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  1. The Stripes Thread

    I would ask this question in the Regional forum area you might have better luck.
  2. Wanted - Shelby GT Headrests

    That’s an incorrect snake. That’s depressing.
  3. Just keep in mind that the the steering wheel is tested and approved to breakaway a specific way do not to injure the driver. A metallic disk stuck on isn’t and can cause serious injury so know what you’re potentially getting into. The liability issues were why, unlike Steeda and Saleen, Shelby decided not to sell these. This is what I bought: http://www.cobranda.com/19shwhcapde.html
  4. That’s the one! On the steering wheel, because flying metal isn’t a good idea when the airbag deploys, I used the 1969 S Snake wheel cap sticker that is metallic, easy to apply, and won’t take your eye out. Posted here with link to buy somewhere.
  5. Painted Stripes Recommendation

    Be aware removing the stripes can be a royal PITA! Lots of stories, good, bad, techniques tried, failed, success, in the stripe thread. Can’t emphasize enough the value for the time spent reviewing that thread. You will see it can take hours and hours to remove, the thin early 07 stripes are the worse and break into little pieces. Add to this the potential liability scratching the paint and you get these high prices unfortunately. Many just removed as much as they could themselves and had shop finish the job.
  6. The one you really want is the "S" snake or "Berg" Shelby GT emblem that was available at one time, all were stick on.
  7. vinyl stripes

    Agreed! If you don't have a garage, or intend to drive in the rain, and don't want to wipe the car down every time you pull into the garage, paint them on!
  8. I don't know of any difference, screw material wise, between the 07 and 08. I'd have to look back and search the threads but if there is any concern I would order a set of AI screws. Years ago we all went in and bought a few hundred and passed them out....cheap insurance.
  9. Hood Pin Thread

    I would bu the AI screws if there is any doubt. You can get the right size on-line, a bunch of us did years ago, and they cost pennies. Cheap insurance. I would replace the hood if you are going to REALLY keep the car. All it takes is a few left over particles to hav e it start all over again. Remember Ford's extended warranty for hood corrosion WAS NOT due to or for the Shelby screws. While these screws do cause corrosion the extended warranty was for factory hood contamination by airborne particles prior to prime and paint.
  10. I switched to aluminum screws when this was first reported. No issues but once it starts, and it can be triggered by contamination at the factory, the hood needs to be replaced.
  11. vinyl stripes

    The original stripes (Orcal) didn’t hold up to water spots, and rain failout, well when used in a horizontal application like hood and roof. SAI switched to a glossy version, perhaps towards the end of the 2007 run, I’d have to go back and look. In any case, having had both, I would get the glossy version for sure unless painting then I’d go for the flatter silver under clearcoat. IMHO!
  12. 2007 Sheby GT factory sales literature

    There were no, to my knowledge, SGT specific materials produced by Ford. The car did show up a 1-2 general Ford marketing pieces but other than that there was none There is a pinned thread on these items.
  13. Great point and note which version of the scoop you have by looking under the hood blanket.
  14. There are three different scoop types so it’s not one size fits-all removal. Also, if you don’t paint, READ the stripes thread as even the best shops, without the proper tips and warnings, can screw the install up such as in the case of the hood.
  15. Airbag warning light

    Seats are VERY easy to remove. I know as another guy and myself swapped both seats between our cars, long story, in my driveway using a socket wrench. I have pretty much ZERO mechanical ability.