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  1. wow, I didn't realize that oil changes on the 350s were so expensive. That's getting up there like changing the oil in a diesel.
  2. svtkeith, if you click on the smiley face while making a post, will bring up an overview of emojis. In upper right corner is a pull down arrow, click categories down menu, then change from overview to emoticons. Will then open for all 138 emojis.
  3. Hello AZSideWinder, welcome to the SGT family. To answer some of your questions, the SGT was a cooperative effort from Shelby/Ford because the 2006 Hertz rent-a-racer was so popular. In 2007 the SGT was available in Black or White. In 2008 the offerings were Grabber Orange, or Vista Blue. Later in the year the black with red stripe limited Barret Jackson car was released. For model year 2008, there were 1,121 vista coupes built. The Shelby GT was shipped by ford to Shelby Automobiles in Las Vegas for final assembly just like the 1965 models were done. Some significance's of the Shelby GT were it was a Pre Title build. (Shelby conversion done before sale of car) They were the first Shelby Mustang available to the general public built by Shelby since the 60s. I could go on forever, but it would take just that, forever. Have a look in the SGT forum, lots and lots of information in there. Have a look at the old stuff from 2006-2009.
  4. They are awesome cars. First time in a long time I enjoyed an automatic car as much as I did. Can't wait to get behind he wheel of a manual one to compare.
  5. Ive been through several Optima batteries on my cars. Finally went back to Motorcraft. $119 is sure a load better than what an optima cost. My GT/SC is on its 4th battery since new.
  6. I have made that I-40 trip several times, Ice and snow every time. After having to buy 6 trailer tires on the way to the 50th Bash, and snow and ice all the way home, I would highly recommend the southern ( I-10 ) route. I-40 was closed at Kingman, AZ and east, I took I-10 route. Snow in Pheonix, Tuscon, and even in El Paso, that drive sucked for real. I guess my point is, it could suck either way, but I think I-10 would definitely be your best, safest route. <edit> The caravan is a great idea. If it wasn't for everyone in our caravan, would've been real bad. Was good to have help. Was like a pit crew on the side of I-40 several times.
  7. well, since you haven't posted, I hope your not in the clink.......
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