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  1. There are those who do what they do because of their passion for the product, conversely, there are those who do what they do for the business acumen of the project; when you can combine the passion and a sound business acumen it can be a beautiful thing, both for the consumer and the manufacture. When Mr. Shelby and Mr. Tasca Sr. modified those first Bristol bodied Cobras they did it becuae of their passion for the cars and for racing, these men made their mark and changed history forever. After studying the history, I always got the impression that the money was not what drove Mr. Shelby in the late '50's through the '60's, it was the passion for the product , for racing and the desire to make the product the best it could be. This passion carried over to the Mustang GT350 project of the mid-1960's and rewrote the history books on what a factory race car was and what a OEM race car offering could be when turned over to individuals that had a passion for the product and the tallent to make it the best with what they had available at the time; this legacy carries on today with the FRPP factory turn-key race cars. In the winter of 2008 I had a Super Snake reservation waiting for me at SAI, I had come from the Stangs Unleashed forum and I was a paid Team Shelby member, I was also a devoted follower of SAI and I had bought the product and wanted to make it better. I had gotten to know Griggs Racing through Jeff (Sprint200) here on the Team Shelby forum, he was the first one here that installed Griggs suspension components on his GT500 and spoke very highly of them and their suspension products, so much so that I took a drive up to Griggs Racing at their Infineon Raceway shops and sat with Colin and John Griggs and talked Mustangs, specifically my GT500, with them for an afternoon. I left there knowing that their passion for the Mustang was second to none. I cancelled my Super Snake reservation and spent $55,000 with Griggs Racing making my GT500 the best track car it could be. I look at the new era GT350 and I say to myself, "Where's the passion?" I look at the new era GT350 and I say to myself, "Where's the history?" This is not my father's GT350, it is not the car that I was expecting it to be and I have to ask why? SAI knows what it takes to turn these cars into world class track cars, SAI looked over my GT500 at SEMA in 2008, they saw all the top-shelf Griggs parts and I even offered to let them test drive it afer the show at LVMS, but they never took me or Bruce Griggs up on the offer. Some at SAI may say this is because we had existing suppliers that we use and Griggs wasn't one of them, and some today say that Griggs is in bankruptcy and we deal with companies that are more sound then that; in November of 2008 Griggs Racing was not in bankruptcy, they had a bigger booth at SEMA that year then SAI did. Quite honestly, there is no other Mustang suspension manufacture that produces the products that Griggs does and unless you've driven one of these cars you haven't got a clue what the S197 Mustang's true potential is on the track. Amy, you and I have butted heads before, this post is not intended to rehash our past differences, but for you to say that SAI doesn't do business with Griggs Racing because they are in bankruptcy is absurd and if SAI had the passion to make the GT350 live up to it's lineage it would be ridding on full Griggs Racing suspension and it wouldn't have a supercharger on it... Just my .02 cents with no hard feelings, I truely hope it helps SAI sell more cars. Respectfully, Jay Johnson WP64
  2. Agreed, the stock K-member does not flex, it's hard point bolted to the frame, what does flex are the bushings on the front LCA and the spindle and strut assembly. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9hPRD5tY-ss
  3. Here's some more fuel. * Ford will introduce nine new or upgraded engines and six new transmissions in North America this year as part of a five-year effort to overhaul its entire global powertrain portfolio, which totals 60 new powertrains. * Ford’s all-new normally aspirated 2.0-liter direct injection engine will power the 2012 Focus in North America * Ford will bring state-of-the-art fuel-saving technology, including twin independent variable cam timing (Ti-VCT), direct injection, six-speed and dual clutch transmissions to its smallest and most affordable cars * Ford improved fleet-wide fuel economy and reduced CO2 emissions more than any other automaker in the last five years The nine engines are: * 1.6-liter Fiesta I-4; * 2.0-liter Focus DI I-4; * 2.0-liter EcoBoost I-4; * 3.5-liter F-150 EcoBoost V-6; * 3.7-liter Mustang V-6; * 5.0-liter Mustang V-8; * 5.4-liter Shelby GT 500 V-8; * 6.2-liter Super Duty (gas); * 6.7-liter Super Duty Power Stroke. The new transmissions are: * 6-speed automatic FWD; * 6-speed PowerShift Fiesta; * 6-speed PowerShift Focus; * 6-speed manual Mustang; * 6-speed automatic Mustang; * 6-speed automatic TorqShift Super Duty. - Why would they list the 5.4-liter Shelby GT 500 V-8 if it wasn't "new or upgraded"? - Here's the article FORD LAUNCHES UNPRECEDENTED NINE NEW ENGINES, SIX NEW TRANSMISSIONS IN NORTH AMERICA IN 2010
  4. That's funny I would suggest 22's and spinners to go wid it...
  5. I knew I'd go through them so I bought 2 of them in November of 2006, they were apx. $65 then; still have one of them NIB.
  6. "The 2010 Steeda Q550 Streetfighter Edition. Destined to reign supreme in the Pony Wars – this high performance muscle machine is part of our continuous evolution of Steeda Autosports building the best performing Mustangs available anywhere." :rolleyes: Who believes this crap? Probably the same guys that buy Roush's and Saleen's...
  7. I saw your car at Griggs today, Torch40. It looks great and it's almost done, all the suspension mods are done and Trent was finishing up the heat exchanger install, I'd guess that they'll have it buttoned-up by Friday. Bruce Griggs is such a wealth of knowledge, I sat with him for 30 minutes discussing racecraft, the last time I talked with him about track technique it helped me shave 3 seconds off my best lap time at Thunderhill
  8. Both look great, OP. I believe Carbign Craft is the division of APR that make these mirrors, I found these on eBay a few weeks ago when I was surfin' around Carbign Craft CF Mirrors on eBay
  9. I have been using the stock DS since the Griggs suspension was installed, I've got 574whp and the stock shaft has worked just fine for open track racing, but I'm going to be installing a Whipple 2.9 soon so over the weekend I ordered a DSS 2-piece DS (part # FDSH21-A) from Lightning Force Performance; they were running a 10% off special on Friday and Saturday and I picked it up for $944.95 shipped. BTW, I was told that DSS is having a price increase soon, so if you're on the fence over a DSS purchase you might want to lock it in soon.
  10. Well, it's a year old but I found it, here you go Collin at Griggs on 8.8 pinion bearing and 1-pc. ds vibration This was an interesting thread as well on 1-pc. driveshafts.
  11. This is why it has been a never ending debate, the 1-pc. ds works fine for some but creates vibration for others
  12. I had the vibration as well around 135-140mph with a Powerhouse 1-pc. 4" ds, I switched to a DSS 3.5" ds but still had the high speed vibration, this is before I had the Griggs suspension and was running BMR adj. UCA and billet alum. LCA's; I too tried every pinion angle possible but still had the vibration. There's a thread in here (GT500 Mod Forum) on this vibtration issue, amongst many, where Colin from Griggs gives some feedback on what Griggs thinks is the cause, I'll see if I can find it and post a link.
  13. ^ I was trying to avoid the "1-piece ds vibration" can 'o worms
  14. A 3.5" ds will work on the Griggs torque arm suspension, but on really low suspension settings (track settings), Griggs suggests the 2-piece ds.
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