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  1. Guys there are only what? 9000 cars? It’s just too expensive to produce items for that number when you estimate 1% will actually pull the trigger. Sucks but that’s the reality.
  2. Honestly I can’t think of anything SD made that was worthwhile. A lot of it was gaudy, stick on low quality, items that haven’t stood the test of time. Given they do faux metal type stuff what’s needed are upper and lower grill, horse grill emblem, SGT “S” gas cap, wheel caps, engine dress-up, and dead peddle. The rest of it is better left in the past IMHO!
  3. Why not use the Myraid font? Always bothered me that SD didn’t use the font on the car’s side stripe. Didn’t look OEM. You can correct that mistake.
  4. Like I said above...negotiate a price for the car then pull out the airbag and see if the buyer bites. Good luck.
  5. Ticking sounds have ALWAYS been an issue with the engine. Both my 2005 GT and my SGT did it. I thought there was a TSB but seems not. Do a search for ticking. As for storage I’ve never done anything special. Fill up with good gas. Get a trickle charger. Start car every week to move tires around. Should be fine! Good luck!
  6. Really nice car. As someone who has bought and sold, and bought, at the end of the day a car is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. The modifications, typically, are pennies on the dollar. Just as many people won’t appreciate them as those that do. Consider them a selling point should the buyer be considering a like car. But they aren’t going to move someone to buy and may stop some like myself. My first thought would he how to undo some of these to get it back to stock if I were buying. The configuration stuff is nice to know but again these cars aren’t old enough or valuable enough for it to be a motivation to buy. Lastly it’s unfortunate the CSM number is on the airbag cover. It’s likely you could get more for it on the open market than with the car if it were just the signature. I would again consider it a buyer incentive. I would keep it or try to sell to buyer separately. Do you have the old cover? You’ve taken great care of the car, no doubt, so keep a watch for what others are selling for and price accordingly. Knowing that at the end of the day none of what you said above is going to get most buyers to pay more, where some wouldn’t buy at all, it sucks. It’s your baby configured just the way you want. Finding someone that agrees with your vision with the same passion converted to cash is VERY hard to find. IMHO! Good luck!
  7. I and other members created these cards 10 or so years ago. All of these items, and more, are in the pinned thread. No need to repost them here.
  8. I would ask this question in the Regional forum area you might have better luck.
  9. That’s an incorrect snake. That’s depressing.
  10. Just keep in mind that the the steering wheel is tested and approved to breakaway a specific way do not to injure the driver. A metallic disk stuck on isn’t and can cause serious injury so know what you’re potentially getting into. The liability issues were why, unlike Steeda and Saleen, Shelby decided not to sell these. This is what I bought: http://www.cobranda.com/19shwhcapde.html
  11. That’s the one! On the steering wheel, because flying metal isn’t a good idea when the airbag deploys, I used the 1969 S Snake wheel cap sticker that is metallic, easy to apply, and won’t take your eye out. Posted here with link to buy somewhere.
  12. Be aware removing the stripes can be a royal PITA! Lots of stories, good, bad, techniques tried, failed, success, in the stripe thread. Can’t emphasize enough the value for the time spent reviewing that thread. You will see it can take hours and hours to remove, the thin early 07 stripes are the worse and break into little pieces. Add to this the potential liability scratching the paint and you get these high prices unfortunately. Many just removed as much as they could themselves and had shop finish the job.
  13. The one you really want is the "S" snake or "Berg" Shelby GT emblem that was available at one time, all were stick on.
  14. Agreed! If you don't have a garage, or intend to drive in the rain, and don't want to wipe the car down every time you pull into the garage, paint them on!
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