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    And of course everyone's favorite.....................
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    All speculation. Look at the Vette reviews on YouTube- not so great. You'll be hard-pressed to find one without options that add tens of thousands over MSRP and equally hard-pressed to actually order a base model. I expect the easily swayed and gotta-have-it-now crowd will be bored and disappointed with their Vettes not long after buying them. My son worked at a Chevy dealer. I've seen and heard about their lack of build quality first hand. You got hooked into the hype, especially saying the Vette is "better in every way" The GT500 hasn't even been released yet and it's a brand-new model. Not all dealers have ADM's on Bullitts. However, I've seen very high ADM's on Hellcats when they were new and I'm sure Redeyes will have them as well. Come back to your senses and actually wait for the cars to be available to take a test drive and inspect first before you make a decision and a purchase.
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    A few photos of the vehicles used in the soon to be released Ford vs Ferrari movie. Photos courtesy of Superformance. For more information contact Superformance at 888-445-5526
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    I didn't originally post the following Cobra photo but since it was referenced to in the recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage.................. here's another movie car photo.
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    Yep and 99.9% of my driving is under 80mph. Lots of 0 to 60 to be honest. Seat of the pants makes for a fun street car . Country roads curves and downshifting again under 65 mph. To be honest I sold my 16 GT350 because it felt slow on the street. Low end grunt was not there. Nobody home ...Torque didn’t come on until 4000 rpms. Could not use the 8200 rpm on the street. Never tracked it and wasn’t going to.
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    I am kind of partial to this car that is in the showroom for a couple weeks.
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    Same here one day it's 70 next day it's 45...very pretty out though the leaves are all changed and looking good.
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    Awesome vid and great story...to bad Ken Miles was killed but Ford sure put it to Ferrari in the end...what a car the GT40 was and hearing it makes me wonder just how it must have sounded near that track when all the cars were full bore racing...……. ….I can't believe they let people drive one of the originals around like that.
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    If interested here is more detail on the Exoto model . Lots of pictures. One interested tidbit see those rear tail lights . They are straight off a Corvair . So GM had a little to do with the LeMans win..... https://www.diecast.org/diecast98/html/asp/list_reviews/xq/ASP/id.EX10010/qx/reviewpix.htm
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    Here are the facts. Ford VS Ferrari. Enjoy. Edit : I own the #2 Ford GT ......1:10 scale diecast model however.........
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    Just when you thought the move from Hertz would make for a better deal for a Shelby rental. Deja vu all over again with another rental company.😎
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    Just curious....where on youtube did you see a "Not so great" review on the new C8 Vette ?....I saw many and never saw a bad one yet but if you have one please post it here I'd be interested to see it.
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    I almost forgot what my order looked like until I saw this on the other C8 forum. It was on display recently. Sure wish they would have had that one at Road Atlanta last week. Ah Road Atlanta in the morning before the cars hit the track...so peaceful
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    The pictures are the "perfect" primer for the upcoming Ford v Ferrari movie ... thanks for sharing!
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    I think the new Corvette is really gonna hurt sales of the GT500. Even at MSRP it's a tough sell. This coming from a Ford enthusiast and employee. With the Camaro going away, this will be the competition for the GT500. Kudos to GM for the car.
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    Anyone in Las Vegas during SEMA week next month should stop by Shelby American, we might have some cool cars on display in our Heritage Center. Steven
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    Not sure how long you've looked or how badly you want one, but these things are no longer made, don't come up for sale very often, frequently show some wear, and usually cost more than the current bid. I haven't inspected this one, but I don't see anything in the photos that powder coating wouldn't fix. FWIW, that's what I did and it turned out pretty well. Here's an old photo of it that Shelby purloined to hock their billet engine caps...
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    Another week of workers sitting on their hands waiting for a vote. I at least I thought some plants would open up sooner . Can’t they vote electronically...no they have to fly into town to vote. By prop planes I imagine or pony express..... GM is still going to produce 2019 corvettes this late in the year. ....... WHY they still have them sitting on the lots. Then they have another 8 weeks to retool the plant. Such is life in the motor city these days. Where the heck is the GT 500 also. Anyone see one at a dealership yet.. ? Any 1/4 mile times ? Skip pad and such Any for sale at MSRP ? Crickets ...
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    Here is a list of the small dealerships selling at ...MSRP Yes Not selling at MSRP ......No NO - Simpson Chevrolet - Garden Grove, CAYes - Campbell Chevrolet - Bowling Green, KYNO - Midway Chevrolet - Phoenix, AZNO - Stewart Chevrolet - Colma, CAYes - Uftring Chevrolet - Washington, ILYes - Bridgewater Chevrolet - Bridgewater, NJNO - Pat McGrath Chevrolet - Cedar Rapids, IAYes - Harchelroad Motors Imperial, NEYes - Henna Chevrolet - Austin, TXNO - Autonation - Austin, TXNO- Keyes Chevrolet - Van Nuys, CA NO - Alan Gwynn Chevrolet - Glendale, CA Yes - Moran Chevrolet - Mt. Clemens, MIYes - Carr Chevrolet - Beaverton, ORNO - Bob Howard Chevrolet - Oklahoma City, OKNO - Wesley Chapel Chevrolet - Wesley Chapel, FLNO - Paradise Chevrolet - Temecula CaNO - Folsom Chevrolet:- Folsom, CANO - Maita Chevrolet - Elk Grove, CANO - Sullivan Chevrolet - Roseville, CANO - Paradise Chevrolet - Ventura, CANO - Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet - Desoto TXNO - Auto Nation Chevrolet Pembroke Pines, Pembroke Pines, FLYes - Bowman Chevrolet - Clarkston, MINO - Peterson Chevrolet - Boise, IDYes - Healy Chevrolet - Poughkeepsie, NYYes - Reeder Chevrolet - Knoxville, TNYes - Starling Chevrolet - Orlando, FLYes - Hedricks Chevrolet - Clovis, CANO - Alan Webb Chevrolet - Vancouver, WANO - Bruce Chevrolet - Hillsboro, ORNO - Wentworth's Chevrolet - Wilsonville, ORYes - Klick Lewis - Palmyra, PAYes - Knoepfler Chevrolet - Sioux City IAYes - Barton Chevrolet - Newburgh, NYYes - Jim Glover Chevrolet - Tulsa, OKYes - Bill Hood Northlake Chevrolet - Covington, LAYes - Register Chevrolet - Brooksville, FLYes - Griffin Chevrolet - Milwaukee, WIYes - Bill Kay Chevrolet - Lisle, ILYes - Lash Chevrolet - Johnstown, OHYes - Bryner Chevrolet - Jenkingtown, PAYes - Tom Gibbs Chevrolet - Palm Coast, FLNO - NorthPoint Chevrolet - Alpharetta, GAYes - Woodhouse Chevrolet - Missouri Valley, IANO - Friendly Chevrolet - Dallas, TXYes - Westside Chevrolet - Katy, TXYes - LaFontaine Chevrolet - Dexter, MIYes - Royal Chevrolet - Richmond, VANO - Norman Frede - Houston,TXYes - Dan Tobin Chevrolet - Columbus, OHNO - Lee Johnson Chevrolet - Kirkland, WANO - La Quinta Chevrolet & Cadillac - La Quinta, CANO - Capital Chevrolet - San Jose, CAYes - McCurley Chevrolet - Tri Cities, WAYes - Britain Chevrolet - Greenville, TXYes - Fairway Chevrolet - Las Vegas, NVYes - Henderson Chevrolet - Henderson, NVYes - Grieco Chevrolet - Delray Beach, FLYes - Gandrud Chevrolet - Green Bay, WINO - Burien Chevrolet - Seattle, WAYes - Vann Gannaway Chevrolet - Eustis, FLYes - Best Chevrolet - Hingham, MAYes - Mike Maroone Chevrolet - Colorado Springs, CONO - Daniels Long Chevrolet - Colorado Springs, COYes - Sir Walter Chevrolet - Raleigh, NCYes - Abel Chevrolet Buick - Rio Vista, CAYes - George Nahas Chevrolet - The Villages, FLYes - Green Chevrolet - Peoria, ILNO - Jack Wilson Chevrolet - St. Augustine, FLNO - Jimmy Vasser Chevrolet - Napa, CAYes - Nimnicht Chevy - Jacksonville, FLNO - Premier Chevrolet - Buena Park, CAYes - Karl Chevrolet - Ankeny, IAYes - Dyer Chevrolet - Ft Pierce, FLNO - Capitol Chevrolet - San Jose, CAYes - Lindsay Chevrolet - Woodbridge, VANO - Jim Turner Chevrolet - McGregor, TXNO - Daniels Long Chevrolet - Colorado Springs,CONO - Manfredi Chevrolet - Staten Island, NYNO - Autonation Valencia Chevrolet - Los Angeles, CAYes - George Nunnally Chevrolet - Bentonville, ARYes - Reedman Toll Chevrolet - Langhorne, PACanadaYes - Bill Spencer Chevrolet- Cobourg, ONYes - Brian Cullen Motors - St. Catharines, ONYes - Finch Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, Cadillac- Lo
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    Oh boy ..... first one in Canada. I will upgrade to a GS eventually I bet. You know wide body and all .... baby got back Mongoose...... Big Butt. .
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    That's fast competition right there but C8 is also a fraction of those price wise...….
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    Congrats! I have now owned a '13 since July. I totally get the love affair with these cars now. The attention it gets whenever you take it out makes my old '07 Tungsten GT seem like a Corolla or Camry. Last night we went to fill her up with some 93 octane at a BP station and a guy in a '65 coupe - nicely done, too, pulled in to take a look at my GT500. These cars are special. It was only 55 degrees last night, too, and I also found out how easy these cars can step out on you if you get the revs too high in 2nd gear. Lesson learned!
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    Hey Mongoose these are the weather tech sweethearts at Road Atlanta last weekend The C8R in the corvette racing garage
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    One more video. Great sound https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=64Gso53jdew
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    Congrats on finding an 09 with less than 7K on the clock, looks clean..
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    They complained it wasn’t loud enough in tour mode around town. Well use sport mode if you want louder and quicker shifts. .
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    Yep all the way Mongoose. SW coupe none finer.
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    Mongoose those Smith Miller mobil tanker’s in near mint condition will bring $650 . You rarely see them on ebay. A few good to excellent condition examples on Ebay. Condition condition condition. It’s like real estate location location location. Have you ever seen Desalle Tonka trucks ? Don Desalle bought out the original dies for Tonka back in 1994. He made a lot of Tonka’s in limited numbers of each model. I think he stopped production in like 2000 . Today those trucks are collected by Tonka collectors. Most are in mint condition with boxes. They weren’t bought for kids to play with it seems. They are on Ebay and bring good money. I had a big Mike dump truck that I sold with a matching serial # pickup. 5 years ago and sold as a pair for $1200. The trucks have serial numbers and some are signed by Don. Mine were signed with certificates from Desalle. Check them out on ebay.
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    Got to have those spoilers or the car would fly. See video just before the embargo https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a29417841/watch-2020-corvette-stingray-fly-testing/
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    Get in push the button and away we gooooooooo Please end the strike P L E A S E ....
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    Mongoose an original in mint condition is around $850 with out the box. With box $1200 very rare to find. Restored brought back to mint with original metal front and top is around $600 . But one in rough shape will bring ( Edit : $250 or more ) . I paid around $90 for this one at the longest yard sale . No major dents or major rust problems. So they aren’t worth as much but they still bring a good amount of money. I spent around $82 on paint and new parts. Had a mint windshield. Also has a hose in the back door which I didn’t show. Me I’d prefer all original but restoring one is a lot fun. If a Tonka is in good shape I would not restore it. Old toys are ok to restore but that doesn’t apply to old signs. Just won a bid on Ebay for a original Tonka Sportsman with box last night. Been looking for the last 15 years and have lost a lot of auctions since. Should have it Friday. Are u having any luck on the 1:10 Exoto GT40 ?
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    Hot lap around Road Atlanta in the C8 R video. Turn up the volume.
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    It's that time of year Goose...it's sunny and warm here today but by Thursday they say that's all going to change...no snow just rain and wind but to be honest I'd rather snow and can't wait till our trails are covered...I love blasting the turbo SxS down those trails...…...
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    but wouldn't the sagging scoop be necessary for a concours judging?
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    I don't know about drunk but dead as soon as he swings that stick...…….
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    July 5th was my Order date. I’m in the waiting mode now got my old car sold and gone so have an empty space in garage. I attached my order form, think she is going to be an amazing car. I modded my last car way to much it’s going to be nice to have one that competes with modded cars but is engineered better all the way around it’s going to be nice to just drive it and enjoy it.
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    Either Motul formulation with serve you well, but there big difference will be shear stability. 10W-40 will maintain it's virgin 100*C viscosity better than the 5W-40. For long session road racing in the summers heat, I would take the 10W-40 version any day. Having a fluid that doesn't thicken as much isn't a concern to me until you are constantly cold starting the car in less than 0*C (32*F) weather. Since you didn't list that as an option, I choose the 10W-40 for any application you have listed above.
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    I have discussed this with other european members though email. The best choices, hands down, is Motul 300V 5W-40 or 10W-40. 5W-40 is the better choice in winter months, and daily driving duties. 10W-40 is the better choice during the summer months, and for long session road racing. However either lubricant is suitable for year round performance in your climate. Since you don't daily drive this car, Motul 300V 10W-40 is the winner. Avoid any 50 grade lubricant at all cost, especially a higher end true synthetic 50 grade that wont shear like Motorcraft. Your oil pressure will be much too high for the intended application, despite what many members here at Team Shelby believe to be true about the 5.4L supercharger Ford Modular. You will sacrifice efficiency, power, performance, and mpg.
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