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    Always a nice way to start the workday at SAI..............................
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    If anyone is interested https://www.thewrap.com/christian-bale-matt-damon-take-the-wheel-of-classic-cars-in-ford-v-ferrari-first-look-photos/
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    I'm more concerned about the 712 owners who just learned that their 2009 KR doesn't exist
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    Shelby American Inc is pleased to announce our brand new digital format Shelby magazine. It's filled with the latest news and stories including articles by top journalists like Evan Smith and Steve Statham. This publication is a must read for every enthusiast. Below is a link to our very first issue, be sure to download it https://issuu.com/shelbyamericanmagazine/docs/shelby_magazine_issue_1_march_2019_?e=37593132/68691542 The Shelby Magazine is a digital publication of Shelby American in collaboration with Shelby Licensing, Carroll Shelby’s Store, The Carroll Shelby Foundation, Shelby Performance Parts and Team Shelby.
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    Took one pic of the new ride when we got it home. Awaiting a few mods in the mail. I’ll get some more when they’re all done. This car is amazing. It’s a lot like my Boss. ‘Course, that’s what they built it for....to compete with it. A few notes of interest.......it’s really heavy, the steering wheel seems too large, the steering itself however, is the tightest and lightest of any car I’ve ever driven. Even tighter than the K-man. 285’s on all four corners, so the fronts track any rut in the road. I’m a mirror driver, so the gunsight windows and the tiny 1/4 glasses are no big deal. Brembos on all four corners, and the same size rotors front and rear. The “Red Hot” paint looks wet in person! It’s a normally aspirated 6.2 with 432 hp (with the optioned dual mode exhaust adding 6) from 426. I have a Holley Intech CAI coming which adds a dyno tested 19 horses. It NEEDS it!! I replaced the Alcantara shift knob with a Hurst style white cue ball already. HUGE difference. The clutch is light and the shift throw (stolen from the ZL1) is short and precise. This car has all the ZL1 goodies on it, sans the S/C. Oh yeah, and current mileage is at 586... 🙄
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    My new book, The Last Shelby Cobra is now available for pre-order from Quorto at: https://www.quartoknows.com/books/9781787114500/The-Last-Shelby-Cobra.html It tells the story of my time with Carroll developing such vehicles as Viper, Shelby Cobra Concept, GR1, GT500, Super Snake and other secret projects. Forward by Aaron Shelby, and many thanks to Gary Patterson and all the others who helped make the cars and this book a reality. Books will be available by the end of October. Pre-order flyer.pdfPre-order flyer.pdfyer.pdf
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    Got my 2020 #214 last week . Very nice driving car.
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    After my 4 hours of fun at the GT500 Track tour I was planning to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard, about the technical aspects of the GT500. After reading a few of the magazine reviews about the car I realized there are others with far more automotive experience that can accomplish that task better. The essential question we are all asking ourselves is will you sell you current Ford to obtain one? Having owned a GT350, GT350R, and Whippled Terminator I want to present to you my thoughts on the matter. These are my angles, and many things are left to consider. Please share your thoughts when you finish reading this, as it may help others. The GT500 is many things. One thing I can confidently say that it wont be, is a disappointment. There is a concert of systems working in harmony to make that car exquisite to drive. Anyone that currently owns a GT350 will have that same special feeling and shit eating grin when you get inside of it. On track the CFTP manages weight, body roll, turn in, grip, throttle application, shifts and everything else without you thinking about it. On the drag strip it makes launching a simple process without you thinking about it. Set a lap record without breaking a sweat then go enjoy a nice charcuterie board in between sessions.... Remember that thought until later... When you think about combat effectiveness, or picking the right tool for the job, the A7 from Tremec makes complete and total sense. With contenders like the Hellcat and ZL1 LE there would be too much margin for error with a manual if your ultimate goal is to demolish everything else currently on the street. Not only to demolish, but to give customers of all skill levels the ability to harness the power on tap no matter what performance situation they enter into. I spoke with a Tremec engineer at the event and quickly mentioned the epitome of manually shifting automatic transmissions, the Porsche PDK. It was made clear that much effort was put into benchmarking against that transmission, and making this one even better. They did it, although experience with the transmission on the street in traffic is an unknown. If anyone here has been in a high horsepower manual car you know with great power, comes great responsibility. Power management out of an apex or off the line is a constant battle, and often costs you time. I did not think the automatic transmission would be rewarding, but it definitely was. The Whippled Terminator I had was an absolute beast, but really took a skilled driver to extract the most from. The car was either roasting the tires or roasting the tires anytime I put that foot to the floor. I do not foresee that being the case here, and that is a benefit for everyone driving it. The A7 is not only a win for the car, but a win for all of us that want to see the GT500 on the top of the food chain. HOWEVER, there are many factors about performance car ownership that many never discuss. The ability to fit your kids and wife inside for a trip to cars and coffee. The point of diminishing returns with modifications. Dreading a trip because being caught in traffic will give your left knee atrophy. Tossing the keys to your wife so she can take the car to work and not be in fear of stalling out on the driveway into the office. New enthusiasts that would be too timid to push the car because a stick shift is intimidating. Enthusiasts with a little more mileage on their bodies and cant manage a stick shift anymore. This level of accessibility and versatility makes the GT500 a big win, but will also bring many more buyers into the pool. As I took the 600 mile drive back home from Vegas I didn’t feel as though I was missing anything in my GT350R. Several other vehicles pulled out cameras and the driver of a Dodge truck chased me down to get a closer look. Downshifts with a quick rev match to pass big rigs was satisfying at my core. The looks, rarity, and balance of the GT350R made me happy with the woman I married. Knowing that when GT500 production gets fully underway there will be plenty of them in production and at dealerships. Aside from the CFTP, exclusivity and ADM wont be the name of the game for long. My brief time in the GT500 was amazing. What stuck in my mind the most was my feeling of detachment while on track. That previous thought about exquisite management of all the systems, it also was what made me feel a little disconnected from the whole experience. Kind of like when your wife tells you to lay back and let her do all the work. Undoubtedly fun, but I still want to put in a little work.....sometimes. It’s my only criticism, but its not the GT500’s fault. My brain and testosterone filled need to feel like I am the one controlling the car is what holds me back. That will be the basic question you need to ask yourself before you make the move. Are you ready to fundamentally change your mind about what performance driving is like without a manual. Those that are ready will not be disappointed. Those that are not ready, still wont be disappointed, but you may want to keep 6 gears nearby for that occasional fix. This closing statement is not made to knock any other variant of Mustang on the road, or to seem elitist about the GT350R. It just happens to be the top dog Mustang at the moment. Anyone who has switched from the GT350 to the R knows the cars are different, and even modifications to a GT350 wont necessarily get you there without some financial investment. The limited production, factory aero, and magazine reviews make the R a car of obsession and desire. It’s performance is renowned and envied by other car enthusiasts across the board. If you have a GT350R because you enjoy analog driving input from a manual I do not think selling your current car for the GT500 is the best move. The 500 is amazing, but not such a different feeling than what you have. The control and linear power application built into the GT500 because of the A7 still makes it feel similar to what the GT350R does with the manual. Words do not quite describe the satisfaction of when you heel-toe downshift into the apex, but also wont be enough to wash away the feeling of getting passed by a GT500 right after you hit the straightaway. Getting a slightly used base GT500 to mod how you want would be my advice for R owners. Buying both would be ideal if you got it like that, or if you are mentally ready to let the third pedal go. If you have a GT350 or other built Mustang though......This GT500 is hella hella fast like VTEC duuu, and you probably wont beat it. Try to build your own and it will likely cost you more with little to be gained in resale. The GT500 is hungry, and equipped with a proper driver and sticky tire it will eat most cars at any event. I can almost guarantee if you best the GT500 in any arena with equal tire compound you probably beat the driver, and not the car. If you did beat the car, chances are you had to give up so much utility in every other arena that the GT500 still wins at being more versatile. Built or bought. Driver skill or the car. Perhaps none of it matters if you are winning. If you own any other variant of performance Mustang short of the R and have the financial ability to afford a GT500, I would be selling my baseball card collection, cancelling the built motor, selling all my spare parts, and calling MSRP dealerships until my fingers bled. First startup and WOT pull will leave you with no regrets.
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    And of course everyone's favorite.....................
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    Well the good news for you is that I believe the production run has sold out. So now you wont have to think about not buying one as you can no longer buy one.
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    SHELBY AND SIXT TEAM UP WITH “MR. HOT WHEELS” LARRY WOOD FOR HISTORIC ROUTE 66 JOURNEY Shelby American, Team Shelby and SIXT Rent-A-Car have teamed with designer Larry “Mr. Hot Wheels” Wood for an epic journey across America on historic Route 66. Starting in Chicago, Wood is retracing his migration 50 years ago along the fabled highway to join Mattel in Los Angeles. He will drive a supercharged SIXT edition Shelby GT-S rental car to greet fans and rediscover America’s adoration of the automobile in the “Larry Wood SIXT on 66 Tour.” Larry Wood began his career as a designer for Ford Motor Company. In 1968, he was offered the opportunity to become Mattel’s chief designer for their new line of die-cast cars. Mr. Wood and his wife, Shirley, packed up their car and drove along Route 66 to California, where he became a legend. Larry is connecting with fans of every generation who share his passion for the automobile, regardless of their scale. Team Shelby members look forward to swapping stories Larry and Shirley along the journey.” The Woods began their trip at the Chicago stop of the Hot Wheels Legend Tour on July 12 in Romeoville, Illinois. They picked up the supercharged Shelby GT-S and drove to the gathering. After signing autographs and greeting fans, they began their “SIXT on 66 Tour.” “When I began planning my dream trip along Route 66, I had a few stipulations,” said Wood. “First, we needed a very cool car with plenty of horsepower for the trip. And the exhaust note had to rumble so we could make an exciting entrance. Since my personal hot rods are orange, I really wanted one in that color. Most of all, the car had to be purely American so the connection would be genuine and personal. The vehicle that really fit those parameters was the SIXT edition Shelby GT-S.” Wood and Shelby have a long and very deep connection. Not only did Wood know Carroll Shelby, he memorialized many of the Texan’s famous cars as part of the Hot Wheels line up. Then in 2009, Wood was tapped by Shelby to work with the company’s chief designer, Vince LaViolette on the 2010 Ford Shelby GT350. The company built the Shelby GT350 for four model years and now those cars are highly coveted collectibles, just like many of the Hot Wheels that Wood designed. “SIXT and Shelby recently began their relationship by offering the supercharged Shelby GT-S in our livery at select locations in the United State,” said (insert SIXT spokesperson). “This is a car that we designed together with Shelby to give our customers the opportunity to experience the passion of American performance. Wood even hand built a Hot Wheels SIXT edition Shelby GT-S that he will auction for charity when the trip concludes. He and Shelby are chronicling the trip on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Shelby.com. We will be posting Larry's travel blog here throughout the tour!
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    LOL,that’s was like…… welcome to Team Shelby, let me talk about myself and Vettes, and cars that have absolutely nothing to do with what you are asking about because its all about me and I am totally clueless as to how to answer your questions. Not only was the posts wording poor etiquette, most people with even a granule of common sense know that typing text in Bold, ALL CAPS, or using exclamation points!!!! on the internet are are each individually the internet equivalent of shouting or yelling at someone, yet there is only ONE PERSON in here that manages to use not one but ALL THREE!!!!.......In almost EVERY single Post!!!!!……it comes off as somebody having a “hey look at me, while jumping up and down having a CLOWN SHOW temper tantrum……...most forums have rules against such obnoxious texting behavior and quickly moderate it because it is generally regarded as offensive. People have pointed it out to him before………but heck, nobody ever stops the same individual from name calling and ranting at people either, so I guess text formatting doesn’t matter either……., most people also know it is also bad form and redundant to sign your post with your name in a bunch of Caps and Emojis too, because ALL of us already have a big avatar with our name above it on the left of the screen in each post we make.
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    Took mine out for a wonderful drive too in honor of Carroll. I think Carroll would be proud to see the success Shelby American has made in the years since his death. RIP Carroll I like to think that my Dad and Carroll are up there proud of us here who are carrying on their legacies. CSSHELBYKID
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    This Thursday May 2nd Shelby American will be pulling the covers off the latest Shelby vehicle to come out of the Shelby American factory, a new model never seen before. The official unveil will take place at 1:00PM PST at Carroll Shelby International located in sunny Southern California. Shelby American will have this latest Shelby on display throughout the 7th Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute & Car Show two day event, also held at CSI HQ. I guarantee this vehicle will have you talking. Steven
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    The Marti reports for the older vehicles contain a lot more information than the new ones. The ones I know that have gotten one for the new cars, with expectations set by the reports for the older vehicles, have been disappointed, mostly because it's not very much info for quite a bit of money.
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    Ok, I was able to get a image compressed enough to post. Thanks for the congrats! I put on my first mod today...Shelby’s KR billet brake fluid cap. I can only think the reason this was not on originally is due to the extreme corrosive nature of Dot3 and the risk of “aftermarket” cap was too in mass transit and on showroom floors, but that is pure speculation on my end. Next is tires. The originals are still on an petrified they are indeed. I’ll keep for date code reasons, but that’s it.
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    Congratulations. You win the ignore button.... "Yee of Thin Skin".
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    Um, but if the DCT is faster, then it beats the stick. Faster wins every time.
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    All, picked mine up tonight after landing from vacation it was wet so just took her home and parked her.
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    Bought another ride today. Leaving for NJ tomorrow, so I won’t pick it up till next weekend. Plus I need another lift anyway. These are basically GM’s answer to the BOSS 302. It’s a ZL1 without the S/C. This thing is showroom new. The guy has too many cars and one has to go. https://www.cars-on-line.com/gen3-cars/col1/posting/97838
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    I used to own a LOT of Mustangs. Back in the early 80's when they could be bought cheap, I owned a 70 Fastback with 302, a 70 Mach 1 with 351 C 2V a 70 Mach 1 428 CJ R code and 2 Red 69 Mach 1 428 R Codes at the same time. Those were the Days.
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    Feel the love. 🤓
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    During the annual Shelby American SEMA party last week the Director of Team Shelby, Tracey Smith, announced the 2020 Team Shelby Vegas Bash dates will be March 19-22 2020 Vegas Bash Host hotel is not ready for announcement just yet but I can say that it will not be the hotel used for the past several bashes. See you all in March. Steven
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    The only donuts I like in the Morning is in the parking lots with someone else’s car at WOT and no spectators getting in the freakin way. ...
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    For the hack of it. I Built this on Ford web site, clicked find it for me and it was already on it's way to a dealer just 19 miles from my house.
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    A few photos of the vehicles used in the soon to be released Ford vs Ferrari movie. Photos courtesy of Superformance. For more information contact Superformance at 888-445-5526
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    I didn't originally post the following Cobra photo but since it was referenced to in the recent episode of Jay Leno's Garage.................. here's another movie car photo.
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    An update on the Fays2 Watts Link install... The install has been completed and I had a special guest come over "voluntarily" to make final adjustments. Thank You Mr.Fay for all of your help and a thank you to all that helped here on this post.
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    Back in 1965 I was almost 17 and I was in Europe. I bought this American News Paper and in the sports section they had a picture of the Daytona Coupe with a small story under it about Shelby winning the GT Championship. It took until August 19, 1965 for a story to make the paper, I kept that page all these years. In the early 2000 Carrol Shelby was at the Atlantic City car show, while there I got him to Autograph it, we talked for a while as he was he was really suprised to see something that old, His parting words to me was "Maybe we should go back there again" I also bought back then there Sebring poster for there 1964 GT Class win.
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    This was my hobby for the past 30+ years and was lucky to make some dough at the same time. I did this because l loved driving these awesome cars the money was the secondary reason . Can’t do that anymore with the high prices these machines are at today. The 10 year old SGT’s aren’t appreciating like the 10 year old boss did back in 1980. Those were some really fun times collecting cars from the past. GTO’s , SS 396 , Corvettes and Shelby’s . But today’s cars are more fun and awesome to drive . So I’ve moved on from the classics. Still buy and sell a bit. Today it’s just not happening like back in the 80’s. The last car I made out on was the 05 Ford GT I sold after 10+ years. I tried that on a 10 year old SGT with a ton of provenance but barely made $1K. The others aren’t collectible like the past. Maybe in 20 years or maybe not. Below is a collection I put together for our grandkids. Half the cars are missing because I could not fit them all in I put this on T shirt for them to wear . Will’s favorite cars and papa’s too !
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    Found these old pictures from 2013 . That’s why my name is mach 1 . That’s a triple black 351C 4 speed all original and sold original in Roswell GA. We lived there back in the 90’s. That’s one I should have never sold.
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    My wife had it framed in a shadow box for me. They wanted to drill holes in it to mount it and she wisely refused - God I love that woman! It hangs in our study right above my computer so I see it everyday.
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    Turned 87K while in New Zealand. Picture is at a Cars and Coffee Event in Auckland NZ
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    Yep. saw the Red Stitching too. I also noticed that, the Car isn't even in production yet and it is already being held together with Duct Tape...………………….
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    60 degrees today. Time to take the goat out of the barn.
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    We talked about the 428 CJ but one more special 428 needed to be covered. 428 Super Cobra JetEdit The 428 Super Cobra Jet (also known as the 428SCJ) used the same top end, pistons, cylinder heads, camshaft, valve train, induction system, exhaust manifolds, and engine block as the 428 Cobra Jet. However, the crankshaft and connecting rods were strengthened and associated balancing altered for drag racing. A nodular iron crankshaft casting #1UA was used as well as heavier 427 "Le Mans" connecting rods with capscrews instead of bolts for greater durability. The heavier connecting rods and the removal of the centre counterweight on the stock 428 Cobra Jet crankshaft (1UA), required an external weight on the snout of the crankshaft for balancing. A 428 Super Cobra Jet engine with oil cooler was standard equipment when the "Drag Pack" option (which came when selecting either a 3.91 or 4.30 rear end gear ratio) was ordered with cars manufactured from 13 November 1968. In addition, while the CJ and SCJ engines used the same autothermic piston casting, the piston-to-bore clearance specification between the CJ and SCJ 428 engines is slightly different, with the SCJ engines gaining a slightly looser fit to permit higher operating temperature.[49] Horsepower measurements at a street rpm level remained the same.[5 this is the one to own fellas. 1970 mach 1 428 SCJ ..... drag pack option. Or how about a 1970 Shelby GT 500 with the SCJ. Drag pack. The holy grail imo. I owned one back in the 80’s . The previous owner put white stripes on her It had white interior. 4 speed ....no Air ...hot hot hot in the Atlanta area
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    My 350 is now paid for and leaving for Miami next week. We closed on the home today, and moved in the first round of stuff stored in with the cars. Movers are bringing the furniture from the old Scottsdale house tomar morning, and the A/C units get installed in the garages tomar too. Then the garage floor guys come Monday to epoxy coat. Hopefully before I go back to NJ on April first I’ll get the cars into the new garages. Then all will be well.
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    Model T's weren't that powerful in Tek's era...……..
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    This one is for you Mongoose Here is one of my all time favorite Mustangs. I had one just like this except no shaker hood . 351 Cleveland 2BBL also. Loved that car and was my first Mustang back in Dec of 1970. Had my first real job out of college. Still living at home and paid the sucker off in no time. $800 per month payments. Those were house payments back then. Average home was like $35K back then. Holy cow ! That’s a 19 mustang GT today ......🍀 Found this on ebay but not buying her. Not really looking at this point in time .
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    And the old Vette guy here says WE'RE not real car guys
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    How about I have the old school boring silver wheels powder coated black?!
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    For REAL car guys...… Road racing is where it's at.
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    The new Tacoma will go into the one car off to the right there (angled). The driveway is plenty wide for a swing to pull it in, and for backing out as well. All four garages will have A/C. Wall mounted LG’s. The ceilings are 11’ in all four stalls. The garage door openers in the front three bays have header mounted units, so the doors can roll way up hugging the ceilings for top car roof clearance. No unsightly motor’s hanging down either. Still deciding on an epoxy coat color for the garage floors. There’s still accent paint colors to be added.. the painters were out of the right color the day they painted the house. And of course the desert landscape is last to be done.
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    Oh boy...... you guys lost me. I’ll stay out of this one.
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    That alien looks about as old as the typical 60+ corvette demographic......
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    I've been a member of Team Shelby since I bought my 2011 GT500 back in 2011. Last week we purchased a new grabber blue 2017 off the lot. She's now sitting in the garage with 36 miles on her.
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