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    As being Tracked at Daytona and Charlotte with the GT350, it is "scary" to be doing 160-170 mph on the track. But also a BIG RUSH to have the ability to drive those tracks.
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    Omg that looks like WORK. Burrr on top of it .....yikes I like working in shorts Mongoose not overalls. ... That looks like a windshield out of a 747 ...what the heck. Does that have a built in radar system for your flight plan. . How many total inches is that ? . I don’t see the collies anywhere . Are they buried under the drifts looking for squirrels ? I thought Keith had it bad with snow but you are a close second...You guys and your snow. Holy cow.
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    https://www.aureliospizza.com/ We had one in Scottsdale Az. when I was a lad. They closed around the early 90’s I wanna say? It was hands down the best pie I ever had. Click on the website and then click on “our history” and scroll down to the 1970’s. It talks about our location. 😊
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    This is where the LT2 engine is made and with the sticker on valve cover just like the 67 427 engine had . Identical sticker also that’s cool . Heritage is what it’s all about ...
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    I did Keith, thanks! Mom don’t look 80. She has people tell her so all the time. 79 maybe....but not 80. 😂 Mine’s tomorrow. Now, I might look 80!!! 😫
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    The 2020 model Carroll Shelby Signature Series Ford Mustang will be introduced by Shelby American at the National Automobile Dealer Association Show (NADA) in Las Vegas on Friday, February 14. A total of 50 limited-edition sports cars will be available. See official press release below for additional information. Carroll Shelby Signature Mustang to be introduced at NADA in Las Vegas.pdf
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    It’s that time again. Yep another Super Blondie video. Mongoose will like the rear end . This car is a Lotus with 2000HP .best looking Lutos I’ve ever seen
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    Here is another view fellas of the C8 plant. I got this today from the old regular “Corvette forum “ not the mid engine forum . The production is moving along . The yellow marker was done by the original guy who posted this google picture. Hey I see my RED car in row 10 and 6th from the end next to the open spot . So Mongoose who needs their eyes checked now ..... Edit : after looking at this picture I got from the Corvette forum it’s not current . Those trees would not be green and the front end of those cars are to long . Those are C7’s in the lot . The people on the corvette forum have been fooled on this picture
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    Yeah we know Mongoose likes a good butt shot .baby got back
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    The 70 mach1 or Boss 302 are my favorite mustangs . I do like the looks of the 15/20 GT350 a lot. Or maybe a black 2020 GT500. The 07/09 GT 500 I like except for the rear view it’s the large rear window that I don’t like.
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    After I punched the driver in the mouth.....I then would have the dealer replace the car and all the mods....that's just wrong in so many ways after all you intrust them with your gem and they do this!!……. ….When I take the ZR1 for an oil change they don't even want to drive it in to put it on the ramps they let me do that.
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    “Florida...the on deck circle to heaven”
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    That’s the other Chris’s car. CMC motorworks. Mines a Gurney
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    Yes, that’s great news! Thanks Mr. Know It All! ✌️
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    No more cars. That thing is insane tho.
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    OK BB, here is a Challenger you may want. ALL Carbon Fiber and 1200HP. They only want $169,000 for it and it has just 6 Miles on the Odom. https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/a30985430/carbon-speedkore-dodge-challenger-demon-for-sale/
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    Who's the wuss that uses a canopy on a snow blower ?...……….
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    Cool vid Mach thanks for sharing....Love the silver wheels and body coloured C on the side scoop...car really needs the spoiler though and preferably body coloured also....It sounds awesome from inside just to bad the moron in the truck ruined the sound from outside...3.3 sec to 60 is not bad at all with a none Z51 and 2 in the car at 2000' elevation plus he only tried once he may have bettered that time....
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    Happy Belated B day BB.
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    That engine would be awesome for sure. Yeah we haven’t had a mach1 since 2003 and that body style wasn’t right for it IMO. But the 05 style was perfect ... Mongoose still wants a 429 Lincoln with a big rear. .... ...
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    Well said....I think Ford should use Boss 429 all the have to do is put that 7.3 liter truck engine in a Mustang and wah lah!!….Ford should have used Mach1 name on a Mustang long ago IMO.
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    If I remember correctly, the oem 2013/14 CF driveshaft has CV joints at both ends and the 2007-2012 2pc. driveshaft only has a CV at the rear. To install a 2013/14 CF driveshaft in a 2007-2012 GT500, it requires an adapter that provides a CV joint attachment at the transmission end also. Also, If I remember correctly, doesn't the 2013/14 trans have a different output shaft spline? If so, it would not be a simple install of a 2013/14 flange/yoke on the 2007-2012 trans. for the CF install, that is why there have been a couple of aftermarket flange/yoke options made for that swap as shown below.........2007-2012 transmission splines - 2013/14 CV joint attachment..... ^^^^This was the full yoke replacement option that was once available for this CF driveshaft swap, there was also the option of keeping the oem 2007-2012 trans. flange/yoke in place and a cup bolted to that oem flange for the 2013/14 CF driveshaft install. R
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    Yeah, great Story. They will be my first choice to build the Car that I have designed.
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    These guys just keep on keepin’ on. This one’s a nice story.
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    Sometimes they ( the mall people ) can call the owner and discuss price. I’ve had that happen a lot in antique malls. Ok later.
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    Mongoose that SM with the box might be worth $462 .That’s about at the top of the market. It really depends on the condition of the truck. If it’s not mint there are a lot of those on ebay all day long. Can you buy there without tax ? thanks bud
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    Mongoose all done finally got the final decal completed. Just like the original from 1979 below
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    Hey Keefer, that’s cool you doing that! I believe what the Department of Natural Resources is hoping to accomplish by the feeding ban is to prevent the gathering of large groups of deer. It’s hoped that the transmission of CWD can then be contained rather than spread to large numbers. I just wanted to clarify that CWD (Chronic Wasting Disease) is spreading, and that’s what the DNR is trying hard to stop..
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    Hope you had a blast BB and Happy B Day to your Mom!!……...
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    In LV right now and visited Shelby American. They are showing the Signature and their super trucks at the National Auto Dealers Association convention right now. All the Shelby toys should produce a lot of buzz as usual that hopefully will get some interest for orders. The shop is mostly shop Shelby trucks and Super Snake upgrades. Very busy.😎
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    Enjoy!!...Cookies and all...……..
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    Mongoose dogies are cattle and I’m referring to the Blues Brothers signing Rawhide remember. Doggies you are right better get the dog catcher. Don’t tell Bailey or your two collies ....
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    It's a beauty but would take mine in RED!!!.... ……..Goose are you feeding the deer ?....I feed them here in my back field I go to the farmers market and buy the deer feed in 100 lbs bags....I don't over feed them but just enough to sustain them over the winter and I stop slowly beginning of April and by then they got lots of new vegetation to sustain their diet.
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    Thanks Mongoose...and I think it’s called the Kamm tail A Kammback is a car body style that derives from the research of the German aerodynamicist Wunibald Kamm in the 1930s. The design calls for a body with smooth contours that continues to a tail that is abruptly cut off. This shape reduces the drag of the vehicle.
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    The lot is starting to get loaded up . Get those dogies. rolling...rawhide Move 'em on, head 'em upHead 'em up, move 'em onMove 'em on, head 'em up, rawhideCut 'em out, ride 'em inRide 'em in, cut 'em outCut 'em out, ride 'em in, rawhide keep those dogies roiling ride ‘em for Atlanta rawhide .
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    Nice ride. So when you sell it it will have 986 miles....
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    They never should have named it the Mustang Mach E. Should have named it the Maverick.
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    I like the C7 and C8 both but in different ways....the C7 for it's modern but in a way old school looks....the C8 because it's very exotic looks...I like the C8's exotic looks more than most exotics out there with the exception of some Ferraris......So far my most favorite looking Vette is the 1980-82 C3...same goes with Mustangs the 69 is my all time favorite looks wise and the 07-09 GT500's are my favorite modern style....to each their own when it comes to looks I guess..... …. As far as the C8 Z06 goes it's very exciting....However when the largest GM dealer in NS has only an allotment of 3 and there is 9 already on the list for those 3 don't excite me at all...…..
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    Is the Viper going mid engine. OMG Mid-Engined Dodge Viper Rendered To Rival Corvette C8 click bait below maybe ....slow news day on autos https://www.motor1.com/news/398338/mid-engine-dodge-viper-rendering/
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    Here's for hoping you get yours on time Mach...…....
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    Well hope not because those cars are on a quality hold for the next 3 to 4 weeks before shipping. I’m only 5 hours away from the plant. Delivery time won’t be so bad compared to out west. Hope to get on the assembly line first week of March and bypass quality hold all together. We shall see.
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    You got to forgive him he's suffering from hurricane PTSD...……...
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    I'll bet your exact order is sitting right there Mach...…. …...Soon bud soon!!……..
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    Ok fellas another picture from the C8 plant. End of this week should be around 1200 cars built. Hope to get my vin next week. Fingers crossed.
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