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    Always a nice way to start the workday at SAI..............................
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    Well the good news for you is that I believe the production run has sold out. So now you wont have to think about not buying one as you can no longer buy one.
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    I was pretty much in the same doubt little time ago, but also considering the 2012 302 Boss. This one had a nice price and sold quickly. Then I bought a 2008 Shelby GT. Very, VERY happy with the car. It is fun, without being a (altought fun, but maybe dangerous) beast. In my opinion, the car drawn attention at the shows. Last weekend we had the 15th edition of the annual meeting of the Mustang Club of Sao Paulo and the public reaction to the Shelby GT was amazing.
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    I’m fortunate enough to own a ‘08 GT500KR and a 08’ SGT convertible. As far as driving I prefer the SGT. Even in the convertible trim it feels more balance than the KR. The steering, clutch and brakes are all lighter. The car is truly a pleasure to drive. My KR puts out over 600hp, so it’s just a beast...fun to unleash at times but also keep you on your toes. If I had to let one go, it would probably be the KR. As far as owning a Shelby GT over a GT/CS, I personally don’t think there is a comparison. The Shelby is more special mostly due to the suspension. One other consideration would be a 2012 Boss 302. It might take a bit more work to find one under $20k, but they are fantastic cars for the money.
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    I have a 2008 SGT/SC that I bought new in October 2007. It has been a great car. Mine is not a daily driver by any means and I have about 23,000 miles onit at this point in time. A bunch of those miles are from taking it to the Terlingua Texas gathering each year. I kind of like the fact that there are few bells and whistles on my 2008 compared to the current crop of Mustangs. I have found the 4.6 motor to be quite capable when supercharged. Lots of fun on the track if you are into that. Enjoy your search and good luck. Jim
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    Thought I would start a need thread for all that have one on order and got build date and VIN please provide the following last four of VIN Schedule production week State you are from build specs mine below 0618 10/14 MD Base Rapid Red, Tech Pkg, Handling Pkg, CF instrument panel, Black Vinyl OTT and side strips.
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    Good morning Mongoose .. That’s one hell of a good read buddy......thanks for staying up late. It really doesn’t matter what other people think or don’t think. I made my decision to get one and it’s just that simple. Every new Corvette has had people with doubts and not wanting change. It’s the same old song with a boring melody ....... One thing I did notice with all those people looking at the C8. Boy is this nation ever overweight. The corvette engineers do all things possible to reduce weight in the C8. Then along comes ******* and adds 320lbs of weight to the car. Geez.........
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    2010 Shelby GT500 W/several mods...800RWHP 725TQ.
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    Early morning setup at the 2018 Sycamore Car Show, Sycamore, IL USA
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    Bingo!!!......Yes very interesting to see how both do out in the wild bud.....
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    Just over $9,000 per Car to the Dealer if sold at MSRP. It's not like they are selling 1000 Vehicles a Month and they do have major Overhead and that is a pretty low Margin at about 11.5% for that Product (According to Shark Tank). The Money is in the Used Cars, not the New Cars, unless you get people to pay ADM's.
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    The dealers are making out pretty darn good selling the C8 at msrp. Look at the msrp ,supplier price and finally GMS employee pricing. But from what I’ve read if you wait a year there will be a increase in price like $3K to $4K like what happened to the C7. Plus some options could get an increase . But I hate paying msrp and forget ADMs. Yes there are some dealers now charging ADM’s. This is a order I found on another forum
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    It's probably a Test Auction. You can do a Test before you do the actual Auction to see if you are doing it right. OR, Wifey wants it gone and he said OK, I will put it on Ebay and see if it sells...…………………………………..Gee Honey, I don't know WHY no one is bidding on it, sorry.
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    🤪 https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123879992563
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    It must be the CBD oil or something. I need some grass. .... My wife says nobody calls it that anymore. No wonder I can’t buy any. ... even in California. ........
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    Black is growing on you????….Mach there's pills for that ya know...…….
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    Well Sha zam I should have known .....have one for me good buddy.
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    Finally got my garage done. Only thing I need to finish is the library ladder that’s gonna run across that lower edge of the cabinets. I added that structure under there to mount it to. Hard to see in the video? The track parts for the ladder are on national backorder.
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    Yeah saw a few around here Mach back in the day and they were all stock don't think it was aftermarket parts.....
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    That's a great idea Goose....only one thing wrong with that...I live in Sasquatch land remember??…. and he don't like Vettes!!!...…….
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    Haven’t seen aluminum finned valve covers since the L79. You know exactly what I’m talking about Ace. Later slo lane..
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    Thanks Goose!!……… ……..Dealer called me back late last evening...he found a new 19 C7 Z06 torch red with black int...however it's got black wheels which is a huge NO NO for me but he said maybe there was something we could work out...we'll see when he calls me back today.
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    I would approach it this way: Unless you plan on tracking the car the factory brakes are functionally just fine, and even then unless you're very experienced you'll do just fine with factory brakes for your first few track days. In other words, don't go dropping 6K on brakes just to attend the Bash track day.
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    For you Corvette Freaks ………………………... https://www.volocars.com/auto-sales/vehicles/15063/1958-chevrolet-corvette-barris-custom?utm_source=motorious.com&utm_medium=article&utm_campaign=motorious Buy it Here https://www.motorious.com/vehicles/36513/1958-chevrolet-corvette-barris-custom
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    Keith ...next week GM will announce the prices in Canada 🇨🇦 for the C8. Must people think it’s like $10K more only. Did you get any info on importing a C8 and the cost factor yet ?
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    There were 425 white in color GT500 coupes built for the 2011 model year. Out of those 286 of them were equipped with the SVT package. Roughly 25% of the white coupes had the stripe delete option. You would need to reach out to SVT for an exact number. SVT's phone number is 800-367-3788 Steven
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    Look at these headers on the Z51 package only ...beautiful no way could you use those on a front engine car. Checking the package box x Z51 gets you maybe only 5 hp more but also these specific headers made for some hard driving on the track . Actually there are 2 engines one the Z51 and the other the base engine with different headers..The Z51 package adds the Dual exhaust mode which is nice ....but it’s more then that . You also get improved cooling and special gears ratios for that 0 to 60 under 3 seconds. Bigger brakes all the way around . Tuned suspension with driver modes . All this for $5k a no brained in my book. Oh and when you decide to sell it’s been proven you get your money back on resale . Yep $5000 ...cool huh Next week some info on the DCT basically two 4 speed transmissions in one ...you’ll like this Mongoose
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    I'll take 100F in Vegas over 80F anywhere on the east coast with the humidity ANYTIME.....you can keep your 105 with humidity...we're at 88 with humidity here now and it sucks...…...dry heat like dry cold in central Canada is totally different and easier to deal with...…….
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    Mongoose the guy with the original Shelby didn’t put a firm price on it. But after talking a while I’m thinking he is around $175K. He started off at $200K. Personally like I said these cars are over priced today and could stand a good correction. Lots of clones out there to have fun driving and with beefier engines. A nice R type 350 clone sold on bring a trailer for $46K yesterday. Later slo lane. .
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    Thanks BB!!…...it was firecracken HOT down there the whole week...110F plus every day even the locals said it was unusual for it to be steady over 110F for a whole week....BUT beats the humidity we get here...….
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    Well the United States has had 47 recessions on record. They happen be prepared. Stock market is a gamble in the short run. In the long run it’s been a place to invest with a track record.
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    Maybe contact Robert Lane? I know he’s sold some obscure discontinued items on fleabay from time to time. I bought a super rare SGT hood keychain from him a while back. rlane@warnerrobert.com Can’t hurt.
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    Very cool Mongoose. Thanks for sharing and I do the same thing when I’m buying antifreeze for the motorhome plumbing system @ Walmart ....just jog on over to the diecast section I tell my wife I’m looking for the grandkids .... Christmas time is the best time to look because I am looking for them and me .....
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    Thanks for sharing just bought one on eBay
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    I like how they are charging the Buyer $50 for the Fold Down Rear Seat when it actually came with the car for FREE.
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    Yeah true that Mach... it's not like Toyota can't build engines...…… ….
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    Sorry Goose but that Supra (BMW) is FUGLY IMO...……..
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    Hey you two “Jokers”! You guys think your real funny, but I junked the Lincoln and blew-up the Monte-Carlo! So, take that and put it in your pipe and smoke it!
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    One more 57 Chevy for Mongoose and Chris likes these wide body Mopars. Hey hasn’t Keith been gone long enough ??
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    Well gee, that’s swell and all, but If you had been reading about the 2015+ Gt350 as you claim, then you would already know that the modern Ford Shelby GT350 came from Ford…....not Shelby.You would also know that a convertible was never even considered because that has been published in numerous articles online. It is a Ford Product and Ford design and the Shelby name was licensed. As I said before, it was designed from the get go to be for maximum performance and anything that dilutes that equation was eliminated. The GT350 is not “just a Mustang”. It has many modifications to it that make it what it is……a purpose built track car. Shelby specifically chose not to do any mods to the 2015+ Ford Shelby GT350 and rightly so. It is what it is. In regard to your question “how hard can it be to build a gt350 convertible?”….Well it could be real easy, you can go buy a new GT350 at your local dealer and on your way home stop by Ace Hardware and buy a Hacksaw and some blades and cut the top off yourself………If you want to do it properly then it isn’t that easy. About the only way you are going to get what you want is to pony up some money for a 2015+ GT350 coupe and then pony up a lot more money to have a mod shop to cut the top off for you and install all the vert mechanisms, rewiring the controls,alter the windshield, reinforce the a pillars so the car doesn’t kill you if you flip it or rear end someone, when you chop the top off of most modern day cars you have to reinforce the A pillars and do other chassis stiffening mods so that if you rear end someone the A pillar wont fold down and crush your head as the car becomes a giant accordian due to impact.……. but unless said mod shop specializes in reinforcing the chassis properly and reprogramming the tuned suspension because you altered the weight balance of the car…… then you will have a Frankenstang with lousy handling,probably a lot of poor aerodynamics, a lot of NVH vehicle noise that will need to be addressed and a car that will kill you. With enough money and determination it could be done. Good luck with it. By the way, the modern 2007-2014 GT500s didn’t have a 5.0, they had either a 5.4 or 5.8 Liter. The new 2020 GT500 doesn’t have a 5.0 either , it will have a 5.2 Liter, and it probably wont come ina convertible either. Here is a video showing an example of “A Pillar Collapse” on a convertible, If not done properly the air bag will save you for a fraction of a second but it also holds your head upright and in perfect position to be smashed by the A Pillar and windshield a few hundred milliseconds later. https://www.consumerreports.org/video/view/cars/car-safety/72328584001/ford-mustang-convertible-crash-test-2010-2011/
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    I have 25 professional photos taken at the NYC media launch on 4/4/07, along with a photocopy of Carroll's presentation (3-pages) that he read from as he/Ford unveiled the KR to the media. PM me if interested.
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    Exactly my point, you do realize harnesses have an expiration date? People refer back to threads for info about what other people have done and this will give them the option of having the most up to date harness for their ride. Thanks for trying to help though.
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