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  1. Your first track weekend I can guarantee your Shelby will outperform you. So go out and have fun and then while driving home you can start thinking about all the above.
  2. I got a tool online 9 months ago and it loves to see the light of day and getting knocked around. The Ford one is dark grey and it loves being in the box. Jay...
  3. Those of you that have asked about the FREE OIL FILTER AND FILTER TOOL PROGRAM here is the latest. Today I rec a package from Ford customer satisfaction program, a box with a Motorcraft oil filter and a filter tool in it. The cool thing is that the tool has Shelby GT 350 on the top along with my vin #. You also get a new Mustang Supplement. So be patient yours should be coming. Jay
  4. Given what I've been told it might be a few days before it stops. ROW,ROW,ROW TOUR BOAT!! Good Luck Jay...
  5. Cynthia, You are going to come out of this smelling like a Rose. Drive it home like you stole it, with the windows down so the wind can blow your hair. Jay...
  6. Very good. Did they say anything about a new oil filter and filter tool???????? Jay...
  7. I want to thank Jim, Jimmy, Z-Man, Cali, and Steve for getting me off the fence. For me # 8 was the best for many reasons. { read my post , in the recall letter) Jim great talking to you, the next time we see each other is in your backyard at DAYTONA. Jay...
  8. Hollywood could not have scripted it any better. Saturday morning at the Spring Mountain track it was a crystal clear 60 degree day and I was walking to the drivers meeting for the second track day at the Shelby Bash. My phone rings and the Ford dealer is calling telling me parts are in and they want to schedule the fix. So today 2-14-17 I was sitting at the door to the shop area at 0650 for a 0700 opening. Doors open I pull in and Service advisor Pete Murrin who owns a GT 500 himself walks up telling how excited he was to shave their first GT 350 recall in for repairs. I told him I wanted to take pictures of the old lines after it was opened up and new lines and new lines installed before buttoning it up. I asked if the front wheels needed to come off and he said he didn't know and asked why. I told him I hadn't had time to clean anything from the Bash. He said if I tell Austin the mechanic doing the work to take them off they would come off. They took the wheels to the wash rack and I was able to clean and polish the two fronts while Austin did the repair. I walked back into the shop twice got all the picture I wanted and talked to Austin about doing extended studs on the spindles and how much work the rears would be. I also cleaned the belly pan and the splitter so they looked new when they went back on. Austin was in his mid 20's and every question I asked he was able to talk in depth with me about it. This repair is so easy it took longer to open it up than it did to replace hoses. You have a spring clip on one end and a nut on the other. The brace holding the two hoses together has a hole that I thought a bolt went thru but it turns out to be a PLASTIC clip that you remove with clip tool a bent screw driver with a V at the end. That can not be seen as it is on top of the frame, you just have to know where it is. Trust me any one of us could do this. I was out the door at 1030. If I can figure out how up load pix I will. If you jack up the right rear you can see the hose from the rear axle pump to the radiator. there is a clip at the radiator with a PLASTIC cover you can turn and see the spring clip. On the pump is a nut. I HOPE EVERYONE HAS IT AS EASY OR EASIER THAN I DID. IT WILL DRIVE YOU CRASY WHEN YOU SEE HOW EASY IT IS, Jay...
  9. Ok sports fans. How many of you are out there like myself that have one car and it is a GT 350 and you can't go to the BASH????? I missed # 7 because it was the second year to race inside the NASCAR track and I did that once and didn't need that again. Last year I didn't have a car. This year I have a car and can't drive it. Jay...
  10. IT IS OFFICIAL I got my recall letter today from Ford. The letter does not say that you cannot drive the car.
  11. DITTO GREAT INFO I have a track, (CY) comp orange, no strips or roof paint. I know of one other one out there and it would be nice to see how many were made. Jay...
  12. Talk about a rip-off, a stage 3 Roush for 70K. Comparing a GT to the Roush is like comparing a Roush to the 350 they aren't in the same ballpark.
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