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      ABOUT TEAM SHELBY   01/01/2007

          Member Benefits:   First, there's the Team Shelby swag. No other club packs your membership kit with more than Team Shelby! Whether you are a renewing member or new to the “family” of Shelby enthusiast worldwide, our goal is to help you enjoy a high-octane lifestyle!   From a Unique Membership Card, Team Shelby Calendar, Team Shelby Hat, Collector Coin, Team Shelby T-Shirt, Windshield Cling, Team Shelby License Plate, Lapel Pin and 4 pack of pulpboard coasters -  the contents of your Team Shelby Membership Kit more than pay for your membership alone!   In addition, your membership includes:   Exclusive Access to Team Shelby Member Forums   10% discounts at Carroll Shelby's Stores in Las Vegas and Los Angeles (present current member card for discount)   Driving Experiences   Invitations to Exclusive Team Shelby Member Events   Insider information from Shelby American   Affiliate Partner Discounts   Updated November 28, 2018. Team Shelby Club 2019 Team Shelby Membership Kit Please note that membership contents are subject to change.   Team Shelby was designed and engineered by real enthusiasts inside and out of Shelby.   Team Shelby was originally formed in 2008 by Carroll Shelby. He wanted to create a club for people to truly enjoy their cars. He knew the world had changed, and he wanted his companies to meet the needs of the new generation of Shelby owners. His vision was to knit together those people with the owners of early Shelby's and give everyone fun new ways to experience their high performance vehicles.   Mr. Shelby imagined a place where owners could talk about their latest conquests at the track, swap stories, share photos and learn new ways to hot rod their cars! He wanted to link all of the enthusiasts into one "dream garage"... thus, Team Shelby was born!   Team Shelby has many free, open access forums, news sections and member only areas dedicated to the community.   In addition, Team Shelby has a full series of events for 2019, which include VIP Experiences, track days, National & Regional gatherings, cruises, car shows and more! Ownership of a Shelby is not required to be a member. The club is dedicated to serving all Shelby enthusiasts past and present including those that own cars built in the 1960's and Shelby Dodges too! Carroll Shelby (Team Shelby Member #001) said: "We built Team Shelby for anyone who is passionate about Shelby cars! We’ll have a blast and we'll do it the Shelby way!   Yearly Membership Rates   U.S. $49.99 | Canada & Mexico $59.99 | E.U., others $65.99   Join the Team Shelby Club   click here to choose a Team Shelby Club subscription package.   Membership Kit Arrival   Your Team Shelby Club membership kit and I.D.card will generally arrive within 6-8 weeks.   Need Help?   Email Brianna:  e-mail her here.  
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      If you are having a problem logging in to Team Shelby since the software change made last December/January please send an email to bfawn@shelby.com  Please include your real name and Team Shelby user id in this email so that we may look into what the problem might be. Thank you.


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    Hope you like subtitles.
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    Just wanted to say that I visited Shelby American on 12/3 and picked up on 12/7 as they shipped to me. Great experience and very satisfied and excited so far.
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    What the hey! Batmans back, Supermans back, Aquamans back,Wonder Woman back, Green Hornet back, Jack is back, Chris is back , mach1 is back, Keefer is back, Goose is back, Hell even "RAT Fink" is back driving a "Custom Batmobile""!!!! LOL Later! "GOOSE"
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    The coffee is getting cold. Mongoose.
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    Now Mongoose needs to come back.
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    Len!!! Let me be the first person to officially welcome you to Team Shelby! I can’t wait to see the transformation. Please keep us all informed. And remember what they say on the inter web.... or it didn’t happen. Chris
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    I can confirm Chris' post. The gorgeous '07 Shelby GT 5671 is well on its way to morphing into a GT/SC as I type.
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    2007 Shelby GT production totaled 5,651 Black Coupes 3,385 (2,876 manual 509 automatic) White Coupes 2,266 (1,771 manual 495 automatic) 2008 Shelby GT production totaled 2,214 Blue Coupes 1,121 (973 manual 148 automatic) Grabber Orange Coupes 215 (211 manual 4 automatic) Black Coupes 61 (47 manual 14 automatic) Blue Convertibles 778 (583 manual 195 automatic) Grabber Orange Convertibles 0 Black Convertibles 39 (28 manual 11 automatic)
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    I'm pretty sure it is still available with the Whipple. I don't know if the Kenne Bell option is still available (that's what I had on mine, and what was available first in the 2008/2009 time frame because of the re-CARB requirement that caused Paxton to back out of the market). I think some of the later packages also included brake upgrades but not sure what the bundling is these days. But to know for sure call Shelby American. The S/C sure "wakes up" the car!
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    First 2020 GT500 to be auctioned at B-J scottsdale this coming January 18,2019. Below is a link..... https://www.motor1.com/news/297666/first-2020-ford-mustang-auction/
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    Great video! Thanks for doing that! Before I forget to pass this on for next year... A lady who seemed somewhat in charge at the children’s hospital spoke to us for a while and seemed to very genuinely appreciate what we did. She said the gifts were great and and always made the kids light up. She said it gives them a moment where things feel normal again. On the gift cards... definitely appreciated, but she couldn’t answer what they do with them. They don’t have an established process to buy gifts for the kids and made a comment about how busy they all are, sort of implying it would be hard for one of them to go use the gift cards and buy gifts. I’m sure the gift cards will get put to good use, but sounded like in the future unwrapped gifts are much easier for them to deal with. John
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    Ok all you Christmas Santa’s. ....how about a 1947 Dodge power wagon 4X4 Christmas Truck . This First Gear model made by Hasbro is a 1:24 diecast .....it says Tonka Tree Farm on the side. Since Hasbro bought out Tonka years ago that’s cool. It even has axe in the bed to help cut down the trees . The hood swings up to show the flat head six with a whopping 95hp. Top speed was 45 mph in 2 wheel mode . The last picture is the real thing.
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    We are looking forward to the 2019 Shelby Bash.
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    If the Dems get their way the whole country will....what they are putting this Prez through and how they set up Flynn is down right criminal IMO
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    The 20-year project is one of the key points of collector cars. If your passion is the work, getting dirty and busted knuckles, then by all means buy a project. Sell it when you're done and do another. On the other hand if you love the looks of that 67 Mustang, and your passion is driving it, then pleas just buy one that someone has already invested all their blood sweat and tears in. The reason is that the first guy that built the car is going to realize pennies on the dollar over real costs. A well done restoration hardly ever makes money. My best friend was one of the third - wanted to do the project with his son and then drive it. Well, his son grew up and moved on and then he died (at a young age) before he could finish it. He missed out on all the fun of driving it. The same applies to kits. People buy kit cars (notably Cobras) thinking they can save lots of money (most often because they can't afford the car to begin with) and get distracted or discouraged when they find out really how much work and specialized tools it takes, let the kit languish in the garage and then practically give it away. They should have just bought one finished (if they could afford it all).
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    Part of the problem you are going to have in looking for a “project” is that these days a lot of people who have a total rust bucket up on blocks in a field for the past 30 or 40 years think they are sitting on some kind of gold mine and will not part with the car for reasonable money........ even if it is just a rusted out and almost hopeless hulk. They think that something with tin worm around all four wheels and rusted out floor boards, no engine and trans is still worth $50+k just because you they may be able to make out the outline of a Shelby Snake somewhere on the car. It is admirable you want to resurrect something but go buy newer one and customize it to your liking and save yourself some headache. I doubt you will regret doing so.
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    Damn, I gave mine away to another TS member a couple years ago.
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    Morning Lobby
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    Ford dropped this teaser on their Ford Performance Facebook page a couple of days ago. Released ahead of the upcoming Auto Show. For those crying fake news........................its from Ford Performance's Facebook page........that's my source, I make no claims as to its accuracy.
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    +100 Good form Steve! Edit- My old car is there now taking advantage of the interior upgrade pkg offer..... #07SGT5671 The new owner is getting stoked!!
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    Recently we did have a promotion for the 2006-08 GT/GTH owners where a optional interior upgrade was included as part of the GT/SC package at no charge. Although this promotion has expired if you email me your contact info I'll walk it over to our sales department and have them take good care of you. If you call our sales department directly you will be told the promotion has expired so send me an email at stevent@shelby.com FYI, this customer good will gesture I'm offering is limited so please don't email me in January saying that you want to take me up on this. Steve
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    Hey guys, The next 4 pics are mainly meant for Falconman and the "Land-cruiser Dude" , Slo Lane! The first pic is pretty cool in my book and I know "Falconman" will love it! The other 3 pics are for that (Georgia Guy and Ford Lover) , Ole Slo Lane...... Hey Guy, I thought you might enjoy the "Georgia Shaker"! It's a GMP 67 Fairlane, (Hubert Platts),Georgia Shaker,1/18th diecast! Hope you all enjoy the pics! Later Guys! "MONGOOSE"
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    No updates from Ford, just a lot of speculation and rumor and falsehoods. I'd rather have real info than all the fake news going around about it.