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    I just saw someone on Facebook share info about this. At first I thought it was fake. I don't know what Shelby or Ford or whoever was thinking, but I think it's WRONG to use GT-H and call it "Heritage." The H in Shelby GT-H has always been for Hertz. The black and gold paint scheme and GT-H name should only mean one thing... the Hertz Rent A Racer, the 1,001 GT350Hs they made in 1966, the 500 GT-H coupes in 2006, the 500 GT-H convertibles in 2007, and the 171 GT-H coupes in 2016. Don't like this idea at all.
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    He is the guy who would always post what he was eating that day..... The Lobby. I might have chosen The Pub, but The Lobby works. Out for a drive this AM with a friend..... quite the spectacle.
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    Took mine out for a wonderful drive too in honor of Carroll. I think Carroll would be proud to see the success Shelby American has made in the years since his death. RIP Carroll I like to think that my Dad and Carroll are up there proud of us here who are carrying on their legacies. CSSHELBYKID
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    This Thursday May 2nd Shelby American will be pulling the covers off the latest Shelby vehicle to come out of the Shelby American factory, a new model never seen before. The official unveil will take place at 1:00PM PST at Carroll Shelby International located in sunny Southern California. Shelby American will have this latest Shelby on display throughout the 7th Annual Carroll Shelby Tribute & Car Show two day event, also held at CSI HQ. I guarantee this vehicle will have you talking. Steven
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    The Marti reports for the older vehicles contain a lot more information than the new ones. The ones I know that have gotten one for the new cars, with expectations set by the reports for the older vehicles, have been disappointed, mostly because it's not very much info for quite a bit of money.
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    Congratulations. You win the ignore button.... "Yee of Thin Skin".
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    Shelby American Inc is pleased to announce our brand new digital format Shelby magazine. It's filled with the latest news and stories including articles by top journalists like Evan Smith and Steve Statham. This publication is a must read for every enthusiast. Below is a link to our very first issue, be sure to download it https://issuu.com/shelbyamericanmagazine/docs/shelby_magazine_issue_1_march_2019_?e=37593132/68691542 The Shelby Magazine is a digital publication of Shelby American in collaboration with Shelby Licensing, Carroll Shelby’s Store, The Carroll Shelby Foundation, Shelby Performance Parts and Team Shelby.
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    Why not use what the owner's manual recommends? With all the stories about oil consumption on the 350s I'd stay with Ford products.
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    Good info BB...Ford knows what they are doing and they put them there for a good reason...I don't find they look bad at all actually they look kind of cool sorta like the push twist ones of old....
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    Facebook..... you won't ever catch me on there. Not to mention their questionable ethics... This is as close to social media as I get both professionally and personally.
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    Recently we did have a promotion for the 2006-08 GT/GTH owners where a optional interior upgrade was included as part of the GT/SC package at no charge. Although this promotion has expired if you email me your contact info I'll walk it over to our sales department and have them take good care of you. If you call our sales department directly you will be told the promotion has expired so send me an email at stevent@shelby.com FYI, this customer good will gesture I'm offering is limited so please don't email me in January saying that you want to take me up on this. Steve
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    My ‘07 SGT has been for sale for a couple months now to use the dough (and space) for a new DD..... This new announcement just sealed the deal for me......NOT for sale anymore! I totally concur with Jim Clark!
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    I didn't realize his wife was for sale.
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    Well……., originally instead of the challenger joke I was going to use a corvette joke……but everybody knows you can’t sleep comfortably in a corvette unless you take your AARP card and McDonalds Gift Cards out of your hip pocket……..
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    In just about any High heat area of the country it is almost paramount to have your house split in to two zones instead of 1 big unit. One of the first things I did was replace a single 5 ton unit with 2 three ton units and split the cooling of the house in to 2 zones. The heat here in Texas over the past 5 summers has caused me 3 outages but I was never without a cool part of the house to go to. Or if you don’t want to go to that expense you can always put a small “mini split” unit somewhere in the house for about $1500 and that way you will always have a cool spot as a back up plan. In BB’s case, he could put a mini split in his garage to keep his garage queens comfortable year round and if his house AC goes out again he won’t have to get a hotel. He can just go out in the garage and fire up the mini split and sleep in the comfort of that big, bloated, and primer coated Challenger………......
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    Torque news is wrong. Here are the sales figures for the USA in 2018. ps: I don't have the sales figures for "worldwide" handy, but I guarantee you the Challenger and Camaro are NOT outselling the Mustang Worldwide either. Sales Results - USA - Camaro, Challenger, Mustang - 2018 Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Total Camaro 2,867 3,680 5,245 4,529 4,529 4,530 25,380 Challenger 3,405 6,093 8,150 5,892 7,005 6,822 37,367 Mustang 4,732 5,800 8,632 7,125 8,739 7,400 42,428 When your sales numbers are higher than your competitors it means you are outselling them.........
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    Not that I ever took the stuff but it should have been legalised years ago.....I worked part time as a bouncer at local clubs and give me a guy stoned on weed any day compared to a guy drinking alcohol.
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    Let me see if I can put some context into the discussion in an effort to end the daruma, although I highly doubt that will happen. To those who say that thread should not exist, and those who say it should, you both have valid points. Most sites specific to a certain brand would not allow such a tread to exist. There are some that will allow the comparison but, few that will allow a specific tread to follow the development of a competitor. Those sites are usually privately owned and as such, have a little more leeway. That being said, it says a lot to the commitment to free speech that SAI and Team Shelby has. Now, Free speech is a God given right, this platform is not. We will always try to accommodate our members so, I ask, before you level criticisms, keep that forefront in your mind. A decision we make will probably make one group happy while making the other group the opposite. The conduct that got the C8 thread shut down was actually not surprising considering the activity in the thread. But, in conjunction with all that had happened, it was fatal. We have rules out there for conduct. They are not that strict. Treat each other with respect or at worst, ignore each other. I find it disappointing when I allow others to control my emotion. If someone gets under your skin, you are allowing that. Use the ignore button both on the site and internally. If you feel the need to poke at someone, stop, think and pass on that opportunity. Have some “Damn Fun” as we say because you can go to work for drama. In the end, I would ask that we not start another brand specific thread outside of the Shelby product line. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to post and discuss competition but, let’s understand there is a lot of competition out there and not one other car in the world. And, we are A Shelby club and, Shelby is aligned with Ford. Lastly, how many of you are paid members? Team Shelby is one of the few car organizations that is growing. That’s due to the leadership of Tracey and the direction set. I realize some of you don’t make any events and your participation is confined to this webpage. IF that is the case, I would just like to say that one, this website costs money to operate and membership supports that cost. But, more importantly, you are missing out on some fantastic events and great times and great friendships. If you have comments or questions, please PM me. If need be, we can chat by phone.
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    300 MPH street legal GT.... Ford wins. https://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/ford-gt-becomes-first-street-legal-car-to-hit-300-mph-in-standing-mile/ar-BBVczoe?li=BBnbfcL
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    My 350 is now paid for and leaving for Miami next week. We closed on the home today, and moved in the first round of stuff stored in with the cars. Movers are bringing the furniture from the old Scottsdale house tomar morning, and the A/C units get installed in the garages tomar too. Then the garage floor guys come Monday to epoxy coat. Hopefully before I go back to NJ on April first I’ll get the cars into the new garages. Then all will be well.
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    Model T's weren't that powerful in Tek's era...……..
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    And the old Vette guy here says WE'RE not real car guys
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    How about I have the old school boring silver wheels powder coated black?!
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    For REAL car guys...… Road racing is where it's at.
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    Spent most of my whole life in Az. We don’t mess with clocks. Ridiculous IMO
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    Oh boy...... you guys lost me. I’ll stay out of this one.
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    Here is my 2019, just done with paint correction, PPF and ceramic coating installed.
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    Just curious did they add the belt tensioner part that stops it from slipping/shredding, several of us had that issue. I went the next level up and just added the 10 rib belt, but I would at minimum get the tensioner. The package should come with it, but I would make sure. You are going to love it!!!!
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    Looks Great, thanks for sharing ! You have smiles for miles very soon
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    Well kudos to Donnie he's a good soul...as long as they're taken care of..I'm sure they're lost right now but with some TLC they'll be fine.
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    Nice! Tell him one day he will grow up and the Blue one becomes real.... Shelby Magic.
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    I visit the mother ship every time I am in Vegas. As an FYI, CSX 2000 is at Shelby. It was there for SEMA 2018 which is why I was in Vegas. She will be on site through the Shelby Bash 2019 so I read. (If I am wrong, please someone correct me.) They had a 2006 GT-H with a Shelby installed SC there in the Heritage Center. It was a company car that staff drove around. Most likely Carroll drove it at least once I would assume but who knows. It was cool to see it on display and bitter sweet to hear it finally sold. So yes, they are selling items/cars. That just means some enthusiast can now be the care taker. That said, I cannot be disappointed. It was nice to connect with Shelby's own Steve Thornton who took us behind the scenes for a short tour. To that end, go visit and enjoy. If they mention your production car, great if not, great you still own a Shelby. I hear many times at the center, I wish I could own one. Now plan your visit!
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    Took a couple pics in my new neighborhood today. Rarely get the 350 out anymore. Went to a Cars and Coffee today. Didnt show the car, just drove it there. Met a guy there with a red / black stripe 2016 GT350. He has his for sale...Tech Pkg 3000 miles .... $56K Came back to the car to leave, and have several cheek marks on both side windows. Oh well, it coulda been jean rivet scratches I suppose. One of the reasons I NEVER show any of my cars.
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    Sure is and its the only 624hp candy red coupe built the for 2013 model year. Steve
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    Holy cow ...Chris take care and ride out this storm thing. My weather bug app shows a flash flood watch.......Be safe bud. The good thing is you are no more in the 100 degrees temps. Sitting outside in the garage enjoying the cooler weather with bailey. CCR on the radio . G is in NJ right ? Later. Mike
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    Not sure if I posted here so FYI, 06H0050 GT-H/SC done back in Sept/Oct 2009 at Shelby @ their Las Vegas Motor Speedway facility. Paxton serial # 066 (kind of cool) Thanks Bud Man, Amy, Gary P & Gary D. Exciting times back then. Had everyone on the GT-H certificate that owners get sign my dash along with Cleo Shelby.
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    The more I think about this the more irritated I get! I was kinda cool with it at first because it was a nice car, but now I'm realizing that Shelby American is destroying a Heritage, not creating one!
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    I have owned a 2007 Shelby GT and now own a 2016 GT-H. I have always admired the Hertz GT-H and always desired to own one someday. The black with the gold stripe was certainly appealing to me. When you seen one, you knew it was a very special Hertz mustang. It simply stood out from the rest in my opinion. I know that they apparently make a Super Snake that may be black with the gold stripe. Again, these are very rare and rarely seen, especially in the heartland where I live. Even the Hertz Shelby's are few and far between in my neck of the woods. I am extremely disappointed that Shelby/Ford has decided to make this new "GT-H" (Heritage). I think this is a disservice to all GT-H owners. Offering the same black/gold combination and labeling it as a GT-H is simply unprofessional and inappropriate in my opinion. Really, there were 25 other letters in the alphabet besides the letter H, and they couldn't be creative enough to come up with one? Let me be clear, I am not against creating the new Shelby GT, I am just opposed to the GT-H option and offering the black/gold paint/stripe scheme. I think that should be reserved for the true and limited GT-H (Hertz) mustangs. I know that a Hertz is a Hertz, however, I am certainly concerned that this will certainly have a negative effect on the value of our true GT-H mustangs.
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    Ford is going to be a bit quiet on the GT500 for now because they just released to the public the Bullitt. Those have been hitting dealer lots recently and Ford is not going to steal thunder away from the Bullitts until they are almost all sold off. It would be stupid marketing to do otherwise. Ford really has been brilliant in their marketing of the Mustang the past decade and it shows in sales. My guess is that it will probably be another 2 months before you start seeing significantly more news about the 2020 GT500. You may see a spy shot here or there but the real marketing won’t start until they have sold about 75 to 80% of the Bullitt Edition.
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    Gotta be a US thing huh?...………….
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    Yup, that about sums it up! I once had a doctor tell me to cut down on my beer drinking.... my new doctor and I talk about where to get a good IPA during my visits. Have I made some poor choices in my life... yes! Will I make more ... yes! Do I dwell on it... no!
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    Yep I bought her. Should arrive this week. Pictures when I get her. Edit....Wow it came in the mail today ....no really. Ebay purchase from last week. Wrong year though. Last picture of her being loaded up today. The real one comes later in the week lol ? got her Tuesday pm
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    Add on another 13,000 or so for the rest of the world and you’re killing it.
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    At the end of the day what does it matter as long as both are still around and doing well....I bow down to all nice cars I see especially the Big American 3 but I do have all the respect in the world for the Euro cars also...bring em all on!!!.....Sorry for the babble lingo but I'm sure you get my drift.....
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    Yup!!...someone is needen some Ninjin and Judy choppin along with some ear rubbin…………
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    Hey Goose like BB said no barley pops for me just get me a cow!!.............Oh and that ain't me holding that lobster but it was caught in Nova Scotia Inflatables??...well dur not lobsters!!!!..........
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    Parents today don't know how the parent and that is a problem...My two boys were my best friends but there's a fine line with that and you gotta use common sense...again another problem these days is common sense.
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    The car that started the whole Shelby train a rollin’ for me! Ordered it Jan 2007, delivered April 2007. I joined what was Stangs Unleashed at the time, in May 2006 to learn more about the upcoming GT500’s and soon after Team Shelby acquired the site and turned into what we have now. If not for this very car.....I would not be talking to you guys today!!
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