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  1. That's a bummer mywicked. Hopefully we can catch up some other time this summer.
  2. There are hotels all over. I believe it's the Mariott in Pitt isn't bad. Also there is a Mariott in Cranberry that's really nice and not a bad drive down 79 into Pitt. Sorry my dates were off. Schenley Park is 20 and 21, and there are activities throughout the whole week from the 13th to the 21st. Except for Thursday and Friday, I plan on being there. We have over 160 mustangs signed up, as of today. That's better than the Porsches at this time. It's keeps looking better and better like an amazing show!! If you plan on coming, post what type of car you are bringing. We are hoping to have mustangs and specialties of all years representing. I'll be there with my 40th GT500.
  3. Awesome stories guys!! This is a great group to be part of!! Thanks for the numbers Roger and Steve.
  4. Ilmor, it's this summer buddy! You should try to make it. It will be a good show. I was there 2 year ago when Shelby was the car of the year, and it was pretty amazing even with the chance of rain. Lots of rare Shelby's from all over the country. Hope to see you there, MyWickedShelby! Def. stop by!
  5. Just and FYI, this year at the PVGP the mustang will be the marquee car and we are hoping to have a great presence there. This years dates are July 20 and 23 at Schenly Park. It's always a great show with cars from all over the country and it would be pretty awesome to beat the Porsche numbers!! I believe they have around 500 Porsche's.
  6. Congrats!! Nice color too! Does it have the all black interior or red inserts? Welcome!! Us Tungsten grey crew are a small group, and need to stick together. :-) http://www.svtregistry.com/shelby/GT500/2007/coupe/360584/index.html
  7. They had tungsten silver as an option. I really love the combo. I will be trying to hunt down a SGT-C in the near future.
  8. Mine does it also. I always just figured it was supposed to, just like how all you lights come on, on the dash.
  9. Mine does it also. I always just figured it was supposed to, just like how all you lights come on, on the dash.
  10. The Contract was renewed back in June. Right after the Shelby shake up.
  11. It's looking real good Loco. Quick question? What is the oil catch can for? Obviously to catch the oil, but from keeping it going where?
  12. I have a set of original tires with about 700 lite miles on them, that I'm looking to get rid of. PM me if your interested.
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