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    Always a nice way to start the workday at SAI..............................
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    Well the good news for you is that I believe the production run has sold out. So now you wont have to think about not buying one as you can no longer buy one.
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    LOL,that’s was like…… welcome to Team Shelby, let me talk about myself and Vettes, and cars that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are asking about because its all about me and I am totally clueless as to how to answer your questions. Not only was the posts wording poor etiquette, most people with even a granule of common sense know that typing text in Bold, ALL CAPS, or using exclamation points!!!! on the internet are are each individually the internet equivalent of shouting or yelling at someone, yet there is only ONE PERSON in here that manages to use not one but ALL THREE!!!!.......In almost EVERY single Post!!!!!……it comes off as somebody having a “hey look at me, while jumping up and down having a CLOWN SHOW temper tantrum……...most forums have rules against such obnoxious texting behavior and quickly moderate it because it is generally regarded as offensive. People have pointed it out to him before………but heck, nobody ever stops the same individual from name calling and ranting at people either, so I guess text formatting doesn’t matter either……., most people also know it is also bad form and redundant to sign your post with your name in a bunch of Caps and Emojis too, because ALL of us already have a big avatar with our name above it on the left of the screen in each post we make.
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    Moderators, please clean this trash up! Goose, you really need to learn forum etiquette. Please. You wouldn't be tolerated in any other forum.
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    I was pretty much in the same doubt little time ago, but also considering the 2012 302 Boss. This one had a nice price and sold quickly. Then I bought a 2008 Shelby GT. Very, VERY happy with the car. It is fun, without being a (altought fun, but maybe dangerous) beast. In my opinion, the car drawn attention at the shows. Last weekend we had the 15th edition of the annual meeting of the Mustang Club of Sao Paulo and the public reaction to the Shelby GT was amazing.
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    I’m fortunate enough to own a ‘08 GT500KR and a 08’ SGT convertible. As far as driving I prefer the SGT. Even in the convertible trim it feels more balance than the KR. The steering, clutch and brakes are all lighter. The car is truly a pleasure to drive. My KR puts out over 600hp, so it’s just a beast...fun to unleash at times but also keep you on your toes. If I had to let one go, it would probably be the KR. As far as owning a Shelby GT over a GT/CS, I personally don’t think there is a comparison. The Shelby is more special mostly due to the suspension. One other consideration would be a 2012 Boss 302. It might take a bit more work to find one under $20k, but they are fantastic cars for the money.
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    I have a 2008 SGT/SC that I bought new in October 2007. It has been a great car. Mine is not a daily driver by any means and I have about 23,000 miles onit at this point in time. A bunch of those miles are from taking it to the Terlingua Texas gathering each year. I kind of like the fact that there are few bells and whistles on my 2008 compared to the current crop of Mustangs. I have found the 4.6 motor to be quite capable when supercharged. Lots of fun on the track if you are into that. Enjoy your search and good luck. Jim
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    i giggle about so much conversation on Vette's in a Shelby forum. How y'all doing?
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    I'll bet if you add the mileage of all those cars in the last shot now, it'll be lower than the IQ of a gummi bear.
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    Mongoose about walking to his old school ...... His bus even had a stick shift unfortunately he missed it a lot he missed a lot of shifts back in the day also ....jam jam bam 💥 .
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    Well I'm off to the airport in Halifax gonna visit with my boy then off to Vegas for a week....ya'll better behave while I'm gone!! Will be going to SA this time for sure...…..
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    Took a couple pics of my C5 while the sun was setting.
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    Yes Sir!!……..5 times I've been to Vegas and never been to SA this time I will for sure bud....
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    My method centers the axle under the “body”. Fat Boss’ method centers to the frame rails where the lower control arms connect. This more accurately aligns the thrust line to the frame. I would guess my method is 95% accurate (unless there has been body damage in the rear). While his approach could be more of a challenge to set up. I’m not sure how to do this beyond eyeballing it. I’m sure there are some measurements out there to do this. The “best” approach is to set it up as best you can and then take it to an alignment shop and have them set the thrust angle. Unless you plan to drag race the car, I don’t think you will notice a difference through.
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    good article, hand not seen that one. Thanks for posting. For the Hp vs the weight of the car, that is a pretty impressive statistic. There has been loose talk and hints that the 0 to 60 on the GT500 is going ot be 3.5 seconds. Based on that number of 10.6 for 0 to 100 to 0, I am thinking the 2020 GT500 is probably going to be somewhere around 3.3 to 3.4 on the zero to 60 when the number is finally revealed. I still say Ford is going to easily sell every GT500 produced. It is an impressive vehicle and plenty of Mustang and Shelby forums are already show plenty of people entering orders for one. And its going to give the Camaro ZL1-1LE and Challenger Hellcat a run for the money. Definitely a great time to be alive if you are a high Hp pony car enthusiast.
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    Thanks Goose. Now the fun starts, settling with Insurance and finding her a new (to her) car..... They called yesterday to settle and amazing enough, the offer was within a Hundred dollars of what I expected. I expected to have to "argue" for more.
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    GO is a great color. Just purchased my first GT/SC 08SGT0032, 230 miles only. Car was previous owned by David Durant @ The Stable Performence Cars. It is currently on its way to Norway. I have had two Super Snakes before, one 605hp base car and one 725hp Kenne Bell car, both 2007.
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    Went to Stampede at Ford of Canada HQ. About 500 cars. 2020 GT500 on display.
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    That was just some sexy woman that said she was for hire...... it’s legal in Vegas ya know. Edit- Don’t tell G
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    Thanks Slo Lane. I’m shocked the Shelby 1000 doesn’t take advantage of the wide body rear for more rubber. I video’d the shop and the museum last year. The museum is all rearranged now. A year later almost to the day. Keeping it fresh! The shop this time around is FULL!! All the lifts have cars (or F150’s) on em. They’re apparently building a shytload of Shelby F150’s. I saw what looked like two black current SGT’s under construction too. Several Super Snakes aa well. I was happy to see that SA is very busy. Did my heart good to see! 🤠
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    I just want to say thank you to all the gentlemen for replying and sharing to this post! I am humbled by this community after only being here a week. This pictures are awesome, I am glad someone thought to take these as I had no idea I would be a 2008 owner until four years ago. So it is nice to be able to see what Shelby looked like back in the mid 2000's. Thank you again, Mike
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    8 hours ago, mach 1 1970 said: More opinion with absolutely no research. Orange is not targeted at a younger buyer. Studies show that 19 to 24 year olds as a majority do not like orange, in fact 10 times more 50 to 69 year olds prefer orange when compared to 19 to 24 year olds. As far as "favorite" colors go, a large percentage of 19 to 24 year olds prefer blue in almost the same percentage as 50 to 69 year olds, and an even larger percentage of 70+ year olds prefer blue or white over any other color by far . That is why you see 2 color shades of blue offered in the new Vette to appeal to both older and younger buyers, and 3 shades of “white scale” for the older buyers .Every other color is single shade. Why three shades of “white scale”?..... They still have to offer their core buyer (old dudes) more of a selection because their favorite colors by far are Blue and shades of white, aka white, light grey,silver. Red and black come in third and fourth behind blue and white. Colors evoke strong emotional ties to brands for core buyers of products. Just like why Coca Cola has had the same red in their brand for many decades and older buyers recognize not just the name but the color instantly and it can provoke strong buying emotions for core buyers of some brands when they purchase a product of another type. Some times this is why two brands will also join up and market their products together in a familiar color to its core buyers. A lot of red corvettes were sold in red just because they are familiar with the color of another product they like or often use daily . And it is even more powerful when they team up. Here is an example of how it works. Just like the orange car they are parading around. It’s a familiar color to Corvette “core buyers”…. GM will sell a heck of a lot of Orange Vettes to their core buyers because they are already very familiar with the Orange Color…..….
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    Hey Chris is at the Shelby headquarters today. We should get some great pictures and videos later. .... Edit : he wants me to post them so probably tomorrow.
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    Ahh!!! a good night sleep 💤 QVC and Mike can put the whole world to sleep with just their 10 minute ad .... who needs a pillow
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    Seriously?, before you pop off about someone's intentions always being good natured, go back in the ridiculous C8 thread and read the multiple rants and name calling sprees he went off on towards multiple people and then ask yourself how those people felt. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. I was not being mean spirited and I have never ranted at or name called anyone. Btw, I was only one of two people who actually took the time to post an answer to the OP's question by taking time to research production numbers for him. You didn't even say hello to the OP, you just chose to waltz in here to try and play social justice warrior and give me grief.
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    May the Wenches and Turkey Drumsticks be plentiful Good Sir.
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    Seems like its been a while since there's been activity on this thread, but the heck with it. New to the page and its great to be here! Finally, I Purchased my first Shelby about a month ago, Shelby GT-C #80 (08SGT0080) Love everything about this car. ill stop there cause i could just talk all day about it!! But was wondering if anyone on here is in the Midwest area. It would be awesome to know if there's another C by me!
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    Early morning setup at the 2018 Sycamore Car Show, Sycamore, IL USA
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    Yep I think you might have something there. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen one however.
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    Mongoose the guy with the original Shelby didn’t put a firm price on it. But after talking a while I’m thinking he is around $175K. He started off at $200K. Personally like I said these cars are over priced today and could stand a good correction. Lots of clones out there to have fun driving and with beefier engines. A nice R type 350 clone sold on bring a trailer for $46K yesterday. Later slo lane. .
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    Thanks BB!!…...it was firecracken HOT down there the whole week...110F plus every day even the locals said it was unusual for it to be steady over 110F for a whole week....BUT beats the humidity we get here...….
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    Well the United States has had 47 recessions on record. They happen be prepared. Stock market is a gamble in the short run. In the long run it’s been a place to invest with a track record.
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    Just picked mine up Wed 08/14/19 from being upgraded. Bought it new and finally got her back to Vegas to have her upgraded. I couldn't get the snake version of the the GT/SC seat covers. Add one more convertible to the GT/SC group. 08SGT0886. Other mods include the Shelby sequential turn signals and Shelby racing pedals, along with a signed airbag cover by the man himself.
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    Well, the new GT350 is almost done, but there will never be a convertible. It's built as a track car, not a cruiser.
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    Interesting. I’m running a complete stock SGT set-up to the ATAKS and I get no drone, none at all. My car is a vert, but again nothing with the top up or down. A buddy of mine has ‘08 SGT/SC (vert) with a stock cats going into Bassani X into SLP loudmouths and the drone is unreal at 1700-2000 RPM. I thought it was the SLP’s, but maybe the X-Pipe is causing some of the baffle echo’s as well?
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    Well what do you think of the C8 up close and personal Goose??????…...
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    I have 25 professional photos taken at the NYC media launch on 4/4/07, along with a photocopy of Carroll's presentation (3-pages) that he read from as he/Ford unveiled the KR to the media. PM me if interested.
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    Bose system for the C8..How about the song “ I can’t drive 55” That should get you a ticket 🎫
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    No it wasn't Pitch...it was the bolts of lightning zipping by my boat that made me go YIKES!!!...…….
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    That's awesome Mach congrats!!….I'm excided for ya bud.....AND in RED!!!!!...…… ……..are they giving you a ballpark delivery date ? I'm hearing as early as January to March.
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    Two things I dont care for on the car. The interior looks like someone glued an IPAD to the counsel Second, and strange coming from a Mustang Guy but, Does not strike me as a Corvette.
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    212 mph that’s one slow airliner. .... or slo liner
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    Hey, Glad to see so many of you realizing the benefit of the Watt's Link. And, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the kind words. It really means a lot! Jer
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