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  1. Thanks Steve. I'm looking for the newest photos as I'm thinking about ordering one. Any chances SA can update a new photo collection of 2019 SGT's?
  2. Has anyone heard if any of these cars have been delivered yet? I have been in contact with a dealer who ordered several for December delivery, yet to receive none of them. Thank you.
  3. I agree, the Hertz car will not be done, unless a new vendor with the flexibility of Gary Disney comes on board I agree it’s not happening. I have a full boxed set of 618 and Black GTSC interior in my storage. I hope they find a new custom vendor but chances are they won’t.... it’s just not enough volume to support any business .
  4. Steve, can you do a graphite or kind lubricant as well?
  5. That was a good move. To do a SGT and then add an SC is expensive. Yes a true GT/SC is a rare and awesome car, but A GT500 is a great car in its own right. Good choice, power with saving money.
  6. Just an FYI. These Shelby authorized custom interiors like on my car done by Gary Disney & Hillbank auto accessories is done,. What I mean is he is retired as of 1/1/2019. These will no longer be made. You can still get Katskinz but not custom like these, just what Shelby orders. My interiors were all done in accordance & approval with SA. All the logo's, signatures etc had to be approved by SA to be installed. I appreciate Gary Disney for doing 3 interiors on my cars, it was a great company to work with. I also have to say they were and are incredible custom interiors all the way to the steering wheels. Expensive yes but a 1 off absolutely. Thanks Mr Disney for all your incredible work, you'll be missed.
  7. I think your for sure in the area. Your honesty is paramount and the buyer will know that. Try $31k and take it from there, sounds like a nice car. GLWS
  8. I have been in contact with a dealer waiting for the final custom front fascia parts on the coupes. I would like to think the convert’s are close to being built & delivered in early February. I really want to see a production car done.
  9. Hi Mike....Sorry that brochure didn't look right. They put water marks etc on them so they protect their product. Extremely cool information though and nice to have for us Paxton owners. So you've got that almost 100%. I say almost because in some cases, in the early cars like mine and others, the cars were sent to Shelby and never left there until the SC was done. The car was driven out side"per say" and turned around and driven right back in for the SC upgrade. That was enough to call it 'post title".
  10. This car was advertised with a dealer near KISKAT23's home and then sold to the dealer when he had no buyer at $65K. The dealer is still showing the car at $65k, and is still in that area of cost. He does have it on auction on Ebay but with a reserve.. GLWS.
  11. I have an original Shelby (SAI) GT/SC Paxton brochure that is 100% stock original to the brand, extremely beautiful piece of factory literature. It states 462/.419 HP TQ respectively. What is your email address ill send a picture of it to you if it'll help. These SC's were for the most part done at Shelby as a drive through rather than brought back to Shelby a short time later. So even though they were post titled per SAI they were as close to factory installed as one could get. But as Steve said, they were a SAI installed product not a Ford installed product.
  12. Your so argumentive why, do have something to argue about? I’ve been here for almost 12 years this is the way boards go.....discussion. I edited my words because I refuse to go down that avenue. You obviously have a bigger issue than the thread shows. Have a nice day.
  13. Texan.....your car was bad to the bone for sure. I believe 401’s with Whipple was a dragon of a beast. I also agree the 355’s are a good match with SC’d cars.
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