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    He also said something about the employment status of anyone who would do so
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    I didn’t say this but Chris and G ( BBG ) .....might be looking for a Cayman soon......yep. He also texted me this am @ 6:51..... that crazy guy. I think once the final move to Az ( May 4th ) is complete he might get back on here. You can’t keep a good man down. We shall see. I’m glad he’s keeping in touch with us car nuts. I’m temped to post a picture of his garage to get his attention. He does read this post . Maybe I will. Just texted him stand by. Have to downsize the pictures is a pain. But here you go. Look at those floors first then the cars. Amazing garage for sure I think he has me beat by a country mile. ( 8 car garage possibilities with lifts ) With air conditioning ....incredible . This will get his attention. Can you imagine a furry little friend running around that garage looking for BB and G. .. BBG isn’t that a bank ? I knew he had money............ That’s his new name from now on BBG yep...two for one deal now G has to post also . That’s fine with us ....right fellas ! She is a car gal/ guy and drives a manual . That right there qualifies her ....
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    Yeah I heard from BB for Easter he emailed me a Happy Easter but that was it short and sweet.... ….I'm thinking he don't want to come back here because he was getting tired of the negative crap from a few......I just told him ignore that but guess he can't...I'm thinking that's what it is bud.....I hope that's all it is and nothing wrong with him or the Fam Jam...
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    Hi Guys, I am in New Zealand and have a 1:10 Exoto GT40 #2 that I had signed by the late Chris Amon some years ago. Unfortunately I am in a position where I have to part company with this wonderful example. Could any of you more knowledgeable guys shed any light on what would its value be and where would be the best place to advertise it. Cheers, Dave Lowe
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    Have a safe trip and hopefully we will be here when you get back...... The BG Corvette plant had one of the mules in a separate room today. Some guys got to stand 10’ away from the C8. The one most common comment was there is at least 100 lbs of camo padding on the mule. When all that extra padding comes off the car it will look “ low, sleek and mean machine.” Can’t wait till 7/18. Mongoose any pictures from yesterday ?
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    Well I'm off to the big city of Halifax to visit my boy.... ……..Ya'll get along hear?????...….
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    Top pic I like that yellow 1970 Torino/Cobra...…..
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    This is a pretty good perspective of the hardtop convertible C8. This shot looks more balanced.
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    Yes definitely. Just had my '07 upconverted, and both Matt and Chris were really helpful!
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    Hey Mongoose sold this beautiful C7 resin model on Ebay today. Didn’t have room anymore. No opening doors ,hood or trunk. But great detail by BBR collection. They make a lot of different models. Not cheap however.
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    Waiting for price and HP #'s for the GT500....I got pricing on the HC and ZL1 and could order one tomorrow...Kinda got excited with that 67k thing but that was bogus or at least I think it was...…...
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    On 7/18 we will see the buck naked machine. Meanwhile I’ll just keep throwing clips up here as they become meaningful. Hopefully a strip teaser from GM might help . I’m signed up for emails but nothing yet. So post whatever floats your boat. WTH is BB ? I keep bugging him but no response. Ok later. Slo lane . So Keith have you decided on your next ride yet ? Mongoose did you take the SGT out on Sunday ? I know the bunny ate a lot of greens. Hope they weren’t green backs.
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    Well what do we have here ..........RED but this has been posted a few months ago. It’s one of my favorites however. The side window treatment is similar to the C7
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    Just got this rear rendering this AM. Same artist that did the front rendering a few days ago Sorry no red guys .......
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    I do like the hood pins Goose and I'm sure they'll do their job for sure just find it odd the hood would bulge so much...look at the 5.0 in the vid he was doing a half mile race and as the guy was saying on the vid the hood was rising almost an inch...that don't seem right to me...BUT who the hell cares I guess!!!!……….well maybe the driver!!!...…….
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    Have you seen any of them have the hood bulge out like that ?....many have had them the ZR1..ZL1...Hellcats...C7 Z06 Vettes..C6 Z06-ZR1 Vettes 13-14 GT500's...Shelby SS's from 07 to 14 and not to mention the Euro and English cars none that I know of had the hoods bulge up dangerously like I saw on that vid and this car is a 2020 you'd think this wouldn't happen...Again I rather like the hood pins looks wise all I'm saying is design wise you would think Ford would have cured that issue as you can see on the vid it's been something happening before this GT500 was built.
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    Yeah saw that last night and in my colour just with black stripes...……..
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    This picture looks like a coupe in the center and a convertible on the left and right. Tadge in the red shirt from what I’ve read on the C8 mid-engine forum today. I get a lot of my pictures and info from that forum. That is a fairly new forum with a Good group of mature enthusiasts. The original Corvette forum has gone to hell in a handbasket. Not worth the time to mess with it anymore.
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    Yes Keith ....the sweep is noticeable and not sure what that’s all about. Looks like a plastic promo corvette that I left out in the sun when I was a child. Not good either way. I see it now that’s a phone and not fries 🍟. The red is his or her shirt Good eye Keith .... Maybe they are searching on google for a better restaurant. Mongoose must be sleeping in or worn out from the Easter bunny yesterday.
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    Yep.........I see it now you guys have better eyes then BB does . Second picture isn’t good..... part of the spoiler or fender flair is gone. ........ sorry BB
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    Good eye Mr.Goose!!!......or did ya call BB ?...…… ………...Yeah Mid-year Vette it is bud!!………..
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    Bingo!!!!…..Yup 70 Mach1 Mustang with shaker......BUT look closer you'll see another one Goose!!!....guess we should have detective BB here... Happy Easter buddy Goose!!……….
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    They most definitely without a doubt came with blue filters. Over time and even without driving they will turn gray. I guess it is possible if they are stored in a red dirt part of the country the gray could be replaced with red dust.
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    The true value of the purchase is the enjoyment of the ride and knowing you have a 600+ road monster to cruise in. The difference in power and suspension from '07 to '14 is deffnitely noticable. When there are tens of thousands of a particular car built like the GT500, future dollar value is not going to be at a collector value. A 2013-14 GT500 is an amazing ride, Enjoy it for what it is, not what it could be as a financial investment. There are many examples of other past Shelby Mustangs, Corvettes, etc. that were amazing when they came out, commanded rediculous ADM and then disappointed the early buyers when it came to later sales. Shelbys passing has no affect. Enzo hasn't been around for years but cars with his name still command big numbers and interest. Get want you want it, get it.. If you want to keep the car locked in the garage for future value , a better investment is a poster of it on the wall to stare at. Shelbys are made to be driven!😎
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    The front of this Vette is cool huh ?.....look good!!……….
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    Yes, I’m sure it is the oil. 30 years from now MCA guys will be debating what color is correct. I like the blue and I need to refresh mine, the BBK looks great. Thanks for posting the pics!
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    Here is the latest up date from the artist .Love silver on all vettes
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    That's awesome bud congrats...glad to hear it worked for you and I know many around these parts that literally like you are pain free from all kinds of ailments.....Oh and if you come to Canada no worries you can go to the nearest liquor store and buy it...It totally legal here in Canada...now all I need is pain so I can get stoned!!………… Seriously Mach so glad you're pain free after 35 years that's amazing.
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    Bonnie said you know what day it is ? I said no WHAT. Happy 420 day. . It’s not legal here..... but that CBD oil has stoped my back pain flair ups. FYI...It’s going on 8 months now. Not one episode not ONE. Amazing because I’ve lived with this condition for over 35 years. Orthopedic doctors and all with MRI’s . No more chronic pain and stupid pain meds to put up with anymore . None.... I bet my doctor thinks I passed .....I haven seen her in over a year now. ... Oh well 😔 Disclaimer ..........I don’t take any form of medications .It may not work for everyone or pain but it works for me. It prevents the flair ups or episodes that causes chronic deliberating pain in my lower back.
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    Love the side scoop on this rendering...…..
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    This is a old renderings I don’t think I ever posted. They are from 1/19 The 360 is kind of cool 😎 As Chris .would say it has less of the folded paper airplane look on the hood Click on below for more pictures and stuff . https://www.corvetteblogger.com/2019/01/09/video-new-c8-corvette-360-degree-render-from-bdsvavars/
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    Happy Easter everyone and I hope you find all those Easter eggs you hid. Hope spring is finally here for all to enjoy 😊 . Going to visit the grandkids and enjoy the beautiful spring weather Sunday. Today it’s 41 and raining yuck. Supposed to have a car cruise this afternoon but not sure.. I’ll take pictures if it comes to be. Later slo lane ..
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    Hey Goose I have solved what was bothering me about the signature took me awhile to find the stuffed toy snake that my daughter had signed when we were at a SAAC convention in the 80`s, but with help from the wife we found it. The tag on it was signed by Carroll on front & back & it is just his signature with no lines or tick marks on either. So I assume what Steve`s point was anything signed with the line & hatch marks were when he started the Carroll Shelby Heart Foundation. So my Bill Neale water painting would have been early 90`s . OH that print you posted I have that one also #21/500 .
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    See how easy that is Sean...if you don't like who's posting here and this thread in general just don't click on here it's really pretty simple. I really can't see the point in coming on and just picking for an argument...I really don't get it the guys on here are great guys and have one thing in common they love cars and some may like things others don't on those cars so...That comment about us living in a fantasy world makes zero sense and really don't know why you'd say that because you're a better person than that Sean...anyway JMO bud. Happy Easter Weekend to you Laurie and family......
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    The 2008-09 KR's had a 20 page owners manual supplement placed in the glove box next to the shrink wrapped GT500 owners manual portfolio placed in the glove box by Ford. I'm not sure if SPP still has these KR supplements but a phone call to them will get you an answer. I've also seen these KR supplements on eBay before. Steven
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    My buddy Gerry waiting for direction to move into a "5" in his 66 Tribute. He works at Ford and joked that he took a day of work to go to work.
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    Yes the Trans Am verts were that rare I didn't even know they existed …… ……….Thanks Mike yes it was in excellent cond and he's a real Fox Body Mustang fan.
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    Ya thats what I`am thinking but I will find out as I have a watercolour print by Bill Neale signed by Carroll with me in the photo when he signed it , just got to look it up . I also have my daughters stuffed snake toy that he signed while he was walking around a SAAC convention & I know for sure that was in the 80`s .
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    The chances of getting hit by a meteor are higher.
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    Great to see this carrying on after Grabber hosting for several years. My son is sorry he sold his '98 GT but we are looking forward to the ride down, hanging out with everyone and the drive up the mountain! Eric Maple Valley '08 GT500 vert
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    Tune in to watch the creation of the event logo for the 2019 Team Shelby East Coast Grand Nationals on a live Facebook feed this Thursday evening. Where: Team Shelby Northeast Region Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/264936540196609/about/ When: 8:00pm Eastern Time... Who: Renowned artist Micah Claycamp from "Micahdoodles" https://www.facebook.com/micahdoodles/ Micah is know for his "CarToon" style of drawing, exaggerating a cars curves and proportions to create a caricature of a vehicles personality. However, he also has started doing more realistic drawings which while not as wild, still allow his automotive subjects attitude to show through....this is the style he will be using for our logo. You can follow him on Instagram : @ micahdoodles I will be on the Live Feed via text to answer any questions about Team Shelby in general, as well as questions about our East Coast Grand National event taking place in conjunction with SAAC, in the Pittsburgh area. Tune in to be the first to see what this years logo will be, and what car it will feature!
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    Why not? What info do you have to support this? I think there are way too many variables to make blanket statements such as these which may confuse the public. My Hertz car was rented for the first 24K miles and obviously shaken out a few times during that stint (: A Whipple was installed at around 25K miles using a conservative tune, large pulley (9 psi) and intercooled setup. My car now has about 50K miles and it's doing awesome with routine maintenance including the original automatic transmission. That's a pretty good testament to the durability of the 4.6 considering all the miles of rental duty prior to supercharging. If somebody wanted to add power to their 20K+ mile Mustang or Shelby that has been well cared for and those miles have a lot of highway to them I see no issue based on my real world experience. I think there are plenty of supercharged Mustangs and Shelbys still kicking that are well into 100K plus miles. I'm not saying the OP should add forced induction to his car, as I don't know how those miles were accumulated or how his car was maintained. I agree it would be a good idea to build up the motor of a 125K mile car before adding power. He also didn't state what his final power and use goals are, so that has a TON to do with this decision.
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    I agree, have it rebuilt with forged internals and once it's supercharged you will have a monster!
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