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  1. Showcar, You mentioned a 6 to 1 ratio of simple green to clean engines. Can you explain the 6 to 1 ratio to me? 6 ounces of simple green to 1 cup of water? Thanx
  2. I received my Shelby GT certificate today and it looks great. I'm confused and I do not want this question to be taken out of context because, Shelby Autos went out of their way to provide these certs free of charge. With all of that said.....a little background before the question. I purchased my SGT in May of 2007, had the factory authorized supercharger added in May 09. Now, I have two certificates. While the Factory Supercharger Certificate does not contain a date, my receipt for the work accomplished does. Now, I have this beautiful certificate that verifies my car is a Shelby GT with a date of 14 June 2010. Now for the question....What does the Vehicle Authenticity Certificate mean? I know this question will come up at car shows and someone will challenge the dates. Again, I'm grateful for this certificate and know a ton of work went into making them...I'm just asking a question. Thanx, Will
  3. I also, had Quantum remove mine after hearing their advice. My hood still rubs, a little, on the CAI.
  4. I was lucky and the rake didn't dent the car. I bought a Porter Cable buffer kit and a scratch and swirl remover from Steve. First, I will practice on a old car and then try to buff out the paint on the Shelby. I'm gonna try the scratch and swirl remover, by hand with very gentle pressure, hoping for the best. Otherwise, I will have to replace the stripes on the back bumper. I can't feel the scratches with my finger nail so, I think it will be ok. The kit should be here tomorow....I hope.
  5. I was chipping ice on my driveway this week end and a leaf rake fell on the back trunk lid and bumber stripes of the Shelby. The scratches don't seem to deep and with Showcars help I have some supplies on the way to get it fixed. Showcar was great and his customer service is outstanding! I sent him an e-mail and instead of a reply; he gives me a call to explain in detail the best way to go about removing the damage. First class service!! Now, come on Fed-Ex and get the stuff here.
  6. Ret. AF served from 1985-2005..Germany, Italy, Korea, Honduras, Oklahoma, Georgia, Iraq, Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Jordan were the main places. Still work for the Govt....Defense Energy Support Center as a Quality Assurance Rep (chemicals). After I retire from this job, my third and final career will be the greeter at Wal-Mart....LOL
  7. You guys have had some bad weather this winter....heres to blue skies and dry roads!!! I probably will not be able to get mine out til sometime in April.
  8. GT/SC 1797 resides in Grand Forks ND.....YES, it gets COLD here....LOL
  9. I'm sure I have missed a few and maybe put them in the wrong category so, double check my post. There must be more out there. SAI Installed Paxton--13 500--2 550--9 KB--6 Tasca Installed Paxton--1 475--1 500--1 550--6 Quantum 400--1 550-6 ( to include Chris) KB-1 Self/Dealer installed etc.. Paxton--3 400--1 500--5 550--3 KB--4 Tech--1 Edlebrock--1 Please remember this is not an official number...just a thread/post count. (Up to post #135)
  10. I see it's on....do you have it back yet?
  11. Uh oh, I see a law suit.......Shouldn't that have been a Nike club?....
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