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    Enjoy the magic of a true Shelby American GTSC.
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    Have a safe trip and hopefully we will be here when you get back...... The BG Corvette plant had one of the mules in a separate room today. Some guys got to stand 10’ away from the C8. The one most common comment was there is at least 100 lbs of camo padding on the mule. When all that extra padding comes off the car it will look “ low, sleek and mean machine.” Can’t wait till 7/18. Mongoose any pictures from yesterday ?
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    My favorite old camera picture from the past. Like 1985. Look what’s hiding in the garage................. This is before the internet , iPhones and social media. Can do without the last craze. I do agree sometimes we do get into our pets on here. But 90% old and new cars mostly and definitely car stuff . Memories fellas from the cars we owned in the past and present. Share them all. It’s all good. later ....slo walk down memory lane .
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    Well I'm off to the big city of Halifax to visit my boy.... ……..Ya'll get along hear?????...….
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    Top pic I like that yellow 1970 Torino/Cobra...…..
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    Hey Mongoose post up those pictures of your car show buddy ...... Here’s Some car shows from the past to keep things flowing . 17 GS 14 Z51 16 GT 350
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    This is a pretty good perspective of the hardtop convertible C8. This shot looks more balanced.
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    Hi Mongoose, thanks for that info. My son who is currently in transit from Auckland to Miami took a bunch of pics of the model yesterday. When he gets home I will get him to send them to me so I can post them. Model has always been boxed, it comes in 3 separate boxes and only opened on probably 3 or 4 occasions for inspection and Chris to sign and yesterdays photo session. I do have a couple of shots of Chris signing the underside which I will attach. Shipping is not too bad, around $200 US by courier which includes insurance. I may be a little ambitious but I would be hoping to get around $5500 US. I'm not at all pleased to be passing this on but the pension in NZ is a bit of a struggle to get by on and this would make a big difference. If I got my price however I would probably try and get the GMP 1:12 example as they seem to be more realistically priced. I will post further pics as soon as my son gets them through. Cheers, Dave I just tried to send the pics I have but they must be too big and my capabilities with a computer are very limited and I'm stuck. I could send them to an e-mail address however.
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    Tune in to watch the creation of the event logo for the 2019 Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals on a live Facebook feed this Thursday evening. Where: Team Shelby Northeast Region Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/264936540196609/about/ When: 8:00pm Eastern Time... Who: Renowned artist Micah Claycamp from "Micahdoodles" https://www.facebook.com/micahdoodles/ Micah is know for his "CarToon" style of drawing, exaggerating a cars curves and proportions to create a caricature of a vehicles personality. However, he also has started doing more realistic drawings which while not as wild, still allow his automotive subjects attitude to show through....this is the style he will be using for our logo. You can follow him on Instagram : @ micahdoodles I will be on the Live Feed via text to answer any questions about Team Shelby in general, as well as questions about our East Coast Grand National event taking place in conjunction with SAAC, in the Pittsburgh area. Tune in to be the first to see what this years logo will be, and what car it will feature!
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