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    Yes blue seems to be very popular on this site. Now we have a blue Shelby GT350 R on board. Congrats Tim and glad you finally got her We all look forward to seeing and reading all about her . Post some more pictures when you can. Watch out for Mongoose he doesn’t like competition from other blue cars. Chris found out the hard way and had to buy a silver K-Man , silver C7 and a red Boss 302. Keith might be considering a blue beast but won’t tell us because of Mongoose. Post carefully on here. Word is Keith is now going Red Later slo lane . a non blue car owner.
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    Tim here you go more info These 2000 SVT cobras were expensive MSRP $55K and very limited to 300 with 385HP . Non supercharged engine very impressive back in 2000. But very rare and snatched up by collectors . The Cobra R was only offered in Performance Red Clearcoat (code ES). 300 were made only very rare In Cobra R specification, the 5.4-liter quad-cam V8 was rated at 385 horsepower and 385 lb-ft of torque .It features more aggressive cams, a unique intake manifold, an aluminum radiator, power steering cooler, high-capacity fuel pump, short-tube headers, and Borla exhaust.
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    My garage walls are rather boring compared to yours Mach.....
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    And add every brand to that price rise also it's right across the board Tim.
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    The same can be said for all of the Mustangs listed as well, times change and so do cars. My (3) 69s were similar but very different from my 73, and my 82 was light years beyond them in all regard with the exception of power. My 01 felt like little more than a freshening of my 82 (which it kinda was), whereas my '03 Mach 1 was leaps and bounds beyond the car only two years its senior, even being on the same platform. The 13 Boss is in a different league, while the '16 GT350R I drove was nirvana to me. The middle child GT to me was a perfect car for a perfect time, and the new one is a race car that's been made streetable. But its still a car. With two doors and an engine and a Ford logo, its still transportation, which can barely be said about the original Ford GT (40). The one thing I've always felt about the 05/06 GT is that ford got a wake up call in the pricing department. For what it was and what it cost (sticker) I always thought it was a bit of a bargain, and I'm sure Fords upper management had a jaw dropping moment when it realized how much profit the dealers were making on the car, which was later backed up by the secondary market pricing skyrocketing the way it did. Regardless of how the competition was or is priced, the market adjustments on the new cars have been a bit mind numbing.
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    Who’s better than Jason Bourne and Bruce Wayne? Carroll Shelby and Ken Miles!
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    $13,200 on the C8 reveal ebay tickets. Just crazy IMO.
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    You may want this........... https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/311529226469193/
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    I'm certain that the shaker 1000 wasn't available on the Mach 1 for 03/04 due to the requisite 17' tire and larger spare to clear the Brembo brake package. I'm guessing that the Cobra was under the same rules for the same reasons.
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    Yeah had one of those 140hp monsters... …..77 Cobra ll 302 4 speed and my first new car....had fun for 6 months with it till I traded on a 77 Trans Am Bandit Special....That KR is a beautiful car and that colour Vista Blue is my next favorite colour next to RED....A very close second.....
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    It's amazing really how this HP war has escalated....Love it as I was to young to go buy one when the first one came around in the mid 60's to early 70's but sure enjoying this one......
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    Hey Mongoose...Shrimp tacos from a really good restaurant in Hilton Head . The weather was perfect so we sat outside and enjoyed ourselves. Yes that’s the old slo mobile. I know you are just teasing me and you are it right ....it keeps thing light around here. But really if I didn’t sell some stuff it would become a hoarders nightmare around our house. The picture is just a few boxes in my closet and I try to keep it manageable. It’s getting better until I buy something ...oh well. Later good buddy. Post some more toys.
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    You mentioned tickets as a cost in owning a high HP car. How is your bidding doing on the C8 reveal tickets coming along ? Is the $7400 yours or BB’s BID ...... .......
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    It is cool buddy Goose AND my fav colour to booth……...
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    2BJ Selbys is absolutely correct, there isn’t any comparison except in name only. The 2005 era Ford GT was built as a limited edition car paying homage to the mid 1960’s era Ford Le Mans winning Ford GT40 and it was basically a “show pony” and halo car. . No doubt it had excellent HP, performance and design for its time, but it was not a purpose built race car like the current era Ford GT. The current Ford GT was a “clean slate” design and was specifically built to win its class at Le Mans and then be sold at a premium to the masses. Meanwhile GM is futzing around attempting to build a budget Super car that is less than ¼ the price of a Ford GT. Ford, Ferrarri, McLaren, Lambo and other Super Car builders aren't worried one bit about the new C8 because 99.9 Percent of the people who can afford to buy real super cars aren't going to shop "down market" because they aren't going to go out and buy a car that their plumber or gardener can afford........
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    Thread title updated with the words, Shell Valley Replica.
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    Well for that kind of "JACK"....I wouldn't buy one period!!...I wouldn't pay that kind of "JACK" for any car really.....
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    The video was very cool. And that is about what I paid for mine used (3k miles) in '15. I have the Mach 1 and the Boss. the Grande I sold in 2001, but I still have a copy of the dealer invoice that Lois Eminger supplied that shows the MSRP, and the '82 GT was my first new car, sold in '92. Just wanted to help show the progression of pricing, But we do have consider content as well.
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    $500K plus tax. Yep that’s getting into super exotic price range for sure. But what’s $45K extra in this market .... again with a Jackie Gleason response...”mere bag of shells.”
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    The days of putting car posters on my bedroom walls are long gone. So the current Ford GT is like one of those posters ...long gone. Later slo lane... not a kid anymore
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    Ultra high performance version of the Ford GT...now that sounds interesting…….and of course the GT500...….
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    Ford Media has a new 2020 GT500 microsite. It has a great video with exhaust sound clips and the gt500 burning up a track. It also has a nice nod to Carroll at about 31 seconds in to the video, the GT500 slowly pulls in to a garage and there is a single black stetson hat hanging on the wall in the background. Nice touch. . Lots of good technical information about the development of the car on the microsite as well. link to microsite: http://2020gt500.ford.com/Y2019/default.aspx#functional-design link to video: http://s22.q4cdn.com/353171506/files/video/Angela-Diegel-GT500_B-Roll_V1_BlueCarOnly.mp4 enjoy.
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    Gotcha!!… ….Yeah that money bag Mr.Goose may bump that $6k bid up to $10k I'm sure...….
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    You all have asked for more info here goes. Current are covering to start with. I live in Suamico, which is a northern sub of Green bay. Current coverage to start with ill be north of Greenbay, west to include Door County south to Manitowoc and west to include Appleton and anything in between. The purpose is to assemble Team Shelby members , and obtain new members. Set up a meeting of sorts and determine as a group what the wants maybe , cars and coffee, driving events ,car shows and the like that we could do as a group.. And most of all promote the club from an area perspective along with being a spokesman to the Great Lakes Team Shelby group.. I'm looking for to hearing from you all as to your ideas moving forward. Dennis Johnson Packerland Team Shelby Director email is djohnson9683@yahoo.com
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    Let me get this right? Shelby wasn't into big honky v8s? 427 side oiler in Cobra? All first early cars were all manual trans. He has always wanted a 200plus mile an hour hot rod. Hot Roding is what he did, by that he meant putting the biggest motor into the smallest cars for some crazy performance. Sudden.
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    Yeah you could be right on the price thing Mach there are going to be crazy ADM's on these cars….heck I remember here in Canada in 06 there was ADM's on the 07 GT500 up to $50k in some cases..... ...Another thing like the 07 the US dealers will see them about 2 months before we do...…….yeah not liking some of the C8 renderings either but one never knows till they actually come out 100% I guess....
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    Thanks Goose!!… …….yeah it's getting up there for any car IMO.
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    I would agree the base version Target is probably being set just around $75k...and like the 350, the “track” version could push 25% increase over the base and put it past the $100k mark. As you said, only a matter of time.
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    Damn that's a mistake... ….I meant to say IT WILL out perform the 13-14 GT500...…….
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    Here ya go Slo Lane.... DREAM ON buddy roe!!! Now get off my back!!! ...err, is it my lawn? 😉
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    These might give you some insight into Brocks post Shelby years... https://autoweek.com/article/car-life/american-samurai-legend-peter-brocks-unfulfilled-racing-masterpiece https://www.thegentlemanracer.com/2015/11/peter-brocks-shelby-detomaso-p70.html
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    I picked up a set of KR Axel Backs for my SGT and wouldn’t you know it, they were still attached to the car. 08KR0697 officially has a new home. First, I couldn’t be happier with the purchase. For me there is something something special about these pre-title cars. Sure the 13/14 has more tech and power (the KR is plenty for now)...but it’s still a KR. I’m sure to have questions along the way, and I’m looking forward to spooling up this section of the forum. I know, I know pics, but the new iPhone image quality is so high by the time I dumb down the resolution it’s too grainy, so I have some desktop work to do. The SGT is a vista blue vert and the KR is silver.
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    Most of the degradation in a tire is due to oxidation, fungus, and ultraviolet light. To avoid all that , you could go spend around $20k to $25k on a special ASME metal pressure vessel and a vacuum system unit and a nitrogen fill system , put the tires inside the chamber and purge all the air out of the chamber with the vacuum unit and then refill the chamber with with nitrogen. That will stop the oxidation and fungus for the most part and the ultraviolet degradation. But, in order to keep your special sooper dooper original tires in good working order, you would need to take them out of the sealed chamber and put them on your car and run them up to operating temperature for a while once a month or so in order to make sure that all the protective additives that were infused in to the rubber compound during it manufacturing process are “worked” back and forth in to the rubber compounds in order to keep protecting them. Tires are designed to be used not stored. It is actually worse to store tires than to just use them. Get over the whole “original’ tire thing unless you plan on making your car a trailered concourse show pony 50 years from now. Go slap some decent shoes on your car and go enjoy it.
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    Picture of both a 18 GT and 09 KR
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    Yep, got that on order already. I need to inspect undercarriage some more to see if any other damage and get an alignment done.
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