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  1. Is there other power upgrades available other then a CAI and the 35x12.5x20 wheels and tires. Larger turbo, tune/ tuners etc.?
  2. Just a thought, when you had your car retuned, do they by chance use a different type fuel, or fuel mix that maybe they retuned your car to run on their fuel? Now that your in a different location running a different blend of fuel may be the middle eastern tune is not set for the fuel your now using. Just a thought?
  3. Each pump has a control module in the trunk one on each side next to the bottom of each tail light. Also there is a fuse in the engine compartment it’s the smaller one on the shock tower, passenger side. Try the easiest repair first. Replace the fuel filter. Then, if that helps clean your fuel system. If that works I’d replace the fuel filter again just because. If it doesn’t work then use your tuner to up load the current tune into the tuner and down load the jlt tune. If that doesn’t work then you need to trouble shoot; fuel pumps or fuel module. Worse case, it could be both. If so it’s the perfect time to upgrade your pumps for future mods.
  4. Sounds like tuning. The tuning controls aggressiveness and can be adjusted at any given rpm to be more or less aggressive by adding or taking out timing etc. When driving around town your probably not going into boost. So yes, when not in boost the car drives like a normal car would, until you hammer it and boost kicks in. I bet if you drive at low speed and hammer it, it will get sideways rather quickly. question is do you like the docileness when driving around town in traffic, and enjoy the power when you want to romp on it? Sound normal but, If you think it’s not right or just want it changed talk to the person that tuned your car, your tuner can let you know if it’s possible to make adjustments and what adjustments can be make.
  5. Before you do anything go to a car audio shop and talk with them about what you want from your car system, and go from there. Lots of info here, but you are vague on what system you currently have in your car, hope this helps. Do you have a Shaker 500 or 1000 big difference? If you have the Shaker 500 adding a trunk sub woofer may be all you need to do. If you have a coup the Shelby sub is the perfect custom fit. Small foot print tucks in, out of the way without eating up trunk space and comes with the required wiring. (Convertible requires modification) Other wise; I scrapped my shaker 1000 system for a Kenwood-GPS-Sirius Stereo system with the Shelby trunk sub. (I'll make you a deal on the 1000 system complete with hardware and wiring) Replacing the Shaker 1000 dual 8 inch speaker box with the Shelby single 10 inch kicker speaker box clears up a lot of trunk space. And removes a lot of dead weight (that can be used as your new boat anchor). You remove the heavy sub the 5 stock amps the Sirius radio box in the rear right wheel well along with all that mounting hardware and wiring that come with these components. (a lot of weight and space) The Sirius trunk deck mounted antenna known as the "wart" then becomes obsolete so you can have a body and paint shop remove repaint and re-strip the trunk hood for a cleaner look. (picture a beautiful lady with a wart on her nose, then remove the wart) IF; You install a new stereo-GPS-Sirius unit (the stock Sirius radio box is not compatible with after market equip unless you want to spend more money to make it work then it cost to replace it) The new stereo, amp and sub requires reversing the wires on the remaining four cab speakers in your front doors and rear seat panels. Sounds like a lot, but any good car audio shop can do. If you have a convertible you will need to cut and re-fiberglass the Shelby sub box to make it fit. That's simple- worth it - and easy once you get the sub you will see what need be done to make it fit. Now come the kicker. In 07 to 09 Ford went cheep and used a weak alternator. Adding any new electronics even a stereo-GPS unit require more amperage then the pathetic 105/110/ alternator ford used can handle. You may have charging issues and need to go with the Shelby high output alternator (I think it's 180 or 200 amps) or the nations 270amp alternator, both are good, I have the nations 270 alternator, if your car is a 2010 and up the alternators can handle the change. The stock system has its advantages, the way it is wired allows for better control over the speakers one advantage is the stereo's ability to get louder as the engine noise gets louder another is that; with a dedicated amp for each channel you get better control over each set of speaker zones. Not sure about the 500, but the shaker 1000 convertible has the custom (It's been a while I think these are the correct settings) convertible, coup, front and rear driving mode settings. An after market system has its advantages as well, you can get more power (amps), built in GPS & Sirius receiver for better built in integration-control and a better quality sound system and some newer features that were not available when your car was built. (ford used the 50-70 dollar ad on Sirius receiver requiring about 10 to 15lbs of extra wiring to and from the receiver along with extra mounting hardware about) As for the shaker 1000 stock sub, its a match to the system you have. If you are going to up grade, then upgrade the stereo, amps and sub. I upgraded my sub and found it didn't do much good sound wise. Because of the stock wiring I lost the Convertible, Coup Front and Rear driving mode settings. I wasn't happy and ended up upgrading the stereo and amps. It’s an all or nothing, the door and rear seat speakers are optional they work well with a new unit or you can replace them. The question is how much time you are going to spend in your car. I don't live in my car but my old worn ears are NOW happy every time we take my car for a spin. My wife is also happy because I don't have to crank the sound up so loud if hurts her ears. (happy wife happy trip) Example of stock vs upgrade - with my old ears. Stock I had to crank up the volume and could not hear my wife take. So when we wanted to talk we had to turn the volume down talk then turn it back up - Stupid-Senseless and not enjoyable. With the new Kenwood-GPS-Sirius Stereo system new multi channel amp and smaller lighter sub woofer, keeping the front door and rear panel stock speakers I get a better clarity and do not have to crank up the volume, we can here each other talk. Replacing the front and rear cab speakers would make a differences, but what I have works for me, it is the clarity of sound that makes the difference for my ears, also by removing the distortion my ears picked up on, I no longer get head aches from driving my car with the stereo on. Let me add a bit of perspective. I have a quality 19 speaker two amp stereo system in my home, and wanted a good sound in my car. Because my car is loud and the stock system didn't have the oomph and quality of sound my ears needed unless I cranked up the volume. Then my ears picked up on the distortion which gave me a head ache, made it too loud for my wife and to loud to talk. My ears are old and required a very clear distortion free system. The stock front and rear cab speakers work for me, other may disagree its all ear preference. After getting expert advice from every body and their brothers I was confused, so I took my car to a trusted car audio shop before I did anything. Doing so will get you what you want from the get-go with no wasted time energy or money.
  6. For you GT-500 use the Ford Racing Oil Filter. Not the standard Ford oil Filter. As far as oil that is subjective everybody and their brother sister mother father, uncle aunts cousins 2nd 3rd 4th & 5th cousins has their own expert opinion as to what oil is the best. the only thing 90 to 95 percent of these people agree on is that you should stick with the recommended grade and weight oil. I use Red Line with good results I run C16 Fuel, 91 Fuel, Methanol, and Additives my oil always comes out good. Never had any motocraft if only lasted me 1,000 t0 1,500 miles at best. The thing to remember about oil is every engine even like engines are operated under a variety of different conditions, so what works in say one stock 5.4L engine may not work as well in another stock 5.4L. There are other oil of choice Castro oil is used by many as well. There is nothing wrong with Mobil 1 as long as it is the correct weight and grade. Amsoil is also a good oil providing they have the proper weight and grade for your car. You might want to check the other fluids in the car, make sure your tranny fluid, brake and power steering fluids make sure they are still good no moisture, not cloudy still clear, no smell, no particles or congealing. Use only the recommended Ford radiator fluid in your system and if you are mix it your self use store bought distilled water especially in your charger per-cooler. Check your battery its six years old and may be on its way out, make sure it is fully charged then run a load test, this is the easiest way to determine if it is good. Check your tires for cracking. If you fell a thumping when you first take off that goes away after the tires have warmed up you may have flat spots, especially if it has been sitting for awhile with out being moved. Sounds like a lot but its all easy to check and shouldn't take long. Ford filter are for you diesel are good filters, nothing wrong with them I use them as well as their fuel filters. At times when I could not get the ford filters I used the Phram filters in my diesel and have not had any problems. But I always change oil and filters on a regular mileage driven time frame.
  7. I say, its not the amount of, or price of gas that counts, its weather or not the car puts a smile on your face when you drive it. If it does, its well worth it.
  8. 130 mile max. From fill up to bone dry driving at highway speed.
  9. Long tube headers will not pass killifornia smog test, Not sure about other states, make sure you can run them or you may end up with a headache and a hole in your pocket book come smog time. Option would be CAI upper pulley and either cat back or short tube headers. You will need a Programmer with a custom tune to accommodate your changes so you computer can properly utilize the mods or your wasting money, most folks use SCT. Evolution Performance- 1-610-485-3596, Lethal Performance - 1-877-253-8425, Shelby Automotive Parts - 1-702-405-3500. Call each of these shops and tell them what you have, what you would like and the type of driving/ racing you will be doing. They will then be able to make a recommendation that suits your needs. At that point its how you feel comfortable with or who has the better package/ pricing: They are all good Evolution Performance did right by me, no complaints. I have Shelby & Evolution Performance parts on my car. No problems. I've heard good things about Lethal Performance and Shelby. Lots of folk use them, and each one will have someone that feels jilted by them, because you can't please everyone all the time.
  10. Calling is the best way to contact them. Everything Stevenh said +1 They not only work on cars they track their cars as well, so they don't just do work basted on what some other shop did that got magazine coverage; they work out of knowledge based on first hand experiencing.
  11. Depends are where you are in NorCa. Try AED Drew Wallace- Performance Parts / Installs - (916) 275-8212 would do the install Shaun Perry (916) 715-7569 would do the tuning he is one of the best. AED (Advanced Engine Development) 1-916-715-7569 4325 Product Drive Shingle Springs, CA 95682 A lot of guys from all over NorCa go to AED they are that good.
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