about the "clunking", "chirping", squeaking" and what to do about it.
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    It happened to me too. Dealer lubed up the nylon bushings.
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    agreed, i have had all that done and more car handles like a dream
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    The link you show above when you click on it takes you to Tasca's site, not Ford's Parts site. I was referencing what was published on Ford's site and they provide the changeover date, which by the way also coincides with some of the pictures of people have posted of the BTX-96R. As has been stated multiple times before ,and with photos provided....there were 2 batteries used in the 2007/2008 era GT500 and either one will work. Nobody is fired up. People have simply been posting data and photographic evidence showing that there were 2 different batteries installed in the 2007/2008 era GT500....both will work....no matter what your supplement says. The Battery Choice is yours to make......this topic is officially flogged........Do you want to keep beating the horse or is there a need to move on to cows now?............
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    add my name to the list of well wishers. Cancer sucks!
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    Falcongtho3...That’s why I couldn’t find the red mach...sounds like u made a smart move and came out ahead. These hallmark ornaments seem be a hit and miss value wise. My wife always asks me which ones to buy and gets an extra one for me to keep. Then she sells the rest on ebay. Her hobby and she enjoys it. It’s a win win for her and me. Ok got to dig out some more diecast and post later.
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    That’s really cool. Detail looks good for a small car.
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    Ok here is a hallmark I didn’t have to go in the attic to find. 2012 issue of the Bandit my favorite funny move and past actor. It was a real kick in the pants watching him run that Trans Am . Especially All those stunts that I understand he actually did. Sally Fields played a good role of being totally confused about all the truckers slang . She said those truckers can see right in here. His comment was that’s what I like about driving a semi “ I just love being able to spot those beavers darlin” .
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    A little off topic but it’s Hallmark. Here is the whole set of Christmas vacation ornaments starting in 2009 to 2018. I’ve got two of eddies RVs one without the box. Thanks to my wife for collecting these over the years. She’s always giving me one for Christmas. The 2018 came early since I wanted to show these. Thanks Bonnie.
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    Hey Mongoose where are you and what’s your take on this gulf mustang. Bailey has been asking about your where a bouts and feels sad. Her favorite diecast.
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    The switch is stuck on . Guess I'll have to disconnect the battery, but I don't have .009 mm socket to disconnect the cables! You ought to see what I have to go through at the gas station!
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    Nope............. SPOT ON BUDDY!!! You funny!
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    Most of the degradation in a tire is due to oxidation, fungus, and ultraviolet light. To avoid all that , you could go spend around $20k to $25k on a special ASME metal pressure vessel and a vacuum system unit and a nitrogen fill system , put the tires inside the chamber and purge all the air out of the chamber with the vacuum unit and then refill the chamber with with nitrogen. That will stop the oxidation and fungus for the most part and the ultraviolet degradation. But, in order to keep your special sooper dooper original tires in good working order, you would need to take them out of the sealed chamber and put them on your car and run them up to operating temperature for a while once a month or so in order to make sure that all the protective additives that were infused in to the rubber compound during it manufacturing process are “worked” back and forth in to the rubber compounds in order to keep protecting them. Tires are designed to be used not stored. It is actually worse to store tires than to just use them. Get over the whole “original’ tire thing unless you plan on making your car a trailered concourse show pony 50 years from now. Go slap some decent shoes on your car and go enjoy it.
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    Sweet!! Congrats, SGT0128!! She's a beauty!!
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    Thanks Goose...…..
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    Gotcha Jimmer......yeah it's very sad indeed when you see such a beautiful place destroyed that way....Pitch and I were in St Maarten we found it one of our favorites down there...to be honest I would hate to see it this way now....Puerto Rico can't be completely rebuilt yet either.
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    Very nice. Graber Blue is a great throwback to 1970, where it was the most popular color of the B9 and third in the B2. Oh yeah, some guy named Carroll liked it too, and you’ll see some ‘70 side oilers done up in that color if you know where to look. It’s nice to see on “the” performance mustang now.
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    Good to hear that David. A couple miles to right and you'd be right in it's path. Still surprised you have power.
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    Damn Keith, sorry to hear that, I will keep him and his family in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Hey guy, cool pics and nice story on your buddy! Later! "MONGOOSE"
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    Ya I found that one for $198 a bit less expensive then the $500 ca. one that a guy close by is selling . Thanks for your help .
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    Goose, I haven’t been around this thread in awhile. A while back when I was going to leave the forum for good, you guys asked me to stay and just hang at least in the C8 thread. That’s mostly what I’ve done frankly. I see this ole thread has all but dried up like the dirt in the Arizona desert! I do have a few old collectible bikes left over, but Gina has made me commit to keeping them. She thinks I’ll be sad one day if I let them get away. Hmmmmm..... but apparently it was OK to let the SGT get away????????!
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    Just remember, it is San Diego and NOT Las Vegas........What happens in San Diego will not STAY in San Diego..................
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    You think I'm not relaxed?....you'd be wrong AGAIN!!!!….…..You have a nice day also Webster!!…..
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    Thanks Goose....these pics were taken last year about mid October...we're not quite there yet but the leaves are changing now.
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    What is this "growing up" of which you speak?
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    Just an added note: when the SGT's were factory lowered, they didn't correct the geometry. So if you're making front end adjustments, a bumpsteer kit (tall tie-rod) is highly recommended to 'level' the struts, plus the stock ball joints are a mm too small (which can clunk). Had mine replaced a few years ago, noticeable difference in handling. Plus: the rear wasn't leveled either, so I had a lower control arm relocation bracket installed, again to flatten the geometry. No more wheel hop, squats now.
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    no need to apologize, the input is appreciated, somewhere many years from now, this kind of information may be important to a collector who is trying to do a restoration or track down an original battery or battery info , so much was lost in the very early days of mustang production , so it is good to have people who pay attention to details. Was just kidding about the beating dead cows thing......sometimes wry humor doesn't translate well over the internet.............
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    Make sure you use some heat and a good Allen wrench to remove the screws from the end links. Mine were a bitch to remove to replace the bushing. I used green grease and it's been over a year and they are still quiet. Mark
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    My wife is at Utah Motorsports Campus this week attending the two day extended course. She went instead of me because we both agree she needs it more than I do. I did Bertil Roos in the 90's and spent some time on-track before getting married. She's had no such experience like that and is generally afraid of the GT350. Hopefully, FP instructors will get her past her fear of ponies and traction limits. It'll make me and her more comfortable when she drives. I still wish I had gone but home, kids, dogs, horses, etc.....
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    My 03 Mach1 was one of the best sounding cars "exhaust wise" I've owned right from the factory....Now my 04 SVTCobras exhaust wasn't as loud as the Mach1 but when you put your foot into the fun peddle the SC's whine was pure sound porn...…
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    Enjoy the Oz!!!...……..
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    My ‘07 SGT has been for sale for a couple months now to use the dough (and space) for a new DD..... This new announcement just sealed the deal for me......NOT for sale anymore! I totally concur with Jim Clark!