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  1. You could buy a new one 2 years ago for 30k.It's an automatic which limits the market and if a dealer has it you can bet a private individual lost it to around 17k. It is MY favorite color and the miles are definately proper.Hopefully someone chews it to about 20k and drives it home.
  2. Please adopt me.How bout that Vette.I can drive that for ya'.
  3. A naturally aspirated V8 that will make music to 8500 rpm would be SWEEET! Nothing like the sound of an old 289 on the high end of the tach but I'm sure that technology can give something close.
  4. For those of us that can remember the first time we got to see the Mustang,Challenger,Charger and Camaro rivalry on the streets it is a sad day. For the families of the auto workers it is a sad day also.I fall under both even though my Father is now a retired GM skilled tradesman. Not too sure most others really care.In fact it seems so many others are biased towards foreign vehicles and are somewhat pleased not realizing the real impact. Life goes on.
  5. What a shame.What to eat now(See sig pic)?
  6. It removed 90 percent of the Obama for president stickers from the road.
  7. Very sorry to read this news.Strength goes out to you and all of your family.
  8. Agreed with damn near all of this!Lawn Darts were called Jarts when i was a kid in the 70's.How much fun was it to hurl a heavr pointed object in the air and yell"Look Out!"HAHA!My 15 year old thinks it's great to ride in a FINISHED car or on my old ass dirt bike when it is running right.As far as fixing either of them,Oh well. How about when a time out equaled you knocked out on the floor by your Father for smart assing your Mother?Time out.I gotcher time out right here
  9. They are cool cars for sure!The hottest on the road?When I was younger and driving old MOPAR products they were known for electrical fires so I guess that might qualify them
  10. I trail ride a 1976 Honda CR250M Elsinore.Anybody remember those?
  11. I grew up in Buffalo NY which is just across the peace bridge from Canada.The weather is not too bad.Summer is at least a couple of months long.Count me in on how the hell do I get in.I imagine it isn't nearly as easy as it is to cruise into the US.............................
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