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  1. The Annual I have says "Shelby 2007 Annual". I bought the magazine before my friend bought his 07 Shelby GT so I know it was on newstands here before the end of November. I guess we'll find out if the Annual says 2008 or 2009 on it. Thanks for all the info! I'm excited to see the next annual.
  2. Last year I saw the SHELBY annual on the news stand and purchased it. I thought this would be something published each year. Any idea if or when SHELBY plans to publish another magazine? I'm making the assumption that the SHELBY Annual was not the membership newsletter. Thanks for any information.
  3. Again, just awesome! I can't wait to get my hands on them. Now, where can we pre-order?!!
  4. Flat out AWESOME! I can't wait to see these hit the market.
  5. Thanks. All of that sounds fair to me. I'll be looking for the swap section.
  6. Well I guess this idea was a flop. Oh well. Since I started this thread, I've completed my set with exception of the white interior Eleanors. If there is someone out there that has a one or both of the white interior Eleanors that would like to trade for a combination of cash and extras, let me know. My list of extra's has grown to the point that I took down my list. Too many to list now. Happy collecting.
  7. I thought I would start a different thread since the original thread we discussed had nothing to do with swapping 1/64's with other members. This is going to require some trust on everyone's part and I feel confident that the people I've spoken with are representative of forum members overall. If you decide to do this and post here, please keep your list up to date. Needed: GT500 Eleanor - Yellow/Black stripes w/ White interior GT500 Eleanor - Silver/Black stripes w/ White interior
  8. Well, the 66 GT-H does come with both white and black interior. So I think in this case you have a packaging error. I've seen 3 or 4 different types of errors listed for sale on eBay. You can tell if it is a GT-H in the wrong package by looking very closely at the rocker panel stripes. If it is a GT-H, it will say GT350H. That is my guess. What I think was on eBay as a white striped 66 GT350H is probably either a black GT500 Eleanor or (and more likely) a black 68 GT500KR in the 66 GT350H packaging. One of my favorite goofs is a 2007 GT500 with Shelby GT wheels on the rear. Could almost think the car has slicks on the back.
  9. Ok. If you do happen to see or hear of another one existing, I'd love to know. I'm no expert on the matter, but I've been collecting these things for the last 5 weeks and am 1 short of having the set and 3 short of having all the white interiors. There is a guy on another site that has the set and took a photo of what he has. I believe everything in the picture is what has been released so far.
  10. Mark, I've not seen or heard of the 66 GT350H w/ White stripes. The one I have and all the photos I've seen of them (red GTH) come with Gold stripes and a white interior. Wayne
  11. I would be interested in a swap as well. I'm going to TRU tomorrow to see what they have. I did 6 Walgreen's in the area last week and none of them had any more. If I pass any tomorrow I'll check. I guess I better just start buying what is on the shelf. Here is what I have to trade: 1966 GTH Black w/ Gold stripes 1966 GT350 Blue w/ White stripes 2007 Red GT500 2007 White GT500 2007 Blue GT500 2008 Grabber Orange GT 2008 Vista Blue GT What I need: 85th birthday Silver GT500 I also need the Yellow and Silver Eleanor's with white interior.
  12. Excellent. I hope someone on the board might have photos? My guess is 1:18 scale and 1:64 colors will be the same.
  13. On the back of my 85th Birthday Shelby GT, they list that the 2008 Shelby GT 500KR, 2008 GT500 Super Snake, 2008 Shelby GT and 2008 Shelby GT Convertaible. Now, that doesn't mean for sure they are going to produce them, but that sure is a hint that it is in the works from a 1:64th scale perspective. I would love to see some photos of what they have in the works right now.
  14. The Shelby GT's do come with PBF badges. Bud, Any chance that you have some shots of the upcoming KR, SS, and GT Vert? Thanks, Wayne
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