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          Member Benefits:   First, there's the Team Shelby swag. No other club packs your membership kit with more than Team Shelby! Whether you are a renewing member or new to the “family” of Shelby enthusiast worldwide, our goal is to help you enjoy a high-octane lifestyle!   From a Unique Membership Card, Shelby Annual Magazine, Team Shelby Hat, Collector Coin, Team Shelby T-Shirt, Windshield Cling, Team Shelby License Plate Frame, Lapel Pin and Magnet, the contents of your Team Shelby Membership Kit more than pay for your membership alone!   In addition, your membership includes:   Exclusive Access to Team Shelby Member Forums.   10% discounts at Carroll Shelby's Stores in Las Vegas and Los Angeles.   Driving Experiences.   Invitations to Exclusive Team Shelby Member Events.   Insider information from Shelby American.   Affiliate Partner Discounts.   Updated February 16, 2017. Team Shelby Club 2018 Team Shelby Membership Kit Please note that membership contents are subject to change.   Team Shelby was designed and engineered by real enthusiasts inside and out of Shelby.   Team Shelby was originally formed in 2008 by Carroll Shelby. He wanted to create a club for people to truly enjoy their cars. He knew the world had changed, and he wanted his companies to meet the needs of the new generation of Shelby owners. His vision was to knit together those people with the owners of early Shelby's and give everyone fun new ways to experience their high performance vehicles.   Mr. Shelby imagined a place where owners could talk about their latest conquests at the track, swap stories, share photos and learn new ways to hot rod their cars! He wanted to link all of the enthusiasts into one "dream garage"... thus, Team Shelby was born!   Team Shelby has many free, open access forums, news sections and member only areas dedicated to the community.   In addition, Team Shelby has a full series of events for 2018, which include VIP Experiences, track days, National & Regional gatherings, cruises, car shows and more! Ownership of a Shelby is not required to be a member. The club is dedicated to serving all Shelby enthusiasts past and present including those that own cars built in the 1960's and Shelby Dodges too! Carroll Shelby (Team Shelby Member #001) said: "We built Team Shelby for anyone who is passionate about Shelby cars! We’ll have a blast and we'll do it the Shelby way!   Yearly Membership Rates   U.S. $49.99 | Canada & Mexico $59.99 | E.U., others $65.99   Join the Team Shelby Club   click here to choose a Team Shelby Club subscription package.   Membership Kit Arrival   Your Team Shelby Club membership kit and I.D.card will generally arrive within 6-8 weeks.   Need Help?   Email Brianna:  e-mail her here.
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    Hi Guys & Gals, Here’s the schedule for the 2018 Team Shelby Bash. We’re so excited to have so many of you joining us again this year! For those attending, an official survival guide will be emailed to you shortly before the event. You will also be receiving email updates from individuals managing event activities you’ve registered for. This year we have some great things planned and look forward to seeing you in a few short weeks! If you haven’t registered yet, you can purchase 2018 Team Shelby Bash tickets here: http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/bash18-ticket.htm THURSDAY MARCH 8th Welcome Reception @ Stoney’s - Las Vegas (4:00PM to 8:00PM) FRIDAY MARCH 9th Open Track @ Spring Mountain Raceway (7:00AM to 5:00PM) Thrill Rides @ Spring Mountain Raceway (Schedule Varies) Open Track Lunch @ Spring Mountain Raceway (12:00 to 1:00PM) Poker Run & Lunch - Meet at Silverton (7:30AM to 3:30PM) 10 Year Celebration featuring Team Shelby’s Got Talent @ The Veil (6:30PM to 9:00PM) SATURDAY MARCH 10th Open Track @ Spring Mountain Raceway (7:00AM to 5:00PM) Thrill Rides @ Spring Mountain Raceway (Schedule Varies) Open Track Lunch @ Spring Mountain Raceway (12:00 to 1:00PM) “King of the Road” Scavenger Hunt - Starts at Silverton (9:00AM to 4:00PM) 2018 Shelby Bash Banquet @ Shelby American (6:30PM to 9:30PM) SUNDAY MARCH 11th CSF Pancake Breakfast @ Shelby American (8:00AM to 10:00AM) Team Shelby Car Show @ Shelby American (8:00AM to 11:30AM)
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    Black is not a color.....it's a career.
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    Some times you just need to go out to the garage, pull back the cover and rejoice. Thanks Carroll for being a car guy.
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    August 14th through the 19th Team Shelby Will be invading Dearborn this August. We will start with 2 days of track time at Gingerman Raceway, Move to Dearborn to run the Romeo Proving Grounds on Thursday. Friday will bring a family picnic at the Henry Ford Village followed by a private event at the Henry Ford Museum where you will be able to view exhibits all by your lonesome. On Saturday its the worlds biggest cruise at Woodward. We will either be in the snake pit or, we may have our own street! There will be more details to follow but save those dates!!
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    DEVASTATED is more like it. But yes, very sad. Passing you guys has been a highlight not just for me but for everyone on our trip. You can't talk about our event without the Shelby club coming into the conversation. It just won't be the same. Next year we'll get on the same day again. Hope you all have a fantastic time on your cruise. jill State Route 49 Vdubs Dubs Around the Lake 8
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    I finally made it to the Shelby store in Las Vegas. It's about a 4 hour drive for me. I pulled up in my 07 GT500 Saturday afternoon. There weren't many cars in the lot, and there were zero Shelbys. At first I thought they were closed, but then I saw a few people coming out of the store. I was lucky enough to nab an empty spot right up front. I walked in and was greeted by Joanna. She asked if it was my first time, and I said "Yes it is. I even brought my Shelby!" So she goes, "Did you see that circle out front? Do you know what that is?" I go, "the Circle of Power?" My wife goes, "No you dork, it's the Winners Circle." So then Joanna says, "You can park there." I made like the Roadrunner out the door, and backed my car up into the circle in about 3.5 seconds. It was pretty awesome! "The Circle of Power". I'm sticking with it.
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    Just got off the phone with Ford Performance. They haven't finished the certificates yet but the final 2017 production numbers are in. GT350 - 6,173 GT350R - 942
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    As long as the public decides to compare the Hertz Shelbys to newer technology they will obviously always suffer by comparison. Same goes for "beat on rental" stigma. Then again, so do the 1966 GT350H cars. Doesn't matter to me and the rest of the die hard enthusiasts that appreciate these cars for what they are/were when they were released. They are extremely limited historically significant cars. No more, no less. You either like them and want to pay for them, or you don't.
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    16H0035 Update. Been trying to unwind some of the patina left over from my car's rental life. I installed the Power Pack II, went to Shelby and ordered new front hood stripes and a new duplicate dash plaque (somebody lifted mine prior to me buying the car). Took my Shelby to a local car show today; I was surprised at how many people had no idea that Hertz recently had these in the rental fleet. It was fun to tell them that I had rented it just for the show...
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    I bought mine in Nov 2016. Using the list on this site, for Nov-Feb sales, 27 units have been sold, yielding an average of 6.75 units sold per month. If I had included the 14 sold in October (prior to my purchase) that would bump it up to over 8. So I think the 2-3 per month stated earlier is not representative of the current run rate, which may have included the time when prices were much higher and units did not move. About 80 units appear to have been sold, leaving 91 remaining. Using 7 per month, that gives us 13 months of inventory - not taking into account that some were totaled, some were wrecked and repaired and pricing has been coming down. I think within a year, they will be gone. For those of us that have made the BIG financial decision to purchase these cars, and LOVE them, I will say for the 2016 GT-H group that I take offense from other Shelby member's posts that imply stupidity for us purchasing a car that in YOUR opinion only has a value in the $35K range +/- . I think you need to show a bit more respect than bashing the topic over and over. Enjoy what you have and have fun. Brent
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    Great stories gents. On the Recaros, I didn't like them at first either and seriously considered ordering one with the convenience pack, but the Recaros have conformed to my ample frame after a few drives, around 1,500 miles and they are actually quite comfortable on a long drive. Could use better lumbar support, but overall I'm thrilled with my 2017 in Ruby Red. I believe this version of the GT350 will be quite sought after in the years to come.
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    No way man! You’re justified feeling this way. I'll attempt to relate.... I grew up in an auto family. My dad did custom leather upholstery for high end cars from classic Rolls-Royce down through now classic Mercedes cars and everything in between. I was always surrounded with the coolest cars and had no idea how fortunate I was. Then he passed away when I was a teenager. My mom kept kids fed and housed, but we had squat. I worked as a mechanic for years. Fast forward 30 years. i married my HS sweetheart, we worked our asses off to buy a home and raise a son. Now 56, a data security engineer and finally some disposable income! I fell in love with the s550 GT350 and cherish it on the same level as those classic cars that I now appreciate like never before. Keep it clean and it gives back everything you put into it. I dote over my car like I did for my wife when I was 18 because, well, it’s special. I worked hard to get here and don’t much care what anyone else thinks of that. It’s a milestone in my life’s story and my teenage son is having those same experiences I had at his age in the world of cool sports cars. enjoy it, you deserve it.
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    To revisit the original question, i do believe people have gotten into the habit of changing out cars after having it for maybe a year or two. I considered myself very fortunate to have been able to purchase a 17 gt350 new a little over a year ago at the age of 23, and it was all hard work to get there for me so I cherish it like nothing else I own. It got me wondering, beings I used to frequent the car show circuit in a built 71 Maverick, how much I heard a lot of older folks saying that that they had something rare like a shelby or something comparable, and had regretfully sold it. I couldn't part with mine, and I felt I was offered the opportunity to have something that was the modern equivalent of the legendary cars of back in the good old days. A pure performance machine, and I honestly haven't a single complaint about it. Am one of the few that views these cars this way?
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    I guess I might be in the minority, but I love the Recaros in my 17. Drove it 6 hours home after taking delivery and they never gave me any reason to bitch. I’m 56, 180#, 5’11”. I'm used to the restrained seating from the SCCA days of my 20’s and 30’s and when I sat my overweight ass in the Recaros for the first time it was like visiting an old friend. As far as the torque curve goes, it took me 100 miles to figure out where the VooDoo likes to live and the song it sings can be intimidating to those (my wife) not used to living in the middle of the tach. For me, it was like being returned to the days of my youth and I’m completely smitten with the driving experience I get every time I climb (that’s what it is) into the cockpit. I love normally aspirated, big-hp, short-stroke engines that can fool me into believing I’m not a geezer, even though I really am. I just ain’t done having fun yet. I won’t be selling my GT350 anytime soon.
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    The GT350 is a unique vehicle with unique technology. We like it a lot. Agree with other posters, the over-heating problems 2016 tech package GT350's soured some owners. My family's 2016 GT350 properly has the track pack - our music comes out of the VooDoo FPC engine and quad tailpipes. We're - not into the non-engine electronics. I also believe the GT500 which is an entirely different vehicle, made to go up against the likes of the Demon and Corvette ZR1 is sapping media and consumer interest in the GT350 which has been amazingly high since 2015, but is now waning. The current GT350 nicely complements the heritage in our '67 GT350 with the non-supercharged HiPo 289. We're outliers - we like high-power normally aspirated engines. Not interested in superchargers or turbos. We didn't buy our GT350's as investments, we bought them for the pleasure of driving and owning. If the value goes up that's nice but we're not focused on selling, just enjoying. The muscle car occupies a niche that will grow more distant as electrical vehicles advance. We don't like the electrics and prefer our diesel trucks and such. We even find the technology in the unique Subaru boxer engines. They are interesting engines but designers say it won't pass future emissions standards so will be retired - how sad. The GT350's Voodoo engine is likely the last of the high-power NA engines. What an engine the Voodoo is. Love it and respect it for what it is. Bolting on a supercharger or turbo.
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    For us track rats, Friday and Saturday are track side at Spring Mountain, thus Las Vegas just happens to be where the bed is. I'm not a gambler, and stay off of the strip. I go for the friendships created over the last decade, and the cars that brought us all together
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    Not an 08-09, but without these, the new gen do not exist. Taken in our driveway on Thanksgiving day
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    I had a blast when Team Shelby did this in 2011!
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    I will try & get a Canadian group to join in this great weekend.
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    Testing photo attachments.... Now I get to show off my Cobra here for the first time.
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    Car 54 where are you??? Just went from Winston Salem to Northern Virginia... Joining 07H079. I will post pics soon. Ken
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    I was there, next to the tent, in my rental... Yes, you read it right. This was parked next to me... And, well...no need to say much about this one... And a link to my Flickr album... https://www.flickr.com/photos/falcongtho3/albums/72157667945066897
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    Stopping supply does not automatically affect demand. If you use the GTH as an example , in order to create “demand” Hertz has steadily lowered the price of the 2016 GTH. $150k, ……$80K,………..$75k, ……..$54k, ……..$49.9k,……$44.9k, and now $42.5K……..The amount of supply has had little to no impact because the majority of consumers still did not or do not see a fair value level even at $44.9k. Otherwise Hertz would not have now again dropped the price on about 2 dozen of them to $42.5k. When supply and demand meet an equilibrium these cars will sell at a much better pace. If they were selling at a rate Hertz thought was acceptable they would not keep dropping the price in an attempt to generate demand. I am not bashing the 2016 GTH, just showing an example of some basic economics.
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    It’s quite an interesting change from my other three older S-197’s, that’s for sure. It’s funny, I made an observation yesterday that I’d not really noticed before. When backing out of my driveway with the wheel cramped all the way to the stops, to avoid dragging the splitter on the rolled curb, the car is so incredibly rigid that it feels like one of the rear wheels literally lifts off the ground I’ve only ever witnessed 911’s do this. This car is so far advanced over its predecessor.
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    Sh$t I learned to keep my eyes "down the road " when I was teen , never know when you will spot a pretty girl , you need to be ready to honk & wave or whistle.
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    Your question is sort of like asking “how long is a piece of string”. Not being a smart-aleck, just saying that there are so many variables to consider, some of which have already been mentioned. You may get a wild swing in response because some people aren’t bothered at all by a salvage title and some would not touch one with a ten foot pole. As C Nut mentioned, the extent of damage, quality of repair, and the mileage are the biggest what ifs? If you are seriously curious you could just advertise it for sale at above what you think it is worth and see if you get any bites at or near your ask, but if you have no intention of selling that is wasting other people’s time. I don’t have a guess on value but I would say that C Nut is not far off in the range he mentioned to you. I commend you for saving a Shelby from the scrap heap. Too many went there in the decades past. Keep it and drive the wheels off it….. that is where the true worth is.
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    If you like them (I do), then they certainly are inexpensive. Mine is a daily driver, so I bet it fits in this lower price category. It's not a GT500, or Hellcat. But, it is an authentic historical Shelby. I won't be selling mine cause I like it too. 👍
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    Good stuff...appreciate everything you guys are doing to put on a great weekend! Last year was awesome and looking forward to it again.
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    Hey Goose.... We are thinking of moving the SGT to make way for a brand new daily driver. Gina wants a new Tacoma p/u. The SGT was one of the longest "bucket list" cars on my list for years. When I found it, it had 168 miles on it and I got excited and paid way too much for it. It was truly in the wrapper still. Now, after acquiring a total of 5 cars, it would be nice to cut the collection back to just four cars and recoup some dough to help buy a nice new DD. Tacomas aren't cheap. It will pain me to sell this car, but if one of the five HAS to go....it needs to be the SGT, sadly. The car now has 2200 miles on it, and if I was to advertise it, I would start well north of the sale of covertaxn's sale price. If it won't sell, I'll keep it. It means too much to me to give it away.
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    Everyone who attends the dinner in WV will receive one of these. The leftovers will be available for purchase.
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    Your brave posting that here........... With all the licensing talk on here of late, you’re liable to have a fleet of black Suburbans meet you outside your house Doogie.
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    Steve Fleske has retired ....Mike Beard is now the Hertz contact person. mbeard@hertz.com I believe the phone # is unchanged Steven Thornton is the current Shelby contact stevent@shelby .com
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    I have to jump in here. I bought my 2016 GTH in Oct. 2017 and paid what I still feel was a fair price. I love my GT-H and it is a blast to drive. When I came out of the Army in 1966 the Shelby Hertz was the car I wanted; couldn't afford one, bought a sedan and got married. I've wanted one for 50 years and still can't afford a 1966. When the 2006 and 2007's came out, another great milestone for the Shelby Hertz cars. Now I'm retired- yes one of the Old Guys and when the 2016 50th Aniv. cars came out I decided This Is Time. My son loves the car and someday it will be his. I am really surprised at all the negativity from members , many who don't even own the car -who are bemoaning prices and treating this car like it is just an investment to buy low - or you are a fool. I say, these cars will sell, the world will turn and stop your mean spirited attacks and bellyaching. I'm Lovin' Life and my 2016 GT-H..
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    #138 settling in at home. A real head turner on the road!
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    I bought one of them new back in 1977...mine was black with gold stripes..it was no powerhouse but it was cool looking in it's day.
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    I picked up this Pit Shirt @ Shelby store in Vegas before NASCAR weekend... http://www.shelbystore.com/product-p/ts-cso603t7.htm Can't believe all the Shelby/Mustang owners at the track who admired it! Heard lotsa stories from all over USA
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    Hello from #130 from the wet and windy PNW! Front License plate frame is from the Team Shelby Club! Didn't see the need for two HERTZ frames. Brent (my initials BLZ)
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    To people who claim anything not built at SAI is not a real Shelby, since this Super Snake is not being built at SAI will you still choose to apply fallacious logic and claim this Supersnake is not a "real" Shelby?
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    I seriously recommend anyone with our tuning take advantage of the datalog review and adjustment service that is included with all of our tunes. As you found out, the tune and package work great out of the box, netting over 650RWHP. With logs, we are able to identify any potential installation issues, and fine tune the vehicle, when you send us logs. If you don't have a dyno shop that you trust, we do installs and tuning at our New Smyrna Beach, FL location. We also travel around the country to select events with our mobile Dynojet. I think your loss of very very low end TQ is more due to the reduced backpressure from longtubes, than the supercharger or tuning. Slightly less torque at light to medium throttle is the nature of the beast with high flow exhaust mods. However, once you get some RPM, the boost and blower take over, and the longtubes scavage the exhaust from the cylinder head much more efficiently.
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    A disappointment? No way!! It's the bomb. Don't let the negative title of this thread deter you.
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    This is a Ford , Mustang, Shelby site..... Pontiacs are NOT allowed. GM owners are locked out of adding sig pics.