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  1. Wishing all of my "extended" Team Shelby Family and healthy and prosperous New Year! ...and Thank You Keith for the Christmas card. Tell Pitch she has beautiful cursive handwriting! Warm regards, QC, Quesea, Rob, or "Hey You!" whichever you prefer...
  2. Odd thing happened on my way to renew my membership - It won't let me. However, it lets me log on! I take it that the powers to be, still haven't fired Rich Sparkman yet... "IT" weenies are such losers.
  3. Now Chris, you need to tell the WHOLE story (at least the one you told me) for the reason you aren't on Facebook! I like your choice of adjective in your description of how we feel about the Richard Sparkman Fiasco... ...and the double-talk post spewed by Tim Stieve (insisting on renewing the $50 membership, and then saying to expect nothing in return from SAI) However, moving to the Private (by invitation only) and CLOSED to the Public "Group" on Facebook allows for simplified access on Smart Phones (and PCs) that TS will never achieve. I like being able say whatever I want to (including F-Bombing Sparkman and Stieve and "trash talking" Bullet Boy behind his back with total impunity! Further, I can take my NTT with me where ever I go, plus I see people here that you don't (Steve-O, Scoobs, Dan-O, Ken Strong, Sean Cook, Wicked, Wayne, and Gator to name a few...). I miss you guys too. Chris, Keith, Jim, Mikey, even Leafstreak. However, in a democracy, the majority wins. Just know that I have not locked the door closed on TS's NTT, but I know you have all been invited to join us on Facebook and your decision speaks volumes...
  4. Good Morning Gentlemen, you too Mr. Perv! TGIMFF!!! I'm still connected via email to my home here on NTT - So anytime you Mooks post something, I get to see it. A couple of things straight-up! I do not feel "unwanted" and I do miss you too Keith, believe me!!! I have been enjoying our second Home on social media - There I have chatted with people that you don't see here anymore like Dan-O, Gator, Steve-O, and Scoobs, Sean Cook, plus I see Gabe, Jim Hardie, Cobra Mike, Big Jim (Florida), Wicked. Wayne, there as well. Please understand Steve and I agreed that we needed a Safe Haven BEFORE NTT's Lease expired with TS on October First. Thinking back - I still believe it is the smart thing to do to preserve OUR Community, and apparently I'm far from being alone on that concept. I would like to acknowledge Tracy L. Smith for recognizing the NTT as part of the Carroll Shelby Community, I truly believe the old man would be proud of us! Where else would you find a group of friends collecting funds to bring joy to NTT members suffering from severe (potentially terminal) medical issues? I know I will never forget the financial support I received when asking the NTT for donations to the Susan G. Komen "Race for the Cure" a couple of years ago when seeking sponsorship. The NTT enjoyed "flying under the radar" here on the TS website for many years, until all hell broke loose last week. I really hate to have to boast about our good deeds and camaraderie to show Admin we deserve some consideration..., that has never been our style. I would also like to acknowledge Richard Sparkman, who is a one man IT Department for SAI, Shelby Licensing, and the CSF. My hat is off to him..., I cannot image how he gets the job done! Further, "Rich S." was only following orders to re-align Team Shelby to put the Non-Automotive Section under "lock down." The situation with Chris (CMC) violating "probation" for trying to create a "club within a club," then hanging out on the NTT drew unwanted negative attention to our thread. Lastly, I would like to acknowledge Tim Stieve and his Associate State Directors from Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois for their support and input to help inform "Admin Members" that the NTT is worthy of being part of the Carroll Shelby Community. In closing, all of you in the NTT Neighborhood know how I feel about you and the Great Man the brought us together through the creation of some seriously awesome cars. Tracey said the the Admin will "Tap the Brakes" to see how the NTT fits into Carroll Shelby's concept of Community. I strongly believe it does, perhaps more so than many know... I will be taking a break from this site for a few weeks - I'm still feeling the "sting" of discord. I truly loath confrontation and feeling the loss of a few long time friends and members here, who said they have "had enough." Best wishes to Tracey and Rich on the "roll-out" of the new website design. I hope it links to social media with ease, as many of our NTT Brothers that have stopped visiting TS because they need to be in front of a computer to do so. So I have prattled on too long (no surprise there), but It is important to me to let you know where my head is... I'll see you "down the road" soon. -Rob Smith (aka Quadcam)
  5. Hold on, Chris! No one is making you out to be the scape goat for moving the NTT - Rich S. is saying your actions prompted a review of many other threads, and whatever happened to the shout box (which I never read). This guy went-off on a Witch Hunt - Acting like he was being taken advantage of...or Whatever tripped his trigger. This OVER THE TOP reaction has created the largest uproar in nearly a decade. Yeah, you screwed-up, and seemingly violated your terms of probation by bring back cars spelled backward - Dude, what the F were you thinking? Regardless Rich S. has clearly over reacted in epic proportions - and Needs To Calm Down! Yes Rich - I'm addressing you!
  6. The Death Toll rises... There is no finer person than ilmor - truly sad SAI - way to go... I already miss you Bob! Please PM me your email addr
  7. We can be controversial - maybe ever a bit off color at times with our humor - However, we are respectful to everyone who treats us the same and we welcome all wholeheartedly. This "witch hunt" is unnecessary and unfounded, and flies in the face of the years of Dedication and Support given by the members gathered, paid or unpaid! I personally cannot compare to the purchases made by my Brother, Micheal Bruno, but I have a boat load of SPPs, attended Events in Las Vegas, Dearborn and Carlisle, and have volunteered as a spokesman for SAI at NYIAS in New York and at NAIAS in Detroit multiple times (and have the whites shirts to prove it). What I have seen here in the past few days is nothing but, Bump You! What have you done for us lately? Shameful!
  8. Yes, it locked-up on me twice this afternoon... I mentioned Skype for a reason - streamlined execution... ...and it doesn't remember posts forever (maybe a month to 6 weeks) Yet you guys act like I'm speaking Klingon? I must the youngest minded "old person" out here?
  9. " We want those hundreds of thousands of anonymous viewers to actually find the relevant information they're seeking when they come here, as silly and illogical as that sounds to a few of you." * "Except for the one person who has been causing a disturbance on TS for the last month or two the NTT thread results in more reported thread complaints than any other area on TS. Why should SAI spend additional resources on people who do not contribute to the Shelby community but instead disrupt this site." ** Quotes from the Shelby admins today!... * Seriously? Are you saying that a potential Shelby Member cannot Navigate this website correctly? A person that cannot tell the difference between the relevance of the NON-Automotive versus the Automotive sections? Is that the customer you are courting? ** Listen to Yourselves! One person causing disturbances..., Admit it, SAI handled this in a confrontational manner! You don't know Chris or this would have never escalated to this point. Cyber Bullying at its finest Rich S. - Way to go! "...the NTT thread results in more reported thread complaints than any other area on TS. " NO Surprise there! At an unprecedented 1.3 MILLION Views No other thread on site comes close! Should you project the number of complaints over 1.3 million views, the complaints become statistically insignificant! Did ever occur to any of you that no one is "disrupting" this site? People come to visit the NTT by choice! How does that define a disruption? ...and just for a fleeting moment, (without agreeing one iota) with you ludicrous assertions, has it occurred to anyone that "Bad Press is better than No Press At All?" You just cannot come to admit that the NTT is the BEST this that has ever come to this milquetoast website! Your Welcome!
  10. Same thing here in the Great Lakes Region, Steve. Tim Stieve and Rich Michiels have tried to create a Regional Shelby Event for the last three years (maybe longer) and like you, they got NOTHING is the way of Support from SAI. Talk about discouraging! Every event I have attended here as a Participant has been sponsored by another Mustang Club (e g: Chicago Vintage Mustang Club). Most have been very gracious enough to create a judging category for Shelbys thus allowing us to actively join-in... Guess where my Shelby Membership $$$ are going? If you guessed Las Vegas, You're wrong! Time for SAI to reload - They have already emptied a clip into one foot - Time for the other
  11. Seriously, Rich? Punish everyone for actions of one? I gave you more credit than that - So now I'm the fool? You are holding all the cards - Do want you think you have to do...
  12. See post #300240 - Chris. We would love to have you join us... by invitation only - You know who to contact.
  13. No, Thank You, my Brother! We may never agree on everything and I cannot say you have never pissed-me-off, but I wouldn't change a thing! We are too much alike to not be "related!" We bonded the first time we met fact-to-face at Lime Rock Park (too) many years ago! That bond has never been stronger!
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