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    Cool. Where and when we're those pics taken ?
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    That’s the other Chris’s car. CMC motorworks. Mines a Gurney
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    Foiund 3 more Pics of your Saleen....................
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    Yes, that’s great news! Thanks Mr. Know It All! ✌️
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    Wednesday (Feb 19, 2020) 1:00pm: “Ryan Newman continues to show great improvement after Monday night’s last-lap accident at Daytona International Speedway,” a statement from Roush Fenway Racing read. “The veteran driver is fully alert and walking around Halifax Medical Center. True to his jovial nature, he has also been joking around with staff, friends and family while spending time playing with his two daughters.” It has been reported that he has been released from the hospital around 2 pm today (E.S.T)
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    Omg that looks like WORK. Burrr on top of it .....yikes I like working in shorts Mongoose not overalls. ... That looks like a windshield out of a 747 ...what the heck. Does that have a built in radar system for your flight plan. . How many total inches is that ? . I don’t see the collies anywhere . Are they buried under the drifts looking for squirrels ? I thought Keith had it bad with snow but you are a close second...You guys and your snow. Holy cow.
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    Who's the wuss that uses a canopy on a snow blower ?...……….
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    Cool vid Mach thanks for sharing....Love the silver wheels and body coloured C on the side scoop...car really needs the spoiler though and preferably body coloured also....It sounds awesome from inside just to bad the moron in the truck ruined the sound from outside...3.3 sec to 60 is not bad at all with a none Z51 and 2 in the car at 2000' elevation plus he only tried once he may have bettered that time....
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