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  1. Thats right boys and girls, it is that time of year again, Join us at Sonoma Raceway, August 3-4 Click on the link for info and registration https://www.motorsportreg.com/events/2019-mini-nats-sonoma-raceway-nor-cal-shelby-794939
  2. Looks like a decent driver. First item, it is NOT a CJ, that was the KR. This is a 428PI (Police Interceptor) I'd lose the rear louvers. Acapulco Blue is a real plus on these cars and a fan favorite. Contact bret@capecodmustang.com You'll need a little more history to get a hard number (ie: is driveline original etc)
  3. Thats AWESOME!!!! Congrats and welcome to the KR family
  4. Had another GREAT time. Yes good seeing you (albeit briefly, I seemed to be in a whirlwind the entire time). Huge thanx to all the staff and volunteers that make the BASH as great as it is. Motor on!
  5. Hi Dave, I believe we have three (four if you make it) as this time. See you in Santa Nella fueled up and ready to roll at 8
  6. While a few are heading over the hill the day before, and others are going to SoCal to join the "Dash to the Bash", there are a few of us that are leaving on Thursday morning. - Breakfast at Casa de Fruita Hollister at 7:00am - Depart CdF at 7:30 to Santa Nella - 15 minute stop at Andersons (big windmill) to rendevouz those going from points north - Depart Santa Nella at 8:15am - I-5 south, to 7th Standard (east) to Hwy 99 (south) to Hwy 58 (east) - Gas stop just east of Bako - Push to Barstow (approx 2 hrs) for a dine and dash (In-n-out, Tommy's etc) - north on Hwy to LV... Chime in if your on board
  7. Hammered at $60k, with buyer premium, buyer paid $66k https://www.barrett-jackson.com/Events/Event/Details/2008-FORD-SHELBY-GT500KR-40TH-ANNIVERSARY-EDITION-224325 Good cars bring good money. There is a reason why some cars go cheap.
  8. I will also be looking to meet up in Barstow with the LA contingent. As we get closer, I will start a thread for those that will go from NorCal (and points north) directly to LV (while meeting up Daves "Dash to the Bash" in Barstow)
  9. Dan, check back in about two weeks, they've got their hands full with the Barrett-Jackson event now. So I would expect to see something by the end of the month.
  10. That looks INCREDIBLE, congrats!
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