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  1. Again....along with the beautiful power adds/upgrades the car is absolutely stunning! The "low miles" on the car will make for a very strong show piece. Special car for sure. Congratulations! EDITED:
  2. I concur with that assessment. These hot rod rentals will be driven hard with little to no repercussions.(Unless it is written into agreements as abuse breakage). I just cant see how they could rent these cars for that type of money, $162.97 to $283.16 and make any profit so I think this is for brand recognition mostly. In either case I'm looking forward to renting one! 100 Days at $283.16=$28,316. (this is only approximately half of what the car retails for. So take 100 hours of thrashing on these hot rods, the car will possibly need major repiar and is not even half paid for. (It has to be a branding situation as no money will be made here). EDITED:
  3. Beautiful job, congrats.Love the chrome razors!
  4. The new SiXT rentals come with a supercharger and the Hertz cars did not. They are much more powerful cars than the Hertz cars out of the gate. Now I do know that there were some Hertz that were SC'd that were done by the executives, but not rental ready cars from what I know. Correct me if I am wrong here. However......the Hertz cars are much nicer in appearance than the new SiXT rentals. IMO of course.
  5. It is a great business move by them. To bring back a real high performance rental car is a real wake up call for Shelby history. I mean the late model Hertz cars were nice but they weren’t really a super hipo car, it just had the look. I actually can’t wait to rent one when they are available! Good PR move by SiXT, they’ll surely get a lot of attention through many outlets of journalism in the automobile world. EDITED:
  6. Lol....yes I agree. But hey...if you have the coin buy it! Why let someone else spend what you rightfully earned and then they (son, daughter, nephew etc...) inherited it. So you should buy it and then drive it like you stole it. I’ve seen very close people to me that tried to save it for a rainy day i.e.: take it with them....that just doesn't happen.
  7. Enjoy the magic of a true Shelby American GTSC.
  8. I'm wanting to buy an extra set of these, rotors only. If anyone has them let me know. Thanks again.
  9. Excellent memory! I have them on my Paxton car and was just wondering what they charged retail for them. Thanks Jason.
  10. Does anyone know the original price for the 1st Generation Big Brakes for the Shelby GT. They were branded Shelby GT Plus with an embossed Shelby on the rotor.
  11. Thanks Steve. I'm looking for the newest photos as I'm thinking about ordering one. Any chances SA can update a new photo collection of 2019 SGT's?
  12. Has anyone heard if any of these cars have been delivered yet? I have been in contact with a dealer who ordered several for December delivery, yet to receive none of them. Thank you.
  13. I agree, the Hertz car will not be done, unless a new vendor with the flexibility of Gary Disney comes on board I agree it’s not happening. I have a full boxed set of 618 and Black GTSC interior in my storage. I hope they find a new custom vendor but chances are they won’t.... it’s just not enough volume to support any business .
  14. Steve, can you do a graphite or kind lubricant as well?
  15. That was a good move. To do a SGT and then add an SC is expensive. Yes a true GT/SC is a rare and awesome car, but A GT500 is a great car in its own right. Good choice, power with saving money.
  16. Just an FYI. These Shelby authorized custom interiors like on my car done by Gary Disney & Hillbank auto accessories is done,. What I mean is he is retired as of 1/1/2019. These will no longer be made. You can still get Katskinz but not custom like these, just what Shelby orders. My interiors were all done in accordance & approval with SA. All the logo's, signatures etc had to be approved by SA to be installed. I appreciate Gary Disney for doing 3 interiors on my cars, it was a great company to work with. I also have to say they were and are incredible custom interiors all the way to the steering wheels. Expensive yes but a 1 off absolutely. Thanks Mr Disney for all your incredible work, you'll be missed.
  17. I think your for sure in the area. Your honesty is paramount and the buyer will know that. Try $31k and take it from there, sounds like a nice car. GLWS
  18. I have been in contact with a dealer waiting for the final custom front fascia parts on the coupes. I would like to think the convert’s are close to being built & delivered in early February. I really want to see a production car done.
  19. Hi Mike....Sorry that brochure didn't look right. They put water marks etc on them so they protect their product. Extremely cool information though and nice to have for us Paxton owners. So you've got that almost 100%. I say almost because in some cases, in the early cars like mine and others, the cars were sent to Shelby and never left there until the SC was done. The car was driven out side"per say" and turned around and driven right back in for the SC upgrade. That was enough to call it 'post title".
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