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  1. but wouldn't the sagging scoop be necessary for a concours judging?
  2. I changed mine with the one piece Champion 7989. They cost a crap load more but I am not worried about the breakage issue. I also used anti-seize in the "neck" that extends down into the head. Keep any anti-seize off the electrode. Just smear it lightly on the extension.
  3. 07H333 has found a new home in Pennsylvania. Just arrived by truck today.
  4. Thanks Bill for asking. It appears that many events take place closer to the Philly area. There is a cars and coffee that happens in Lancaster during the warmer weather. Maybe a showing of Shelby and Mustangs would be nice.
  5. I'm Ray from Lancaster. Been here since 2007. I have a 2006 GT-H. I'd love to see an event in the Central PA area. Not much to choose from.
  6. I realize change is good for progress - maybe we need to re-learn this site. Me no likey
  7. The exchange of a car for your lives is a small price. You can always look back and reminisce how a Shelby saved your lives. Hope all works out well for you.
  8. The 2006 was also the first (truly successful) Shelby modified Mustang since the 60's and sort of reinvigorated the Shelby company and the interest again.
  9. Its funny. I was there watching. There seems to always be "ghost" bidders that bring it up so quickly without anyone really seeing them. But that doesn't explain the fact that when it slowed down, two folks decided to duke it out. Maybe it was the emotions tied to being there and the experience. There are tremendous costs associated with purchasing from that auction.
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