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    Yukon Jack, Bud Light chaser, strip clubs with class (not too much) fast cars, Rat Rods, Flathead V8's, 1911 Colts and Sigs, younger women and sometimes older women, my Pitbull Frtiz, and my lovely wife Angela.

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  1. What's the whole Shelby poker chips set with the aluminum box worth?
  2. The car is kool.....to each his own........but he's still a dork.
  3. Nope...........that's one of the things that sets these cars apart from the other mustangs.
  4. Just a little note to tell you guys that on 12/10/13 I renewed my membership and just realized that I never got my membership package with all the kool stuff in it. I e-mailed Tim and told him I never got it, that was on Monday of this week, on Friday I had my packet. That...... in my book is real good service.
  5. Never had an issue with the red top in my GT, although I remember the guy at the auto parts store saying it wouldn't fit, I measured the old battery and then the red top and they were pretty close so I went with it.
  6. Selling my Shelby GT signed by the man himself, e-bay # 181279683855.
  7. tory safety equipment AND ONLY YOUR FACTORY SAFETY EQUIPMENT on the street. That's probably one of those 69.00 ones you can buy on E-bay.
  8. He should have stayed with Ford!
  9. In 1988 I bought 1000 M16 30rd mags from Paragon Surplus Sales, I think I paid 3.25 per mag at that time. They were from Israel, used, and the funny thing was that when I got them there was 4 boxes, 2 of the 4 boxes were a lot heavier ???? turns out the mags inside were half filled with sand. I toted those mags around for years at gun shows and stuff, I think I had around 400 left in 96 when the first assault ban came on, sold the whole bunch in one weekend.
  10. If she gets a good enough lawyer maybe she'll finally win something.
  11. Quit drinking so much booze, no more snort'n coke, stop smoking so much pot, stop do'in the neighbors wife..............we'll start with that and see how that works out.
  12. This is the reason I quit watching hockey the last time.
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