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  1. My wife and I were in the theater watching and she leaned over after the opening scene, and whispered into my ear, "we didn't get red why?..." (we had bought a black one)
  2. While I like the name Mach-E for the car....just leave it at that, and not hang the iconic Mustang name on it... Oh well, too late
  3. GREAT write up and pix! I still want ONE of EACH....lol
  4. And tequila at my table....
  5. Very cool Chris, I will be adding it to my collection. We met back in August 2013 in Dearborn when GT Joey and Nardo Chris had the Quicksilver car inducted into the AHOF
  6. Faaaaak, I am in short supply of both 🀣🀣🀣
  7. Another ADM thread....about as exciting as another oil thread...geesh
  8. Thats too bad its taking so long. I used brokers for 3 cross country hauls, and all without issue. My last transport was from Naples Florida to San Jose, and it only took them 4 days, (and they had multiple deliveries along the way, our car was last to be off loaded) Did your contract give a timeline? I'd get on the phone and start raising hell.
  9. Barf, that and the slime snot green (on the B2 and the GT500) are horrible (yea, just my opinion...) Dark Moss green (67) or Dark Highland Green (68) , now those are winners....
  10. I've driven that car, hence the enhanced value...😎😜
  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVe it Richard. Congrats!
  12. Welcome, The red stripe package was rare. Not sure if there is a build matrix out there with those numbers. I would concern myself with resale at this point. But to drive, and have FUN. Clutch (if original) did require some pressure, but not too bad. I've had two 08's with the same clutch and I had no issues driving them. If you like it, get it! Motor on!
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