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  1. Whine is less than stock blower but can still hear it pretty good!
  2. Sport lines are low just be warned, I would only do them with tokico d specs shock and struts.
  3. I run 6 loose up front and 4-5 loose out back, drives nice on street this way.
  4. Ccw 18x11 in rear and 18x9.5 fronts, eibach sport line springs.
  5. I have seen some do it, you may have to massage bump stop bracket. I am actually wanting to do same tire but I run eibach sport line springs so it may rub outside fender due to being 28 inch tire height.
  6. Really sounds like a driveshaft issue, I would get it checked out. Maybe have the balance checked and u-joints checked. Or it could be the pinion nut is loose also, since they just installed gears. Don't believe that crap of them saying you messed something up since you got on it, if they set it up right it won't matter especially since you where easy on it for first 500 miles.
  7. Just can't see the gears causing a bad vibration unless really setup wrong. If the gears setup right from the start, they should be good to go, never understood this break in period. Back to your vibration, I would almost bet you got a driveshaft angle problem, one piece driveshaft?
  8. I like them on there, especially if I am going somewhere and light comes on, maybe I ran over a nail or something and can catch it early before it goes really flat.
  9. Don't go there! lol The kr hood use to be like 19000 or something crazy like that, do some kr hood searching here and you will find out why!
  10. I swapped stock blower/2.6 to a tvs/2.6 and off road x-pipe and gained 100 rwhp and at least 80-100rwtq, I have room to grow also with t/b, plenum, overdrive crank pulley and long tubes. I was gonna keep the stock blower but found a deal I couldn't pass up on a used tvs, only reason I really switched. I was perfectly happy with stocker blower, I do miss the loud whine up a stock blower, but the kick in the pants the tvs gives you is well worth it!
  11. I get 13-15psi depending on weather with 2.6 pulley. I wouldn't worry about it, take it to the track or dyno and see what it does.
  12. I would say with those mods anywhere between 630 to 660 depending on conditions.
  13. Pretty awesome condering its a automatic 5.0, congrats!
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