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    I just saw someone on Facebook share info about this. At first I thought it was fake. I don't know what Shelby or Ford or whoever was thinking, but I think it's WRONG to use GT-H and call it "Heritage." The H in Shelby GT-H has always been for Hertz. The black and gold paint scheme and GT-H name should only mean one thing... the Hertz Rent A Racer, the 1,001 GT350Hs they made in 1966, the 500 GT-H coupes in 2006, the 500 GT-H convertibles in 2007, and the 171 GT-H coupes in 2016. Don't like this idea at all.
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    He is the guy who would always post what he was eating that day..... The Lobby. I might have chosen The Pub, but The Lobby works. Out for a drive this AM with a friend..... quite the spectacle.
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    Hi Guys & Gals, Here’s the schedule for the 2018 Team Shelby Bash. We’re so excited to have so many of you joining us again this year! For those attending, an official survival guide will be emailed to you shortly before the event. You will also be receiving email updates from individuals managing event activities you’ve registered for. This year we have some great things planned and look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks! If you haven’t registered yet, you can purchase 2018 Team Shelby Bash tickets here: http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/bash18-ticket.htm THURSDAY MARCH 8th Welcome Reception @ Stoney’s - Las Vegas (4:00PM to 8:00PM) FRIDAY MARCH 9th Open Track @ Spring Mountain Raceway (7:00AM to 5:00PM) Thrill Rides @ Spring Mountain Raceway (Schedule Varies) Open Track Lunch @ Spring Mountain Raceway (12:00 to 1:00PM) Poker Run & Lunch - Meet at Silverton (7:30AM to 3:30PM) 10 Year Celebration featuring Team Shelby’s Got Talent @ The Veil (6:30PM to 9:00PM) SATURDAY MARCH 10th Open Track @ Spring Mountain Raceway (7:00AM to 5:00PM) Thrill Rides @ Spring Mountain Raceway (Schedule Varies) Open Track Lunch @ Spring Mountain Raceway (12:00 to 1:00PM) “King of the Road” Scavenger Hunt - Starts at Silverton (9:00AM to 4:00PM) 2018 Shelby Bash Banquet @ Shelby American (6:30PM to 9:30PM) SUNDAY MARCH 11th CSF Pancake Breakfast @ Shelby American (8:00AM to 10:00AM) Team Shelby Car Show @ Shelby American (8:00AM to 11:30AM)
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    Congratulations. You win the ignore button.... "Yee of Thin Skin".
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    Shelby American Inc is pleased to announce our brand new digital format Shelby magazine. It's filled with the latest news and stories including articles by top journalists like Evan Smith and Steve Statham. This publication is a must read for every enthusiast. Below is a link to our very first issue, be sure to download it https://issuu.com/shelbyamericanmagazine/docs/shelby_magazine_issue_1_march_2019_?e=37593132/68691542 The Shelby Magazine is a digital publication of Shelby American in collaboration with Shelby Licensing, Carroll Shelby’s Store, The Carroll Shelby Foundation, Shelby Performance Parts and Team Shelby.
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    Good info BB...Ford knows what they are doing and they put them there for a good reason...I don't find they look bad at all actually they look kind of cool sorta like the push twist ones of old....
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    Facebook..... you won't ever catch me on there. Not to mention their questionable ethics... This is as close to social media as I get both professionally and personally.
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    Recently we did have a promotion for the 2006-08 GT/GTH owners where a optional interior upgrade was included as part of the GT/SC package at no charge. Although this promotion has expired if you email me your contact info I'll walk it over to our sales department and have them take good care of you. If you call our sales department directly you will be told the promotion has expired so send me an email at stevent@shelby.com FYI, this customer good will gesture I'm offering is limited so please don't email me in January saying that you want to take me up on this. Steve
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    My ‘07 SGT has been for sale for a couple months now to use the dough (and space) for a new DD..... This new announcement just sealed the deal for me......NOT for sale anymore! I totally concur with Jim Clark!
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    I didn't realize his wife was for sale.
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    Well……., originally instead of the challenger joke I was going to use a corvette joke……but everybody knows you can’t sleep comfortably in a corvette unless you take your AARP card and McDonalds Gift Cards out of your hip pocket……..
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    In just about any High heat area of the country it is almost paramount to have your house split in to two zones instead of 1 big unit. One of the first things I did was replace a single 5 ton unit with 2 three ton units and split the cooling of the house in to 2 zones. The heat here in Texas over the past 5 summers has caused me 3 outages but I was never without a cool part of the house to go to. Or if you don’t want to go to that expense you can always put a small “mini split” unit somewhere in the house for about $1500 and that way you will always have a cool spot as a back up plan. In BB’s case, he could put a mini split in his garage to keep his garage queens comfortable year round and if his house AC goes out again he won’t have to get a hotel. He can just go out in the garage and fire up the mini split and sleep in the comfort of that big, bloated, and primer coated Challenger………......
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    Torque news is wrong. Here are the sales figures for the USA in 2018. ps: I don't have the sales figures for "worldwide" handy, but I guarantee you the Challenger and Camaro are NOT outselling the Mustang Worldwide either. Sales Results - USA - Camaro, Challenger, Mustang - 2018 Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total Camaro 2,867 3,680 5,245 4,529 4,529 4,530 25,380 Challenger 3,405 6,093 8,150 5,892 7,005 6,822 37,367 Mustang 4,732 5,800 8,632 7,125 8,739 7,400 42,428 When your sales numbers are higher than your competitors it means you are outselling them.........
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    Not that I ever took the stuff but it should have been legalised years ago.....I worked part time as a bouncer at local clubs and give me a guy stoned on weed any day compared to a guy drinking alcohol.
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    Black is not a color.....it's a career.
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    Ford didn't just stick Cobra on an ordinary Torino...The only Torino that had Cobra stamped on the side was also packing a big 428cj in 1968 and a 429scj in 1970 along with some cosmetic goodies that made it stand out...as far as Mopar using the Hemi badging on their trucks is the same reason they had it on Cudas Challengers Road Runners on other cars back in the day was because of the Hemi engine same as the Ram trucks of today because of the Hemi engine...you won't see Hemi on an SUV unless it's got a Hemi engine in it...As far as Shelby SS on an F-150 it's no ordinary truck by far.. anything that packs 750hp is worthy of the name but what Ford is planning on doing is putting the name Mach1 on an ECO SUV and that's a totally different ballgame and not worth of the name IMO
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    I finally made it to the Shelby store in Las Vegas. It's about a 4 hour drive for me. I pulled up in my 07 GT500 Saturday afternoon. There weren't many cars in the lot, and there were zero Shelbys. At first I thought they were closed, but then I saw a few people coming out of the store. I was lucky enough to nab an empty spot right up front. I walked in and was greeted by Joanna. She asked if it was my first time, and I said "Yes it is. I even brought my Shelby!" So she goes, "Did you see that circle out front? Do you know what that is?" I go, "the Circle of Power?" My wife goes, "No you dork, it's the Winners Circle." So then Joanna says, "You can park there." I made like the Roadrunner out the door, and backed my car up into the circle in about 3.5 seconds. It was pretty awesome! "The Circle of Power". I'm sticking with it.
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    Some times you just need to go out to the garage, pull back the cover and rejoice. Thanks Carroll for being a car guy.
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    Still better then living in Florida.
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    I apologize. Under some stress the past week. Thanks to all who visit the Garage. Please keep it nice.
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    This was my hobby for the past 30+ years and was lucky to make some dough at the same time. I did this because l loved driving these awesome cars the money was the secondary reason . Can’t do that anymore with the high prices these machines are at today. The 10 year old SGT’s aren’t appreciating like the 10 year old boss did back in 1980. Those were some really fun times collecting cars from the past. GTO’s , SS 396 , Corvettes and Shelby’s . But today’s cars are more fun and awesome to drive . So I’ve moved on from the classics. Still buy and sell a bit. Today it’s just not happening like back in the 80’s. The last car I made out on was the 05 Ford GT I sold after 10+ years. I tried that on a 10 year old SGT with a ton of provenance but barely made $1K. The others aren’t collectible like the past. Maybe in 20 years or maybe not. Below is a collection I put together for our grandkids. Half the cars are missing because I could not fit them all in I put this on T shirt for them to wear . Will’s favorite cars and papa’s too !
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    Yup, sure is purty! We picked this up on Monday 2018 Ecoboost in Royal Crimson, the color is what sold us on it.
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    I thought it was a jet ski with tank treads. blub blub
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    Are you sure he's a "real" car guy? Because I'm pretty sure he's not interested in Chevrolet Corvettes.
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    The new Tacoma will go into the one car off to the right there (angled). The driveway is plenty wide for a swing to pull it in, and for backing out as well. All four garages will have A/C. Wall mounted LG’s. The ceilings are 11’ in all four stalls. The garage door openers in the front three bays have header mounted units, so the doors can roll way up hugging the ceilings for top car roof clearance. No unsightly motor’s hanging down either. Still deciding on an epoxy coat color for the garage floors. There’s still accent paint colors to be added.. the painters were out of the right color the day they painted the house. And of course the desert landscape is last to be done.
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    Driving a quick shifting auto trans in manual mode does take getting used to in order to get the full fun factor. Remember for some of us it’s been 40 plus years of driving a stick. Habits are hard to break is all I can say. I had a 06 GT-H and that car wasn’t meant to be driven in manual mode because of its slow shifting nature . The Shelby GT500 will have a fast shifting trans and have a totally different driving experience. But I think if possible the 2020 Shelby GT500 should have the stick as a choice.
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    That alien looks about as old as the typical 60+ corvette demographic......
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    Well kudos to Donnie he's a good soul...as long as they're taken care of..I'm sure they're lost right now but with some TLC they'll be fine.
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    They can design the new C8 for a younger audience all they want. The “younger” buyer doesn’t have a hundred geezles to drop on a car. Nor is it on their radar screen to do so. Young people want Uber and Lyft to take them around. Young people are changing the face of how we ALL live and what is being offered to us ALL for purchase. Gina is in the food business...well, the CPG business. She can tell ya first hand that Millenials are directing traffic on all things “retail”. Life is changing faster than my 5 o’clock shadow. I’m lucky to be able to understand the benefit of Amazon and other E-Commerce, and be able to, and unafraid to use it. The cars in my current stable are already dinosaurs...sans maybe my 350? But I don't give two shyts. Before long I’ll be dead and none of the cars being designed and built for the next round of buyers (whomever and however old they are) will make a shyt to me. I live day to day, and enjoy what I have, day to day. I’m not in any competition to have the next best “thing”. Life is short and until you have a health scare, you might not feel that way. With age comes wisdom, and humility.
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    Ford provided a fix for this fueling issue a long time ago. there is a revised fuel tank and vapor management valve that should rectify the re-fueling issues on 2005 to 2007 ALL Mustang's the tank part # is 8R3Z-9002-A and a revised fuel vapor canister valve part # is 7R3Z-9D653-D There is also Ford TSB 07-21-12 that addresses this issue.
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    August 14th through the 19th Team Shelby Will be invading Dearborn this August. We will start with 2 days of track time at Gingerman Raceway, Move to Dearborn to run the Romeo Proving Grounds on Thursday. Friday will bring a family picnic at the Henry Ford Village followed by a private event at the Henry Ford Museum where you will be able to view exhibits all by your lonesome. On Saturday its the worlds biggest cruise at Woodward. We will either be in the snake pit or, we may have our own street! There will be more details to follow but save those dates!!
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    Chris don’t blame you for keeping her. They really are fun cars to drive. There will never be another one in my book. Those were amazing times when Carroll Shelby went back to ford. Full circle ⭕️ for sure. My only question is how can it be a hertz car if it's never been owned by hertz ? Rent a racer is a major theme and provenance that the hertz cars had.
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    It would be humanly impossible for me to agree more.
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    Winter!?!?!..... ….....that's when you take out your winter toys like ATV's and SxS's and snowmobiles!!!!…… ….love winter it's fun.....
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    Yup, that about sums it up! I once had a doctor tell me to cut down on my beer drinking.... my new doctor and I talk about where to get a good IPA during my visits. Have I made some poor choices in my life... yes! Will I make more ... yes! Do I dwell on it... no!
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    Yep I bought her. Should arrive this week. Pictures when I get her. Edit....Wow it came in the mail today ....no really. Ebay purchase from last week. Wrong year though. Last picture of her being loaded up today. The real one comes later in the week lol ? got her Tuesday pm
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    Bought my plane ticket to Lost Wages. Going to SAI July 30th!!!!! The Mother Ship
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    Pics of Car#54. It needs a good detailing which I'm working on.
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    Hey Mongoose.......yep camping 2 hours north of our home. Helen GA alpine village in the north ga mountains. Can you spot bailey. She barks at every dear that wonders by. They look at her and basically laugh ? North Ga mountains is a beautiful area for hiking , camping , fall leaves and outdoor sports. The weather is 5 degrees cooler in the summer time ...ahh
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    The car that started the whole Shelby train a rollin’ for me! Ordered it Jan 2007, delivered April 2007. I joined what was Stangs Unleashed at the time, in May 2006 to learn more about the upcoming GT500’s and soon after Team Shelby acquired the site and turned into what we have now. If not for this very car.....I would not be talking to you guys today!!
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    Is that where your garage was before the hurricane blew it away?................
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    I bought mine in Nov 2016. Using the list on this site, for Nov-Feb sales, 27 units have been sold, yielding an average of 6.75 units sold per month. If I had included the 14 sold in October (prior to my purchase) that would bump it up to over 8. So I think the 2-3 per month stated earlier is not representative of the current run rate, which may have included the time when prices were much higher and units did not move. About 80 units appear to have been sold, leaving 91 remaining. Using 7 per month, that gives us 13 months of inventory - not taking into account that some were totaled, some were wrecked and repaired and pricing has been coming down. I think within a year, they will be gone. For those of us that have made the BIG financial decision to purchase these cars, and LOVE them, I will say for the 2016 GT-H group that I take offense from other Shelby member's posts that imply stupidity for us purchasing a car that in YOUR opinion only has a value in the $35K range +/- . I think you need to show a bit more respect than bashing the topic over and over. Enjoy what you have and have fun. Brent
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    Great stories gents. On the Recaros, I didn't like them at first either and seriously considered ordering one with the convenience pack, but the Recaros have conformed to my ample frame after a few drives, around 1,500 miles and they are actually quite comfortable on a long drive. Could use better lumbar support, but overall I'm thrilled with my 2017 in Ruby Red. I believe this version of the GT350 will be quite sought after in the years to come.
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    Well we agree on a few things I guess...giving out trophies or medals just for participating is dumb and attributes to what I was saying nowadays kids don't know how to lose...I agree if there is only one trophy to win like hockey football and such sports I get that but even they get first in their division....all I'm saying if you're involved in a sport that has Gold silver and bronze then just be proud of what you accomplished and not be labeled a loser for not getting gold....no one and I mean no one is more competitive than I am and to lose hurt but it makes one hungrier to train harder to comeback better than ever....at least that's what I did and it worked.
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    I had a blast when Team Shelby did this in 2011!
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    Dearborn 2013: Ford Romeo Engine Plant
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