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  1. Ok if I could get one for $61k I’d be an owner. However that would never happen. The dealer in Seattle has a semi loaded GT Mustang with the GT-H package, with no SC, for the bargain price of $87k with a $2k discount. Seattle has a big time income base so they sell them, after a while. Shelby American is pure business and why make a SGT or GTH car when they sell 20-1 Supersnake Trucks and make more bottom line. It is what it is.
  2. Your car looks awesome. You will love the GTSC, IMO they are the best Shelby for the coin. I’ve had both Whipple and Paxton incredible cars. Have fun.
  3. The C8 is alluring for sure but until all the bugs and ADM’s are worked out I’m on the side line. I can’t wait to see a new C8 in person. Off topic: Yes the Paxton is going to go to a new owner. I just don’t drive it much any more so let someone else enjoy it. Both the Whipple and Paxton cars are great cars my vote goes to Paxton. After driving both, now know why Carroll Shelby wanted all the GTSC’s to be Paxton, just an extremely well-balanced car.
  4. Mr Steve, Can we get some pictures of the new Shelby GT and GT-H please. Thank you in advance.
  5. Beautiful GT-H. I really like these however they are too rich for me. But if iyou have the coin it is one of the nicest new cars on the block. Great car and thank you for sharing! The car must be ultra fast with the automatic. Hold on tight for sure.
  6. Wow....very nice ride. Enjoy tearing up the roads!
  7. That is just awesome. Great story...... love the SIXT GT-S!
  8. Beautiful new C8....IMO of course. The only thing that doesn’t look exotic on the 2020 Vette is the taillights. They just had to keep some GM protocol in this build. Also at $60k - - this is value even if the z51 package is a few thousand more.
  9. Forward an email to me and I’d be happy to forward pictures. Email: Rivsera@aol.com

  10. Again....along with the beautiful power adds/upgrades the car is absolutely stunning! The "low miles" on the car will make for a very strong show piece. Special car for sure. Congratulations! EDITED:
  11. I concur with that assessment. These hot rod rentals will be driven hard with little to no repercussions.(Unless it is written into agreements as abuse breakage). I just cant see how they could rent these cars for that type of money, $162.97 to $283.16 and make any profit so I think this is for brand recognition mostly. In either case I'm looking forward to renting one! 100 Days at $283.16=$28,316. (this is only approximately half of what the car retails for. So take 100 hours of thrashing on these hot rods, the car will possibly need major repiar and is not even half paid for. (It has to be a branding situation as no money will be made here). EDITED:
  12. Beautiful job, congrats.Love the chrome razors!
  13. The new SiXT rentals come with a supercharger and the Hertz cars did not. They are much more powerful cars than the Hertz cars out of the gate. Now I do know that there were some Hertz that were SC'd that were done by the executives, but not rental ready cars from what I know. Correct me if I am wrong here. However......the Hertz cars are much nicer in appearance than the new SiXT rentals. IMO of course.
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