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  1. Some might call that irresponsible or immature... I’d call it living the dream. Enjoy!
  2. Looks like you’ve found yourself a really nice ‘07. Nice!
  3. Hi, AtillioGT, first off, congrats on the new purchase and welcome to the forum. The Airbag bulge is common I assume. I purchased my ‘07 new and although not as pronounced, it has the same bulge. As to the passenger door handle, I plead ignorance. I took my iPad to the garage and looked at the inside door handle as well as the outside and I can’t figure out what I’m looking at. I’m sure someone else will chime in but without another picture...I’m at a loss. Good luck and enjoy the Shelby.
  4. I think most stores carry it, at least in the south east, it’s just knowing where to look. Even when I ask an employee I usually just get a blank stare. Carroll who, what? It’s almost never stocked with canned chili, rather with dry mixes like taco seasoning. If you’re looking in WalMart it’s anyone’s guess where they hidden it this week!
  5. I’ve used his Chili Mix for probably 20 years as a basis for all kinds of chili. At first only ground beef but added variations such as a couple cans of HOT Rotel, diced jalapeños, black beans...you name it! It’s hard to mess it up. Try it with canned chicken. I first thought no but you’ll be surprised! From time to time, it’s hard to find. Food Lion likes to hide it!
  6. Oops, forgot about those. That's what happens when you get old. You forget things you know
  7. Thanks Steven, learn something every day. I didn't know there were any black '08's, coupe or convertible. Nice.
  8. Hi Bishop, as everyone has said, a lot depends on location etc. I'm with Nationwide and currently pay $854.00 per year with a multi car discount. A couple months ago I inquired about reduced rates since I don't put many miles on the Shelby. I signed up for their Smart Drive discount. They put a monitor on your car ( actually you plug it into the diagnostic plug) for 90 days. It monitors your mileage, night driving minutes (midnight to 5am) idling time and sudden acceleration and braking (I know!). Anyway, it's good for up to a 40% discount. If you're like me and don't drive much in the winter months, sign up in December and in March your good for a year. I'll let you know in about 55 more days how it worked out. The plus is you may get a great discount and they CAN'T raise your rates due to Smart Drive results.
  9. Sometimes, pull it out of the garage, park it in front of the front porch, something cool to drink and camp out in the rocker for the afternoon. Surprising how often a neighbor comes by and admires the view for a while. Yes, thank you Carroll. Good times.
  10. Welcome to the group Alexander, from another "old kid". Vietnam vet myself and a live long motorcyclist. Great to see you're enjoying some serious road trips in the Shelby. Seemingly the opposite of you, my last truly cross country trip was 2007 from Charlotte NC to Banff via West Bend Wisconsin taking in the Canadian Rockies, Glacier NP etc and back to Carolina on my BMW 1200GS. Upon arriving home I purchased my Shelby and my interest changed somewhat to cruise ins, car shows etc and less bike trips. Although the site may not be as active as in it's prime, a lot of the original owners are still here with a wealth of information. Enjoy your Shelby as well as the forum.
  11. Agree completely, not worth the risk. I changed out my original tires last year although probably half the tread remained, no visible rot or cracking. Still, I was past due. Most people advise 6 to 8 years max. I've debated on the hoses and belt though. They look in great shape and how would you know you're not replacing them with 10 year old ones off the shelf? Thoughts?
  12. Ten years later and it's still a stunning looking car. Looking at that picture I think I know what your feelings were as it was being unloaded. Thanks for sharing Jeff.
  13. Although I don't post much anymore, I do check in almost daily to see what's going on. Really missed the sight the last few days. Glad it's back up and hope everyone had a great Christmas.
  14. 1956 Ford Crown Victoria 1967 Fiat 850 Sport (totaled) 1967 Fiat 850 Sport 1970 Chevelle SS 396 1970 Opal Rallye 1974 Toyota Celica GT 5 1977 Toyota Celica GT 5 1978 Toyota Hilux 1980 Toyota Hilux 1982 Toyota Hilux 1984 Toyota 4x4 1986 Honda Civic Si 1988 Mustang GT 1990 Mustang GT Convertable 1992 Taurus SHO 1994 Toyota 4 Runner 1997 Toyota 4 Runner 2001 Toyota Tundra 4x4 2007 Shelby GT (currently own) 2012 Fiat Abarth 2015 Subaru XV FROM 1964 thru 2005 14 motorcycles beginning with a Honda 305 Super Hawk And ending with a 2005 BMW 1200 GS
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