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    $13,200 on the C8 reveal ebay tickets. Just crazy IMO.
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    2007-08 Shelby GT owners, you are now able to place an order.
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    2007-08 Shelby GT owners, it appears your version of the CSM plaque signs didn't make it to the website but don't worry you haven't been forgotten about. As soon as a part number is assigned to the 07-08 SGT's it will be added to the SPP website. Steven
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    The Voodoo will go down as a Ford failure. The engine IS expensive to replace. And if you look at the number of people on this and other forums that have had engines replace, and project into the entire population. the failure rate is above what a Six-Sigma part would predict or want. There is a reason the engine hasn't been used anywhere else and it's not because it was a raving success.
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    You've been warned by three people, including Shelby American, about the wisdom of modifying the Voodoo engine. Ford never came out with a Ford Racing Parts sanctioned supercharger for the Voodoo. Shelby American never took one of the units that your "professional" used and sanctioned it with their name. In short, "professionals" can do some stupid things sometimes. This is a gate with signs that say "There is a dog that will bite you" with "But feel free to enter at your own risk" below. Good luck though.
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    Yuppers to that and you also have to ask yourself, why didn't Shelby American supercharge the 2015-2020 GT350 ? Yes there was a reason, a very big reason. Steven
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    Hot wheels makes some cool muscle cars that we all love. Nice pick Mongoose. It’s small enough so you can find a place .. does the wife know about this one ? Small enough you can hide it from Ace the sleepy 💤 cat.
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    I like this rear...change up those exhaust tips and it would make a huge difference IMO...……...
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    Yes Mongoose who doesn’t like a good deal. From toothpicks to Shelby’s ! ...... and everything in between. ........ Cool piece on the diecast Chris. ...thanks.
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    Because the red car conflicts with the red "tiny" stripe next to the white or black over the top stripes. The red pin stripes designates the 350 as a R model.
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    I’ve got one and a friend has been looking. So anybody know of a company?
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    Would look great in our tree fitties. 133500068
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