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          Member Benefits:   First, there's the Team Shelby swag. No other club packs your membership kit with more than Team Shelby! Whether you are a renewing member or new to the “family” of Shelby enthusiast worldwide, our goal is to help you enjoy a high-octane lifestyle!   From a Unique Membership Card, Team Shelby Calendar, Team Shelby Hat, Team Shelby T-Shirt, Windshield Cling, Team Shelby License Plate, and Lapel Pin -  the contents of your Team Shelby Membership Kit more than pay for your membership alone!   In addition, your membership includes:   Exclusive Access to Team Shelby Member Forums   10% discounts at Carroll Shelby's Stores in Las Vegas and Los Angeles (present current member card for discount)   Driving Experiences   Invitations to Exclusive Team Shelby Member Events   Insider information from Shelby American   Affiliate Partner Discounts   Updated January 2, 2019. Team Shelby Club 2019 Team Shelby Membership Kit Please note that membership contents are subject to change.   Team Shelby was designed and engineered by real enthusiasts inside and out of Shelby.   Team Shelby was originally formed in 2008 by Carroll Shelby. He wanted to create a club for people to truly enjoy their cars. He knew the world had changed, and he wanted his companies to meet the needs of the new generation of Shelby owners. His vision was to knit together those people with the owners of early Shelby's and give everyone fun new ways to experience their high performance vehicles.   Mr. Shelby imagined a place where owners could talk about their latest conquests at the track, swap stories, share photos and learn new ways to hot rod their cars! He wanted to link all of the enthusiasts into one "dream garage"... thus, Team Shelby was born!   Team Shelby has many free, open access forums, news sections and member only areas dedicated to the community.   In addition, Team Shelby has a full series of events for 2019, which include VIP Experiences, track days, National & Regional gatherings, cruises, car shows and more! Ownership of a Shelby is not required to be a member. The club is dedicated to serving all Shelby enthusiasts past and present including those that own cars built in the 1960's and Shelby Dodges too! Carroll Shelby (Team Shelby Member #001) said: "We built Team Shelby for anyone who is passionate about Shelby cars! We’ll have a blast and we'll do it the Shelby way!   Yearly Membership Rates   U.S. $49.99 | Canada & Mexico $59.99 | E.U., others $65.99   Join the Team Shelby Club   click here to choose a Team Shelby Club subscription package.   Membership Kit Arrival   Your Team Shelby Club membership kit and I.D.card will generally arrive within 6-8 weeks.   Need Help?   Email Brianna:  e-mail her here.  
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      If you are having a problem logging in to Team Shelby since the software change made last December/January please send an email to bfawn@shelby.com  Please include your real name and Team Shelby user id in this email so that we may look into what the problem might be. Thank you.


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  1. Shelby American Automobile Club – Motor City Region (SAAC-MCR) and Team Shelby – Great Lakes Region (TS-GLR) are pleased to announce the formation of Team Shelby – Motor City Chapter. The new combined chapter will allow Team Shelby members to leverage SAAC-MCR’s 42 years of experience with performance enthusiast activities in the southeast Michigan area. Benefits include: · Monthly meetings · Mid-winter swap meet · Three open track events per year · The premier annual Show & Go car show and track event at Ford World Headquarters and Waterford Hills Road Course · Spring and Fall cruises · Pre-Woodward Dream Cruse event · Annual holiday party at an automotive themed venue · A web presence since 1997, with a re-launched website in 2016, and Facebook community page · An online continuous newsletter “Joining with the established membership of SAAC-MCR will significantly raise the profile of Team Shelby and give our members the opportunity to interact with other passionate Shelby enthusiasts in the area,” said Tim Stieve, Team Shelby Great Lakes Regional Director. “We look forward to contributing to their well-established and developing activities.” Steve White, President of SAAC-MCR explains, "This is an opportunity to bring out younger enthusiasts' and get involved in our events, and expose them to some of the great Shelby history." The new collaboration takes effect immediately and will still operate under the official name of SAAC-MCR, but will also be known as Team Shelby - Motor City Chapter or TS-MCC.
  2. Chassy Media's hit 2016 documentary THE 24 HOUR WAR details the Ford vs Ferrari rivalry at Le Mans in the 1960’s and highlights Carroll Shelby's role in Ford's quest for supremacy with the GT40. Grab some popcorn and watch the trailer at: Then check out THE 24 HOUR WAR and the rest of Chassy's great offerings at www.Chassy.com.
  3. What could be better than one grandson of Carroll Shelby attending the 10th Anniversary Bash? How about three of them? Yes, Aaron, Shawn and Randall Shelby will all be part of the event this year. The celebs are coming out in droves to join the festivities! This will be the Bash that people talk about for years...
  4. For the first time ever, Shelby Bash official t-shirts will be available on line before the event. Only 300 total of these collectible shirts will be made for the 10th Anniversary Bash. Those registered to attend the Bash who order a shirt this week will receive their shirt at registration. FYI, bring a silver sharpie and have the many celebrities autograph it at the Bash to create the ultimate souvenir! If you can't make the Bash, you can still buy one before they are gone. Order your shirt at http://bit.ly/2kud9EO.
  5. Team Shelby is "paying it back" to people who unselfishly give of themselves through our new Community Challenge program. Through random and surprise acts, we’re going to reward individuals with special experiences and moments. Why? We want to challenge others to seize the spirit of this idea in their own community. Carroll Shelby often said that car people were the most giving and generous of all groups. And philanthropy is a big part of the Shelby lifestyle. You can watch our inaugural Team Shelby “payback” live on Facebook! Simply tune in this Thursday, Nov. 10th at 3 pm CST to Facebook.com/ShelbyAmerican to watch our first Team Shelby Community Challenge! This will be a very special pay back you won’t want to miss! Then we challenge you to find a way to payback those who are too often overlooked in your community.
  6. This Month Team Shelby is spotlighting the European branch of the club. We sat down with European Director Patrick Bouthoorn to talk about his involvement in Team Shelby as well as the future of Team Shelby Europe. The story below is in his own words. Patrick's Shelby Story With membership #7, I was a Team Shelby club member from the very beginning. A long-time Mustang fanatic, I took several trips to the U.S. and developed friendships with fellow enthusiasts that shared my passion for Shelby. At 52 years old, I’m just as old as the Mustang, so it is no surprise that I am ballistic for Shelbys, which in my opinion are the ultimate Mustangs. I am no “stay-at-home” Team Shelby member. I drive a 2007 GT500 Grabber Orange coupe that is heavily modified for track days. My wife Astrid drives a 2008 Shelby Terlingua - the only one outside the U.S. and given to her at the 45th Mustang Anniversary in Birmingham, Alabama. Attending the 2008 Terlingua Bull Run and practically every Shelby Bash, Rolex Historic Race and Terlingua event, I quickly grew to be friends with several Team Shelby directors and members. Soon, everybody knew the two “Dutchies” that flew in from the far north and our friends lent us Shelbys to attend. We even met Carroll Shelby a couple of times and had personal time with him sharing beers in Terlingua. Inside Scoop on Team Shelby Europe From that moment on, I knew I wanted to give back to Team Shelby. I decided to host a European Shelby Run and have some of my U.S. friends ship their cars over to drive on the most beautiful roads of Europe. And that is what we did in 2012. It was a major undertaking to organize, but after that event, I became more and more the European face for Shelby. Some years passed and the importance of the European chapter for Shelby never went airborne. Then Tracey Smith contacted me again through my European Team Shelby Facebook page. The organization recognized that, it was very important for Shelby as a brand to go global and make people aware of Shelby’s performance cars. For example, the new 2015 Mustang is a world class car and the European chapter opens up a door for Shelby to sell the Shelby GT, Shelby Super Snakes and Shelby Cobras in European markets. Our use of social media also played an important role in developing the European club. It’s vital to spread the word, cultivate fun events and recognize our Shelby community outside of the United States. I think the major difference between the European Team Shelby and the U.S. is the ease in organizing track days and events. The U.S. has an easier time because their mindset about owning muscle cars for enjoyment is widely accepted. Of course the classic car hobby is very big in Europe, but it is considered unimportant by the government to race and own a high-performance vehicle just for fun. As the European Team Shelby Director, I see it as my task to look for enthusiastic Shelby nuts who are doing good work organizing events with Shelbys – from driving events and static shows to track days. I’m excited that Chuck Gorzenski is our newest Team Shelby Regional Director for Italy and Dieter Olschewski is the Team Shelby Regional Director for Germany and Austria. Although our staff is still incomplete until we find directors for the France, U.K. and Scandinavian regions, our team is a high-performance powerhouse for organizing enthusiast-driven events. My plans for the European chapter will start with organizing a 2017 European Shelby Run again. So be ready for a possible August driving event and other possibilities for the bright future of this unique Team Shelby chapter. For more information about Team Shelby Europe, visit the Team Shelby European Region Facebook Page.
  7. COTA (Children’s Organ Transplant Association) will honor Carroll Shelly and the Carroll Shelby Foundation at the 2016 Miracle Maker Celebration. Please join Aaron Shelby as he accepts this year’s award in memory of his grandfather. The event will be held on Saturday June 25th at the Dallera IndyCar Factory in Speedway, Indiana. You can display your Shelby, attend the dinner and receive a special Shelby gift bag for a $100 donation to COTA. Please contact Jenni Shreeves to be part of this historic event at Jennis@Shelby.com.
  8. Look for ticket sales to open up asap
  9. As most serious Shelby fans know, the 2007-2008 Shelby GT has a terrific racing history. The enthusiasts at Mustang Motorsport Official are continuing the car’s winning ways with the latest generation car. Driving a 2015 Shelby GTl, Mustang Motorsport Official recently competed in Australia’s Targa High Country and Tarmac Rally. They are currently the series points leader with the championship to be decided Dec 5-6th. We plan to follow their drive for the championship through their race posts at http://www.ponypress.com.au/.
  10. CNNMoney.com came to Monterey to do a story about the 50th Anniversary Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe during the Historic Races. Here is article and video they created: http://money.cnn.com/2015/10/27/autos/shelby-daytona-coupe/index.html