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  1. Sounds like most of the sound difference is due to replacement of the resonator with straight pipes and less to do with a different muffler. The Borla exhaust sounded more like a GT350R.
  2. Jeff, I'm pretty sure it's the "S197" chassis. And that's the thing I'd point out here is that the SGT and BOSS are both made from the same S197 chassis. The one main difference between both of those cars is the almighty Road Runner engine in the BOSS. Of course there are some brake and suspension differences too, but these can more easily upgraded to bring the SGT on par with the BOSS in those regards. To me, there's not enough difference between the SGT and the BOSS to justify having both. The new S550 chassis effortlessly blows both cars away. I was absolutely in love with my BOSS 302 LS track toy until I bought a 2015 Mustang GT with the performance package. It was a much better car altogether. It didn't have the engine, the Recaros or the looks of the BOSS, but it was more confidence inspiring, more sorted out and as much fun to drive. Everything that's been written about the the new GT350 falls short of reality and doesn't do the car complete justice. It is that good! And the GT350R is even better. After a thorough wringing out two weeks ago at VIR, I don't have a single idea about anything to upgrade on this car. It's perfect right out of the box. There are days that I miss my SGT; it was a great cruiser. And though it hasn't even been a year yet, I haven't missed my BOSS at all - not with the GT350R in the garage. Keep the SGT and get the GT350 (or what's next) if you can. My $0.02 anyway.
  3. Shelby GTE http://shelby.com/images/pdf/ShelbyGTE_Brochure1.pdf Actually looks pretty good.
  4. Last April, some Ford Performance Techs spoke to the crowd at a track event at VIR. They said the GT350 needed a stronger front hub than what is currently being used on the Mustang, so they grabbed the hub off of the Lincoln MKT Town car limousine - an AWD vehicle complete with splined front hub. Sorry to ruin anyone's conspiracy theory.
  5. I'm running the R7 on the track. I really like them. This isn't my experience. The R7 is the newer version and replacement to the R6. It is a better tire. When properly heat cycled, these tires will last.
  6. Congrats on taking delivery of your car. I hope the weather's cooperating for you you and you're able to enjoy it. Right now, the only way to get a back seat on the GT350R is to order it aftermarket from Ford Performance. The Electronics Package will add radio and air, but no back seat.
  7. I use them - good product. I noticed a considerable reduction in fade. I recommend them.
  8. Another "vote" for Ford Motorcraft. It is cheaper and works just as well as any aftermarket stuff. I use it every season in my BOSS 302 track car.
  9. 250 a year for $400K a car made over multiple years! WHOA!!! I bet Ford still sells everyone of them. Although that kind of annual capacity for the production facility sounds about right.
  10. The BOSS 302 Laguna Seca was NOT built to order. Ford intended to build a finite number of those cars. I haven't heard the same with the GT350R, but Ford has stated it will be limited.
  11. I guess I haven't been reading these posts close enough. I thought we were getting a gift card and a voucher for the t-shirt like in years past. I didn't know it was one and the same until mine arrived yesterday. I do appreciate everyone's efforts for putting these together, but I don't think this will be remembered as one of the better packages.
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