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    This situation is not limited to Ford. Were there not ADM's on Chrysler's Demon & Hellcats? Were there not ADM's on Corvette ZR1's? Heck weren't there ADM's on the new Volkswagen Beetle that is now out of production due to low sales? But there is a solution. For anyone that doesn't want to pay an ADM for the new GT500 why not just purchase a Mustang GT at below sticker and let Shelby American build you something much rarer. The 2020 GT500 is a great Shelby but it isn't the only Shelby out there. Steven
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    Judging by the enthusiasm about this car on the "Team Shelby" forum I would say the ADM's will not last long. The New Corvette subject has significantly more posts in one day then this new release has had since it was announced, and that is on this forum. Personally I am not surprised, it was to be expected, I also think they will learn fast that the demand for ADM's will wear out fast. Time will tell, but history shows that will be the case.
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    Nope Keith .....Mongoose is gone for awhile now .....she unplugged the old Mac again. It will take him hours to reboot and fine his pass word. ......
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    Mongoose you are the man with those great old memories for sure. Keith those old trans am races were true battles between the factory teams. Exciting times to live in. Got to run to the DDS today. Keep the cool stuff coming. That Hot Rod mag seems to be into more stuff I’m into. .... The current mags do a 5 page article on SUV’s and try to cover all things that are allowed on the streets. I’m sure when they get their paws on the C8 it might be worth reading if they don’t over do it their clever writing . Just the facts please Slo lane. .....
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    I could not agree more. The 2 cars you mention are so much nicer then the GT500 it’s not even close. Anyone that pays that is foolish. Even the Audi R8, Lexus LC500, Jaguar S-Type, used Viper GTS, I can go on and on. You can’t sell a car, at least to me, over or even close to $100K with the fit and finish of the Mustang, I don’t care how powerful it is.
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    The way I usually delete a video or picture is to put the cursor right after it and hit the back space button.
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    I really like the Lime Green Cobra. I would have left off the Fender Stripes though. I like the Falcon as well, I thought Ford would have crushed it. Was it privately owned or Ford Display?
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    Annual "Ford Stampede" at Ford Headquarters Canada, Oakville, Ontario. Presented by the Golden Horseshoe Mustang Association (GHMA). http://www.fordstampede.ca/ Over 500 cars last year, with 400+ mustangs and Shelby's. Easy access off the highway, and about an hour north of Niagara Falls.
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    Mongoose it’s a cool ass mustang for sure but ....It says auto trans on the ad ..... miss print I guess Another thing about old mustangs is unless you see the before restoration pictures you have no idea how much rust and were it was located. Amateur restorations are all over the internet today . Buyer beware is my motto. Everyone thinks they are a restoration shop and some cut corners to make a fast buck. I’ve seen a lot of junk in my travels haven’t been burned but that doesn’t mean I won’t . So I stopped buying old stuff because my luck has probably ran out.
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    4 speed stick now there another +++ for the Mustang....seems to be worth the money but it would have o be seen...…...
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    Kudos to him for giving cred where it's do....I just don't get the hate on the Vette just because you own a Mustang and vise versa...I can see having a favorite but that don't make the rest garbage...I like them all.. Challengers..Camaros..Vettes..Mustangs...I do have my favorites but that changes with what comes out that twists my crank...through the mid to late 70's it was GM...from 2003 through 2014 it was Ford and now it's very close sort of a toss up...either way they are all rolling works of art just in different ways...JMO!!!!!!! ….. ... Cool vid Mach.... ……...dang that thing was covered up well...leads me to believe that that's the exact car that will be shown later this week....
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    Pictures after your detailing or you didn’t do it. ..........
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    Yeah he's gone...maybe he's waxing the underneath of his Monte Carlo.....
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    Mongoose, Where on this forum does it show what used 2007 Shelby's are selling for? I have a 2007 white with 19000 miles on it. 5 speed with 1000 watt speakers. I am looking to replace it with an automatic transmission car so my wife can enjoy it.
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    They showed that Blue one from the Front yesterday and it does look like the Renderings. Not bad but I prefer Mustangs.
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    Well unless we're shut down I'm sticking around Mach... …..some good peeps here and yes I also thank the Shelby Forum for allowing us the freedom to talk about any car we want...not a Shelby hater never was and never will be just love all brands...…. ……….as far as the C8 goes there have been a few renderings that were gorgeous others sucked SO...we'll have to wait till next week and see for sure I guess but remember this one will be the BASE C8 and sometimes the base of any car is not necessary the best looking at times with any brand...JMO!!……..
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    I might be new to this 2016 thread but not to Hertz cars. We are the owners of 06H352. We purchased 16H067 two weeks ago and was delivered on Monday. Couldn’t be more excited to own this rare Shelby. After driving and enjoying our 06 and able to rent 16H085 back in 2017 we can’t wait to drive the 50th Anniversary edition. Once I reduce the size of the photos I will post them.
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    Good morning it’s Saturday.... Ok next Thursday can’t get here soon enough. Over a year ago I started this thread . Was pretty pumped about the C8 and to tell you the truth was sure I was getting one back then. That excitement has left the room after a year. Why ? Well to be honest the so called renderings that GM didn’t question has left me cold. No teasers or anything from GM. Only one rendering was exciting and that one is really old. So if in fact it looks like those renderings and the blue leaked rear end picture .....than I’m not a buyer. This thread might stay alive after thursday but it will because of you guys not the C8. I’m sure we will continue to discuss our past and the future as always . It’s great to be associated with a good group of car guys and gals... I’m afraid the C8 will just be another corvette that might not be in my garage next year. I hope I’m wrong and those renderings were way off . I also must say the Shelby forum has bent over backwards to allow this thread to discuss a GM product . Freedom of expression was granted and I really feel they need a big THANK YOU from me. I’ve always said I’m 75% ford / Shelby fan and 25% corvette fan. Later slo lane. Hey Chris post some pictures of that new garage and your special Mustangs. .... not your K Man....
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    That's pretty dang cool Goose..... ……….Mach and I always knew you were a Vette dealer owner!!…….
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    Yeah, nothing like watching a Blur for 10 Minutes...………...
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    Now that's not bad at all and like the side windows better than others I've seen.....
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    You got cooties ?...….. …….You can take something fur that you know...…...
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    We got cooties or something? Stick around a while.
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    Hey guy, glad to see you and yours are alright, that’s the main thing! Beautiful car, but that can be replaced, but you can’t be! I wish you the best for the future!!
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    Welcome Harold to the Team Shelby family. I installed an original brake cooling kit on my 2008 KR about 6 months ago, I found it on Ebay in a mint box that a previous KR owner was selling. I still have the original sealed box with cooling kit that came with my KR and not willing to give it up at this time. I will be on the lookout for another cooling kit and let you know when I find one!
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    Without doubt Goose!!….it's your opinion and you're IN-TIGHT-ALL-ED to that my friend...….. …….
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    Thinning out a few things EH??? How much for the girl???
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    http://fordauthority.com/2019/07/2020-ford-mustang-shelby-gt500-limited-to-5000-units/ Hmmmmm...... now where have we heard that before!?!?
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    Good reason for car manufacturers NOT to hide their cars and camo the darn thing like it's a nuclear bomb...GET the peoples opinions sort of feel the waters with different looks and get the feed back from the folks who are buying.
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    Yes Sir I did drive in your GT500...... and it's an awesome car it's powerful and looks the part with those snake eyes...However Jimmer why was not 500HP not enough you had mods done to increase the power no ?...........not dissing just saying power is addictive to many even though we will never push any of these cars to their limits for sure but just the mere feel of that power is intoxicating...same as I did with the GT500 500hp was more than I'd ever use but I did mods to make it more powerful and did the same to my SVT Cobra...JMO!!!...……. By the way nice to see you here bud!!...stick around longer...…..
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    If you look closely, you will see a LOT of the Camaro in the Corvette. Not just the Tail Lights, the whole Side Window and Trim and even the Side Mirror Designs are taken from the Camaro. The only difference is the Vett Side Window area and Trim is a little smaller but is the same design. It looks like the designers played it safe instead of stepping outside of the Box.
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    Correction on the lights. The correct ones that were sold through Shelby are: 510 Series SMR Xtreme White Plus Driving Lamp Kit: http://www.piaa.com/store/p/78-510-SMR-Driving-XTreme-White-Plus-Halogen-Lamp-Kit.aspx (You can find them for a lot less $$ on other sites). The wire harness is HB4 male connectors. I soldered and shrink wrapped these into the PIAA’s: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F191270555559 As I was “mocking up my own” light kit, but wanted then to look correct, I did quite a bit of research before I did the install. All the parts listed above will give you that result. The bracket may take a bit of time because it’s DIY a custom make. I looked at the bracket from the original install instructions (link below) and I decided to go with a heavier “L” bracket. First drilled a hole, mounted the light to the bracket and put them where I wanted them to sit in the bezel. Then I marked on the car where to attach them. http://info.shelbyamerican.com/Instructions/bezel_lowershelbygt.pdf
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    Not boring to me I love old signs..gas pumps and old pop machines....yeah looks great with Shelby's and Vetts especially RED ones......
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    Just a little boring for most people I must say. But hey that’s the spice of life. Plus I live in Coca Cola land Hotlanta. Things go better with coke ....especially Shelby’s and Corvettes ....
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    I don't know if it's true but apparently the Supra is also being built in Germany...…….
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    Not liking that rear spoiler...tail lights are not bad but you're right Mach looks a lot like the Camaro rear...BUT that's the one thing about the Camaro I like especially the 2019...the picture you got there is a 17-18....not liking the side window swoop up at all.
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    So this rear end is accurate. Will the rest of the rendering be accurate We shall see next Thursday
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    The PIAA 520’s are still available. That’s what they were. You will need to make brackets. (I just used “l brackets” and drilled holes into them). I also spliced in a set of plug ends so they fit right into the stock. Use red loctite on everything as the adjustment on the lights themselves don’t stay put so well.
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    thanks it is a ball. Retired also.
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    Its about balance not brute horsepower. If that the case we would all be buying Demons, and Hellcats. The GT500 will be cool I am sure but I like the balance and overall performance of the 350.
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