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    Had to take the intake off but it wasn't bad at all. Found the vacuum line. I extended it a few inches to give me some slack to make it easier for the manifold to go on. Manifold went on easy and all is good now. Going to register the car sometime this week.
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    Finally got my ambient air temperature to work. Quite by accident. I hit a piece of trash on the highway late on night and put a gash in my front spoiler. I ordered a new one and as I removed the old one, I noticed one of the wires were crimped. Basically the wires were pinched and almost cut completely through. That's why the read out in the dash would give out crazy numbers when it was raining and the car was underway. I rerouted the repaired wires and and my temperature gauge works perfectly. I didn't have to reset anything. So if your temperature gauge doesn't work, check the wires.
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    Some pictures of the car starting her Wide body journey!!
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    Nice pic Mach.... …..but there's those hooves again!!!!………..
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    Just for you Mongoose .............. Rootbeer and ice cream really doesn’t sound that good now that you think about it ......
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    That's right!!!!….It's a Cat not a Bird!!!......oh boy am I bleeped up...……...
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    Below is the text from the SAI press release: LAS VEGAS – June 8, 2017 – An initiative to explore new business opportunities has resulted in a special one-off Shelby version of a 1997 Ford Mustang by Shelby American, Inc. The car was recently delivered to its owner in Central Texas after the team at Shelby American reimagined the car as if the company had built it new in 1997. “Shelby American has an extensive history of creating experimental cars and one-off customer vehicles during the 1960s,” said Joe Conway, Co-CEO of Carroll Shelby International and CEO of Shelby American. “Because we’re still hot rodders at heart, we accepted this project in that tradition as part of our global business expansion initiative. Our goal was to create new opportunities for the company with projects that inspire the staff as we apply new technologies to other programs.” Shelby American’s roots with these types of projects stretch back to one-off cars like the “Green Hornet” and “Little Red” from Shelby fifty years ago; the company’s history includes experimental cars like the twin turbo Ford Shelby GT500 named “Code Red” in the 2000’s. An unusual opportunity from Central Texas was the latest in this line. “Joseph Tice of Central Texas owned a 1997 Mustang GT and approached us to build a one-off car, as if there was a Shelby version offered that year,” explained Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “He wanted it to look OEM, but feature contemporary technology and performance. It was much more of a challenge than anyone initially thought. The car was in a state of partial assembly when it arrived at Shelby American in Las Vegas. First, a “creative brief” with the parameters, goals and vision for the car was created. Then a handpicked team of craftsmen, led by Vice President of Operations Vince LaViolette, completely took the car apart. No system was left untouched, from the interior to the new drivetrain, brakes, cosmetics and suspension. “We literally took the Mustang down to the bones,” said LaViolette. “We hand built a supercharged 4.6L engine, rebuilt the transmission to handle it, transformed the suspension and added an incredible braking system. Inside and out, it became a showcase, but retains a factory feel. It even has a special badge, ‘CSM100SPECIAL’ with a serial number for the official Shelby Registry. It’s the ‘Shelby that might have been’ if we’d been turning out Ford Mustang based cars in 1997. It’s a total sleeper that can kick tail on the street and mystify people with its unique provenance.” Delivered on May 16, 2017, to a very satisfied Mr. Tice, the “Racer Red” 1997 car includes: Performance equipment Rebuilt 4.6L V8 engine P1SC Procharger with Intercooler Flowmaster Exhaust Eibach Suspension upgrade Adjustable Clutch Quadrant Short Throw Shifter Performance Driveshaft Body components New Shelby paint with factory racing stripes Body Appearance Package Performance wheels and tires New hood Shelby engine badge Interior components New complete interior including seats, carpet and dash pad Shelby gauge Pod Custom programs are not new as Porsche has its “Exclusive” tailoring program and even Aston Martin has its “Q” program. But this project went much further than most carmakers. “We built this car for someone who believed the only limits should be his imagination,” said Conway. “We’ve not yet determined if we’ll repeat this type of project again, but it certainly challenged our team. The success of this car certainly demonstrates the technical prowess and capabilities of Shelby.”
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    Not a waste, Bill built this building to preserve his GT-500, which is rust free. He rebuilt the 428 PI in the early 1990s and saved everything.
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    41 Years ago (1978) it was not an Iconic Car. They were selling for $2,500 to $3,000 at the time, some times even less. In 1983 I could have bought a 68 GT 500KR for just $3,200.
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    Awesome! Shelby does a great WB conversion.
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    Some awesome cars there Goose!!...love those 67-69 Cougars and with that 4.6 liter Cobra engine the engine bay looks wild....Wow Goose 32 years to own and take care of a car it will be tough to get rid of that rare bird bud!!…...
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    Noce photos. Cool '67 mod cat. Thanks for sharing. Oh, yah, don't mess with the wife's car. It looks fantastic.😎
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    I agree not a vert fan myself but It's not a Vert Goose...……. …..Still way to much coin either way....
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    Try Summit Racing: https://www.summitracing.com/search/part-type/hood-pin-replacement-components Jim Clark
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    Agree with you all...beautiful car but way to much money......
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    Morning all..... Wishful thinking on his part for sure ..... FYI It’s hot down here in the panhandle ......
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    Hola Jimmer!!….long time no hear hope all is well in FLA!!…..
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    Mongoose I want to thank you for the heads up on this model....... I just got in under the wire when I ordered it that morning because they sold out that same morning. She looks real good and I especially like the white over spay on the undercarriage. That’s a nice touch and a kick in the pants IMO. Number 20 is cool and I’m curious what number I got. They still haven’t mailed it but I’m not home anyways. After looking at your pictures I’m glad I ordered one and look forward to putting her next to the two exoto GT 40’s. You da man Mongoose and again thanks for the help on this model. Please send $164 ASAP ..... Later slo lane .
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    Ford track day at Atlanta Motorsport park in north Atlanta in 2016. Free day and some ok track time . Jim Owens told some great stories for sure. Fun time for all who attended. Seems like yesterday . Stupid me in helmet
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    From Car & Driver these mules just keep on trucking. The rear looks more rounded even in these telephoto shots. These are high speed testing pictures at the GM proving grounds in Milford Michigan recently. See the helmets. A lot less camo on these babies. The black velcro strips you see on the doors and hood were used previously to obscure the Corvette's shape. Now that the car is officially confirmed, it seems the company has decided to let these prototypes breathe a bit more.
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    Morning fellas......it’s been sunny sunny sunny past 10 days Another rendering in silver Mongoose any word on that diecast Shelby we ordered from Shelby performance products yet ?
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    Awesome bud now after it's registered RIDE young man RIDE!!!!………….
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    Now that's a postcard picture right there Mach...……..
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    Aw the 64 Stingray coupe one of my favorites of all time. You were a lucky young man my friend...... My first Vette was a used 73 coupe (slo mobil L48) 4 speed back in 1975 ....An amazing 195 hp. Wow. Mongoose make sure your bride doesn’t read this post. ...... ....having too much FUN
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    Blue Full moon on the Gulf of Mexico. Camping right on the Gulf ...lots of grouper ,oysters and scrimp..... Sorry no C8 info this morning .....
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    Nice spider love the colour…… …..Safe travels Mach!!…...
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    This sums it up The 2019 Mustang GT350 is a brilliant performance machine. It already had the engine to inspire. Now it has more grip and more ability to lay it down. It’s even badder brother, the GT350R, will be updated for 2020, and the next-generation, 700-plus-horsepower GT500 is coming later this year, also for 2020. Together, this trio of snakes will be the cure for the milquetoast SUV blues that have infected America.
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    Ok hats off.. to Tracey for allowing free speech in this section and also for your efforts on opening up this thread again. The gang is all here +1 Tim ...... Tell us again when your R arrives I’m not sure. Pictures also when the big day gets here. Yep those 350 engines sound amazing at WOT and good news for 2019/2020 regarding the 350’s
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    Thanks Tim... …. and thank Tracey very much for being a free speech supporter that's what the US and Canada are all about.... ...No one is here to put down the Shelby by no means I have owned one and if all goes well I'll have another...membership is going out Tim....
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    Yup he's a good guy and we hung out together a bit as teens....
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    You to Goose welcome back!!….I doubt he knows the HP anyway Goose Ford is keeping that pretty secret.....
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    So I guess unless you are 100% in favor of a topic that is mindless drivel and (1) contributes exactly nothing to the Shelby brand that one moderator and heavy contributor and supporter of this topic will that (2) your replies will be deleted. Not all of us support this kind of traffic and were relieved to see it go away and dismayed when it came back. And ignore ignores PEOPLE not TOPICS. Sometime a new Shelby web site will happen and this traffic won't be there. It is already not allowed in the facebook Shelby section, and facebook is built around this kind of nonsense. How about we keep the topic on subject and the forum on the topic of the vendor. If you want to say hello to each other, be a post whore to increase your post count, go somewhere where that kind of traffic is supported, or start your own forum. And leave this place to the subject at hand. Let's see how long this lasts.
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    Well, we had such a great time last year. If your so inclined, start at the track on August 13th and 14th moving to Dearborn. We will be visiting at least one of the largest Ford collections in the world. On Friday, we will board a private train and where someone will meet their demise and, its up to us to find the culprit (after Dinner of course) Saturday its private parking at Woodward with Shelby America and a few other notable folks. More details will follow but make sure you save the dates cause its going to be a blast August 13th, 14th track days August 15th, through the 23rd in Dearborn Stay tunned
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    Why not use what the owner's manual recommends? With all the stories about oil consumption on the 350s I'd stay with Ford products.
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    Decals and graphics installed yesterday, windshield going in today anyone interested let me know as its going to BJ Palm Beach
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