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  1. Hank's car also has the distinction of being one of only two cars in that color. The color isn't a color that was offeredy by AC, and it's not the color either car was ordered in. Both cars were supposed to be Princess Blue, but apparently the paint got contaminated with another color and two cars were shot in that unusual aqua color. Hank is a very cool guy if you ever get the chance to meet him.
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    This sure isn't CSX4774, the buyer better beware. http://www.mecum.com/auctions/lot_detail.cfm?LOT_ID=FL0112-121640&entryRow=23&GROUP_ID=10084
  3. Granted, it's not exactly the Terlingua landscape, but not too awful far away http://player.vimeo.com/video/221320...0&byline=0&por
  4. I'd love to have it but a medium might fit my right leg.....
  5. She can keep her Italian trash, these things have WAY more personality than some Ferrari or a tractor-in-disguise. Somehow I doubt that in 1999 even the Italian supercars (which the Series 1 was really designed to compete with) had Alcantar leather. And yes, they are a pain to work on, but I still replaced the clutch with a seriously bulletproof dual disc from a GT500 and paid a mechanic to do it for less than half the price of a simple tune-up on a Ferrari. I am NOT looking forward to replacing the two belts though, and it should probably be done before too long as they're getting old. Like the clutch, the first time is the learning process, after that it's much easier as you know what to do.
  6. So surfing eBay tonight for a Laguna Seca I find the one I looked at in New Braunfels (with a BIN of $20k over sticker), and I see this "GT350" is also listed. They didn't list it as a GT350, just as a standard GT Premium, but the pictures will allow you to see the condition of this pile. They've lowered the price to only $22,495, and it's still overpriced at that. eBay Mustang
  7. Overweight? At a hair over 2600 pounds you think it's overweight? Yeah, you need to ride in a supercharged one, 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, quarter mile in 11.3 (as done by "Lets have some damn fun" Gary Patterson in Vegas) and with the right tires will pull well over 1g. I've gotten mine sideways simply accelerating in 3rd gear, with 14" wide race tires. The performance is mindblowing. However, it is not comfortable, the stereo is next to useless, the A/C is the same way, it's a bitch to work on, and it is HOT because the heat from the hood vent comes right up the windshield, curls around and comes right back into the passenger compartment. To make that worse, the heat from the side vents comes in the windows. So, it's hot, you smell the exhaust all the time, it's loud, it's uncomfortable, it's scary-fast, and driving it is purely wonderful. Gee, it really is related to the Cobra! I really do dislike one thing: the constant "is that a Viper?" or "is it a 'Vette?" I get when people see it. Very few people have the slightest idea what it is, which is cool in itself.
  8. How on earth did they catch up to him??? He must have shut it down, and I imagine that running from the PoPo is a major disqualifier in Bullrun, especially since there are cameras all over your vehicle. Yeah, it's DH's like this that piss the police off towards all rallys and such.
  9. I think MB is Mercedes Benz. Also he's saying you can shop around and get some smoking deals on GT500's these days, and before too long the Boss 302 will be the same way.
  10. Are you insinuating that you doubt some other dealer offered them $15K over sticker for it? I know I am!!!! The Boss 302 and the Laguna Seca will be like the GT500, the dealers will try and fleece people on them, then when they can't sell them (and after paying months of interest on their floorplan) they'll take what they can get. This dealer has had that LS for months, the salesman told me they had it when he went to work there in April. Sadly, I was going to pay full sticker for it too. Oh well, by the time they get smart I'll have bought elsewhere. I forgot to mention that I was also told that "they don't make the GT350 anymore". I schooled this moron a wee bit. These dealers actually don't realize that some people come in totally prepared and better educated on their product than they are. I can't blame this one all on the idiot salesman though, because his bosses obviously fed this information to him. He obviously knows absolutely NOTHING about the cars he sells (he insisted that Ford makes an automatic GT500), the wrong person to try and BS an enthusiast. They obviously truly thought they had something special, $26K for a ragged out 2007 Mustang GT with phony GT350 badging? Someone's been smoking their lunch again.
  11. So yesterday I go to the Ford dealer in San Marcos to buy the new Boss 302 Laguna Seca they have on the showroom floor. After working a deal they spring a $20,000 dealer gouging in on top of the price, which I refused to pay and they refused to budge on ("we've had dealers offer us $15,000 over sticker") so I walked. Today they call me and say they have a GT350 that just came off the truck, better yet with no dealer markup. I was just down the street so I go by literally to buy it, I was going to take that car home. The salesman takes me way out back on a golf cart and pulls up behind a well worn looking Mustang, proudly announcing "here it is". I was looking around, trying to find the GT350, when I realize this POS in front of me has a GT350 emblem on the rear faux gas cap. It's a 2007 model, a plain jane GT with a GT500 hood and this GT350 emblem, lots of use and abuse, and for this "super rare limited edition GT350" they only wanted $26,000!!! Once again I walked, this time laughing even harder.
  12. CSX4350

    Series 1 Parts

    About 18 months ago I called to order some parts, Jason was never in and never returned my calls. I finally gave up.
  13. What do you expect, it was just about time for her coffee break....... I can go to the DMV, ask three different people the exact same question, and get four different answers.
  14. Well, if noone else wants it I guess I'll take it.....
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