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  1. Your car is a GT350, not a GTH. I will say the GT350 is an amazing car. The car in this thread is a GTH which is a SA built car with zero build issues that I know of, the GT350 is purely a Fomoco product. The rants here are for the advice SA suits gave the dealers when the dealers were ordering these cars. (We, Shelby American, do not want to make a cheap car they must to be ordered with the 401a package...blah....blah....blah...)These cars were supposed to be a “price point car” for the blue collar Shelby buyer. However SA did not want the large volume of a great priced Shelby GT so they tried and failed at the promotion and in the midst lost thousands of blue collar Shelby buyers, whom originally bought the 2007-08 Shelby GT. They f’d it up so badly it destroyed there Shelby GT buyer base. There is a reason why there will never be a Ford factory backed (pre titled) Shelby Mustang ever again.(Except by Ford themselves). Carroll would be rolling in his grave!
  2. Ah....that is a beautiful thing Chris. There a saying, no matter what you have there is no way to take what you have with you when your number is called. Enjoy the moment.
  3. Post up some pics, sounds striking. May I ask if it was ordered by you or prior to you buying it and did it come with the 401a package? No doubt beautiful cars.
  4. Instead of the all new GT500 5.2 hand built engine with GT500 only special body systems, the 2020 SA Supersnake is 100% built on a standard 5.0 mustang gt chassis and standard 5.0 engine with bolt on performance parts. The brand new GT500 from Ford looks to be 3 times the car for $30k less money. Disappointing. I don’t get the price either, yes it is collectible in 25-35 years. Of course that is my opinion so that and $1 will buy you a cup-of-coffee from McDonald’s.
  5. Update: 90-95% of all 2019 Shelby GT,s and GTH’s are still on dealers lots.....rusting, aging, sitting and costing tons of flooring $ or liquid cash. The funny part is they are still trying to get $75k+++ for them when the 2020 vette and 2020 gt500 are out and have lower msrp’s or soon to be same/lower prices and 3x’s the car. The dealerships think no one reads sales data on Google. Oh....don’t think for a moment SA wasn’t a participant here, they told them when they sat and didn’t sell “the GTH will be obsolete in 2020, so you’ll be able to sell them then as a collectors car”. The poor Shelby dealers are buried in over priced none selling stock coming up on 2 years old. Yes we all love the Shelby brand and we are 100% dedicated to it, but something has to change here. Ford is getting all the kudo’s with the all new GT500 5.2 hand built engine and the Shelby American GT500 sits on a Mustang GT chassis with the base 5.0 engine with bolt on performance parts. The sorry thing is my hopes will be dashed because the business model now days is about bottom line not about customer love for the brand.
  6. Beautiful car and from experience... I know it’s a fast beast.
  7. $90k+++. Seriously. If they would use the 300a or 301a, thats $66-67k. That’s doable, not $90k even with the $10k discount. Meh.
  8. No your 100% in touch. If you owned Shelby Inc. You’d say “why do a ton of volume when you can make the same amount of money that you can do with half the volume”. They have priced the Shelby blue collar buyer out of the picture, which was well over 70% of their sales The other issue is these dealers are making the SGT’s with 401a packages and all the track packs, which just puts these cars in a ridiculous price range.(by the way the track packages are only to be used with the staggered 19 inch wheels and tires which is totally obsoleted when you put the Shelby GT kit on it with 20” wheels and tires) If they would’ve just built them with 301a packages which gives you the big touchscreen the MSRP would’ve been around $68-69k with a dealer discount package and rebates would’ve brought you in around $66k instead of $85+k. Which means whoever buys those cars “will be buried with it” unless they keep it and pay it off or they’re going to take a $30k++ beating when they sell. Its just not worth it. of course my opinion and a dollar will buy you a cuppa coffee at McDonald’s.
  9. That car is bad to the bone. 100% beautiful, excellent Shelby work.
  10. You’re right this car was ordered with big ticket ford options that I will never use. I want a GT premium, and can get one for $35k ($41k MSRP) and its pretty well loaded with what I want. We’ll see what happens. I’m in the market for a new car since selling mine and want the new technology that is offered in today’s cars. I did find a killer supersnake used private party for under $50k but some medical issues have me looking at an automatic now. We’ll see what happens. Stay in touch.
  11. 2019 SGTH: I've tried for about 2 months to buy a 2019 GTH to no avail. These cars are marked up so it is ridiculously expensive and imo not worth it. They take a 401a package GT Mustang and put some half shafts and coolant tanks on it for $95k without a supercharger. I offered $68k ($38k for the GT Mustang and $30995 retail price for the GTH package and they acted like I was trying to steal it). I think it is a nice looking car but for that type of coin you are now into Porsche territory. It is obvious these cars are not for Shelby enthusiasts any longer.... it is just about the Benjamin's.
  12. Bill you are so right, the original dated 2007-08 interiors are no longer made. Any new interior upgrades have the incorrect snake and GT/SC lettering colors etc... That interior you have including the stripe matching & original 618 silver leather incl console cover, complete interior and 1/2 hide 618 silver leather for door panels will make your car new and exciting again. I am so glad you got it. Please post pictures when done.
  13. Dave, It was a pleasure dealing with you and I now know the awesome Paxton GTSC is in good hands. Yes it was a hard to make sale for me but since I never drove it, it was the right right decision.Again thank you and I know you'll love it. I already miss this incredible car. Take care and keep in touch. Dave
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