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    Took mine out for a wonderful drive too in honor of Carroll. I think Carroll would be proud to see the success Shelby American has made in the years since his death. RIP Carroll I like to think that my Dad and Carroll are up there proud of us here who are carrying on their legacies. CSSHELBYKID
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    Good luck bud.....
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    Nice spider love the colour…… …..Safe travels Mach!!…...
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    This was one of the many mid-engine concept cars GM designers came up with. The 1972 XP -895 1972 and finally the dream will come true. Where were you in 72 ? I wasn’t even married yet .....
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    Good morning fellas. found this spyder in the motorhome this morning. Bailey doesn’t like bugs ....Heading down to the Gulf of Mexico this am. Later slo lane
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    This sums it up The 2019 Mustang GT350 is a brilliant performance machine. It already had the engine to inspire. Now it has more grip and more ability to lay it down. It’s even badder brother, the GT350R, will be updated for 2020, and the next-generation, 700-plus-horsepower GT500 is coming later this year, also for 2020. Together, this trio of snakes will be the cure for the milquetoast SUV blues that have infected America.
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    Ok hats off.. to Tracey for allowing free speech in this section and also for your efforts on opening up this thread again. The gang is all here +1 Tim ...... Tell us again when your R arrives I’m not sure. Pictures also when the big day gets here. Yep those 350 engines sound amazing at WOT and good news for 2019/2020 regarding the 350’s
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    Thanks Tim... …. and thank Tracey very much for being a free speech supporter that's what the US and Canada are all about.... ...No one is here to put down the Shelby by no means I have owned one and if all goes well I'll have another...membership is going out Tim....
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    I wanted to let you all know, I did not reach the conclusion to restore the thread on my own. Tracey is a true supporter of free speech (with rules of course) and has no issues discussing other brands and, I did reach out to her prior. I dont set policy, I only follow it. Now, about those memberships 😂
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    Yup he's a good guy and we hung out together a bit as teens....
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    Nothing on pricing yet but I do know 100% I'll get it at MSRP...They are telling me it'll be July before any official pricing comes out bud.
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    Great review right there bud....as far as sound goes he's spot on a video does not do the sound in person justice and this I know for a fact.
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    Also saw a vid on youtube about the C8 and the guy on the vid "SUPPOSEDLY" knows someone that saw the real uncovered car and it looks nothing like the renderings and went on to say people are going to be shocked how much different it looks to the renderings he went on to say the side scoop does not touch the doors at all...if you look at the rendering here and take that black piece off the scoop don't touch the door or it seems that way.
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    So I guess unless you are 100% in favor of a topic that is mindless drivel and (1) contributes exactly nothing to the Shelby brand that one moderator and heavy contributor and supporter of this topic will that (2) your replies will be deleted. Not all of us support this kind of traffic and were relieved to see it go away and dismayed when it came back. And ignore ignores PEOPLE not TOPICS. Sometime a new Shelby web site will happen and this traffic won't be there. It is already not allowed in the facebook Shelby section, and facebook is built around this kind of nonsense. How about we keep the topic on subject and the forum on the topic of the vendor. If you want to say hello to each other, be a post whore to increase your post count, go somewhere where that kind of traffic is supported, or start your own forum. And leave this place to the subject at hand. Let's see how long this lasts.
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    GT350 is getting rave reviews https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1123071_first-drive-review-2019-ford-mustang-shelby-gt350-gets-a-grip-on-its-mission
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    Welcome back Mach!!…. …..yeah saw this on youtube some days back it's the best view of the engine shown yet and some pretty interesting other things about the GT500 on that vid.....although he seemed pretty excited about the fact there was no more prop rod....
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    Under the hood of the 2020 Shelby GT500. Cool information check it out below ...click it No more prop rod for one ...... http://www.mustangandfords.com/news/1905-under-the-hood-2020-shelby-gt500-discovered-few-new-details
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    Mongoose the 2017 dodge Daytona 392 is pretty cool machine if someone needs a family type 4 door sedan . 495hp I think. Never drove one but they look pretty menacing in black. But to be honest I’m more a coupe fanatic. That’s why the 2020 Shelby GT500 might be the best yet. Just wish Ford could control the dealer mark ups. Hey Keith any news on pricing yet ? I know you said your dealer would sell at MSRP.
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    Mongoose. The C8 site is back up. Still no word on the Shelby Diecast we both bought. Looking forward to getting the model soon. Get back in town next weekend.
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    First a big thanks to Tim we all appreciate your dedication to team Shelby. Like I’ve said many times I’m from a Ford family. My dad worked for Ford and my parents put 4 kids though college thanks to Ford employing my dad. Yes we are back in business. So let’s start things off with new picture of the C8 mule. Never seen before hood scoop. ......What yah think ? Love or hate .
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    Hi Brian, My son has to work on Saturday now so unfortunately we won't be able to come down after all. He has a mandatory overtime shift on Friday and Saturday and would be very disappointed if I went without him. I did let my brother know but he is on vacation back east. Since the event is also a fundraiser for the group, can I use the PayPal to make a donation? Thanks, Eric
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    Recently joined the Shelby family last year with 07SGT4898. It has just under 25K and is a weekend driver 😀..
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    Everyone thought that Mule in Camo was the C8 Mid Engine Vette...…………. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/m/26a455ea-23e2-3082-9622-cfe8b8110fa3/mclaren-gt-revealed-—-a.html
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    Very well could be. SAI has a tool that "punches" out those slots and I suspect that tool came about with the increased production numbers for 2007-08 and was not around for the first builds in 2006. Steven
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    I am saving the dates. We met at the Vegas Bash. Looking forward to it.
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    Well, we had such a great time last year. If your so inclined, start at the track on August 13th and 14th moving to Dearborn. We will be visiting at least one of the largest Ford collections in the world. On Friday, we will board a private train and where someone will meet their demise and, its up to us to find the culprit (after Dinner of course) Saturday its private parking at Woodward with Shelby America and a few other notable folks. More details will follow but make sure you save the dates cause its going to be a blast August 13th, 14th track days August 15th, through the 23rd in Dearborn Stay tunned
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    Remove 6 pins. Push the cover towards the engine to release from the upper grille "grove", lift pull back and slide forward from under the hood pin plates.
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    Yes Sir Goose!!….they're all free...….
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    The GT350 manual is for stick shift buyers and the GT500 with the DCT for the others. I also heard that both models are going to be sold alongside to cater for all.
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    If I recall correctly, it was announced back in November 2018 that Ford would continue the GT 350 and GT350 in to 2020 and that it would be in showrooms alongside the new GT500.
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    Shouldn't be too bad. At least I can do everything from the top of the engine as opposed to changing the balancer where I had to do everything laying on my back on my driveway.
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    Glad to hear you got the balancer fixed but sounds like you've got a bit of a job ahead of you with that vac leak.... ….well good luck with that and take and post pics when you're mobile again Tek.....
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    I can't even see the hose. If I did I would attempt to grab it with any means possible, hence why the intake manifold needs to come off. It doesn't seem like to bad a job. From what I'm reading, the manifold comes off as a unit with the fuel rails and the injectors as one unit.
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    2007 GT 500 still running the original battery no problems yet but not expecting another year we will see . I have stock with Motorcraft batteries as I have good life out of all that I have had.
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    Beautiful job, congrats.Love the chrome razors!
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    Let me see if I can put some context into the discussion in an effort to end the daruma, although I highly doubt that will happen. To those who say that thread should not exist, and those who say it should, you both have valid points. Most sites specific to a certain brand would not allow such a tread to exist. There are some that will allow the comparison but, few that will allow a specific tread to follow the development of a competitor. Those sites are usually privately owned and as such, have a little more leeway. That being said, it says a lot to the commitment to free speech that SAI and Team Shelby has. Now, Free speech is a God given right, this platform is not. We will always try to accommodate our members so, I ask, before you level criticisms, keep that forefront in your mind. A decision we make will probably make one group happy while making the other group the opposite. The conduct that got the C8 thread shut down was actually not surprising considering the activity in the thread. But, in conjunction with all that had happened, it was fatal. We have rules out there for conduct. They are not that strict. Treat each other with respect or at worst, ignore each other. I find it disappointing when I allow others to control my emotion. If someone gets under your skin, you are allowing that. Use the ignore button both on the site and internally. If you feel the need to poke at someone, stop, think and pass on that opportunity. Have some “Damn Fun” as we say because you can go to work for drama. In the end, I would ask that we not start another brand specific thread outside of the Shelby product line. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to post and discuss competition but, let’s understand there is a lot of competition out there and not one other car in the world. And, we are A Shelby club and, Shelby is aligned with Ford. Lastly, how many of you are paid members? Team Shelby is one of the few car organizations that is growing. That’s due to the leadership of Tracey and the direction set. I realize some of you don’t make any events and your participation is confined to this webpage. IF that is the case, I would just like to say that one, this website costs money to operate and membership supports that cost. But, more importantly, you are missing out on some fantastic events and great times and great friendships. If you have comments or questions, please PM me. If need be, we can chat by phone.
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    Hey Mongoose....thanks a lot those Shelby GT 350 just sold out this AM. I got in under the wire I guess. Thanks buddy. .
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    Sean - No shit man.... Unfortunately with ignore options you can still see someone's post when another person quotes them. So here it is: Mongoose - Wow. I can't believe you are still attacking and making negative comments about me because I ignored you. "Small man behind the computer syndrome" at it's finest. Your problem is you think your opinion is above the opinions of others... About everything. You are all to eager to cast stones, call people names, be degrading, etc. yet the first opinion or comment that doesn't match yours and you are offended. Your like a heckler at a stand up comic show giving the comedian shit because he said something controversial, but funny as hell and you're the only person not laughing and must make your opinion known. It sucks being around anyone like that. It reminds me of the term "energy vampires" as they suck the energy right out of a room. I am a very open minded individual with a very long fuse, but I don't tolerate bullshit.... ever. And you Sir have dealt more than your share. At the end of the day, I don't give a rats ass what your opinion is of me and frankly no one else cares either. Why you persist in making your thoughts known after the other party ignores you is simply a sign that your are nothing more than a forum troll trying to goad people into an internet argument for your own pleasure so you can have something to do everyday. Its sad really.... Good people have quit this forum and/or been offended by you. I do not have the time or desire to engage with you and placate your ongoing senseless banter. I've given this some thought and there is a time for everything to end. So its official: I'm done with Team Shelby all together. Good day to you all and best of luck in the future. Blake - VIPERNC OUT!
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    Two Super Snakes at Mustangs On The Wharf today in Santa Cruz, CA. Red one mine with the 2017 SS package. Blue one is the new 2019 SS package. John
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    All depends on the condition & odometer mileage. A 2007 Super Snake parked outside all its life with over 100k on the odometer probably would not be a good fit for a first time Shelby buyer. A low mile garage kept SS, as long as the price is realistic, would be a much better fit. I should mention that Shelby American can still build you a 2007-09 Super Snake as long as the base GT500 is in very good to excellent condition. One other item to keep in mind is when was the SS package added to the car and what horsepower was it equipped with. You can pick up an early built 605hp SS relatively cheap but that is because most buyers are passing over the 605hp cars so that they can go with a 725-750hp SS. And it should be mentioned that many buyers place additional value on Super Snakes built here at Shelby American as compared to an authorized mod-shop built Super Snake. Please note that I said many and not all buyers, it is up to the individual buyer to determine if it matters to them where the SS was built. Steven
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