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  1. I don't know where you got that info but my car vin 67400f7a01583 was shipped to Wolf motors nyc "Mahwah inventory" purchased 5-24-67. Alex
  2. It's got all the tags, it is a true shelby ang it is complete. The only things ut's missing are the carbs. I even have the air cleaner assembly. The original color is Lme gold green but some schmuck tried to make it look like a halloween car painting it orange and black. they did a crap job of it anyway. Inside the car I had found a couple of reciepts and parking tickets. nothing dating past 1971. I have a friend that ran the vin with motor vehicles and he doesn't think the car was regestered after that time. It's gonna cost over $100k to restore it the way I want it (perfect) and I will also need a place to keep it when it's done. So I am gonna wait a little longer. I just hope the prices don't jump up too much cause I know parts are getting harder and harder to find. Alex
  3. There is a guy on shelby forums. His website is thecoralsnake.com he deals only with 68 shelby's. he knows everything about them and may be able to help you sell it or he may want to buy is Alex OOPS, I didn't read the last post where you said it was a fake.....
  4. What you are thinking of is a ford vin. The Sheby vin that I gave in the correct vin. I can even break it down for you or you can google shelby vin numbers and see for yourself
  5. Ok I got the Vin... I lookled the car up so long ago I made a mistake on the color... It is lime green and gold, not white. The vin is 67400f7a01583. I have what looks like the registration from 1969. the last time it was registered... It is falling apart. I also thought we had at least a couple of original wheels. Maybe they were stolen? So I have no idea which ones it came with. Oh the car only has 13000 miles on it. There is no mistaking it. The interior has no wear and tear.
  6. can you please tell me what exactly regestering with the regestry will do for my car?? is it necessary to for the car to be authenticated?
  7. Oh the car has a 4 speed and and the wheels are not like the ones in the other post with 54000 miles... Also the lights are inboard.. I forget the serial # I will get the vin tomarrow when I go to work but I guess it's an early one.
  8. Lucky to get a set of original tires for that money LOL..
  9. Hello everyone. My family came across a 1967 gt500 about 20 years ago. The car was donated to church for a tax write off and was going to be scrapped because it looked like a piece of junk to the laymans eye. We were the owners of the scrap yard and quickly my father realized that it was no ordinary mustang. He put it in a building and forgot about it. When muscle cars started going through the roof and I was older I found out what it was. I found out that it was bought in Long Island and never left Brooklyn. It was only regestered once and sat since like 1973. I am sure the car has only 18,000 miles because of that and the wear and tear on the clutch pedel, steering wheel and shifter. The outside of the car is pretty mangled, It is in primer and all dented. But a close look at the car and one realizes what kind of gem it is. The car is complete save the carbs and air cleaner assembly. (stolen by our own workers years ago). Through the vin#, I found out that it was the puke green and white stripes. Anyway, after being offered tons of money for the car as is by a collector friend of my fathers, he wants to restore it. He wants it done by the top athority on these cars (whomever that may be) I must find out. He has heard that it may cost over $100k to do so. Can anyone put me in the right direction??? Some names and steps that I must go through to verify 100% that the car is what I know it is? Any help whould be great. I can get pics and whatever if anyone is interested in following up on the restoration. I also am interested in what the car that is completely restored by the best and documented is worth?... If it is worth doing like that, like a museum piece and not a driver. I know some people restore them very nicely but they are not worth as much.
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